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Living under a dishonest leader

By Ad astra

There are few words here for you to read. They are not necessary to tell the lamentable tale of Morrison’s dishonesty; the embedded YouTube video does the talking. Malcolm Turnbull belled the cat in spectacular style during his remote National Press Club address on 29 September. In his inimitable style, he called out the sheer dishonesty of our Prime Minister.

If you missed it, here is the link to Turnbull’s speech (although the YouTube video of his speech can be viewed at the bottom of this post). Here is a report on his speech that you may wish to read if you haven’t the time to watch it in its entirety.

Although Turnbull’s erudition always make listening to him well worthwhile, if you want to know just what Turnbull really thinks of PM Morrison, fast forward to around the 48.40 minute mark where Kim Bergman asks a question.

If that does not convince you that we have a dangerously dishonest PM, I wonder what will?

We ought to be alarmed that the leader of our nation is so disingenuous, so untruthful, so dishonest, so deceitful, so duplicitous, so underhand.

Are you?



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  1. BB

    Living under a dishonest leader..
    Not for very much longer is my fervent hope.

    Dishonest eh, talk about an understatement….
    Morrison is an outright opportunistic lying sleazy vain arrogant up himself crook.

    Big mistake by Turnbull joining the Liberals.. What a bloody idiot…
    I bet Turnbull still feels Morrison’s right hand stroking his shoulder…

    Scott Morrison Is My Leader And I’m Ambitious For Him!

  2. New England Cocky

    It’s time!! Again!!

  3. Max Gross

    Sideshow Scott, the Liar from the Shire. Always was, always will be.

  4. Me

    All leaders are dishonest, some are multi millionairs and still bleed from the knife wounds and bleat about how the has beens would rule the Country. Now we have the facist dictators in Qld and WA.

  5. Fred

    It’s embarrassing to be Australian. My brother who now lives in the EU, keeps heaping on me about how bad Australia looks on the world stage. From abandoning our friends in Afghanistan through shafting the French, Abbott and Bozzo trade deals, our record on NZE, etc. the world is watching and taking notes. Echoing through the EU is the rumor, who would have thought, “Be careful you cannot trust Australians anymore”. Thanks ScoMo you have comprehensively trashed Australia’s reputation. (And we’re trying to enhance our trade with the EU because of China.)

  6. Vikingduk

    And who needed the sock puppet turnbull to tell us what a worthless piece of shit is this thing called morrison. That this jerk with a smirk has had any sort of relationship with honesty, any inkling of compassion, of empathy, possessing an ability to self evaluate honestly, to admit that he is a completely incompetent inveterate liar, a bully, a thug, delusional, a complete and utter c##t, cunning as a shit house rat, but, ultimately, piss weak, just another bully, a fucking mouth, supported by that malignant tumour, repulsive rupert and news corpse, where the truth goes to die. But, but, people still vote for this liar from the shire and the crime cartel he leads. For fuck sake, what does that say? Too many can’t tell shit from custard? We are, mostly, a bunch of braindead arseholes? Fuck knows, what I do know is that this thing called morrison is a clear and present danger, a fucking psychopath running loose, supported by MSM, a traitor, a piece of shit that should have been flushed many moons ago. I didn’t need Turnbull, in his desire to reclaim his cool credentials, to tell me what a fucking travesty this is.

  7. Terence Mills

    Morrison is trying to find excuses for not going to Glasgow for COP26 in November.

    He has said that he doesn’t want to spend anymore time in quarantine : of course, there is no quarantine in Glasgow so he is presumably referring to quarantine when he returns to Australia but aren’t we supposed to be opening up in November and wouldn’t any quarantine here be in the Lodge for no more that seven days ?

    Despite a personal invitation from Boris Johnson and despite the leaders of the US, China, Russia, Canada. France (that could be embarrassing) and pretty well every other nation attending, as well as the Pope and the Queen and Prince Charles, Morrison has scheduled a national cabinet meeting for that week so that he can use that as an excuse for not attending.

    It is evident that Morrison is not interested in climate change beyond the impact it has on his own re-election but to be held ransom by Barnaby Joyce and Matt Canavan is pathetic.

