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Labor Cracks; Liberal Crackpots!

“Divisions have emerged within the Labor Party over the Safe Schools program, with one senator calling for the program to be suspended amid a Government review.”

ABC News. 25th February, 2016

I guess we’re meant to infer that every single Liberal must agree with Bernardi then. After all, if one senator suggesting that he doesn’t like the Safe Schools program is a division, or an example of “cracks in the Labor Party” as the lead for the story suggested, then it must be assumed that nobody in the Liberal Party has a problem with Turnbull’s decision to launch an inquiry.

Yep, there’s no suggestion that there are cracks in the Liberal Party. They’re all firmly behind their new leader, Cory Bernardi. George Christensen even went as far as to suggest that the Safe Schools program sounded “a lot like grooming work that a sexual predator might undertake”!

Ok, Bernardi’s in the Upper House so he isn’t PM, but he seems to be their new spiritual leader! Bernardi calls for an inquiry in the Safer Schools program, and hey presto! Turnbull decides that maybe a program that’s only attracted criticism from a vocal minority needs to be investigated.

And then this morning we have Bernardi being interviewed on the ABC this morning telling us that he doesn’t think that the government should touch negative gearing. Actually he said,”The universal view from those I’ve had a chat with is ‘we’d be mad to mess with it’,” which certainly doesn’t rule it out. In fact, considering most of the things they’ve done, when it comes to messing with things, their madness has been proven.

I notice though that the Cory Bernardi story wasn’t prefaced with cracks appearing in the Coalition. It’s only when one Labor senator, Joe Bullock, disagrees with the rest of the party that it’s a crack. I guess that Marxist ABC must just consider that all those capitalists in the Liberal Party are hostile to the Left’s attempts to break up families and introduce godless communism through making homosexuality compulsory so the odd difference on negative gearing isn’t really wide enough to be considered a crack!

Although when I say difference, I guess one has to actually have a policy before members of your party can disagree with it. And they’ll do what the promised in 2013: they’ll have a policy before the election. Of course in 2013, we all thought that by that they meant the 2013 election, so this time I’m not 100% certain that they mean the 2016 election. I’m just expecting them to announce some policy closer to some election at some point when Cory tells Malcolm what it’s going to be. Although maybe they’ll just stop all the pretence by then and admit that the crackpots are actually running the party.

Yep – can’t wait till Cory actually announces the next Liberal policy…
Or the election date!


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  1. David (other)

    Joe who Stalin?

  2. Peter F

    It is a sad day for the ABC when they stoop this low

  3. JeffJL

    Prior to any politician making any pronouncements on Negative Gearing we should have a disclosure from them as to how many investment properties they have, how many are Negatively Geared and what their losses are from those properties. Only then can we have an appreciation as to whether or not they have a conflict of interest.

  4. Möbius Ecko

    JeffJL the number of houses a politician owns is public record. Barry O’Sullivan, a LNP Senator, rules the roost with 42 properties. As to their losses from the many properties they own, I haven’t been able to find any information.

  5. Jagger

    The ABC and the MSM have picked a cowardly dud in Malcolm “blowfly” Turnball, he has never had control of the LNP and never will. Always a great read Rossleigh.

  6. wayne johnson

    we only hope you call an election and soon so we can be rid of the lnp for good

  7. David (other)

    Interesting as the Greens pontificate over their righteousness in becoming the junior junior partner of the Torys over the Senate voting changes, just who benefits. Makes for intriguing reading. I don’t think we have heard the last of this. There is a huge awareness already on social media of whats going on and in particular with Senators Lazarus and Muir majorities in 2013, compared with the loathed Cash.

  8. Douglas Pye

    So a current Government Senator tops the list of investment properties! – at FORTY TWO!! …

    To be fair all around, the total figure would be worth having – over BOTH sides of Federal Parliament and BOTH HOUSES ! …. could bring the CGT kerfuffle into perspective, from a ‘vested interest’ position? !

    Dare one even speculate upon the amount of time involved in assembling a portfolio of 42 properties ? … whilst representing his constituency as their elected representative ?!

    I dare not allow myself to think about just how much (little) tax he ends up paying on his Parliamentary salary!

  9. Sadenile

    Funny that joe bullock and bill shorten and pyne and the rabbott and the deputy PM are all old scholars of the jesuit colleges. Bullock was a tragedy in the making by declaring abbott is a good bloke, who was going to join labor till joe put him onto the libs. A deal elected him by displacing ‘one of those women’ whose partner had a sex change. With him and gray the WA is firmly in turnball’s lap.
    Sadly the loonies will do anything for a seat leaving priciple as the only stopping agent for the senate and since the boys have taken over principle has been pragmaticised.
    Even as an atheist I prey that turnball doesn’t get a majority in the senate.
    ps Douglas the pokies man has 11(the SMH list him with 8 only)and he doesn’t live in any of them? Of the 226 pollies only 13 do not have investment properties and bazza has 50.

  10. Ricardo29

    Joe bullock and Corey Bernardi are two sides of the same coin, religious homophobic bigots of limited intellect.

  11. iggy648

    Malcolm tells us that Labor policy on negative gearing will drive house prices down. He’s finally convinced me to vote Labor again after a bit of vacillating.

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