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It’s everyone else’s fault says Barnaby

In yet another gobsmacking display of cognitive dissonance and implausible deniability, Barnaby Joyce has urged the Federal Government to “wake up” after the New South Wales Coalition suffered swings against it in the bush.

According to the Beetrooter, “Those who want to give rifles back to the farmers and people are winning seats.”

“The Liberal Party and other people have to understand there is a different message in regional areas,” he said. “You better wake up and understand that the political scope of Australia is vastly different from what we’ve been reporting on, and if you don’t recognise it, votes move.”

Then he blamed the ABC.

“It’s the heartland that has come out and said that we’ve got some issues that we need to address,” Joyce said. “We’ve got to stop taking our political advice from the ABC.”

Right. So the reason the Nationals lost seats in NSW was because the Liberal Party didn’t recognise the call from country people for more guns and because the ABC has been dictating Coalition policy…according to Barnaby.

Nothing to do with his disgraceful conduct in his personal life, in his disloyalty to first the PM and then his party’s leader, or, more importantly, his climate change denial in the face of drought and floods and fish kills and his shocking mismanagement of the water portfolio he demanded as a condition of support for a Coalition government.

The people of Barwon seem to have a different message for Barnaby.

Darryn Clifton, president of the Broken Hill and Darling River Action Group, said “The NSW Nationals have decimated the environments of the Darling River and Menindee Lakes and their plan was to further destroy the Lower Darling.”

Resident Karen Page said the return of the Berejiklian Government is a “nightmare” for the people of Menindee.

“Everybody out here is devastated … another four years of neglect for our river, it’s just not good.”

The Coalition seem completely incapable of taking any sort of responsibility for mistakes they have made or any form of accountability that might indicate they have learned from them.

There is an interesting article in the SMH today about the dangers of what private school principals are calling “concierge parenting” which sees “parents rushing to rescue their children from everyday challenges and minor failures.”

Timothy Wright, headmaster of Shore School, has noticed more parents querying team selections, or essay marks, or invitations.

“I think some parents are more anxious about managing their children for ongoing success than they are about ongoing learning,” he said. “The notion that ‘my child must always succeed’ is profoundly dangerous.”

It creates students that are too fragile to accept feedback. “They can’t cope when a teacher says, ‘you need more reasoning here’, or ‘this is unclear’,” said Dr Wright.

It reminded me so much of Tony Abbott whose father complained when he wasn’t chosen in the First XV at school. Whose mother raced to fill in and fast track a citizenship form for him so he could take up a Rhodes Scholarship offer. Who, when charged with indecent assault, arrived at court flanked by his parents, a legal team including a QC, and seven witnesses.

These cossetted privileged private school graduates that infest the ranks of the Coalition have never learned to admit when they are wrong, they have never learned how to accept advice, they seem incredulous when anyone questions the ethics of their actions (looking at you Tim Wilson), they have a hugely inflated sense of their own capabilities, they are impervious to criticism, and they ALWAYS look for someone or something else to blame.

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  1. Jack Cade

    Australians all,
    Let us rejoice
    Cognitive dissonance

  2. whatever

    Hopefully, this will bring the election date into an actual calendar event, May 11 is the bet.
    Barnaby will have to take the Ritalin away from Scotty and say “Focus, FFS! We need to go to the polls quickly or the Nationals are doomed!”

  3. king1394

    The Nationals have failed country people by becoming supporters of mining’s water guzzling enterprises, and happily overseeing the death of small regional towns as government services are withdrawn and essential businesses like banks close their branches. Many small towns have lost rail services while the amalgamation of their Councils has also upset many country people. The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers have picked up on the discontent and many of their members are people who have suffered under neo-liberal policies.

  4. Josephus

    king1394 exactly what I have heard expressed in rural NSW. The farmers other than in coal mining areas are beginning to wake up.

  5. Perkin Warbeck

    Don’t put your faith in farmers, friends. They are as rapacious as any group on earth.

  6. Waste Lanz

    Speaking of Tim Wilson … when is someone going to investigate who is paying for stoptheretirementtax website. Tim authorised it but who is paying for it and ongoing database maintenance? Who owns the collected data? Not Tim as the site is listed as being owned by Tango Technologies.

  7. Brad Golding

    OMG!!! Give the country people their guns back??? Little Johnnie “war criminal” Howard will have a seizure!

    However, with more guns in the bush the greater chance of murder-suicide in a land ruined by government inaction and with the stress of farm foreclosures and bankruptcies.

    Had we a government with any sort of vision, other than planning for the next election to keep their fat arses in parliament, we would have water from far north Queensland pouring down the Darling River. The Bradfield Plan was surveyed in the 1950’s and ’60’s but nothing ever came of it, and there have been subsequent plans to compliment Bradfield’s. However, when the government sold off the Commonwealth Bank, our national infrastructure bank, (sorry, ….., recycled the asset), we no longer have a source to finance such a scheme, unless private corporations do it, and we all know how affordable that would be to we the consumers.

    Just look at the energy companies. Once we used to pay for the service and the admin and maintenance, now we get to pay extra for profits to banks and shareholders as well.

    So whilst the nation burns in a drought the government fiddles with things like stadiums. But as a vassal of the deep state in London, DC, and their masters in Tel Aviv, our government will do exactly what the US ambassador, the banks and Rupert Murdoch tell it to do.

