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Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie Sheen, Je suis ce que je suis

Ok, I’ve been sitting around and trying to work out the middle way.

Yes, it’s a worthwhile question and it’s already been asked by many. Why so many pages about Paris and so few about all the other victims of people using weapons indiscriminately?

Of course, the question divides, because many of the people who are angry about Paris see it as typical of the left who apologise for all the terrible people in the world and if only we all got a little bit angrier, then everything would be ok, because, well that’s the way it works in the movies isn’t it? The hero is slow to anger, but when he does he wastes all the bad guys and it’s all ok, so if the left would just stop watching those arty films where things end badly, then maybe they’d understand that life isn’t like that, it has happy endings when the hero just uses his gun. And we’re the hero, aren’t we?

I’ve spent a large part of my life being angry about things. Not most of it. But a large part of it. Anger rarely solves anything. Sometimes, as that punk, Johnny Rotten once told us, it’s “an energy”. But usually it doesn’t usually solve anything.

So I spent a lot of time thinking about what could we do about Paris and I asked myself a lot of interesting questions. Like what would surrender look like? What would happen if we said to the terrorists, you win, what are your terms for peace?

Yes, yes, I know they don’t have any terms for peace. But it’d be interesting to ask them that. I mean, what would they say? We don’t want peace? Perhaps. But there’s also a possibility that the question could make them spend the next few years arguing with each other about whether they should ask for something or simply tell us that they don’t want peace at any price. At least that might stuff up their planning …

And then tonight, while I was still trying to work out a thoughtful response to the Paris attacks when I noticed a post on Facebook which I’ll quote loosely as “F*ck you, Charlie, don’t expect us to feel sorry for you.”

Now for a second, I’d forgotten all about the story on the news where I heard that Charlie Sheen was going to reveal that he was HIV positive in an interview, and while I’m tempted to have a long discussion about the nature of the word reveal that’d just be a distraction. At the time, I thought of all the “Je suis Charlie” posts and thought that this person was blaming the magazine for the Paris attacks. I was outraged and was about to pull out all the verbal guns and …

Then I remembered Charlie Sheen.

And I felt silly.

Not least, because when we have a media that thinks that Charlie Sheen’s HIV revelation is worth telling us about before he actually reveals it, I should already know not to expect anything better! While I could say thanks for the health warning, I realised that it’s probably wiser to just remember that book I read “Amusing Ourselves To Death” and realise that the nightly news is just entertainment and to expect it to be anything less is about as ridiculous as to expect that sportspeople should be role models just because they are slightly faster, more agile or bigger than the average person.

Why expect better from the media? Silly me.

I posted this a couple of years ago, but he seems the best Charlie to listen to right now.

P.S. When a part of Melbourne is evacuated because someone left a pair of shoes, it seems that the terrorists have won. Perhaps surrender is not as silly as it sounds.




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  1. Bighead1883

    Chaplin`s great Dictator speech is immortal and yet what has humanity learned,the new IPhone comes out next week or the Black Friday sale will have far more importance then the Black Friday paris bombings.
    On twitter believe it or no but r=there were numerous twits who believed something happened to Paris Hilton-go figure.
    But Terrorists also struck Lebanon [crickets] and Israeli Army killed 135 Palestinians Black Friday 2014 [more crickets]
    I verified this tweet before the account was suspended as did many others,so if you know how this tweeter knew of the terrorist attack fully two days before please tell us.

  2. bobrafto

    Like what would surrender look like? What would happen if we said to the terrorists, you win, what are your terms for peace?

    I too was thinking that and I read somewhere that Western Govt,’s should ask virgins to serve their country for would be suicide bombers, that way no one gets blown up.

