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Happy anniversary, ScoMo

The spiv with the shiv celebrates the third anniversary of his defining perfidy

Scott was in it from the word go.” Herr Schickltuber on the political assassination of Malcolm Turnbull.

A piffler of modest abilities and questionable achievements who wanted to be PM, his only valid claim to the Prime Ministership was that he’s not Peter Dutton. A unctuous quibbler for whom a glib catchphrase passes for uplifting rhetoric, who goes on and on and on like a one-ended stick with utterances that are not so much Winston Churchill as Kuta beach kiosk t-shirt – “How good is Bali?”, “I’ll sunburn for you”, “If ya wanna go on the jet-ski you’ll get a go on the jet-ski.” Listening to Scooter attempt inspiring oratory is like watching a 3 year old draw a horse.

It was three years ago, on the 24th August 2018 that Scooter showed, unambiguously, his true self. He shanked his “mate” Malcolm Turnbull.

In what could be called his signature move he pressed the plausible deniability button. “Who me? Prime Minister? Oh… gosh, OK.” He would have us believe that the leadership plotting of his prayer circle of fellow god-shoppers including Alex Hawke, a potential donor for those needing a new arsehole and Stuart Robert, a contributing cause of vaginal dryness, was undertaken without his participation or knowledge. The master at dodging accountability subcontracted his dirty work to his humble flock of acolytes who eagerly invoked their Christian values – “do unto others before they see it coming.

Scooter lays claim to being called by God. Why did The Big Guy in the sky, the creator of an entire universe, need Scooter’s minions to carry out the plan? Perhaps the communications via an eagle painting got garbled – it was open to misinterpretation. Burning bushes and talking snakes may have once had their place but we now live in an age of technology and ubiquitous social media. Why not a godly Facebook post or even a Tik Tok interpretive dance routine?




Despite the endorsement of an omnipotent albeit hands-off deity there is no challenge too small for Morrison to fail to rise to. In times of crisis he resorts to the grand traditions of the self-righteously religious – dissembling, hypocrisy, blame and scapegoating. Apart from displacing about 95,000 cubic centimetres of air everywhere he goes what has this prick achieved in three years? The most corrupt government in federal history is no small feat, with blatant rorting as their business model and several MPs whose honorific ‘The Hon.’ should be replaced with ‘the accused’. To paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt, when they call the roll in Cabinet, the members do not know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not guilty.

Why does the most overtly religious PM in our history tolerate, facilitate or participate in the scams and the grift? How much does he believe his own holier than thou bullshit and how much is political contrivance?

With Brian Houston as his mentor and Donald Trump as his hero we get a glimpse of the character of the man. Given another three years will he go the full nasty, will he encourage the drift to a quasi-theocracy based on a prosperity cult? Exploiting the undeserving poor to feed the filthy rich is Tory tradition as is destroying the environment so, no changes there. With an election pending he’ll do whatever it takes and if that means exposing your kids to a deadly virus it’s a risk he’s willing to take.

There is no dire circumstance, no crisis that The Great Schmozzle cannot make worse by becoming involved. He is reliant on Murdoch’s muckspreaders, a slush fund of some “unallocated” $80M from the last budget to spend on rorts and the notoriously short memories and apathy of the electorate but he could be re-elected. How good is that?

As consolation, at some future time, even the most academic political biographies assessing Scooter’s legacy are likely to at least reference The Great Dak Shatting Incident of 1997 and how his personal protection squad is required to carry plastic poop bags. His greatest achievement shall live on.


Glossolalia. Scotty The Saviour sans Barking Barmy’s excuse of being lit to the gills.

* * * * *

There are long, long lists of Tory malfeasance, nastiness and incompetence so to save space here’s a few links. They’re subject to updates as the dirty deeds continue to accumulate:

A dossier of lies and falsehoods. Crikey.

A complete list of the Liberal Party’s corruption over the last 7 years. The Chaser.

