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Dial M for Monster

By Kathryn

Murdoch cares nothing about Australia or Australians. It was Murdoch who tossed his Australian citizenship in the garbage all those years ago when he wanted to spread his tentacles throughout the USA and could not do so with dual citizenship! All Murdoch cares about is himself and the fascist, neoliberal agenda of his IPA!

It was the Murdoch press that annihilated Julia Gillard in an avalanche of vindictive, misogynistic attacks and false character assassinations that continue today; it was the Murdoch press that propped up the vicious, serial liar, Abbott, on a pedestal and pulled him across the electoral line on a platform of incessant lies and broken promises; it was the Murdoch press whose malignant malicious propaganda and distortions of the truth ensured the horrific manipulation of its dumbed down readers. It was Murdoch who gave us the worst PM in our history, the non-achieving vindictive hate-filled Abbott into power and now it is the Murdoch press, again, who are promoting the diabolical, callously inhumane attack dog, Morrison! Murdoch is a megalomaniacal monster who thinks the Australian public are going to forget and forgive that diabolical intrusion into our political affairs. Not likely!

Murdoch fancies himself as a political Bobby Fisher “playing” our politicians like pieces on a chess board! At 89 years of age, it is a tragedy that the only things that motivate this ageing predator are all-consuming power and political influence. Instead of using his influence to benefit the world, Murdoch enjoys playing the role of Puppet Master to the whimpering members of the LNP and other right-wing neoliberal politicians around the world. His control over others is like sport to this ruthless old narcissist who has not achieved a single thing to benefit the lives of ordinary people.

The people of Australia should absolutely refuse to purchase or read anything that is pushed out by the worst, most discredited media predator the world has ever seen. Nothing, absolutely nothing is beneath Murdoch … even criminal behaviour (as witnessed when he and his notorious newspapers were taken to court for phone hacking which bought down the closure of the infamous Murdoch rag, News of the World in the UK in 2011).

Murdoch has proven that he will swim through any sewer, bug people’s phones, destroy lives, spy, lie … crawl through any gutter to get what he wants! I refuse to buy Murdoch papers, Murdoch magazines and will never connect with Foxtel or listen to the verbal diarrhoea on Sky News. Murdoch is behind the LNP/IPA alliance push to destroy the ABC and SBS (through lack of funding). Ever since Turnbull ensconced the ex-Murdoch sycophant, Michelle Guthrie, as GM on the Board of the ABC and then placed the then placed the Murdoch lacky, Janet Albrechsten (who just once happened to be a Director on Murdoch’s IPA) on the Board of the ABC, this once unbiased, public owned media station has become totally prejudiced towards right-wing ideology with a softly-softly approach to the never-ending chaos of the LNP. Now the LNP/Murdoch/IPA alliance have parachuted Sky News sycophants, like David Speers, into influential positions overseeing biased panels on programs such as Insiders and Q&A. Why? Because the LNP/Murdoch/IPA alliance only want the Australian public to see and hear what they want us to see and hear. Now that just about every media station and form of news in the country (excluding The Guardian and Crikey) are now infiltrated and manipulated by Murdoch, we are now living in a parallel universe and faced with a twisted, depraved scenario akin to “The World According to Garp”.

The current government (under Murdoch’s control) will voice nothing but Murdoch’s opinions and Murdoch’s agenda. The ABC and SBS are the stations that Australian taxpayers own – it is these stations that are the only form of media that should represent the people of Australia (who are paying for them). The ABC/SBS are the stations that belong to the Australian taxpayers and not to the self-serving politicians who are supposed to represent us (and never do)! The ABC and SBS are public-owned media stations that are supposed to be the ones asking the hard questions, they have a responsibility – indeed, the moral obligation – to challenge the sitting government (no matter who is in power) and provide an alternate view. This is not happening now because the LNP/Murdoch/IPA have undue influence over our public-owned media. Once they are completely defunded and muzzled, they are gone forever. Now we have Murdoch’s cancerous influence over every single media station in our country who are muzzling free speech, shutting down democratic debate against the LNP’s rising fascist ideology, openly denigrating and attacking anyone and everyone with a left-wing or socialist view. Murdoch’s megalomaniacal control over every media outlet in Australia is now a sad, undemocratic actuality with a level of ownership and control unequal to any form of media in the world. The sad fact is that the LNP (under Abbott, Turnbull and, now Morrison and Dutton) allow this to happen because the unholy LNP/Murdoch/IPA alliance is mutually beneficial to them all … but will be absolutely catastrophic to free speech and devastating to our democracy!

Murdoch employs Z-rated hacks, like the appalling xenophobic racist, Andrew Bolt, the ex-Abbott staffer Peta Credlin, and the hysterical harridan, Miranda Devine, who are nothing more than vacuous mouthpieces for his own hollow Machiavellian narcissism.

