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Lest we forget

We have been here before – and we must not forget it.

At least, the world has, and some of its older residents remember at least one lengthy period when we have had the world turned upside down by events outside our control.

We do not need to repeat the mistakes of the past.

There is no returning to ‘normal’, because the most normal thing in the world is constant change, and our failure to adapt to change is the cause of most of our problems!

Greta Thunberg has been the leading voice of young people telling us that we have to take action on climate change.

They, rightly, tell us that it is they who will be most affected by the inevitable costs and changes which we will experience, because we have tried to harness the universe to meet our needs for possessions, convenience and power.

And in the process we have unleashed the dragon!

Interestingly, the current greatest problem in most people’s eyes is COVID-19, yet it is, indirectly (and, hopefully, temporarily) our best friend.

Because of the reduction in manufacturing and travel resulting from the pandemic, we have benefitted from a reduction in greenhouse emissions – nothing like as much as we need, but – never look a gift horse in the mouth.

[I wonder whether younger people know the origin of that saying?

The age of a horse can be fairly accurately gauged by the state of its teeth, so a good diplomat would never examine a horse’s mouth, if gifted a horse – and wishing to sound sincere in expressing gratitude!]

The real gift from COVID-19 is time.

And the benefit will be undone if we let a group of neo-liberals stick to their policies of putting money, power and convenience ahead of the need to care for and properly protect people’s lives.

The economy is their god, but it is no friend to the lower paid majority of the population!

The talk of using gas as a transition to renewables is a smokescreen for a total avoidance of necessary policy change.

And as for building a pipeline across the country – ?????

We know change is being resisted, because, having had RoboDebt clearly declared to be illegal, what was Human Services – and now more accurately named Services Australia (possibly having recognised that the very title of that Department was an oxymoron!) – is still beavering away trying to find out who has been overpaid benefits, when everyone out of work is struggling to make ends meet on hand-outs!

Before the pandemic, unemployment was high, as was insecurity for those fortunate to have employment, wage rises were a distant memory for all but those who did not need them, and numbers of active job seekers far outnumbered the numbers of positions available.

Privatisation and out-sourcing in the name of efficiency are two of the means whereby the world of work has been de-humanised.

As each day goes by at present, PM Morrison appears closer and closer to the concept of a petty dictator.

Every time I see the video of his ignominious attempt to make a woman shake his hand for a photo-op, when he belatedly returned from an ill-timed holiday overseas (‘must keep my children happy while other peoples’ kids are being terrified by out of control fires” – such a good look!) I feel sick!

I was born well after WWI – the Great War to end all wars – some hope! – and the Great Depression, but for almost all of WWII, I lived in the western suburbs of London.

Food rationing came in very early on, concentrated orange juice for children was essentially medicinal, eggs and milk were dried, only once during the entire war did we have rump steak in the house – which my father brought back from Dublin after attending his father’s funeral in Belfast and visiting his older brother in Eire – and ‘offal’ was a regular source of protein on the weekly menu.

The car was laid up for the entire period with no petrol available except for those designated as needing private transport.

Clothing coupons meant our basic winter and summer wardrobes consisted of school uniform, one on, one in the wash, something old to change into after school and something suitable to wear to church on Sundays.

If you grew out of your uniform or your shoes, you had to be measured up to prove you needed additional coupons.

Years after the war was over, I was horrified to read the story of a boy who was probably about 12 and living in London when the government evacuated children to the country. I think his father was in the army, his mother was working in a factory and he was sent to one of the more western counties to a farming family, to be well away from the areas being regularly bombed by the Luftwaffe..

He was underfed, made to work like a slave and got the strap if he stepped out of line.

The contrast between the appalling conditions he suffered and the much more limited discomforts we had faced made me feel ashamed that I might have ever complained.

And there was no magic switch back to normal when the war ended.

Clothing coupons were required from 1941 to 1949, while food rationing did not end until July 1954.

Our first real summer holidays, post-war, were in North Wales from 1948 to 1952, and we had to take sandwiches to eat en route because cafes and restaurants were not yet open.

We were hardly destitute as far as my family was concerned, but waste and extravagance were definitely off the menu.

But the plus side was that we had to make our own entertainment, events and parties were almost non-existent – food coupons prevented catering for more than immediate family – so the pleasure obtained, from anticipating the very infrequent treats, more than offset their rarity!

It is not until you cannot have something that you really appreciate how much you can go without.