Achievements Of The Coalition Government.

A rallying crime. Martin McKenzie-Murray, The Monthly.

‘He was in it right up to his neck’: How Scott Morrison deposed a prime minister. Peter Hartcher, SMH.

Scott Morrison’s partisan interpretation of biblical passages is disturbing for democracy. Kevin Rudd in The Guardian.

Where would this man be without pollsters dictating his every utterance? Dennis Atkins, In Queensland.

This article was originally published on Grumpy Geezer.


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  1. BB

    Hallelujah hallelujah, all praise to me, I am ScuMo, son of Dog, your chosen PM, you will want for nothing, for I will take it all.

  2. Ken

    Grumpy has summed up ScoMo very well indeed.

  3. New England Cocky

    @GG Ahhh ….. At the end of a long day it is very relaxing to read the concise account of Scummo’s disturbing character (or rather lack of character) and realise that many thinking Australia voters disagree with Murdoch media about the genius Liar from the Shire and more accurately describe his callous disregard for working and struggling Australian voters as totally unacceptable.

    Anybody for a Hawaiian holiday before the 2021 fire season, or would you prefer a good cover up blanket to obscure the financial largess gifted to corporate mates?

  4. Ross

    Your eloquence and descriptive ability astounds us all Grumpy Geezer.
    Few people can describe the current federal government and the current PM with such an elegant turn of phrase that digs down to basic nitty gritty descriptors of that monumentally incompetent and deeply corrupt pack of coalition gongbeaters.

  5. Harry Lime

    I have more faults than a ’54 Vanguard,but I’m hanging on to see this bastard go down.Despicable arsehole doesn’t even go close.

  6. Carina McNaughton

    GG your writing shines a light beacon into the darkness of skid marks failures. Thank you.

  7. Roswell

    Grumpy, if you’re not the funniest bloke I know then I don’t know who is.

    I’ll have a drink to your good health.

  8. Grumpy Geezer

    I’ll have one this end too then Roswell.

  9. GL

    Scotty of the Marketing: the living version of the Leyland P76 and the Yank tank Edsel.

  10. Geoff Andrews

    I loves ya, Grumpy.

    “,,,,, his prayer circle of fellow god-shoppers including Alex Hawke, a potential donor for those needing a new arsehole and Stuart Robert, a contributing cause of vaginal dryness…..”

    “Despite the endorsement of an omnipotent albeit hands-off deity there is no challenge too small for Morrison to fail to rise to.”

    “…..when they call the roll in Cabinet, the members do not know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not guilty.”

    I wish I’d have said those …… to which Oscar Wilde would have replied, “You will, Geoffrey, you will.”

    Oscar died in a Paris hotel room and his last words are reputed to be, “Either that wall paper goes or I do.”

  11. ajogrady

    There is and was enough evidence in the public arena that the Morrison L/NP government is corrupt to the core, totally lazy, incompetent, inept, irresponsible, ineffectual and has continually lied and deceived the Australian people. There is no challenge too small for Morrison to fail to rise to. Morrison has been a fraudulant shyster and con artist confidence trickster right from his early days. Morrison is Murdochs puppet and Manchurian candidate. Some of the many Morrison corrupt and inept failures are listed below. This is just 3 years of the 9 years of failed L/NP governance.

    Coalition misdemeanours: the list is long

    If you wanted more proof of Coalition misdemeanours, here it is


    The stench of corruption from Morrison is becoming all-pervasive in Canberra




    Government’s “appalling” error, rejects offer of 40 million Pfizer doses in July 2020
















    Even if the PM wasn’t QAnon complicit, his friendship with Tim Stewart should alarm us all


    The Morrison Government’s response concerning people seeking asylum and refugees from Afghanistan has been grossly inadequate





    Scott Morrison and the Coalition are gaslighting Australia’s women

    Australia is out of the top ten in global anti-corruption rankings — why?



