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Don’t Let The Prefect Be The Enema Of The Should!!

Ok, I’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good!” far too many times for me to take it seriously.

What – in the end – does it mean? Apart from you should just roll over and let us do what we want…

Of course, I’m not actually referring to the deal that Labor and The Greens failed to strike back in 2009 because we all know that it didn’t work out well and I would like to speak generally and not about anything specific…


I do have a tendency to go where the idea leads me and I may end up talking a wee bit specifically…


I don’t see why the perfect would want to be the enemy of the good, given that it’s perfect and all. I mean, why would the perfect go around making enemies? It’s like all those annoying people who are just to good to be true but then you find that they are and you have to re-assess your whole life because you always thought…

Anyway, implicit in the phrase is the idea that if one makes the perfect the enemy of the good, then it’s because of something that the good has done and not because of the perfect’s holier than thou attitude…

Not that the perfect doesn’t have a right to be holier than thou because it’s fuckin’ perfect after all…

Look, you probably know where all this is going: The Liberal Party, in one of the biggest surprises since they voted against censuring Scott Morrison over his multiple ministries because they all understand that the boss should be able to take over whenever his decides that his underlings aren’t God’s chosen, announced their decision of the Voice.

And, I do understand that you can be concerned about the Voice without being a racist. After all, as I pointed out last week, we didn’t get a clear answer on Julian the Lesser’s question about whether the Voice could give advice to the Reserve Bank, and let me be quite clear that I don’t want any Indigenous body telling the Independent Body that they can’t raise interest rates and have Phil Lowe called a racist when he ignores it. I want those interest rate rises because they’re good for us and, like the Liberal Party, I presume that the Voice giving advice to the Bank about not raising rates would be because they don’t know what’s good for them… Just like most of us who don’t seem to understand that it’s better to get inflation under control now, even if it means that we lose our house, because we can surely pick one up cheaper and we’ll have saved so much sleeping in our cars…

I’m not expert. I assume that Peter Dutton has many experts telling him what to do: The National Party who assured us that they were the ones on the ground and apparently, Littleproud wasn’t just talking about Barnaby Joyce there; the Murdoch experts; and that guy in the Senate… Um, I always get Anick and Rentuck confused because it’s hard to follow their deep understandings of all things science.

After all, why waste time being indoctrinated with Year 9 Science when you’ve learned all you need to know out of the Disney book, “Our Friend The Atom(That’s a link to the tv show, not the book, because I was worried that anyone wanting to read it wouldn’t be able to…)

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that the senator who argued that global warming was caused by gravity would have watched this and thought…

No, you’re right it’s a pretty bold statement that Rennick actually thought but anyway…

I’m not making this up. Look I know that it gets a bit confusing at times but I want to make it very clear that these things are not satire:

  1. Rupert Murdoch’s engagement ended two weeks after he said that he hoped to spend the rest of his life with this woman…
  2. Peter Dutton actually spent several months pretending that he was considering his position on the Voice before adopting the position that he wanted practical things so that an apology to the Stolen Generation… Oh no, sorry, wrong one… a Voice isn’t what the indigenous people who said that they wanted a Voice actually meant; they meant that they’d like the Liberal Party to follow the Nationals and tell them what they really wanted because nobody should listen to people in Canberra unless it’s us.
  3. Not only did this man actually do this but he spread it far and wide as though he comes off well by boasting about his grasp of Year 8 Science to people who have university degrees at the very least.



Ok, I know what some of you are thinking about number 1 and shame on you. Rupert Murdoch is the symptom, not the cause and his death wouldn’t solve all the problems of the world…

But I think it’s important not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good!!


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  1. Paul Smith

    I never thought I’d hear myself say this:
    J U S T S A Y F 8 C 5 I 6 G N O ! YOU KNOW YOU 3U2K4N4 WANT TO!
    Yeah, but we can’t handle the shame
    so we’re pretending to say no to something that
    no one’s actually proposed – so we’ve got… y’no…
    plausible deniability… kz… well… we’re Whitefellas after all
    and… yeah… we’re worth it…
    like it says… y’no… on the TV, like…

  2. New England Cocky

    The stupidity of the Rennick clip is that Queenslanders in the LNP nominated him for the position and Queenslanders voted for him via the preferential voting system. He certainly demonstrates the problems of education during the Bjelke-Petersen years. Another product of Queensland ignorance also observed in the Porelein party of ill-educated rednecks clinging to 19th century racist ideas of White Supremacy to protect their meagre talents.