The malignant, pervasive Murdoch press are as guilty for what they don’t print as they are for the vindictive, totally biased lies and character-assassinating slander that they do print:

  • No mention of the catastrophic waste of billions of dollars by this spendthrift LNP (on unwanted memorials to Captain Cook, $80 million on a needless, unwanted plebiscite for same-sex marriage, and more than $444 million to ‘mates’ to ‘care’ for the Great Barrier;
  • No mention that this epic failure of a government has increased our national deficit to a whopping half-a-trillion dollars in less than seven years of epic waste, bogus accommodation/travel rorts, unbridled nepotism and ceaseless corruption;
  • No mention of the LNP’s constant vindictive divisiveness and the fact that they have now surpassed the ALP playing the game of Prime Minister Roulette!
  • No mention of the staggering corruption and self-serving rorts by just about every “entitled” member of the LNP (at federal and State level);
  • No mention that this pathetic, do-nothing Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison regime have achieved absolutely nothing in seven years of the worst governance in our history!
  • No mention how this elitist government are making countless billions in handouts and tax rebates to their rich cronies (Murdoch included who was the recipient of nearly $1 billion tax rebate under Abbott) whilst they defunded billions from our children’s education, Medicare, hospitals, health and defunded millions more from foreign aid, charities (who are now begging for money) resulting in a horrendous spike in homelessness all around the country (with families and children as young a 10 on the streets)!
  • No mention how the LNP have never ceased their vicious campaign of non-stop attacks against the most vulnerable people in our society: the unemployed, the sick, the homeless, the mentally ill, the pensioners – with the Murdoch papers steering and publishing the campaign of hate with gusto!
  • No mention of the delegated torture, savage brutality and criminal neglect (causing the death and mental anguish) of over 1,350 asylum seekers (including little suicidal children) who are illegally locked up on Morrison’s and Dutton’s ill-equipped gulags on Nauru – a brutal criminal action that has been decried and condemned by every recognised humanitarian group around the world!

Murdoch is quick to stab his LNP allies (like Abbott) in the back if he suspects that they are starting to lose public opinion because the traitorous Murdoch is not beneath currying favour with the rising tsunami of anti-Abbott or anti-Turnbull feeling out there. However, once the tide changes and it is election time, you will soon see Murdoch revert back to his conservative line because it is the wrecking Troglodytes, Abbott, Dutton, Morrison and the lunatic right-wing fringe of the LNP, who are in his pocket. Murdoch owned Abbott’s LNP and an ultra-conservative LNP (now under Morrison) is going to aid and abet the horrific agenda of Murdoch’s IPA.

Never forget that Murdoch tried to corrupt Whitlam all those years ago and when Whitlam refused (because Whitlam was one of the most honourable and honest politicians in our history), Murdoch swaggered into News Limited with the instructions: “Kill Whitlam!” … and that’s exactly what the fascist Murdoch papers did! Murdoch was the one who helped bring down the democratically elected Whitlam government and the manipulated, gormless idiots out there in the Australian public hung on to every word, believed his lies and followed his agenda. Murdoch did it all again with Gillard and Rudd and, trust me, he will do it again at the next election!

You can never, ever underestimate the demonic, malignancy of Murdoch and you can never underestimate the number of manipulated fools out there who will, once again, play right into his hands!


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  1. Linda

    An absolutely accurate article. Australians have already forgotten Morrison’s performance during the bush fires, and his approval rating as PM is now at 65%!! I already despair about the chances of Labor at the next elections.

  2. Jack Cade

    Nothing new can be said or written about Murdoch. No pejorative has been ignored, no insult spared. English is a rich language, full of nuances and double-entendres (which, like most ‘French’ terms used in English, like en suite, cul- de-sac – is not used by French people!), and Murdoch has had them all used about him. Justly.
    He used to be known as Rupert the Red in his early days with the Advertiser in Adelaide. Up until the mid-term of the fabulous Whitlam interregnum, his papers were moderately left-leaning, at least fair.
    I don’t know what changed him. His battles with the printing unions in the UK, maybe. Staunch lefty that I am, and a strong unionist all my working life, I cringed when I read about the way the unions ran Fleet Street.
    But Murdoch is now loathed worldwide, his minions are the bottom of the swamp journalists. In fact, his Fox serfs like Hannity, for example, don’t even look human.
    And, sadly, his son looks like carrying on in the same vein as his father.

  3. Jon Chesterson

    ‘The people of Australia should absolutely refuse to purchase or read anything that is pushed out by the worst, most discredited media predator the world has ever seen’.

