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Coalition misdemeanours: the list is long

In my previous post I mentioned that I would post a list of Coalition misdemeanours over their term in office. There are many, which to most of us would come as no surprise as to the depths of the Coalition’s dirty dealings and the realisation of how rotten these two parties are.

I have had the following list in my files for some time. They were first circulated early last year, and shared so widely that I am unable to determine neither its origin or creator, though I thank him or her for their efforts. There is enough meat in their list to make some salient observations.

The list contains allegations of government corruption and misdeeds covering the early part of the Abbott/Turnbull/ Morrison era. You be the judge.

It is just the start. My next post will cover the latter part of Turnbull’s tenure and Morrison’s impact. Hang onto your seat.

1 Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce were involved in a shady water buyback scheme that involved channelling money through the Cayman Islands

2 Andrew Robb was taking an $880k/yr job with a donor before even leaving politics (alleged).

3 Christopher Pyne took a job with E&Y straight after politics – despite the fact he was the Defence Minister, E&Y had been awarded $21 million in contracts to do consulting work for the Defence force.

4 Julie Bishop was appointed to the board of Palladium after exiting politics – a company that profits from foreign affairs (her previous portfolio).

5 Barnaby Joyce misused his travel allowance to stay with Vicki Campion.

6 Julie Bishop and her $450k Chinese sponsored “Glorious Foundation.”

7 Former Liberal President Shane Stone was paid $500k per year to oversee flood recovery efforts in rural Queensland. This salary is nearly the same as our Prime Minister (not illegal, of course).

8 George Christensen was accused of spending 300 days in the Philippines during the last few years – despite claiming to represent the Australian people.

9 Fraser Anning claimed $35k for family travel expenses on 44 trips between January and December 2018. Then there was his recent problem with women.

10 Sussan Ley popping up to the Gold Coast on travel allowance and ‘accidentally’ buying a $700k apartment at the same time.

11 Failure to address housing inequality – when at the time 226 federal MPs owned 524 properties, there’s zero incentive to address the problem

12 Barnaby Joyce free rent from a donor. (See above).

13 Billions of dollars in foreign aid go to Indonesia – they, in turn, purchase billions of dollars’ worth of military helicopters and now consider bidding for the 2032 Olympic Games!

14 Joe Hockey owns more than $1 million worth of shares in Helloworld – whose share price goes up 164% in 4 years since being awarded a string of government contracts worth $1 billion. Talk about insider trading. Mattias Cormann, not realising at the time that his family got a free holiday to Singapore – only weeks after Helloworld was awarded a new government contract.

15 Barnaby Joyce purchases property with insider knowledge of the rail route.

16 The continued protection of individuals’ tax-free status with millions of dollars in tax – whilst the lowest paid people in society struggle to get any meaningful wage increases due to how the official CPI calculation has been corruptly manipulated to keep wages low artificially.

17 Matt Canavan failing to declare property interests.

18 Peter Dutton awards a $423m contract through a ‘limited tender’ process to Paladin to run Manus Island – a company his sister, works for that has no previous experience in running such facilities.

19 Sale of Darwin’s port to a Chinese company four days after $40k donation to LNP. (Alleged).

20 $30m to Foxtel for women’s sports, while cutting $84m from the ABC (later added another $10 million).

21 David Feeney failing to declare $2.3m house

22 Choppergate by Bronwyn Bishop.

23 Sussan Ley $21k on cabs in the USA in one week.

24 Tony Abbott’s repeated expenses that have needed to be repaid, e.g. 2016 total expense claims equivalent to 37 years of Newstart payments

25 Tony Abbott’s daughter acquired a $37,000 unadvertised “scholarship.”

26 Arthur Sinodinos’s inability to recall anything under oath at NSW ICAC. (He is now Ambassador to the USA).

27 Roman Quaedvlieg’s (Border Force) $500k nine months paid leave.

28 Failure to fix significant scale tax evasion – why do so many massive businesses persist with Australia if they collectively lose trillions here? (Good question).

29 Michaelia Cash was leaking to the media before raids on AWU – and then spending nearly $1m of taxpayers dollars trying to defend her behaviour.

30 Similar for NBN raids on Stephen Conroy’s office.

31 Sarina Russo receives $754m of contracts in return for a $20k donation to LNP in 2010 (Alleged).

32 NBN issues multi-million FTTC contract to NetComm, whose chairman is also a director of NBN co. (I’m unaware of this one).

33 George Brandis allegedly forced Justin Gleeson’s resignation as Solicitor General, lying to a Senate enquiry.

34 Steve Irons “electorate business” in Gold Coast spending $2k for the wife to attend with him. (I’m unaware of this one.)

35 Georgina Downer was handing over big cheques for government grants in her ‘electorate’ despite not even being an elected member of Parliament.

36 Stewart Robert’s inappropriate behaviour on a trip to China.

37 The Government gave $640k to Bjorn Lomborg for a climate-denying book.

38 Eric Hutchinson appointed to $160k job after losing his seat in 2016 election

39 George Brandis appointing his son’s lawyer to $370k/yr job (Firewall).

40 Craig Laundy failing to declare businesses on a register of interests.

41 $444m to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation with no tendering – straight into the pockets of directors with links to Liberal National Party.

42 Cabinet Minister Kelly O’Dwyer told colleagues the Liberals are widely regarded as “homophobic, anti-women, climate-change deniers” during a crisis meeting of the federal Victorian Liberal party.

