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By Ad astra

It feels almost irreligious to use ‘exodus’ to portray the disappearance of so many key figures from Australia’s political scene. But it seems to fit. What outcome might we anticipate?

Ye?i’at Mi?rayim: ‘Departure from Egypt’ is the founding myth of the Israelites, recounted in the Book of Exodus. It tells a story of Israelite enslavement and eventual departure from Egypt, revelations at biblical Mount Sinai, and wanderings in the wilderness up to the borders of Canaan. Its message is that the Israelites were delivered from slavery by Yahweh their god, and therefore belong to him by covenant.

Scott Morrison, who was in our face day after day, assailing us with his words, words of wisdom as he saw them, is no longer in view. Josh Frydenberg, the Liberal’s spokesman on all matters financial, no longer stands before us giving us his daily ‘intelligence’. Although he lost his seat at the recent election to Dr Monique Ryan in the blue-ribbon Liberal seat of Kooyong, we hear that he’s already contemplating a reincarnation, so central to the Liberal message he considers he continues to be.

According to press reports, a wave of recriminations is sweeping through the NSW Liberal party over the division’s performance and the delays in preselecting candidates for NSW federal seats that resulted in most being chosen only weeks before last month’s federal election.

Blame is being levelled at the unwieldy, faction-riven state executive, at Scott Morrison and his “captain’s picks”, and at Alex Hawke, who had been widely blamed for holding up preselections by failing to make himself available for months to vet candidates. There’s an abundance of blame to go around. The Guardian gives a comprehensive account:

The result was a wave of losses in seats where candidates and sitting members were only endorsed just days before the election was called. These included Gilmore, where Andrew Constance lost by just over 200 votes, North Sydney, where Trent Zimmerman lost to independent Kylea Tink, and Warringah, where Morrison chose anti-trans campaigner Katherine Deves to run against popular independent Zali Steggall after other candidates pulled out. As a result of the Deves appointment, several members argued that there was a backlash in moderate seats that were then won by teal independents. “The late picks definitely cost us seats,” said one prominent moderate. “Trent had money sitting in his campaign account, which he couldn’t spend because he hadn’t been endorsed. “Then we had Katherine Deves picked for Warringah and that probably cost us North Sydney and Wentworth.”

Already, we are seeing the outcomes of this. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese (how good it is to type these words) is showing how well the conciliatory, outgoing approach he has chosen is going down with the public. He can expect to retain his popularity as he continues to take the people into his confidence. They like his friendliness, his frankness and his modesty. The contrast with his predecessor is so striking that no one can miss it.

The future looks promising!

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  1. Josephus

    I cannot bear to see the face of Morrison , snarling or grinning. Can we please send him to obscurity at last?
    Yes the new government is articulate and does not pander to the least educated, as that lot so often did.Labor must not fail us. They got only about a third of our votes. They must listen to their non labor colleagues.
    France is in a similar position it seems after their parliamentary election.

  2. wam

    Very difficult to comment on the seats with no information on distribution of preferences.
    But it seems obvious labor, elected the teals and the libs elected the greens.

    Unless the libs are completely stupid they will import the teal women or select candidates favourable to the teal women. If so I expect the teal to be a 2022/scummo phenomenon and the seats to return to lib hands

    I hope and expect labor to correct their fowler howler, work the townesville seats, address the tassie losses and to retake the conned brisbane voters. If labor doesn’t eat humble pie and neglects their lost seats, they will surely suffer.

  3. Terence Mills

    Can anyone who lives in Victoria explain how that fine state came to elect to the senate the only successful Clive Palmer UAP candidate in Australia ?

    Is the successful senator elect, Ralph Babet, an exceptional candidate who attracted votes based on his personality or his past achievements in life or was it a longing for Clive Palmer’s policies to be represented in our Senate ?

    Or was it an anomaly in the voting system that threw up this aberration ?

  4. Henry Rodrigues

    Can the AIM network please not show that idiot’s mug anymore !!!!!!!! I’ve seen enough of Scummo these past years and I’d be very grateful if I never saw him or his mug, ever again.


  5. margcal

    Terence Mills at 9:02 am
    Can anyone who lives in Victoria explain how that fine state came to elect to the senate the only successful Clive Palmer UAP candidate in Australia ?

    Or was it an anomaly in the voting system that threw up this aberration ?

    As a Victorian, I’m appalled at this outcome.
    One hopes it is a result of not understanding preferential voting and/or “above or below the line” voting rather than a conscious choice that anyone from the UAP would be a good thing.

  6. margcal

    wam at 7:15 am
    Unless the libs are completely stupid they will import the teal women or select candidates favourable to the teal women. If so I expect the teal to be a 2022/scummo phenomenon and the seats to return to lib hands

    This is nonsense. I wouldn’t vote for a converted “teal” or a “teal like” candidate if it were a vote for the Liberals.
    The votes for the independents were multi-dimensional – it was about policies, values, integrity, honesty, behaviour, the way people were treated, arrogance and the ‘born to rule’ mentality, and more.
    The Liberals have much more work to do to be re-elected than to simply get a Zali Steggall or a Monique Ryan on board.
    I suggest all those changes need to be made before any one of our current crop of independents would give them the time of day.

  7. GL

    Henry @9.49 am,

    I have to agree with you regarding Scummo’s gormless face. The only time he will become even vaguely newsworthy is when he takes a swing at removing the hideous, bloodcurdling, abhorrent, ghoulish and grisly living pile of excrement that is the raving leader of the Libs, Putrid Dungheap.

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    GL….. Not just that lump of putrescent dung that passes for the leader of the Libs, but the whole damn pile of crap that owe allegiance the party of Menzies.,

  9. leefe


    “But it seems obvious, labor elected the teals and the libs elected the greens.”

    My obviousness sensors must be out of order at the moment, because not only does that not seem obvious – indeed, it seems contradictory to the actual electoral results – but it makes no sense whatsoever.

  10. andy56

    you would think the liberals would learn. Barillaro has scored a “get out of parliament” card.
    Definitley does not pass the pub test. The premier seems to have left finger prints, lol. Its time that this sort of shit stopped.
    I propose that anyone who leaves parliament is not entitled to a government job for 10yrs. Lets let professionals do their jobs and party hacks can go back to the dole queues.

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