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Could A Prime Minister Be Worse Than Tony Abbott? Unfortunately, YES!!!

Last week, we had Julie Bishop telling us that she could have beaten Bill Shorten, but she didn’t get the backing of her party, while this week we have Malcolm Turnbull telling the British that his party got rid of him because he was going to win the election.

When it comes to politics, you’d have to say that Malcolm is a good loser. He’s done so much of it. He led the republic movement and lost that. He became Liberal leader and lost that. He became PM and lost that. But hey, he thinks he would have won the election and if it makes him happy in his irrelevant post-political life, then it’d be a very nasty, spiteful person to point out he’s wrong. Therefore I think we can say nothing and leave that job to Tony Abbott and Alan Jones.

And I must say that I did think it a bit of a stretch for Julie to suggest that she could win a federal election when she couldn’t muster more than eleven votes amongst people who knew her. However, I guess that she may have had more success with people who don’t actually deal with her on a day to day basis.

Still, Julie did have an uphill battle. After all, she would have been putting a man out of job and while we all support women’s rights, we don’t do so at the expense of men. No, really. Scott Morrison told us that today, as his contribution for International Women’s Day.

What he actually said was: “We want to see women rise. But we don’t want to see women rise only on the basis of others doing worse.”

Now when he speaks about “others” doing worse, it took me a while to work out who he could mean. For a moment, I just couldn’t think of any minority group that might do worse if women were to “rise”. But then it was as plain as the nose on my face. Or rather, it was as plain as another body part which isn’t usually attached to the head, except in the case of a number of the current government. He obviously meant that terribly oppressed group: Men.

Yes, of course. Scottie is actually a man himself. No, really he is. As people having been telling us lately, it’s really a tough time to be a man. Centuries of privilege are being tossed aside without a concern for the feelings of some men when they lose the right to simply be themselves. Thanks to political correctness, it’s no longer acceptable to do such things as scream obscenities at strangers, kidnap women walking alone or sell your daughters into slavery.

There’s actually more men than you realise and if women were to rise to things like Prime Minister, that would mean that some man would have to miss out, and that would mean that men were doing worse. Specifically, him! But I’m sure he’d still support the general principle that being PM is a man’s job and if Julie had been elected, it wouldn’t have been on the basis that nothing was worse for someone else.

It’s the same in preselection contests. The Liberals are against quotas because they think that women should get their positions on merit, while men should get them on the basis of who their friends are. (Warren Mundine, anyone?) Quotas, it’s argued, don’t allow the best person to be given the job. This sits oddly with the idea that the Nationals are entitled to certain number of ministries based their seat numbers, but there’s surely a reason why quotas are good for the divvying up of ministries but not for ensuring female representation.

Yes, sorry, girls… Is it all right to call you “girls” or should I say “ladies”?

Anyway, sorry. Apparently, you’re allowed to “rise” but only if your success doesn’t come at the expense of a man.

Happy International Women’s Day


If Tony is “A Man’s Man”, who is the man who can say, “Tony is my man.”

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  1. Diannaart

    FauxMo finally worked out that 50/50 representation of men and women in parliament means some men will miss out. Must’ve fallen off his prime ministerial perch when the realisation struck – equality means less men.

    Of course he couldn’t actually say “men”, because that would be honest and straightforward, and we can’t have that in the LNP. No way. Besides Tony Abbott would probably shirtfront him and then give him a wedgie, unexpectedly that is, instead of the usual planned S&W on Friday arvo.

    Interesting times.

  2. Alcibiades

    Women’s empowerment shouldn’t come at cost to men, says Australian PM … on International Women’s Day

    (CNN)Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has provoked outrage on International Women’s Day by saying that men should not have to make way for women’s empowerment.
    “We’re not about setting Australians against each other, trying to push some down to lift others up,” Morrison told a function organized by Australia’s mining industry on March 8.
    “We want to see women rise. But we don’t want to see women rise only on the basis of others doing worse.”

