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How do I feel?

By Bob Rafto

I know it wasn’t wishful thinking but I’m sure Malcolm said in an interview that his party lied before the last election and his party broke their promises, but I can’t find the link.

On the premise it wasn’t wishful thinking, I felt a relief, and it was as though Malcolm pulled out a can of Pine O Clean Glen 20 and deodorized the LNP. Then I lulled myself into a premature fantasy of how Malcolm will restore the broken promises.

And I did take heart when he said there would be no more slogans and other sweet things which tingled in my ears like a siren song. And I went to bed happy that Abbott was finally put out of his delusional misery.

And the very next day in Question Time when Turnbull was quizzed about climate change and same-sex marriage: it was steady as it goes on the LNP ship with captain Turnbull in charge and on Lateline Tony Burke described Turnbull as Tony Abbott with elocution.

One day Turnbull picks me up with his sweet nothings and the following day dumps me! It was like Abbott all over again, with his famous no cuts to anything. Now I’m a very, very scorned voter.

I might be imagining this as well, but, again I’m sure Malcolm said he will persuade the nation into accepting difficult policy taxes. The GP Tax and the other nasties have been described as toxic and unfair and this led me into another fantasy of a bygone era of the snake oil salesman.

Here is our Malcolm; our modern day snake oil salesman bottling Abbott’s toxic policies and with his glib tongue is going to persuade us to buy his toxic taxes.

And how do I feel? If the impression is deep enough it comes out in Photoshop . . .

Meme by Bob Rafto

Meme by Bob Rafto

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  1. Felicitas

    Can we just pack the whole damned lot of them up and send them to Murdochland where they can all sit around the campfire chanting songs about the ‘good ol’ days’? That way Murdoch won’t need to interfere in our country’s political future – he’d have his hands full working out who’s the biggest liar/liability to his ongoing empire. And then perhaps we can resurrect a wholesome mainstream media – but wait, that would put the AIMN out of business wouldn’t it? Scratch that thought bubble.

  2. David

    Bob I suspect we are out of the proverbial frying pan into the fire with Turnbull. Yesterday he obviously knew about and could have stopped the ‘happy clapper’ Morrison reintroduce in the HOR young job seekers being forced to wait six months for unemployment benefits. after it was dumped just 2 days earlier by the Senate.

    Nothing changes under the Silver Tonged Devil Turnbull, just a more smooth well articulated delivery. Its business as usual in the house of deception the Conservatives call home, Parliament.

  3. Kizhmet

    Deflated. Disappointed. Surprised? Not really. Same dog different leg – sigh.

  4. John Driggers

    Your expectation that a couple of hours after being sworn in that Turnbull would turn the LNP upside down, while a lovely fantasy, is simply unrealistic from the point of view of his survival as party leader (and didn’t we hate Abbott’s captain’s calls–yet that’s what you seem to expect Turnbull to do straight away). We don’t even know the new cabinet yet. I’d say give him up to the next election to judge his performance and see what gets changed over time. If not much, then yeah he stinks. If a number of Abbott-crowd polices are watered down or removed, then maybe he’s an improvement. On the issue of a gay marriage plebiscite he’s already said that is the party’s (current) policy, but policies can be changed and that’s a matter for the (yet-to-be-named) cabinet and then the party caucus. The same-day, Lazurus says senate study shows public vote would just create a forum for hate groups to spew bile and that would be harmful generally, but especially to children and that the senate study said the parliament is the place for the debate and vote. So, in less than 48 hours we’ve already seen movement on that issue. I’d be happy for rapid change and rollbacks of Abbottdom, but a realistic view of what can be accomplished shows that any changes will take some time. I think a bit of rational patience is called for as we see everyone screaming and grabbing for their piece of the pie or their agenda.

  5. David

    @John Driggers…John my gut feeling, Turnbull will rule from and for the big end of town. That is his comfort zone.

  6. diannaart

    @John Diggers

    Please understand since 1996, when we first encountered “core and non-core” promises, we are highly suspicious, if not completely sceptical of our leaders’ desires to hold the top job in the land.

    No, we don’t except anything to happen overnight, we just want to see governance FOR all Australians, not just the ridiculously wealthy.

  7. Möbius Ecko

    So Turnbull’s question time tactic was on display today and from what I’ve seen it was generally pilloried.

    He would take an opposition question, reframe it to change its context and then answer his changed question as if was the one the opposition had asked.

    Don’t know how long he will get away with that. The MSM as always are lax but social media has picked up on it.

  8. Möbius Ecko

    More indications Turnbull is just another wolf in a different sheep skin. Questions are being asked as to why his office is deleting his past tweets showing current policy back flips.

  9. Florence nee Fedup

    Believe me, asking watching QT today, it is worse. Turnbull’s hubris was unbelievable. The lies just poured from his lips. The swagger that accompanied his walk from the chamber said it all. The man really believed his non replies and lies meant he was really clever. Who was it that said with Turnbull, it is all about Malcolm. They couldn’t have summed him up better.

    Personally I don’t believe he laid a glove on Labor.

    I sense, we might see a shorter honeymoon than Abbott enjoyed. Maybe Abbott is clever staying away, saying he won’t undermine him. Probably worked out he doesn’t have to.

    Why does Morrison look so down in the mouth. Not the norm for that man,

    The Australian Institute is launching big campaign against coal mining, Engaging overseas experts. Focusing on Paris.

  10. Florence nee Fedup

    The PM didn’t get good reception, from first question today on Twitter, Most reactions were scathing.

  11. Jexpat

    I feel like a political optomistrist who’s only recently noticed that a mass epidemic of Abbott derangement syndrome has left an impressive number of people with short and long term vision impairment.

  12. David

    Three days, 3 question times and 3 too clever by far performances from Turnbull. If he thinks the electorate has a short memory, he is not the smart arse he believes himself to be.
    A word for his presence at the dispatch box…over acting.

  13. Florence nee Fedup

    I imagine younger people like us oldies have no time for smart arses?

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