43 A $4.6 billion buy off deal was struck with Catholic and independent schools, heading off another potential election-losing issue.

44 Mr Morrison flagged Australia’s Israeli embassy’s shifting to Jerusalem to win backing from Jewish investment bankers to keep funding Australia’s record debt.

45 Then Finance Minister Mathias Cormann charged taxpayers $4,400 to take his wife on a romantic beach getaway on her birthday. More recently was his use of a government aircraft to fly around the world to secure a job with the OECD.

46 ‘Nick’ Zhao, a Chinese born Australian, goes to ASIO telling them he’s been offered $1million from the Chinese Government to run as a Liberal Party candidate and then infiltrate the Australian Parliament as a Chinese Spy. He then turns up dead in a Melbourne hotel room in March. Enter Gladys Liu, the Liberal Candidate with a host of concerning connections to the Chinese Government who earns Liberal pre-selection thanks to miraculously raising a million dollars in donations. Fairfax then discovered a photo of Liu at her home with Nick Zhao in the background. Gladys is now the Liberal Member for Chisolm.

47 Liberal Candidates Gladys Liu and Josh Frydenberg both have signs in Mandarin at polling booths in the colours of the Australian Electoral Commission branding telling Chinese citizens how to vote (by putting one next to the Liberal Candidate).

There is no Liberal Party branding on the sign. However, liberal officials admit in court that the characters were designed to convey the appearance of official electoral commission material.

48 Angus Taylor writes a public letter, published in The Daily Telegraph, to Sydney Mayor Clover Moore criticising her for her millions of dollars of domestic travel. However, the document he quotes is a forgery.

Taylor refuses to disclose where he got the fake document and denies all Freedom of Information requests from the media that might give insight.

49 Fake ‘How To Vote’ cards were handed out in Peter Dutton’s seat of Dickson designed to trick Greens Voters into voting for Dutton.

Fortunately many of the names on the list are no longer Members of Parliament!

Anyway, that’s where I will round it off for the first part of this most revealing list. (And one to keep in mind prior to the next election). The next post will further reaffirm my contention that Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison presided over the most rotten Governments in living memory.

My thought for the day

I found it impossible to imagine that the Australian people could be so gullible as to elect for a third term a government that has performed so miserably in the first two. A government with some of the most devious, suspicious and corrupt men and women amongst its members, but they did.

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  1. Wam

    What a warming list, lord, the cool pool melted at each number. 25 has invoked my 2014 ire because the cost of the whitehouse institute course was $60k and not long after the ‘scholarship’, the rabbott gave the institute access to the public trough($6m per 100 bums). After a look at institute brochure there is a need for a royal commission into the working of such institutions. Imagine the students, of the calibre of Frances Abbott, and see their chances of employment and the size of their debt? ps Heard Albo on renewables and the reef. He needs someone to stir the morning shows on the renewables, Turnbull’s $400m to a gang of 4 and add that we are the extinction world leaders and koalas are next.

  2. Keitha Granville

    This is reminiscent of a South American dictatorship, they’d be proud.
    I am horrified at those who say they vote LNP because they are better at the money stuff.
    Better how? Giving it to their friends and donors, yes. Taking it for themselves, yes.
    Looking after the country and its people? NO.
    I need Labor to state unequivocally that they will NOT be a party to any of these excesses – and yet they will, perhaps not all but certainly ‘taking it for themselves’. They’re all the same.

  3. Awashwithcolour

    I feel so much angst towards these people who are taking the Australian public for fools. That’s part of the problem that fools are voting for criminals posturing as politicians with their hands in the cartel money laundering pool. The lying nasty party are just white collar criminals who should be kicked out at the next election. They do not care about us. They’re liars, spivs and shonks and l don’t recogise this country once known for the fair go. If you have a go you get ago is political speak for get what you can and screw everyone else.

  4. Kathryn

    If anyone EVER had any doubts about just how unbelievably and relentlessly CORRUPT the repugnant, totally self-serving political parasites within the LNP regime really are, you only have to look at this insightful AIMN article that outlines the long, ever-growing list of ongoing incidences of criminal corruption, nepotism, misogyny and callous inhumanity committed by just about EVERY self-serving, unconscionable member of the Liberal National Party! It is a shocking revelation about the absolute appalling level of ongoing depravity and smug, smirking hypocrisy maintained by a stratospherically arrogant government whose corrupt members firmly believe they can do and say ANTHING they like and get away with it! C’mon Australia! Do this nation a HUGE favour – and save our international reputation from being further degraded – and kick these totally corrupt, absolutely depraved, bible-thumping hypocrites, in the LNP, to the kerb at the next federal election! They are, without any doubt, the WORST most obscene government in our political history!

  5. Brad Black

    Let’s hope that list finds its way to Labor’s election strategists, and they have lots of colourful crayons with which to entice enough sloMo/barmy voters to inform themselves!!

  6. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    An d the list goes on & on! Well put Mr Lord. Sadly this effing inept mob of LIARS & mysoginists etc will go down in history as the worst bloody liberal lot EVER! Cannot wait for the next instalment!

  7. GL

    As long as the country is being “run” by a massive greed driven party that finds nothing wrong in abasing themselves in their obsequious sycophantic crawling to big money to load their, no doubt, off shore bank accounts everything is up grabs.

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