And if you are doing so as part of a whole-of-society set of restriction, there is readier acceptance.

We expect so much that we do not need, and if we accept that we have to forego some activities and lower expectations – well – we are capable of biting the bullet and accepting the facts of life.

But we need to be led by people who are explaining what and why we have to do without and leading by example.

What riles many people at the moment is that those who are out of work, as result of government policies, and likely to remain so for an uncomfortable amount of time, are being reluctantly provided with limited assistance – at least some of them are! – but face having the amount reduced without any likelihood, that their living costs will also be reduced.

The government’s strategies seem to indicate that business get top priority, when it comes to financial assistance, but people are regarded as bludgers if they are not making umpteen job applications daily.

Do any of those devising these policies have the first idea how soul-destroying it is to complete job application after job application, often getting no acknowledgement nor hearing if the vacancy has been filled?

To say it is demeaning would be a gross understatement!


What is going to happen to rental and mortgage payments if unemployment increases?

Stop blaming Dan for Victoria and start putting your own house in order, Josh Frydenberg!

And PM – when will you take responsibility for the private Aged Care Home debacle – resulting from your hatred of over-sighting regulations?

If I started listing all the wrong moves the Coalition governments has made since the pandemic hit, I would be up all night!

I will mention the worst, which, in my opinion, was allowing young people to draw on their superannuation. Thereby the government has cheated many of them out of comfort in their old age!

In fact I think the Coalition government is pretty ignorant about superannuation generally!

I see that Extinction Rebellion is starting to get active in the UK and I am sure that events in Australia will be publicised as soon as mass action ceases to be illegal because of COVID restrictions.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to put pressure on the government to remember what the past has taught us – that change is good and inevitable and we will not survive unless we recognise that.

We need to learn from the past not try to return to it!

Alone, we have limited power.

Together we can change the world!

I end as always – this is my 2020 New Year Resolution:

“I will do everything in my power to enable Australia to be restored to responsible government.”

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  1. ajogrady

    If change is normal why are conservatives always advocating for the status quo to continue. Are conservatives the impediment and hand brake that stops Australia and Australians reaching reaching their full potential or for that matter the world.

  2. Joseph Carli

    Incorrect…constant change IS NOT the most normal thing..many species of both plant and animal demand constant stability..it is only when dramatic circumstances change that some species get destroyed completely while some adapt..adapt out of necessity, NOT choice..we must de-industrialise.

  3. DrakeN

    Really, Joseph, had you not noticed that every plant and animal changes throughout it’s life?
    Without the changes in your Mother’s belly, you would never have existed.
    Not just a contrarian, but a denialist as well?

  4. DrakeN

    you have to admit that the current mob in government can never justifiably be described as “normal” – unless you consider avarice, sociopathy anf psychopathy to be normal.
    Goodness, Sooty the Superficial had to engage outside help to develop a facade of “normality”.
    Even then empathy without profit/funds escaped him.

  5. Joseph Carli

    DrakeN…My mother’s belly, like ALL women’s bellies was designed for one purpose…any “changes” occuring within were a constant normalicy of what was its intended use…a purpose that I doubt YOU would have any knowledge of, along with the name of the father that sprogged you…..go in peace.

  6. RosemaryJ36

    Gentlemen – Please feel free to disagree with my opinions, but please don’t turn it into an opportunity for schoolyard name-calling!
    Everyone’s perspective of ‘normal’ is personal and possibly unique, but my experience tells me that nothing ever remains unchanged over time.

  7. ajogrady


    The question was has conservatisms constant reliance on the status quo in a ever changing world been a impediment and a handbrake on Australia and Australians as well as the world reaching their true potential through a natural progression or is it stymied by conservatives lack of enthusiasm for anything remotely resembling progress. .

  8. leefe


    My belly was not designed, nor does it have only one purpose. Women – or, to be more precise, female humans – do not exist purely as walking wombs.
    btw, don’t ever again claim that you aren’t sexist. That one comment displays your attitudes clearly.

    Now, to get back to the “change” issue – Rosemary is correct. Nothing is static. The planet turns, the tides run their cycles, wind blows, plants and animals grow, breed and die, ecosystems slowly but inevitably alter; even mountains are worn down eventually. Your understanding of science is minima and natural processes is minimal.