    …and I will echo my original comment here also for practical effect and reinforcement:


    All you Australians who buy, cite, share articles in social media, advertise or read the Australian and Telegraph or any other news Corp rag, rely on Foxtel or Sky News for your entertainment, read this and remember you are contributing to the destruction of Australian democracy, fair go and way of life. Perhaps it is time to put Morrison’s hat on just for a few seconds and say, ‘Stop it, just stop it’, and take our foot off the pedal straight after, before getting infected by him as well.

    And all you coffee shop owners, clubs and businesses out there who subscribe, advertise in or accept these newspapers for free on your premises for customers to read, and gratuitously screen Foxtel and Sky News in your clubs, shame on you for giving Murdoch and News Corp the power to destroy the peace and our way of life.

    And ABC you can stop it too – Interviewing Sky News journalists and editors or citing Sky News on ABC News, becoming like them more and more, disgraceful:


    News Corp
    Sky News and Foxtel
    The IPA
    The Australian
    The Telegraph
    Sunday Telegraph
    Herald Sun
    Courier Mail
    The Mercury
    Australian Financial Review
    The Sunday Times
    The Sunday Mail
    The Advertiser
    ..and dozens of State, regional and local papers throughout Australia all listed here:

    The News Corp catch cry ‘We’re here for you’ – A lie bigger than even Morrison could muster, but here to destroy. Not just fake news, a mongrel media mogul who stops at nothing to destroy and undermine us all. Time to rid ourselves of this ugly mug and image.

    At risk of becoming infected with no hope of protection from the new Morrison App CovidSafe, once again, everyone, coffee shops and clubs, just stop it!

    What has this media mogul, his son who will succeed him and his empire got against Australia?

    One simple example of what we can do – I now decline to purchase coffee in a coffee shop that his rags gratuitously infecting their benches and I will often turn around and walk out of clubs liberally advancing Sky News.

  4. John OCallaghan

    Wonderful article on the psychopath that is Rupert Murdoch,and i think you’ve covered just about everything i could ever say or think about the bastard….. thank you.

  5. Jon Chesterson

    Yes Linda I despair too, as it looks like this interregnum will end in the re-election of Monster Morrison who secretly despises and pisses on us all. We need to re-direct secret colonies of Asian hornets on Morrison, Dutton, Murdoch, Trump and Putin. The Virus doesn’t look like it is going to get them.

  6. guest

    This cry from the heart should be preserved in titanium and prominently displayed in public places. It could be published daily at AMNI.

    At some time Murdoch was given some criticism he did not like, so he uses the term elite/’leet as a weapon against anyone he thinks is not on his side – such as academics and inner city latte/chardonnay sippers. He holds grudges for years.

    par 4: bought = brought
    par 5: ‘then placed the’ is repeated

  7. Tige

    No mention of why Morrison got sacked from his two previous jobs and no mention of how he went about gaining preselection for the Liberal party for the seat of Cook in 2007

  8. johno

    Mum rekons Slowmo is doing a good job. (No matter how hard I try, to tell her different) Methinks her skewed thinking comes from reading the Unaustralian every day.

  9. Harry Lime

    I think you are being altogether too nice,however the immediate thing we can console ourselves with,is every monster in history is DEAD, and the physically and spiritually ugliest human on the planet is looking into the abyss.Informed sources say that Satan will not renew his contract.I hope Keef has a better hearing.

  10. Andrew Smith

    As bad or worse is how Murdoch media conducts and leads on ideological, cultural, economic and political messaging via constant repetition of glib slogans and cliches, to the electorate which then votes, often against its own interests, or at least those of broader society, the nation and future generations.

  11. terence mills

    You are wrong about David Speers who recently moved from SKY to the ABC Insiders.

    Speers is a competent, respected, experienced and impartial journalist who was clearly out of place at SKY and his departure demonstrated how thin the veneer of journalistic talent is at the Murdoch television outlet.

    When you look at the current SKY lineup it is now completely dominated by Newscorp /IPA indoctrinated talking heads like Rowan Dean. Peta Credlin, Chris Kenny, Chris Smith (ex 2GB), Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Paul Murray, and Sharri Markson.

    When it comes to talent, objectivity and impartiality that lineup is the definition of sparse !

  12. Dave G.

    I love this piece,here here Kathryn.


    So is this smirking psychopath going to die in peace after all his diabolical crimes? Is there no one capable of mounting a legal challenge against the worst destroyer of democracy the world has ever seen? I find it extremely depressing that our judicial system has reached the depths of depravity and can offer no challenge to this devil incarnate? A challenge to Murdoch would be a challenge also to the impending Fascism being targetted on people worldwide!

