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It’s suddenly grown harder to write. Both satire AND intelligent articles.

I mean, when Tony Abbott was PM, all you had to do was quote him and you had satire.

As for Westpac’s decision to raise interest rates on Home Loans, Joe Hockey had the answer to that when Wayne Swan was Treasurer.

I can’t remember what the answer was, but it was something to do with telling them not to do it.

Anyway, Joe’s gone to America or the backbench, whichever is far enough a way that he – like poor people – can’t drive back. He’s no longer there to mock and ridicule about the fact that, even under a Liberal government, banks can do what they like.

But hey, them Liberals demanded that women got counselling before they had an abortion. Remember that, anyone?

Ah, I must be making it up. Because they sent that woman back to Nauru. She’d changed her mind. She didn’t need counselling. She’d changed her mind because she thought that she might need counselling.

Rather like Mr Turnbull who seems to be able to change his mind, but unfortunately can’t be sent back to Nauru, so that he can see that if you’re only Prime Minister to go along with the majority, you might as well just be a voter. If you’re not going to lead, you might as well follow.

OK, let me complain then, that the age of entitlement should be over and what on earth were they doing chartering a plane to send this woman back to Nauru? Why should “illegal immigrants” be given jets when when Australia’s unemployed can’t even be given free public transport?

Gee, with logic like that, I may even be able to become the next leader of the Nationals.

Sorry Barnaby, but it seems that none of the Nationals like you because, not only are you an accountant who has trouble with numbers, but you may very well lose your seat at the next election.



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  1. M-R

    If that means Tony Windsor’s return, I can only say B R I N G I T O N !!!!!!!!

  2. paul walter

    I.m sorry, if the woman had changed her mind, the government would not have prevented a prominent human rights lawyer, George Newhouse, from visiting her to confirm or deny the alleged mind change (very Petrov, all of this!!)

    I think there is a court case due that might have resulted in a change of status for this woman, Abyan and also beleive the religious cranks in parliament have won the dayagainst her because abortion is involved.

    All a part of the entrenchment of the surveillance State methinks

    Just my suspicious nature, I suppose?

  3. keerti

    Statement from B.Joyce,”This morning before bleakfast I lost my election!”

  4. Sen Nearly Ile

    I hope labor, does not transfer their waiting tactic to barnaby labor wont win new england,
    Packer made the point that he pays his full complement of tax, the ATO requires and that, like twiggy, was NIL. He goes on to say those who pay more are idiots? Is turnball, who puts his money in the cayman and still pays tax, a packer idiot or a disingenuous rich man?
    Worse is, labor voters do not watch the abc or read hansard, they are sunrise or, sadly, catholic Karl, baby watchers. personal digs are best aired on these shows so that is where they are seen and heard and if controversial like tax minimisation they are followed up. lisa often asked the rabbott an awkward question but karl and the abc usually followed the rabbott’s preferred question. ‘Mr Abbott, would you like me to listen whilst you talk?
    Please diversify and keep question time for the joyces, morrisons, the cash, pynenuts, hunts and duttons and the weak link ROBB then follow these ‘loose’ pollies up in the media

  5. Geoff Andrews

    Has anyone heard yet if Joh’s love child has apologised to Windsor?

  6. paul walter

    The trouble is that politically lobotomised Labor now subscribes to most of the conservative agenda and is actually a second line of defence for the worst of it. FTA’s, Surveillance, enviro degradation, asylum seekers, balancing the budget, avoidance of reform as to negative gearing and other issues.

    We will see if the dominant soc con wing leader Shorten has much to say in the next few days on Abyan, for example.

    Bets, any one?

  7. Matthew Oborne

    In this universe we still have Malcolm Turnbull playing to some of the parrallel universe rubbish created under Tony Abbott.

    The Mania has gone and Labor is at a loss to Counter Malcolm for some reason, I cant see why as Malcolm has more than hinted at the gaslighting the Abbott government were responsible for.

    The attack on Labor through the royal commissions was admitted to be payback, yet we continue the witch hunts, we dont have a science minister yet, and will the CSIRO get back the money taken from them. If Climate change is real under this government then we need back the dismantled services related to it.

    Time has come to pressure Turnbull to own this parallel universe he has all but admitted was constructed to get into power.

    We live in the real world and deserve a government who acknowledges the GFC actually happened, that Labor responded correctly because that grew into a situation where they painted themselves into a corner.

    Time to come back into the real world and time for articles to cover the aspects of the fantasy that Turnbull will hold onto.

    Stories dont write themselves anymore, but there are many worthy stories that need to be written.

    It was common for a series of articles to be produced by a single journalist on a single subject so bigger issues could be tackled and still be cost effective. It also served a purpose in that a series of article on an important issue fully fleshed it out but often educated the public sufficiently that governments took action on many of those issues.

    Post Abbott the game has changed but getting us back into the real world as opposed to the parallel universe they said we were in still exists.

    Turnbull likes to be measured and thoughtful in his responses so it will be interesting if he is pressed continuously to bring us back to the present how he will react.

  8. Elana

    I feel like I should donate to the AIMN so that they can afford to proof-read their articles.

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