  9. New England Cocky

    Joseph, the most stable thing in life is continuing change; the system is ”designed” to be that way. There are plants, especially in the Daisy family (Compositae) that practice apomixis, a seed producing system without the use of pollen, which in fact makes pollen irrelevant. Even so, the Daisy family is among the primary invaders of bare soil sites in most habitats.

    @ajogrady: Our experience in Armidale is that the Nazional$ Dowager wanted Armidale to remain as it was when she arrived in 1961 ….. so now we have a 1961 future in a 21st century world ….. all we have to do is lose about 20,000 persons. This strategy will insure that Northern Tablelands in NSW Parliament and New England in the Commonwealth Parliament will be Nazional$ sinecures maintaining the present rural clearances to allow foreign owned multinational mining corporations unimpeded access to Australian natural resources for processing and manufacturing into products overseas, allowing corporate agri-enterprises exclusive use of MDB water and protecting the few miserable survivors from any fresh ideas that might waft up from the NSW North Coast.

  10. corvusboreus

    Gee, does biology tend to evolve?

  11. Joseph Carli

    Leefe, you degenerate, if you think a “woman’s belly” is a thing that a degenerate philosophy of perverted , twisted feminism..NOT to be confused with REAL feminist objectives..can construe to be otherwise that a womb that “Mother Nature” has “designed and perfected” to reproduce the species is not true , then you are as big a fool as I have ever thought you were!..and as for those others here using their pathetic up to and perhaps including 80+ years of their own life and experiences to compete with a static environmental presence of biological permanance of around ten to hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of years, is to display hubris to an extreme example…sure things change…in small increments when left to natural evolution…but now we are seeing disaster rain down upon many if not all species save insects, I doubt that a modicum of “adaption” will save anything or anybody…but hey!…you go for it…after all, I read all the time that YOU are the bright ones here!

  12. Joseph Carli

    See definitions in:
    adjective: degenerate

    having lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable; showing evidence of decline.

  13. leefe

    First, I am aware of the meaning and various uses of the word “degenerate”. I can’t work out how any of those can be reasonably applied to me but, well, if that’s what rocks your boat.
    Second, could you please clarify the first part of your comment, because apart from obviously intending to be insulting it is sufficiently garbled to be unintelligible.
    Third, when were you designated to be the only person on this planet who is permitted to define “feminism”?
    Fourth, take a deep breath (or fifty) and calm down.

  14. ajogrady

    New England Cocky.

    There has been an orchestrated and consistent war on progress and progressive thinking that does and will only benefit the few.

  15. Roswell

    leefe, you are not a degenerate. It was inappropriate to even suggest you are.

  16. Mark Needham

    The British High Court ruled in 2007 that Al Gore’s movie entitled An Inconvenient
    Truth is a political work containing many factual inaccuracies. Independent quantitative
    analyses of the movie and book of the same name reveal they contain: 19 Wrong
    statements or false statements; 17 Misleading statements; 10 Exaggerated statements;
    25 One sided statements; 28 Speculative statements; 234 images of natural and
    everyday events falsely depicted as unnatural and implied to be caused by global
    warming; 71 images and instances of unscientific, unfounded mixing of projections
    with actual data to falsely fabricate future climate; 59 instances of comments/images
    out of context or misrepresenting reality; 74 instances of using the crowd effect; 35
    major errors on climate alone; and, ZERO empirical scientific data supporting the
    movie’s core claim that human production of CO2 drives global temperature and
    climate. The movie fabricated the unfounded concept of a Tipping Point in climate
    yet never specified any basis for determining the point.

  17. leefe


    Don’t sweat it. Best little rant I’ve inspired for some time. He did miss a beat by forgetting the mandatory Godwin for these diatribes, but it was otherwise a superlative effort.

  18. guest

    Mark Needham,

    The British High Court 2007 made no such claim that I could find. In fact it made 9 criticisms based on ‘exaggeration’.

    The claim against the film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was made by Stewart Dimmock, a truck driver, who was complaining that the film had been shown in schools, although his own two children had not seen it. He said he had seen the film and thought it was science fiction.

    “The court ruled nine inaccuracies,” he said. “How many more exist?”

    As for the errors, [Kalee] Kreider,[Gore’s spokeswoman] said, ” Of the thousands of facts, the judge seemingly only took issue with a handful. We’ve got peer review studies that back these facts. There were a couple of cases where we feel the facts weren’t quoted accurately.”