    Pore Rupie, was he entrapped by a radical Christian do-gooder wanting to spend his billions spreading the word of self-serving Xtanity ….. when she was sitting upon a money pile that makes Trump Tower look like a sand castle?

  3. wam

    There was never a doubt that our rabid clp who have protested anything for Aboriginal territorians and even 40 years after “Uluṟu” they use the white-fellah name, would never say yes but let’s hope enough CLP voters ignore Dutton, sussoneverything, footpride and the beetroo and vote yes to a constitutional inclusion of our Indigenous population.
    They may well be right about gravity, which was all over dutton’s face, except for the minute as he and karl baby burst into laughter, when he announced a ‘no’ vote?
    It was all over the lying rodents face when he “”I do not believe, as a matter of principle, that one generation can accept responsibility for the acts of an earlier generation.”

  4. Gangey1959

    This rennik fella is going to draw a federal parliamentary pension.
    Hmmmm. Can he be input-value tested first, or something?
    In a good world, his little bit of gravity would stop, and he would convect, radiate, or induct his way off Planet Earth and out of the way of logic, progress, and grade 8 science.
    In a good-er world, rupee would be the first domino in a line of megalomanic gazillionaires to kick off for having a world domination brain fart and the readies to put said fart into plan form and then action.
    In a perfect world, the Voice would not be required, Global warming was cured before 2000 and was in history like the Great Fire of London, and everyone has $3m+ in super and is complaining bitterly about how unfair the new tax is.
    Oh. I forgot. I would be in charge.

    Talking about Perfect.
    Did you all know that down here on the Mornington Peninsula, where we have a dire housing shortage and shithole house rent for around $750 a week, there is a someone who makes $500ish per night from their airbnb place for 200+ nights pa. And that same “person” has 46 residences down here,for which the relevent Councils charge an extra $850 in rates.
    I wonder where the money goes?

  5. Clakka

    The Grand Inquisition of the Duttonate.

    Do we think (No)
    Like self-flagellation (Yes)
    Results in stigmata (Yes)
    Rising to perfection (Yes)
    It’s black and white (Yes)
    SM heard all the Canberra Voices (Yes)
    Lest we forget all the ministries (Yes)
    We are the salt of the earth (Yes)
    Local and grounded (Yes)
    That’s it then (Yes)
    To bring balance we have to say (No)
    And give Albo the elbow (Yes)

    Our conscience is sealed and the matter closed
    The Voice was heard; “Bring out yer dead”
    And they all left the chamber, perfect.

  6. Phil Pryor

    The farce, stupidity, insolence, bitter black comedy, of “White Supremacy” is so spewable when one has, in our public life, such garrulous gutless garbage as Herr Peter Duckwit-Futton, one G Rennick, A Antic, and a huge cast of conservative drongodroppings. We are a laugh, an embarrassing hollowness, a depraved deplorability of a nation, and saying No to a sensible lobbying position for indigenous consultation. From Horrible Howard to Dismal Dutton, ( do not forget blackholebrained B Joyce) we have had White depravity, deplorability, shamelessness, villainy, inhumanity, criminality, iniquity and inexcusability. Our supremacy will depend on our love, charity, ability, spirituality, generosity, and we must fight, shout, act, for much better…

  7. New England Cocky

    Science people sit down and enjoy an LNP pollie make a great fool of himself. Obviously Rennick has aspersions to become misLeader after the Cook bye-election replaces Scummo with a teal or LABOR candidate.

  8. leefe

    “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” is just a pretentious way of saying “You have to learn to compromise”, which is a phrase of which I am always wary because, in my experience, the speaker means exactly that: “YOU have to learn to compromise, because I won’t”.

    That said, I agree with your ending completely.

  9. B Sullivan

    The phrase is a Howardism, that is, an expression that has come into popular discourse because of John Howard. Not necessarily invented by him but taken up as a consequence of his public use of the expression. Other Howardisms include “the black armband view of history” (to which he did not subscribe), and “it sends the wrong message”, useful for opposing just about anything. I’m also pretty sure Howard was responsible for popularising the term dole-bludger in the late 1970’s as Treasurer in Malcolm Fraser’s government when scapegoats were required to blame for the rise in unemployment.

    The perfect is the not enemy of the good. Perfect is as good as it can get. Howard and his imitators use the bogus expression as an excuse to avoid doing the bare minimum of what needs to be done in order to achieve a good outcome. Talking bollocks in this way is the enemy of communication and the friend of deception.

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