    Incidentally, have you noticed that the Nationals want a $250 billion (yes, billion) loan facility for the resources sector in return for their backing for a net zero emissions target : that means that taxpayers would be lending money to coal miners who can’t get funding through conventional sources and potentially leaving us with bad debts and stranded assets.


    I think Malcolm has travelled some distance in redeeming himself and his credibility with this open indictment of Scummo. It should be publicised as far and wide and on as many platforms as possible. Those braindead rusted on voters need to listen and contemplate very intensely on the character of this creep.

    Macron and the French nation have been give a hard lesson in deceit and chicanery that they won’t forget in a hurry. Its time for Australians to wake up, too.

  9. Kathryn

    Morrison is a pathological liar and an unspeakably disingenuous self-serving megalomaniacal narcissist who tries – and fails – to hide his appalling level of depravity beneath a thin, transparent and nauseating cloak of bible-thumping hypocrisy! No doubt, anyone feeling his hand on their shoulder (as shown in the above picture of Turnbull) would feel something akin to a grease and oil change! The Jerk with the Smirk has a long, infamous history of backstabbing betrayal against his own colleagues (just ask Michael Towke) so would have absolutely NO hesitation in betraying the trust of Australians which he has done on multiple occasions! The bone-idle Sloth Morrison has proven that he spends MORE energy trying to get OUT of work than actually achieving one single thing that would benefit anyone but himself! Sloth Morrison has managed to delegate 99.9% of his job to the hapless State Premiers and has no problem basking in the attention of others or claiming other people’s successes as his own!

    Morrison is about as shallow as a carpark puddle and his useless, corrupt and self-serving cabinet are unlikely to achieve a damn thing outside of enriching and empowering THEMSELVES and their billionaire donors in the Top 1%. If Australians were told to pick the absolute WORST, most corrupt, depraved and unconscionable pack of smug, sanctimonious hypocrites to mismanage our nation into oblivion, they would pick the Abbott/MorriSCAMMER regimes in a heartbeat!

    FFS, wake up, Australia! The Lying Nasty Party are a cabinet load of sneering, non-achieving elitists; a pack of political parasites who having nothing but condescending contempt for ordinary Australians. The LNP have always – and will always – place themselves way way above the laws that the rest of us have to follow and are getting obscenely rich at OUR expense. Already, Dutton is said to have a personal net worth of more than $300 Million! Is it any wonder these criminally corrupt miscreants are fighting tooth and nail to prevent the instigation of a Federal ICAC!


  10. wam

    You are spot on, Ad, Reality needs few words but political reali6y needs the ability to care and watch. Most australians have neither and are fixed on the media plan of instilling the sheep with a fear of the alternative.
    The old days of labor are gone, so when the loonies fire up seek more cash from labor simpletons, it has little chance of success a till the majority see the lies of scummo and the loonie voters see the disaster of the bandit.

  11. Phil Pryor

    Australia’s status, reputation, outlook, so much of the implied and reflexive in our way of being perceived is ruined for now. We have never ever had a lower profile, this new low level of behaviour based upon self deceptions, egofixations, the rot and putridity of mediocrities praising themselves in daily vanities, of leaking egos and reputations anyway. One feels that Morrison could not run an office of one other employee without anger, lies, difficulties, errors and deceptions. As surely as one small cancer cell has spread and killed a magnificent host eventually, Australia is now cursed, doomed, fated to recede, deflate, die, with this turd and his turdy followers and policies. Radical surgery is desirable, thorough deep cleansing…a failed advertising professional liar in charge of anything??

  12. GL

    ” Now we have the facist dictators in Qld and WA.”
    What an absolute steaming pile of right wing bullshit!

  13. Michael Taylor

    GL, whatever makes you think he was right-wing? 😜

  14. Phil Pryor

    Someone here called “me”, a perfect name for a self fixated fist fondling fool, tries to ramble awkwardly to a point, saying that leaders in both Q’land and W A are “facist” (sic), showing that the uneducated, undereducted, badly educated, cannot manage thought, language or purpose. We are surrounded, from the top down, by perverts of public perception and nong type notice. Of course, if the said “me” was referring to enormous defectives, such as Palmer, Rinehart, etc, let us reconsider…I shall.