    The nine alleged errors highlighted by High Judge Michael Burton were to do with rising seas, low-lying Pacific islands, the Gulf stream, connection between CO2 and temperature rises, disappearance of snow on Kilimanjaro, polar bears drowning, and reefs bleaching.
    (source Wikipedia)

    Since 2007, science has had much more to say about such events.

    And of course so have the denier/sceptics, such as Jennifer Marohasy, who as editor of the sceptic IPA publication “Climate Change: The Facts 2017” has admitted that among the 22 authors there will be found a number of contradictions which she hopes will somehow be reconciled in the future.

    Good luck with that.

  19. corvusboreus

    Nice to hear that insects are unaffected by the ongoing unravelling of biospheric habitat.
    A broad swathe of invertebrate biologists have expressed alarm at their observed decline in both diversity and numbers, and will be reassured to hear that a higher authority has declared such findings to be erroneous.
    Invertebrate lives matter.

  20. corvusboreus

    So a court case found possible overstatements in a documentary film made by an ex-politician..
    There are reasons why I tend to source my scientific information from acredited scientists working under peer review process rather than placing trust in politicians, journalistic opinionators and internet randoms.

  21. Michael Taylor

    I’m thinking of taking the makers of Braveheart to court for producing the most historically inaccurate film of all time. Who’s with me? Let’s see if we can get a class action going.

  22. corvusboreus

    Fun historical fact: Isabella of France was 9-10 years of age when William Wallace was executed.
    Methinks that’s far too young for him to have seeded her womb, even given the ‘intended design’ of her ‘belly’.

  23. Michael Taylor

    A mere oversight, cb. One of many.

  24. Michael Taylor

    PS: add it to the list for our lawyer.

  25. leefe

    “I’m thinking of taking the makers of Braveheart to court for producing the most historically inaccurate film of all time. Who’s with me? Let’s see if we can get a class action going.”

    If you succeed, let me know who your lawyer is. I want to go after the writers and producers of Midsomer Murders for that laughable horror of an episode where snakes (constrictors) were used as a murder weapon.

  26. corvusboreus

    The recent ‘history’ channel series ‘Vikings’ once featured a pair of emus in a marketplace in 9th century Denmark.
    I was most amused

  27. Michael Taylor

    I’m currently watching an outstanding series on Netflix – The Crown – about Queen Elizabeth (I don’t like the monarchy, but it’s a fabulous historical drama). I’m impressed with the attention to detail.

    Letters from Belgium, for example, have stamps on the envelopes from the correct period. I like that.

    I will not sue them.

    cb, I am always amused by jungle scenes in Africa that have kookaburra sounds in the background. I know they’re, noisy, but …

  28. guest


    I am having difficulty following your oblique comments about following “acredited (sic) scientists” rather than “politicians, journalistic opinionators internet randoms”.

    You well know that there are scientists who have not been trained in climate change. Many have been trained in a science, such as oceanography, insects, atmosphere, dinosaurs, geology or no science at all. Finding out about climate change has been an ongoing learning experience. Some so-called “experts” of the denier kind have deliberately set out to be of contrarian kind because it pays better.

    So what scientific qualifications has journalist Lord Monckton got? Perhaps he has your attention with regard to insects with his Gore’s error #27 in his list of 35 errors?

    With regard to the plaintiff in the 2007 High Court case, how did he rustle up 60,000 pounds to pursue his case? And how was the lawyer Downes able to “produce a long schedule of such alleged errors or exaggerations and wax lyrical in that regard” according to the judge?

    Sounds like a set-up that basically failed.

    Plenty of sources to refute the sceptics/ deniers among “politicians, journalistic opinionators and internet randoms”.

    As I said above, the original 9 “exaggerated errors” have been examined widely since 2007 and are found to be well grounded.

    You will find it hard to prove otherwise. And while you are at it, try to reconcile Plimer’s claim that CO2 has nothing to do with climate change while Bob Carter (in “Taxing Air”) says CO2 is a powerful greenhouse gas.

    Or I have misread your post. Viva IPCC!

  29. corvusboreus

    The IPCC is composed of accredited scientists in relevant fields who distil peer reviewed and certified scientific findings to a broader audience (eg politicians, policy kers and general public) in relatively lay terms to inform possible response to an escalating existential threat
    Such is precisely the kind of place from which I source my scientific info. .
    Does that clarify?