    Really, heaven and hell do exist and its location is right here on earth.

    and here is a link to heaven

  3. mark delmege

    I listened to my commercial version of the ABC (ABC 720) this am I was a little surprised to hear a mufti quoted as saying that ‘duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention must be comprehensively addressed’. Wow I thought maybe the ABC isn’t that bad afterall. Admittedly I came in late and missed the start but the local shock jock quickly criticised him for a polarising political statement.
    This jock actually interviewed me once for an hour in a coffee shop – I was never sure why but I came to understand him as deeply conservative and his comments above underlined that view. It seems in his world and therefore the world of his listeners it is verboten to criticise the American perspective. I won’t be bothering listening to his bather again.
    Fortunately the Russians have come on the scene to upset the American/Brotherhood agenda and are forcing a reassessment of events in the ME. They have changed the boundaries. The Rules and while the Russians won’t solve the problem with their allies they have changed the face of the battlefield – at least in the short term and who knows where that will lead. But empire wont sit quietly and has a shed load of spanners and they are chucking them wildly.

    I argued against the Paris attacks as being another false flag but I’m starting to change my mind. Sure a bunch of romantics committed suicide – well some anyway – while taking a lot of people out – but these people could just as easily be mislead, manipulated into doing the outrageous. It wouldn’t be the first time. Meanwhile ‘much of the western world’ is galvanised into doing something. Something no doubt that will be designed to take the initiative away from the Russians.

    As I have said here many times the French and others are significantly responsible for the rise in terrorism as they have flooded the ME and Nth Africa with weapons and into the hands of the most backward fanatics. Its unlikely that they have changed their spots and they will suddenly come to the rescue.

    So the point of all this the media here is a shell of what it could be and they cant be relied upon to inform us anymore. The Mufti was right and he is the only one I have heard make any sense on all this on our ABC – and he was slammed for making a polarising political statement. Fcuk you ABC.

  4. Sen Nearly Ile

    Frustration at not being able to articulate concerns without personalising causes me to anger.
    Frustration at being unable excite friends to check 2, 3, 7, 9 and 10 news items and facebook sites before sharing makes me feel stupid.
    A major concern, has been re-activated by the change in the NSW standing orders.
    The NSW police in the Lindt cafe, for 16 TV soaked hours, ignored standing orders for negotiation. After 6-8 hours negotiators arrive
    No professional police negotiator entered the cafe, no islamic negotiator was used and no attempt was made to modify his demand that the PM listen to his problem.
    My internet skill is poor as I cannot find the coroners report.
    Even a green pollie, Shoebridge, seems unable to progress beyond decrying the internal whitewash oops inquiry.
    ps funny that the media find a poll that agrees with GSt 15% on everything???

  5. jim

    Great post just shows there are still sane people around thanks.

  6. Mark Needham

    Let us fight for a new world. ( Charlies words)

    The “New World” is in the mind of the “Fighter”

    Labour Party. fights for its “New World”

    Liberal Party. fights for its “New World”

    The “New World” is in the “mind” ( I am right, you are wrong) of the “Fighter”.
    The same reception, I receive when I say I am “iffy” about a silly word, or question a statement. There are people who, I believe, that in a given situation, would cause ill, if we actually met.

    Exactly what is happening now. Always has and always will.
    We can believe that all the world is of a like mind. Nope. Never has, never will.
    To understand, or believe, that there are people who wish you well, is Good.
    To understand, that there are people who wish you, death. death you say, Yes there are people, who do wish you that and will/would do it without any compunction whatsoever. ( I am not a believer in wishing people harm. But I do know, that there people who do.)

    Ready, to fight, ( Am I right? Am I wrong? Do I lay down and do nothing?)
    Mark Needham ?

  7. Sen Nearly Ile

    mark if you are not a kiwi or pom, please take the ‘u’ out.
    the chaplin concept of ‘men no women’ has currency today. In some quarters it is ‘the light and the way’.

  8. Mercurial

    We have known for some time that you’re ready to fight, Mark.

  9. bobrafto

    To those folks who had the misgivings of following my link in my comment above, I wish to say I was admonished by a lady friend and my meek reply was that the lady in the pic had a really nice smile to which she replied “I didn’t notice”.

  10. diannaart


    You probably made a lot of hetero men and lesbians happy – but it ain’t heaven – no matter how much you may want it to be.

    Next time sit down and have a good think about the diversity of the AIMNers, before assuming the entire universe is exactly like you.

    I know, Charlie Sheen controlled your brain for a while…


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