  14. guest

    Paragraph 4: “bought down”

    buy – bought

    bring – brought – brought down

  15. Matters Not

    Terence Mills re:

    Speers is a competent, respected, experienced and impartial journalist

    Agree! But, in addition, he’s also well into politics, broadly defined. Not talking about ‘party politics’ here – just the politics of everyday life that impact on virtually all ABC journalists who know that everything they say and do is documented by all sides of the aisle so it can be used against them at the appropriate time. They must be politically aware – balanced and all that.

    Thought Speers stuffed up early in his role when he had a panel of (only) Murdoch ‘hacks’ but on reflection it was a very good move because now he has a ready made defense against panel bias. Further, his (ambush type) questioning of Kristina Keneally last Sunday (she handled it well) also set a precedent. Can be seen to question without fear or favor – even an ex colleague. So far, his employment’s been a good decision.

  16. margcal

    One glaring omission …. the savaging the press gave Shorten from the moment he became Opposition Leader. When there was nothing they could criticise they made do with the worst possible photos of him. Even many on the left were taken in. And still are. Shorten was only ever unelectable because Murdoch made him so.

    I’m no apologist for Shorten. He and his policies were not without flaws. But if you’re comparing our politicians on “decent and humane” criteria, even with his flaws he was and is streets ahead of what is now in power.

    I look back to his solo appearance on Q&A. That was impressive. He listened to audience questions and did a good job of answering.
    Compare that to Morrison when even in a one-on-one he shouts people down.
    Look at the way Morrison shirt-fronted Shorten and how Shorten responded during one of those “debates”.

    God knows Shorten isn’t perfect but give me him any day. Plus, whether you liked them or not, he did have some policies that went beyond feathering his own nest. (Albanese was a poor choice. With Shorten gone it was time for new blood.)

    I always said GetUp! was wrong in targetting Abbott. They should have targetted Wilson. He’s the danger in the wings.

    And where someone mentioned above Morrison’s antics in getting pre-selection for his seat, what about his machinations that brought him to be PM? He most definitely did “not” do a Bradbury. Morrison oh so very carefully choreographed his leap into the PM’s chair. I was going to say leap into The Lodge but we no longer have a government centred in Canberra, which residence at the Lodge signified. Thanks John Winston Howard. For Nothing.

  17. Roland Flickett

    Compare Shortens behaviour in the Tasmanian mining disaster with Morrison’s in the bushfires. One of them was heroic, the other f*cked off on holiday.

  18. Hotspringer

    Install “Bye Rupert” extension on your search engine and all his online propaganda is gone.


    Had the Bye Rupert extension for about 2 months!

  20. Mrs Wobbly

    Thank you Kathryn, excellent reading and so VERY true, SADLY. I too will not buy any of Murdoch’s PROPAGANDA sheets, I stopped watching the Australian Tax payers funded television now known as ABC/ IPA , it’s a RIGHT WING LOVE FEAST! It sickening me to the CORE, I’m ready to pack up the television as now Its only an insulting to my intelligence by turning it on , with the VIAL VOMIT that SPEWS out it. The LNP/ERW fascist SCUM removed Australias media ownership laws for the EXTREMISTS RIGHT’s ultimate OPINIONS to SPEWS PROPAGANDA and LIES to the Australia people as requires By the ‘MASTER’! To my HORROR I’ve heard people say ‘Politics Doesn’t Effect Me’. This is why Australians are running head long into a ONE PARTY STATE, will they EVER wake up or ONLY when it to LATE? When are CRIMINAL charges going to DEMANDED by the Australian People of the CORRUPTION By our POLITICIANS and the so-called LEADERSHIP of Australia, whom are funded by the Australian TAX PAYERS, but owned by The ‘MASTER’ MURDOCK! – DOES’NT SAY MUCH ABOUT THE ‘MARJORY’ OF AUSTRALIANS INTELLECT! YES It’s time to take back our RIGHTS and DEMAND criminal charges for this INJUSTICE they’re serving up to the Australian people, REVOLT PEOPLE NOW! FOR AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRACY INTO THE FUTURE.

  21. Egalitarian

    Terry McCrann fascinates me. Not sure what Paul Keating saw in him? Yes, the Murdoch papers are garbage. Good piece.

  22. Kathryn

    Matters Not, I regret to say that I disagree with your summation of David Speers. Speers’ right-wing bias was clearly evident during the Queensland State elections when he revealed his prejudice towards the LNP by saying “It looks like WE may win this one!” in response to an LNP MP winning one of the seats in that State election! The word “WE” was, no doubt, a faux pas exposing his unconscious bias towards a right-wing regime that – thank God – was soundly beaten by Annastacia Palaszczuk.

    As for MURDOCH? Well, his ghastly, cancerous media empire is well-named:
    NEWS CORPSE – where compassion, facts, logic, reality and truth, go to DIE !!

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