  15. Michael Taylor

    So true, Phil. It’s all about “Me”.

  16. Lawrence Roberts

    There is something dreadfully wrong with capitalism when mineral extraction companies have to ask for a handout. Under Adam Smith rules shouldn’t they just die the death? But more interestingly what have they done with all the money they made and government money they have already had as subsidise? It’s a bit of a worry because it means the Cleanups are also going to be payed for by yours truly.

  17. GL

    No it’s not. It’s all about me.

  18. skip

    We need only look at the ongoing tyranny in Australia to see where other countries could be heading. How quickly Australia was transformed from a ‘liberal democracy’ to a brutal totalitarian police state of endless lockdowns where gathering and protests are not to be tolerated.

    Being beaten and thrown to the ground and fired at with rubber bullets in the name of protecting health makes as much sense as devastating entire societies through socially and economically destructive lockdowns to ‘save lives’.

    It makes as much sense as mask-wearing and social-distancing mandates unsupported by science, misused and flawed PCR tests, perfectly healthy people being labelled as ‘cases’, deliberately inflated COVID death figures, pushing dangerous experimental vaccines in the name of health, ramping up fear, relying on Neil Ferguson’s bogus modelling, censoring debate about any of this and the WHO declaring a worldwide ‘pandemic’ based on a very low number of global ‘cases’ back in early 2020 (44,279 ‘cases’ and 1,440 supposed COVID deaths outside China out of a population of 6.4 billion).

    There is little if any logic to this. But of course, If we view what is happening in terms of a crisis of capitalism, it might begin to make a lot more sense.

    The austerity measures that followed the 2008 crash were bad enough for ordinary people who were still reeling from the impacts when the first lockdown was imposed.

    The authorities are aware that deeper, harsher impacts as well as much more wide-ranging changes will be experienced this time around and seem adamant that the masses must become more tightly controlled and conditioned to their coming servitude.

    Colin Todhunter specialises in development, food and agriculture and is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization in Montreal.

  19. GL


    The only thing that made even the slightest amount of sense in that almost lunatic rant was “skip.”


    skip….take the next step, climb into the nearest skip bin you see, and get free ride to the garbage heap. That’s the most useful thing you can do, without taxing your brain, too much.

  21. Mark

    Skip, the article you cite (but not acknowledge) appears to have been written by John Fund. (Unacknowledged citations are a form of stealing, so don’t add to your sins.).

    Fund writes for National Affairs (a Columnist), National Review and is a Fox News Analyst.

    He is of the view that the last presidential election was stolen. Not a surprise. Conspiracy theories invariably correlate with certain personality types.

    Might be better if you come clean and skip the attempt to cover because you are not a successful foot-soldier. Indeed you stand out like the metaphorical pointers’ testicles.

    Anti-vaxxers are in plague proportions. Mother Jones has a feature this day.

    There’s no doubt that these figures are wildly influential and some, like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who founded the anti-vaccine group Children’s Health Defense, are well known. Others are also practically celebrities in some of the more extreme corners of the alternative facts universe; the popular alternative health guru Dr. Joseph Mercola, for instance, and Dr. Christiane Northrup, a gynecologist who promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory along with COVID-19 disinformation. Many of the members of the Disinformation Dozen have been banned from social media platforms. Last week, YouTube kicked them off

    This Is the Newest Front in Anti-Vaxxers’ War on Instagram Misinfo Controls

  22. Jack sprat

    To protect the health of skip on his next anti lock down protest from being beaten and shot at with rubber bullets , I suggest the police be rearmed with tranquilizer guns that are loaded with the vaccine

  23. Phil Pryor

    Who or what is skip?? Is it merely a container for garbage (yes) or a little step (to the madhouse) or a jog to the corner and dunce’s hat for the arvo?? Absolute contrived irritating wrong, unsubstantiated, erroneous garbage appeared here, full of vague but pustular fears, frights, bad dreams, nightmares and a possible hang over or under. Smoke? Sniff? Jab? Bad diet? nagging someone near? Endless truancy? Desire for pose and notice? A bad bet? Mere resentment at, well, anything?? Is there treatment? Will the stupid, lazy, inefficient, covered up greg hunt of a health minster tune in to this glaring need? No?

