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If You’re Interested In Some Fiction…

Now, I know that this may sound like the start of something to do with Stuart Robert’s testimony at the Robodebt Royal Commission but I’ll get round to that later.

No, I wrote a novella about a year ago and I’ve just been sitting on it ever since thinking that I should re-read it and edit it and fix up the things that I think don’t quite work. Then I decided that I should get an editor, but that seemed like the sort of thing that I’d just procrastinate about, so…

I used an app called Bookfunnel and if you go there, you can download it, read it and give me feedback on all the places that I cut and pasted badly or all the spots that it doesn’t quite work for you. It’s not my usual style and it’s more sort of a Covid lockdown love story but not a Mills and Boon/Barbara Cartland one.

Anyway, feel free to click on this link and follow the process. If you have any problems with the app, you can give me feedback on that too.


Link: Please Stand 1.5 Metres Apart



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  1. Barry Brown

    I’m a good editor and I like your style, Ross, and was looking forward to reading your flights of fancy, but Bookfunnel says all copies have been despatched .. or words to that effect.

    If you send me a copy, I promise you’ll get a quality edit in return.



  2. Rossleigh

    Thanks, Barry.
    I think that the link should work now, but if it doesn’t let me know.

  3. Keitha Granville

    I love it already and I’m only at page 16, cross that I have to go out and can’t keep reading NOW.

    My son has been writing stories all his life thinking that one day he might publish something – I’ll send this to him, he’ll love it too and he’ll see that he does actually write good stuff as well.

    Thanks !

  4. Rossleigh

    Ok, there were a few gremlins in the upload with lines jumping and I also then noticed that I’d cut off some words, so I’ve uploaded another version with things fixed up so if you downloaded a copy, you might want to download another copy.

  5. leefe

    I’ve just started – up to p17 – and there are still some corrections needed, but overall it’s not too bad. (This is me wearing my proofreader’s cap; literary criticism comes later.)

  6. Steve

    Thanks for the story, raw and enjoyable, as Philip would say, a koala stamp for you.

  7. Henry

    I enjoyed it

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