  12. Canguro

    Another link to the two dozen above… Gladys reaching breaking point with the civilities and now referring to the fat lazy bastard as ‘evil’ and ‘a bully.’

    The wheels are falling off, and it’s all happening in plain view.

  13. BB

    Great links to all the shitfuckery, and now for some light entertainment..😁😁😁

  14. Arnd

    … but I’m hanging on to see this bastard go down.Despicable arsehole doesn’t even go close.

    Be careful what you wish for, Harry Lime. The quality and integrity of political leadership generally seems to be ratcheting downwards, and I see little reason to hold out for a reversal of that trend.

  15. BB

    Are you inferring we should stick with this Morrison devil then? ‘Cause that’s what your comment is basically saying. 😒

    I agree 100% with Harry Lime. I also, much more than just a mere wish, can’t wait to see bastard BS Morrison Go Down!

    So, politics is fucked, but to stick with this fucking L/NP mob of crooks for a 4th term, is the essence of total fucking stupidity!

    Labor at present is the only option, such is reality, only Labor have enough numbers to win and KICK THE LIBERALS OUT.

    Such comments like yours IMO are disingenuous! Just sly RW L/NP propaganda.

    Such comments IMO are typical Liberal desperation, trying to cast aspersions on others.

    Just like all the bullshit polls that have Morrison being re elected as a shoe in. More RW MSM bias.

    Bwahahahaha, Morrison is now a dead pollie walking. He’s burnt toast! The RW liberal rorting is growing exponentially.

    Of course, you are entitled to be pessimistic, as you hold little reason, hope of a reversal, but such just amounts to giving up.

    I am an optimist, I believe in hope, and I will PUT the L/NP LAST on my ballot paper come the next federal elections.

  16. Arnd

    I cannot stand this vainglorious, sanctimonious, self-satisfied specimen of vacuous petty bullshit that advertises itself under the name “Scott Morrison”.

    But: I do not blame the fact that that specimen rose to political prominence, on that specimen. Rather, this highly problematic event must be understood as symptomatic of a deeper malaise.

    Minus this understanding – which does not appear to have any significant prevalence amongst the progressive types – I unfortunately think that optimism and belief in hope is unfounded pollyannaism.

    Tbh, as – for all practical purposes – a dyed-in-the-wool social democrat since my political coming of age in the 70s, I’m not sure what I find more dispiriting – the by now well over 40 years long run of neo-liberalism, or the patent inability of social democrats the world over to formulate a solid reply to neo-liberalism, and to deftly put it back in its box.

    Australian Labor under Hawke and Keating, British “New Labour” under Blair, the German Sozialdemokraten under Gerhard “Gazprom Gerd” Schröder, the US Democrats under Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” Clinton, smooth-talking Barack “Yes we can (but won’t) Obama, as well as Hillary “Basket of Deplorables” Rodham Clinton are not coming up with the goods, and haven’t done so for all my adult life.

    Sure, the reactionaries are self-serving, manipulative and duplicitous fuckwits – but that’s not exactly news, is it! Endlessly banging on and inventing ever new invective to vent one’s contempt for that lot codes provide a little temporary relief. But it does not lead to the kind of understanding that would enable us to foster the new political and economic paradigm that might underpin hope and optimism.

  17. BB

    Yeah and yeah and yeah, all said and done Arnd, is that the reality on the ground, right now is that for Australia to get rid of the L/NP is for another party to win the elections. So to cast any aspersions about leadership plays into the liberals propaganda. Pointless recriminating on how Labor strayed from the path and got sucked down the neocon path, trickle down bullshit etc etc., that there is a deeper malaise in politics is stating the bloody obvious, but such will not fix the problem which is that information, or more to the point, truth in information had been hijacked and distorted by the liberal’s agenda of dumbing down education, and in having a pliable dumbed down less informed citizenship incapable of making an informed decision at the ballot box, and ending up voting against their better interests. So, whilst we have the likes of Murdoch, Costello, etc etc, and other barons owning such a huge chunk of the Media then such will continue to be the status quo. Has been so for a while now, and why scum like scumo &co have been able to slide in to power with suitable thrusts of backstabbing, and negative propaganda.