    On social media, the comments sparked instant derision of Morrison, worldwide …

    At a speech to the Chamber of Minerals and Energy …

    Scotty doesn’t know … 🙁

    ‘Tis not ones place, however, I’ll just leave this here :

    A Message From Women Everywhere: BBC Two (Youtube – 1M 29S – strong language)

  3. MikeW

    Tony Abbott, proof that humans and monkeys co existed or urm…

    I think the monkeys won…

  4. Graeme Henchel

    You can speak very loud
    At a million words an hour
    You can shout and badger
    You can smirk and glower
    You can use a slick slogan
    and advertising words
    But you can’t
    no you can’t
    Polish your policy turds

    You can stage a stunt
    and wear a stupid hat
    You can make up numbers
    and throw up a dodgy stat
    You can twist all meaning
    sounding quite absurd
    But you can’t
    No you can’t
    Polish a policy turd

    You can blame your opponent
    For all the things gone wrong
    You can start a scare campaign
    Sing that you’ll be sorry song
    You can try to spook the horses
    Sowing fear into the herd
    But you can’t
    no you can’t
    Polish a policy turd

    It is not really about you
    though you’re easy to despise
    It is not all the division
    the deceit and all the lies
    It’s not the message
    It’s loud and clear and heard
    But you can’t
    No you can’t
    Polish your policy turds

  5. Alcibiades

    We must of course not forget that Scott & Tony are ably assisted by the likes of the Beetrooter & Sugardaddy Broad, as they trumpet their imminent rise & return on … International Womens Day …

    Nationals destabilised as Barnaby Joyce declares he would stand for leadership

    Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce told his local paper that if the Nationals leadership were called open, ‘Of course I would stand’.

    Barnaby Joyce has declared he will be a candidate if the deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, spills the Nationals leadership, but the current Nationals leader insists he is going nowhere.

    The declaration of intent by Joyce to the Northern Daily Leader on Friday will keep the spotlight trained on internal party tensions after the former Nationals leader suggested in October he would retake the leadership if drafted but denied doing the numbers.

    Disgraced Nationals MP Andrew ‘SugarDaddy’ Broad floats prospect of a future tilt as an independent

    As a bonus, on top of all of just todays outstanding efforts, the award for ‘Best display of incompetent stupidity’ goes to Matthias ‘Heimi‘ Cormann ! Matthias, Come on Down !

    For he may just have provided the golden quote to ensure the Lying Nasty Parties lose the election :

    -= Keeping wages low is a deliberate design of this Liberal Government =-

    The Finance Minister, Matthias Cormann, on Sky news this morning in response to a question on the fact that wages growth is low under the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison governement, responded :

    “That is a deliberate feature of our economic architecture”

    Sky News, AM Agenda, Fri 8 Mar 2019

    Scott & Co, ya’ll are an outstanding ‘team’. 🙂

  6. Rhonda

    What an embarrassment. He can just f*ck off

  7. David Johnston

    I’m unsure about whether the commentary is better than the fodder upon which they feed. I doubt whether the average Australian gives a shit about the gender of the Prime Minister. We crave for a real person. That’s all. Male, female, trans, intersex, who cares? Just someone who is not a “career politician” and has the ability to actually lead.

  8. Zathras


    What you can’t polish you can just roll in glitter. As well as policy, it also relates to leadership.

  9. Terence Mills

    Prior to the ousting of Turnbull several journalists and opinion writers (Peter Van Onselen) noted that the push coming from the Dutton camp to dump Turnbull seemed to be oblivious to the fact that Turnbull was their best re-election hope and that Dutton was unelectable.

    To think that the Nationals would even consider having Barnaby back is beyond belief. I’m even amazed that the electorate of New England would vote this man back into office.

    And if any body mentions that Barnaby is the best retail politician we have, I think I will erupt !

  10. Henry Rodrigues

    Thanks Graeme,

    Its hard to tell which comes first, the policy or the turd. But you’re ode makes it very enjoyable to speculate. Good one.

  11. helvityni

    Sorry blokes, but I have to give Scotty a smiley stamp for trying, trying so hard to polish that policy turd…

    Julie too gets the stamp, did you see how fast see climbed those high steps in New York ….