    Ps, for the contrarians, I am aware that one contributing author to one IPCC report cut a corner and said that ‘all Himalayan glaciers are retreating’ rather than specifying that ‘the majority are retreating, but a couple have advanced slightly due to localised factors’ That person was fired from their position and has had no subsequent inputs.

  30. corvusboreus

    Similar to how most eagles in movies and TV sound the call of a Red-tailed hawk.
    Ever heard a Sea-eagle vocalise? They quack like an indignant duck.

  31. Michael Taylor

    There’s nothing wrong with an indignant duck.

  32. corvusboreus

    My goto recommendation for convincing period drama would be ‘La peste’ (The Plague), a single season 2018 Spanish production set in 16th century Seville. Script, acting, sets, costumes and production are all superb, the characters are nuanced and the period details and flavour are convincing and immersive..
    As the name would suggest, it is not a feel good comedy, but it definitely thought provoking, touching on a number of themes that resonate into modern life (eg the reluctance of commerce driven politics to acknowledge and react to the realities of a deadly pandemic).
    It is currently available through SBS on demand

  33. corvusboreus

    Aye, SBS on demand is the one of those free gratis pro bono public service type things
    Well worth tapping into.

  34. corvusboreus

    To clarify further, I will answer your query concerning the scientific pedigree of ‘Lord’ Monckton.
    He is completely unqualified to comment on matters of or pertaining to climate science, in terms of either academic credentials or field research experience.
    However I think he is well suited to speak on the subject of narcissistic delusion and pathological dishonesty.
    Not because he has any formal understanding of psychology or psychiatry, but simply because he is an illustrative example of someone ‘living the dream’.

  35. corvusboreus

    … and another thing…
    Last years IPCC presentation to the UN council and world leaders was a shining example of why so many media and political figures deserve to be strung up by the gonads and beaten with blunt objects.

    On the first day scientist after scientist gave succinct briefings on data concerning observed phenomena like rising temperatures and sea levels, a catalogue of serious symptoms ending in a dire prognosis.
    The media chose to take the day off and our PM chose to visit a cardboard box factory.

    The next day a teenage girl chose to accept an invitation and gave a short but impassioned speech.
    The media lost their collective shit and obsessively focussed on either rabidly attacking or staunchly defending her.
    Meanwhile, the sidelined scientists despondently returned to documenting our impending extinction.

  36. RosemaryJ36

    Perhaps I am being naive, but I thought the ‘Comments’ section was designed to enable readers to comment on the original article. I have just been advised of the arrival of an additional great grandchild and I am desperate for concrete action on global warming.
    If we do not take the issue seriously, how can we expect others to do so????

  37. Michael Taylor

    Congratulations on the new great grandchild, Rosemary. That little child will one day be proud that his/her great grandmother was leading from the front in the battle to make this a better world, not for today, but also for future generations.

  38. Michael Taylor

    PS: If anyone is guilty of derailing the discussion it is I. No disrespect was intended, but nonetheless you have my apology.

  39. DrakeN

    RosemaryJ36 – there can be few comments on your articles which relate directly to your article other than to endorse their depth of reason and analysis.
    The “few” are entirely incorrigible in their faith in their self rectitude – Mark Needham exemplifies.
    But we, the frail humans that we are, are easily distracted and inclined to digress whenever the main thread of argument is exhausted at its initiation. 😉
    May I take this opportunity to endorse Michael’s: “Congratulations…” especially the bit about the great grandie being proud of its great Granny in years to come.

  40. guest


    Thank you for information about your understanding of climate change. I had been misdirected by an earlier post of yours about invertebrates. I had been reading about Lord Monckton’s 35 “errors” he thought were made by Gore in his film. One of the errors (#27 in Monkton’s list) was about whether mosquitoes were rising higher in the atmosphere. But you seem to be writing about bees which are indeed important for pollination but are being badly affected by poisons, especially in agriculture. Bee keepers also lament the destruction of leatherwood trees.

    My interest in climate change had been spurred by the rubbish published in the Murdoch press and then that interest was positively reinforced by Tony Eggleton’s book on Climate Change (Cambridge UP, 2013) and then by IPCC reports.

    I used to collect cuttings from Murdoch papers, and I still make notes from them to debunk.

    Just a couple of recent ones:

    Greg Sheridan, writing a hagiographic piece about Trump (7/9/2020):
    “I have written for years on the need for a bigger US defence budget, the utility of a lower corporate tax, the benefits of gas, the usefulness of fracking, the need for strong borders.”

