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Is Albanese accepting nuclear subs?

By Darrell Egan

In a statement from Australian Shadow Defence Minster Brendan O’Connor’s office authorised from Labor Leader Anthony Albanese and Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong, Australian Labor appears to be accepting the nuclear powered submarine deal, with some house keeping checks as follows:

“While there is much that we welcome, it’s also clear that today’s announcement is the single biggest admission of failure on the part of the Morrison-Joyce Government over its $90 billion Future Submarines program.”

The Morrison-Joyce Government must also urgently explain:

  • The cost of this new plan.
  • The number of submarines to be built.
  • The impact of today’s announcement on local jobs and businesses.
  • The timeline for construction and delivery of the nuclear-powered submarine capability.
  • The impact on the Life of Type Extension (LOTE) of the Collins Class submarines.
  • How local skills and know how will be delivered through the biggest acquisition in Australia’s history.



With $4 Billion spent on his deal there will be sure to be further costs and a lot of political effort to be put into this project, how much money and political will be left for an Albanese government to follow through of Clean Energy jobs in the future, in now seemingly accepting this nuclear submarine deal with some conditions?

This issue will test principles or in a word of similar part meaning “Mana” in Maori in both sides of the Labor Pacific with Anthony Albanese’s counterpart Jacinda Ardern clearly stating New Zealand will not allow these nuclear submarines near in New Zealand territorial waters.

If a Labor government gets in accepting these nuclear submarines it will be interesting to see how this pans out with their Labor counterparts across the Pacific.

Albanese, along with Opposition Foreign Minister Penny Wong, in this statement seek to enhance greater ties with the AUKUS pact Scott Morrison has signed Australia on to.

New Zealand foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta

The AUKUS pact seeks to have a more militarily aggressive stance in building up forces in the South China Sea and the elephant in the room question is that will an Australian Labor government in accepting these nuclear submarines, have them deployed to the South China Sea in the decades these are deployed, putting Australia on a war footing?

In Foreign Policy terms in regards to AUKUS there is a stance on this issue regarding Australia’s Shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong and New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta with the New Zealand Foreign Minister not wanting to expand Five Eyes remit let alone going along with AUSUS pact’s hawkish approach.

With New Zealand standing by traditional Labor values in relation to the nuclear issue and a strong stance on Nuclear Proliferation, even if the nuclear product for these submarines is produced off shore, we will see who prevails in this test of Labor Party Mana.

This article was originally published on Dazza Egan Australia & China Watch Journo.


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  1. ajogrady

    If these submarines are anthing like the F-35 fighter planes then not only will Australia have over priced and very late planes that are lemons but will also have submarines that will be over priced lemons that will be obsolete and not fit for purpose by the time they are completed.

  2. Graham

    The questions Labor is not asking include:

    Who is going to maintain the nuclear guts of these submarines during the submarine’s lifespan? – Go ahead and surprise me by saying they will need no maintenance.

    Who is going to break up these submarines at the end of their 35 (?) year lifespan and where will the nuclear and nuclear contaminated waste material (ie the reactor and associated infrastructure) be stored?

  3. John O'Callaghan

    Albanese and his Labor cronies are like their Democratic shadow in the US…. totally gutless and scared witless of their Liberal and Republican colleagues. Both parties are just different cheeks of the same arse, and i am disgusted that Labor, along with the psycho Morrison and his war lovin goons have put ourselves and our country in this extremely dangerous position with one of our most important trading partners just to lick the boots of the most dangerous war mongering murdering fuckin psychopathic evil bastards on the planet… the United States Of America who cant even look after their own people…… wake up you lot and stop supporting this evil regime who currently have one of our citizens, Julian Assange… an innocent man and journalist in a filthy prison in the UK for no other reason than exposing their murder of innocent people while the perpetrators receive medals and millions of Dollars and luxury mansions … ie…former Presidents…

  4. George Theodoridis

    Of course he did!
    When it comes to any issue of substance the two parties become one and as far as the foreign affairs portfolio it is a series of oaths made to the americans for us to be their slavish toys.
    The only Alp person i know who kicked back to this view was John Button who famously and angrily asked in Cabinet, What did the Americans ever do for us?”

    The Americans only ever do anything for themselves, and if others gain from whatever they do it is a pure coincidence. Five minutes later those others might get bombed to smithereens or left to their enemies.

    Of course Albo and the ALP will get into this appalling nuclear arrangement.

  5. Michael Taylor

    John, our apologies. Your comment was caught up in moderation for no explainable reason.

  6. John OCallaghan

    No worries and thanks for publishing my comment. ….

  7. George Theodoridis

    Wonderful to read your words, John. My sentiments exactly!
    The trouble is all these thugs are too well paid by the common man, whose whole time is exhausted looking for a crust of bread to be able to mount up a proper protest.
    The thugs make up their own laws, get obscene wages and have the most lucrative jobs while they’re committing nothing but evil for us.
    They’re not going to rock the boat in any shape or form and risk losing their sinecure.

  8. New England Cocky

    Albo & LABOR are apparently avoiding the ”éxternal threat” tag to lead into the 2022 feral elections. If Scummo was keen, he would immediately call a snap pre-Christmas 2021 elections to hamMer home his ”advantage” from the AUKUS 1950s strategy in a 21st century world for defence after the ICBM attacks between now and the too many contract variations pushing out the delivery date until after the cows come home.

    Once more the Liarbral Nazional$ COALition have demonstrated that they do NOT KNOW how to formulate and consuct a policy for the benefit of Australian voters.

    It’s time ….. AGAIN!!

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