    I’ll come back when I can think of something nice to say about Tones, Dutton or Barnaby…

    I’m also a little baffled by what Mal said in London…is that what you call lawyer speak…

  12. Pappinbarra Fox

    The last question is a pearler and the answer? Rupert

  13. Henry Rodrigues

    helvityni……. malodorous was indulging in some self pitying rubbish, painting himself as a martyr to the conservative cause, the underlying message being, he sacrificed everything, including $1.75m. Tears well up in my eyes !!!!!

  14. guest

    I was interested in Ann Summers’ comment re quotas and merit at the National Press Club, that merit is evenly distributed between the sexes.

  15. Matters Not

    So yesterday was International Women’s Day and Labor’s contribution included proposed publicly funded terminations (abortions) in publicly funded hospitals. Seems to me that it’s a vote changer for some and that direction will be either way. My wife thinks that overall it’ll be a vote winner for Labor but I’m not so sure. Fifty years ago, it would have been a vote loser for Labor but times seemed to have changed.

    Anyone with a considered view?

    As an aside, I note that Senator Jacinta Collins is moving to a position with Catholic Education. Collins didn’t vote for marriage equality and perhaps this was the final straw. A pity because she is one of the few politicians across the education debate – as her performance in Senate Estimates demonstrated.

  16. Barry Thompson.

    Malcolm compromised his principles to hold on to the job. He was too weak to take on his enemies in the LNP and displayed a lack of political judgement.
    Now to top off his poor performance as PM, he has turned on the Liberal Party, showing contempt that he did not have the guts to show when in office.
    It has always been about him and he is now delusional, bitter and twisted.
    Time to paddle your kayak into the Sydney Harbour sunset Malcolm, before you become as deranged as Tony Abbot.

  17. DrakeN

    MN, being “…across the education debate” and being a convinced religionist are mutually exclusive.
    Either you believe in educating people or indoctrinating them with myths and lies at an early age.
    You cannot do both.

  18. Alcibiades


    Also on International Womens Day :

    Pro-pederasty, Nazi sympathising, journalist threatening right-wing grifter Milo gets a visa … from Morrison, who overrode Dutts, apparently.

    Morrison government backs down on banning Milo Yiannopoulos in face of ‘conservative’ backlash

    The Morrison government has backed down on banning right-wing speaker Milo Yiannopoulos from entering Australia, amid a backlash from MPs and conservative media commentators.

    In a stark change of position from just four days ago, the government is now distancing itself from a Department of Home Affairs letter which outlined a series of reasons why the controversial figure may not pass the character test and should not be allowed into the country…

    MPs like Craig Kelly, imposed upon Ann Sudmalis electorate of Gilmore by Scummo, who could’nt do enough to defend paedophile & serious sex offender Pell, and refused to even mention child sex abuse victims, Tony Abbot too, maybe ?

    Conservative media commentators like Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine, pederast reference provider John Howard, etc.

    Indefensible, is it not ? My assistance dog says, ‘Woof!’ (That’s a Yes!)

  19. Matters Not

    Point taken DrakeN. Perhaps I should have said – across the school funding debate. Collins could discuss the needs based nuances with all and sundry. While I didn’t agree with all she advocated – at least she knew what she was talking about.

    And yes I think it’s useful (and desirable) to draw a distinction between schooling and education. Lots of people with limited schooling who are very well educated and lots of people with many schooling credentials who are not educated. But that’s just my view.

  20. Albiciades


    One may need to very carefully parse MN, strong it seems is dissonance in that fella …

    ie Why the explicit emphasis on ‘publicly funded’, regret ‘that times seem to have changed’, followed by further regret a conservative in sheeps clothing is moving ‘up’ to Catholic Education, after the outrage(?) of the nations decision on marriage equality, and now, OMG, ‘publicly funded’ abortions ?