    This is to ally himself with Trump because it justifies not so much what Trump says, but what he does. You can see the IPA connections.

    And Judith Sloan on how commies are making the long march through everything, including the Bureau of Meteorology (25/8/2020):
    “Climate change has completely altered its activities. The agency regularly makes grand statements about this day or month or year being the hottest on record without revealing the true adjustments it makes to these claims.”

    The adjustments to some past readings has been explained and no falsity has been found. Besides that, measurements are taken around the world to confirm record heat measurements.

    The IPA publication has 5 of the 22 authors in its publication “Climate Change: The Facts 2017” writing about adjusting past temperature readings. It must be essential reading for Murdoch scribblers, no matter how much it has been debunked.

    I believe the Murdoch media is, in supporting the fossil fuels industry and supporting a destructive politician such as Trump, a dangerous element in the world.

  41. Michael Taylor

    I first heard that the planet was warming was in 1968 when our teacher, Mr Mableson, announced it during a geography class. We knew way back then. If we knew this over 50 years ago, why did it take another two decades to start taking it more seriously? (Though I admit, even now, too many are not taking it seriously.)

  42. corvusboreus

    Thank you for this article and all that you write, as well as your persistent efforts on the front line.
    Congratulations on the birth of your great grandchild, and apologies for the shite state of the planet he/she is inheriting.
    I am making some efforts to try to rectify my part in that.
    Also apologies for my part in straying off topic into small talk about history and fiction.
    Please do not take such as a lack of serious concern about the consequences of humans buggering up the biosphere and cooking the surface of the planet.

  43. corvusboreus

    When I refer to the documented decline in the populations of insects and other invertebrate animals, I am not only referring to bees, although they the most obvious indicator and probably the most serious observed attrition.
    On the bright side, populations of common cockroaches and more opportunistic/adaptable ant species (eg fire ants) seem to be on the up.
    And yes, the Murdoch media deserves to be classified as an extinction threatening process in it’s own right

  44. Jack Cade

    Michael Taylor

    The problem with everything that happens nowadays is that lots of people think humanity can solve all issues.
    ‘We should get a vaccine’.
    ‘We should capture carbon.‘
    ‘We should stop the boats.’
    ‘We should sack the coach.’

  45. Mark Needham

    Best bit…Which one, Scientist, do you believe. That is the main question.
    Peer reviewed allows some substantiation.
    As I always say, knowing that I am right and you are wrong, is the greatest leap of faith that we all take.
    Self rectitude, of which.”Mark Needham exemplifies.”

    Here again is someone, DrakeN, who does not know me, but has the instincts that he does know me, and proceed to …well…do what we do best on a keyboard.
    Thanks for proving again, my thoughts on such matters.
    Peace, Hey!

  46. corvusboreus

    Mark Needham,
    After a period of giving you the benefit of the doubt, I long ago came to the evidential conclusion that you were not only linguistically incoherent and scientifically illiterate, but so an inveterate whinger.
    Your latest irrelevant cut & paste and subsequent self-pitying snivel have only reinforced that conclusion.
    Ps, too bad Larry Pickering was wrong about chain-smoking cigarettes not causing lung cancer, hey?!!!

  47. Phil Pryor

    The conservative way, Effing ignorance elevated to superstitious enhanced high dogma by effwits who will kill us all but nor know or care. They won’t go to heaven, paradise, nirvana, any non existent fantasy fabrication shack, for they live in a rotten world of dreamy drizzling drops of analsprayed rejection, ejection, mind refuse, utter rubbish, and, they contrive and invent rules, regulations, laws, dogmatic assertions, hide bound eternal truths, total dogshit dogmatic dung and delusion, all for the pacification of the bent, twisted, tortured, twitching soul of ignorance. Sheridan, one of Murdoch’s maggoty misfit manglers of moderation, is such a romanist merdemuncher, unable to ever seek truth and perceive it, drenched in righteous superstition, fantasy, lies, misinformation and mental muck. The whole modern world seems to have declined into a ring of fighting frauds, trying to outlie each other to assert dominance.

  48. Mark Need ban

    Corvusboreus. It is all a game.
    I make no claims.
    Self pitying.
    …and a jibe, Larry Pickering.
    Go for it possum.

  49. corvusboreus

    I again offer my apologies to the author of this article for straying off a serious topic of crucial importance and allowing myself to be distracted by inconsequential trivialities.

    Corvus out.

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