  24. Roswell

    Phil, Skip is… um… sorry, I can’t offer an intelligent answer.

  25. Terence Mills

    When asked about Abbott’s trip to Taiwan Morrison told us it ‘was a private trip and Abbott was not passing on any government messages’.

    He added, “Tony is in Taiwan as a private citizen, and I didn’t have any conversation with him before that.”

    Yet we know that the Department of Foreign Affairs has facilitated meetings in Taiwan and that Abbott has been given VIP treatment during his visit and accorded high-level government meetings.

    So either Morrison has lied or he has been kept out of the loop and Foreign Affairs is acting without the knowledge or approval of the prime minister.

    Which do you think it is ?


    Terence…. Its no contest really. The proven liar will always seek to minimize his involvement, if its seen as too sensitive to admit it. Jug ears could never have undertaken this sensitive mission without the tacit approval or authorization. Its the old ‘send a message but don’t sign your name to it’ trick. As for jugears, when he can shirt front Putin we’ll give a plastic, balloon man’s Rolex watch. So far all he’s eligible for is, a kick up his arse

  27. Mark

    Morrison (in all likelihood) has been officially (and diplomatically) left out of the loop. But the truth would be otherwise.

    If Abbott was on an ‘official’ visit, Taiwan’s desperate attempts to rope in international support would be enhanced. A coup of sorts.

    Because Morrison has enough on his hands at the moment (probably far too much), he would know but also not know. Diplomatically speaking of course.

    And it’s generally recognised that diplomacy is not his strong suite nor his interest. He’s not a Rudd.

    As a former Prime Minister, Abbott would be entitled to all the diplomatic ‘trappings’ that go with such official AND unofficial visits. There would be established protocols of long-standing.

    No doubt the locals are delighted. Possibly provide him with a bike – of the road variety,

  28. Brozza

    When HAVEN’T we lived under a dishonest leader?

  29. Kerri

    As Richard Pusey so clearly taught us, there is no time when it is appropriate to think of ones self alone.

  30. Terence Mills

    It seems, although he is still being coy about it, that Morrison will now go to Glasgow for the COP26.

    Astonishingly, Australia’s place on the global climate change platform is being formulated by Barnaby Joyce and Matt Canavan. This has to be an alarming illustration of how this floppy coalition arrangement does not work for the people of Australia and with five percent of the federal vote, the National party are evidently able to dictate how this country formulates policy.

    Morrison appears to be badly advised when it comes to Glasgow. As he should know, and as Malcolm Turnbull has pointed out, these conferences apart from the main agenda, allow the attending world leaders to meet face to face and have quiet personal and private dialogues with each other and establish networking structures. In Morrison’s case this should allow him to get close to the Chinese leader and set in motion a mechanism to bring back our relationship from the brink where our inexperience and belligerence has allowed it to drift.
    It may also allow him to start repairing the damaged relationship with France, a calamity that is very much in the Morrison camp after his appalling handling of the submarine contract.

    Whilst I am not a supporter of the Liberal Party in any sense, I was a lot more confident of having Turnbull on the world stage rather than the clown car of fools currently running the government.

  31. Roswell

    Terence, do you happen to know if he’s going to take his favourite lump of coal with him?

  32. BB

    If Morrison goes to Glasgow of course he will to take his favourite lump of coal, he has even named it, “My Precious”.

  33. Michael Taylor

    I’ve been to Glasgow a couple of times. It’s a city of lefties if ever there was one.

    Once the word gets out that he’s a mini-me Trump he’s going to need at least 400 bodyguards, and I can assure you that none of them will be Glaswegians.

  34. LOVO

    Mark, re:- , “- of the road variety” , crikey mate….ya made me spill me drink.

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