  21. Matters Not

    Alcibiades, as a general principle, I am opposed to censorship. So I would allow ‘Milo’ entry and would also defend his right to speak in places like Universities. I probably wouldn’t like what he had to say but that’s beside the point – I would want to hear what he said. That’s my starting point.

    Politically I think that the more we have divisions between Morrison and Dutton the better it will be for the mental health of the body politic.

    That Dutton is empowered to make any decisions is a travesty

  22. Terence Mills

    With the Liberal moderates (Turnbull, Pyne, O’Dwyer, Ciobo and Julie Bishop) all having gone, we have to anticipate that if Morrison wins the election there will be an elevation to Cabinet of Abbott (if he hangs on in Warringah) plus the living dead in the form of Eric Abetz, Kevin Andrews, Craig Kelly and of course Dutton.

    That’s a scary prospect but it’s what Morrison would have to do to reward these ultra-conservatives who he needs to keep close to protect his own position.

  23. Alcibiades


    … Mr Yiannopoulos has not paid the $50,000 bill handed to him for the cost of policing the event.

    The department also listed a series of “controversial statements” Mr Yiannopoulos has made about Muslims, Indigenous Australians, African Americans and the LGBTIQ community, and included copies of 19 news articles or screenshots where he was accused of offensive behaviour, including anti-Semitism.

    The initial push to reject the visa was met with a furious response from pro-free speech Coalition MPs, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, and some media commentators including Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

    “Of course this is a backdown,” Bolt said Saturday.

    “There is a young generation of Liberals in Parliament who seem to have more ideological clarity than the older generation – people like Amanda Stoker, Tim Wilson(IPA), James Paterson(IPA) and Andrew Hastie(Very, handy …).

    Free speech ?

    Hm, if that lot are protectors of Free Speech/Anti censorship/Mental Health, then I’m Rumpelstiltskin.

    PS Owes VicPol $50k ? What happened to concern for ‘public funds’ ?

  24. andy56

    Matters not, I too believe in freedom of speech, but only up to a point. Milos should never be allowed in or until he grows up at least.
    You want to read what he says, the internet is fine. We dont need people who create trouble and disturbances coming in, we have enough of our own now. This purpetrator of hate will influence some fruit cakes here, why allow that to happen? You let all these crazies have an audience and soon you will have Cronulla riots again. Alan Jones should have been jailed for incitement. These guys are just walking hate advertisements.
    You cannot have a balanced debate under all circumstances. Thats the reality. Trying to correct an injustice is not the same as allowing a hitler to preach his agenda. You want to enable hate masturbation in public, I dont. These guys are not about ideas, they are about AGENDAS.

  25. Kronomex

    Jeez, what a bunch of bloody gutless wonders!

    Scummo, the pathetic wanker.

    And that fat oaf Palmer –

    “…lamented the low number of women in Parliament and demanded laws to mandate more equal representation.”

    “His United Australia Party placed a full-page newspaper advertisement on Friday which revealed just 14 of its 123 preselected candidates for the upcoming election are women.”

  26. Alcibiades

    If you were upset with Morrisons remarks re keeping women down, unfortunately, it only gets worse under this mob of scumbags. ‘Cause at the UN on Friday :

    Morrison Government missing in action at UN on International Women’s Day :- Human Rights Law Centre

    The Morrison Government has failed to sign on to an International Women’s Day statement at the United Nations calling for access to safe abortions, comprehensive sexuality education and sexual reproductive health.

    As recently as last week, in a speech to the UN Human Rights Council, the Australian Foreign Minister, Marise Payne, said the number one guiding principle for the Government’s time on the Council was “gender equality“.

    Yet when 57 countries came together on International Women’s Day to support a motion proposed by Finland and Mexico, the Morrison Government chose not to back it

    Way to go Scummo, you too Marise.

  27. helvityni

    Alcibiades, thanks for that Finland promotion…saves me doing it…( I tend to do it too much especially when it comes to education)…LOL

    Same goes for ‘gender equality’…I don’t think anyone over there was worried about having a woman as the country’s President…

  28. Kronomex

    Oh dear, I saw the mention of Finland and all I can think of is –

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