    But change is coming! The economy is in deep shit, way deeper than 2008, and the government and the banks are trying to cover it up. Do the research, don’t take my word for it!

  8. Aortic

    Well said, Brad and watch the preelection crescendo of ” better economic managers” ” Labors debt and deficit disaster” and the pork barrelling, particularly in the States of Queensland and Victoria. The so called budget surplus will very soon be shown to be ethereal fairy floss and unfortunately the incoming Labor government will inherit an economic situation from which policies will have to be directed towards slow and deliberate recovery. It will inhibit their program somewhat but should not deter voters from installing the same party that allowed us to survive the last GFC so well.

  9. Jack Cade

    The ‘so-called budget surplus’ WILL be a charade, but where will people find out about it? In the Murdoch press? And although the Nationals got their arses kicked in NSW, look who they were replaced by.
    Country Australia gets its arse licked at election time and kicked the rest of the time. I have the same amount of sympathy for ‘the bush’ as ‘the bush’ had for the workers at GMH.

  10. Bronte ALLAN

    Very wise words, as usual Kaye! I agree with everything you have said. So now we have to “blame” (?) the ABC for the dictating of COALition policy–who knew? And, of course, The Nationals (?) want more guns for all their voting, country folk–who knew? If only we could get rid of Barnacle Jokes, who really is as much use as a chocolate tea pot. Hopefully, he & the rest of his National Party & COALition mob will be kicked out of office at the next Federal election. Notwithstanding them getting back in again in NSW. And the stupid, lying Mark Lasham also got voted in, FFS how?

  11. whatever

    Please pay attention, the Bradfield Plan was sketched out about 90 years ago and it hardly constitutes a “Plan” as the mapping data available back then was very sketchy. NSW is very flat, and you can dig as many ditches as you want but the water won’t flow to where you want…not without massive pumping works powered by, you guessed it, coal-fired power stations.
    This is a stupid idea that surfaces every now and then on TalkBack Radio, and when the National Party needs a gimmick apart from “Fast Trains for the Regions”.

  12. Kaye Lee

    Phil Coorey has written an article in the AFR titled “Barnaby Joyce threatens to go rogue after NSW election result.” It’s hilarious…in a tragic kind of way.

    “Mr Joyce is backing a push by the Queensland Nationals for the government to commit to underwrting coal-fired power, an issue Prime Minister Scott Morrison and southern Liberals want to shy away from because of its unpopularity in Victoria and other inner-city seats.

    Mr Joyce also wants to use more water for irrigation and less for the environmental health of the Murray-Darling river.

    But after the NSW Nationals suffered huge swings away from them and towards the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party in what Mr Joyce described as “heartland” seats of Barwon and Murray, he said it was time to differentiate.

    … influential radio shock jock Alan Jones urged Mr Joyce on Saturday night to move against Nationals leader Michael McCormack

    Mr Morrison said the [NSW election] result showed unity and a disciplined economic message could deliver victory.”

  13. paul walter

    Well, Joyce is as big a nutter as Latham and Rowan Dean.

  14. andy56

    wow, just finished with Q&A, tina Mcqueen was a train wreck, lol. The liberals still dont get it. Just not listening.
    The hubris shown by Morrison will last about a week. Thats when more shit will come out, they have history, lol.
    But nothing will save the nationals from total wipeout. Thats this weeks entertainment.

  15. andy56

    Brad golding, your intentions are good but your idea of siphoning water from north is the type of thinking that got us into this mess to start with. If your going to mess with natural cycles and the environment that depends on these cycles, you better make sure you understand all the issues. Its far easier to desal and bring in new water than rely on ever diminishing natural resources.

  16. Kaye Lee


    You beat me to it and I was going to say the same thing. Wow Tina McQueen was a disaster. What a piece of work she is. She is making me rethink whether I should put One Nation in front of the Libs. If she is in anyway responsible for policy, campaign tactics, or vision, I want nothing to do with any party that would put such a person in an executive position. I await tomorrows media commentary. She was appalling.

  17. Patagonian

    As far as I’m aware, nobody who can justify a genuine need for a gun has had it taken away, in fact it’s estimated that there are now twice as many guns in Australia as there were immediately preceding the Rodent’s initiative.

    Teena McQueen…beyond Thunderdome! Entitled, tone-deaf, rude, patronising and not very bright…and very uncomfortable sitting next to the marvellous Roxanne Gay.

  18. Patagonian

    I grew up in a small country town with men exactly like Joke. I know the type very well. Vile human beings.

  19. Phil.

    Ah Q & A I would have thought the vampire on the end sprouting about workers record high wages. Q….Tony Burke.

    Nothing. No reply, Zip. Nada.

  20. Andy56

    Wow, it wasnt even a week. Hartchers piece on morrison in todays paper is a corker. Morrison wanted to set up mass detention centers in australia. If true, he is a monster !

  21. Andy56

    Now one has to ask is barney dense stupid? The nats are determined to fund coal power in queensland. You just couldnt make it up. In the middle of natural disasters, massive drought and massive rains caused by climate change, they are convinced more power is the solution to their survival. The disconnect with reality just keeps screaming WARNING WARNING.

  22. whatever

    This insane obsession with coal-fired power stations is akin to the warped ambitions of a terrorist.
    Maybe not even a terrorist, a comic-book super villain who wants protracted misery visited upon the populace.

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