    BUT this year, now we have the circuit breaker of Covid, terrible as it is, and an ever increasing awareness on social media. We can, all of us who are aware, break the deadlocks, by each of us just simply converting one L/NP voter away from the bullshit. Such would amount to a lot of lost votes for the L/NP.

    The L/NP are in government by ONLY a very slim majority, of one or two seats…

    Bear in mind that all the other minor parties, independents etc etc do not have enough membership.

    Even the Greens do not have enough % of the votes to unseat the L/NP.

    Only Labor does.

    But if the Greens can be convinced to bury any hatchets they have with Labor, in the interests of Australia, and join forces with Labor, then together they can sweep the L/NP into oblivion.

    Do Australians have enough common sense remaining? I hope so!

    Do people want change?

    Or are they happy to remain screwed over.

    And happy to embrace selfish greedy attitudes that are the hallmark of a Liberal!!!

    I hope not, wake up folks…

    Get rid of Scumo!

  18. !


    Endlessly banging on and inventing ever new invective to vent one’s contempt … does not lead to the kind of understanding that would enable us to foster the new political and economic paradigm that might underpin hope and optimism

    Indeed! And repetitive howling at the moon seems like the limit of the imagination and/or understanding. Thus there’s no evidence that a paradigmatic shift is even under consideration.

    Note also the depth of the problem.

    how Labor strayed from the path and got sucked down the neocon path,

    Seems like there’s no understanding of the vast differences between Neoconservatism and Neoliberalism.

    Best leave it there.

  19. Henry Gilbert Rodrigues

    BB….. You’ve made a very cogent point, something I pushed for earlier, that the one possible and perhaps only way to rid ourselves of these creeps is an alliance of Labor and the Greens and other independents, even if only for a short time. Murdoch and his maggots, commercial TV (propaganda outlets) and the rest of the corrupt media including arsewipe Costell, will do everything dastardly that they can, to delay and negate the loss of their Liberal closet mates.

    Its now or never. Another win will encourage them to further entrench themselves in the minds of the ‘voters’, as the party of government.
    And the need is more urgent in state elections, particularly NSW which is ruled by a weak kneed ,prevaricating, blathering, dunderhead, following in the footsteps of her federal cronies. Her conduct, her performance and her morals are just as reprehensible as theirs.

  20. GL

    Could it be that Scotty’s little creatures in parliament don’t have any shares in the smaller companies? None of their maatteess are on the boards therefore no big dollar “commercial in confidence” contracts? No donations to the LNP? I realise that I may be making light of the situation but where it involves the LNP all three (and possibly others we don’t know about) of the above pretty much sum them up.


  21. GL

    “But if the Greens can be convinced to bury any hatchets they have with Labor, in the interests of Australia, and join forces with Labor, then together they can sweep the L/NP into oblivion.”

    I fear the enmity runs too deep for them to join Labor in ridding us of the plague that is the LNP. Apart from that they are sometimes their own worst enemy.

  22. Henry Gilbert Rodrigues

    GL… Labor and the Greens will need to reassess their electoral prospects or perish.

    Over at the Guardian, someone has renamed Gladys of the never ever, Osama Bin chicken !!!!

    All in favour, say Aye.

  23. BB

    “Seems like there’s no understanding of the vast differences between Neoconservatism and Neoliberalism.”
    “Best leave it there”, why leave it there, if you’ve got something to say, spit it out mate.

    Why do people tend to mix up the two ideologies of neoliberalism and neoconservatism?
    Because they actually have overlaps. Not all is black and white! (50 shades of grey.)
    Neoconservatism believe in the dominance of their own power in the world.
    Neoliberalism is founded on the principle of the inviolability of the individual.

    @Henry Gilbert Rodrigues
    Indeed, folks should remember that Gillard had a successful minority government with the Greens..
    Though that’s when Toxic Tony started his war of lies and negativism and Australia is still suffering the deep wounds!
    Of course that’s going back to when Bob Brown was still around. The Greens these days are a different animal.
    But as you say… It’s Time. Now who else said that?

    “I fear the enmity runs too deep for them to join Labor in ridding us of the plague that is the LNP. Apart from that they are sometimes their own worst enemy.”
    I share, unfortunately, your concerns.
    “Common Sense” is actually these days a “Rare Sense” and the nasty libs capitalise on that.
    The Greens at times are too much of an absolutist party, they need to bend a bit and learn to compromise.
    Labor too could be more accommodating of some of the Greens excellent ideas.
    They both need to Grow Up FFS! 🙃

  24. Henry Rodrigues

    Latest numbers on total NSW infections, since 16 June……..15737.

    Way to go Osama Bin chicken !!!!!!!

  25. Kate

    on things Scomo, any thoughts of on this Bill? https://me.getup.org.au/petitions/repeal-the-identify-and-disrupt-bill-2021
    From getup ‘The Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021 grants the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) the power to modify, add, copy, or delete data, on a person’s online accounts.’

  26. DrakeN

    @ BB

    Just how often do the ALP sychophants have to repeat the mantra: “The Greens are stealing our votes!” before anyone – other than those who are better informed – realises that no-one is stealing anyone’s votes; that they are the constituents’ votes to do with as they please.
    Labor, you have to get people to want to vote for your candidates on your own merits, not because some other Party has policies which others deem to be preferable.
    Labor needs to mount an all-out attack on the media of misinformation with which we are continously bombarded, rather than a Party which is more socially progressive than themselves.

  27. BB


    Mmmm, not sure which websites you are visiting or what news outlets you go to. But sychophants exist in all parts of society.

    I think you’re barking up the wrong tree quite frankly.

    The party that is in much greater need to get it’s act together are the Greens themselves!

    I don’t feel the Greens are quite so socially progressive anymore!

    I don’t think they represent genuine rural grass roots anymore!

    They have become IMO rather city centric.

    When a party becomes bogged down in too much absolutism then they become regressive!
    They are unable to make deals, to compromise, and politics is all about the art of compromise.

    Since Bob Brown left the Greens having been jumping all over the place, with lots of inner squabbling.

    IMO they need to think about working more closely with Labor, not bickering for unrealistic goals before they learn to walk.

    Or forever remaining at 10% of the vote, basically going nowhere. Because that is where they are stuck at…. 10%!

    Labor is trying to get back to a more middle road, here’s a link to Labor’s policies ok. Have you read them?…!

    AUSTRALIA itself needs to mount an all-out attack on the Main MSM Media Baron, namely Murdoch, an American citizen!

    Labor is already trying to rein in Murdock, and also did some folks miss Kevin Rudd’s petition?

    Suggest you level your criticism at the party that supports the RW biased MSM, controlled by Murdock, which is the RW L/NP!

    And nasty people like Clive Palmer, etc, who push out massive amounts of misinformation, RW political bullshit propaganda!

    Folks need to think about how do the Liberals manage to remain in government?
    Let me point out to all those who seem oblivious to the fucking obvious……. The National Country Party.

    Without being a Coalition, ie… L(liberal)/NP(national) Party, the Liberals, singular, would never have enough % to win!

    So if the Greens join up with Labor, form a coalition, they both would easily sweep the L/NP into oblivion… FOR GOOD!

    Of course such would take some serious common sense from everybody, or is that too much to ask for, to expect? 🕊️😑

    So I’ll hold my breath now, waiting for common sense. lol 😁. It’s cool, I’m an eternal optimist and dreamer!

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