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Bishop vs Triggs – who should resign?

Last night on Q&A, Bronwyn Bishop used the opportunity to once again attack Gillian Triggs about the AHRC report into children in detention

“It has made you a very political figure. Therefore, you are subject to criticism,” Bishop told Triggs.

“You have to make the decision: are you a statutory officer, carrying out an obligation with the protection of that office, or do you wish to be a political participant? If you do wish to be a political participant, then you have to be no longer a statutory officer and stand for office.”

Perhaps Ms Bishop should inform herself of the role of the Human Rights Commission which includes leading the promotion and protection of human rights in Australia by “keeping government accountable to national and international human rights standards.”

Their statutory responsibilities include human rights complaints, compliance and policy and legislative development. They are obliged to “provide advice and submissions to parliaments and governments to develop laws, policies and programs.”

It is painfully obvious that this government will not accept oversight or criticism or advice from anyone including those whose statutory responsibility requires them to do just that.

And whilst on the subject of responsibility, let’s examine the role of Speaker of the House.

“In representing the House the Speaker represents and is responsible to the House and all of its Members, whether in government or opposition. He or she is not responsible to the Executive Government and seeks to preserve the House’s independence from it.

An important part of the Speaker’s task is to protect the rights of individuals and minorities in the House and make sure that everyone is treated fairly within the framework set by the rules.

The Speaker supervises rather than participates in proceedings. He or she does not normally take part in debate.

Notwithstanding the fact that the Speakership in Australia has long been regarded as a political appointment, successive Speakers have striven to discharge their duties with impartiality. As a rule, Speakers have been sufficiently detached from government activity to ensure what can be justly claimed to be a high degree of impartiality in the Chair.

Members are entitled to expect that, even though the Speaker belongs to and is nominated to the position by a political party, his or her functions will be carried out impartially.”

I would suggest, Ms Bishop, that your actions in Parliament and outside have shown that you are in no way impartial. You clearly favour the executive government which is a breach of your responsibilities. The use of your offices for Liberal Party functions is highly questionable. If you want to put your hand up for the significant pay rise associated with this position you must stop being a partisan political warrior or resign.



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  1. Francesco

    If anybody is to resign it should be Bishop. Triggs is carrying out her duties as an appointed statutory officer – no fear and no favor.

  2. Steve Laing

    And despite this clear breach of her role, she carried on without censure. If there was ever a need for a body to oversee the rules of Parliament, it is now. If there is nothing in place already, then we require it as soon as possible. Again, this is something that Shortwad should be pressing for, but again, he seems only to wish to play by the same set of rules that the other side continues to game.

    Is there really no committee, or body, with that kind of oversight?

    Thankfully it was clear from the audience reaction where the support lay. Dolores can stick her mandate, obtained entirely through mendacious means, right up her clacker.

  3. Sir ScotchMistery

    Kaye-Lee far be it from me to point out, that your usually well researched pieces have all the issues covered, but in this you made a glaring omission.

    Anyone who gives Bishop credit for more than a passing resemblance to a thought process is living in cloud cuckoo land.


  4. pierre wilkinson

    The constant vilification of Gillian Triggs is confirmation that she is on the right track.

  5. roaminruin

    This is one Bishop that can’t be polished.

  6. Jollyjumbuck

    Ms Bishop is the one that should resign. This woman, from watching her in Parliament is a disgrace and so one sided it’s pathetic. The woman is so anti Labour and any other party that doesn’t support the Liberals. The amount of Labour politicians ousted by her in question time defies belief. The is one female that should be put out to pasture and she had definitely has passed her used by date in anything political.

  7. Kaye Lee

    Our government is completely missing the point. They seem to think because there are less than 200 children locked up and being subjected to physical, mental, and sexual abuse, that they have done well and that apparently it is ok for those children to remain incarcerated with their abusers. What is the magic number that would make the abuse not ok? I would have hoped that ONE child in danger would be sufficient for us to act.

    Does the abuse of children also fall under the “whatever it takes” banner?

  8. Ricardo29

    Gillian Triggs’ dignified rebuttal of the unconscionable, and hypocritical Bishop attack, and the audience reaction to it was clear evidence of where people think the truth lies, and it isn’t with the worst Speaker in living memory. If I had been in the audience I would have hissed Bishop. Disgraceful toad.

  9. Selena

    It is very clear who won the war of words last night….Gillian Triggs!! 38% of the audience were Liberal voters and there was no clapping when Bishop spoke, but in contrast, the audience erupted when Triggs was able to tell her point of view. Bishop should look at her own job description before she starts criticism of others. It was also very interesting to note that Gillian Triggs said the Human Rights Commission had sent 180 reports to the Labor government, often criticising them. I dont recall hearing Rudd or Gillard asking for her resignation and calling her biased!!

  10. Aortic

    Bishop always looks as if she permanently has a piece if excrement under her nose. I do sympathise with her for her illnesses though, being blind in the right eye and deaf in the right ear must be a real handicap.

  11. O'Bleak

    Bishop is so engrossed in her own importance she fails to grasp the hypocrisy in which she is engaged. Abbott put her in the speaker’s chair knowing precisely the calibre of this person and her vehement denial of any view but her own. She and Abbott together have denigrated the office of speaker just as they trashed the parliament during their period in opposition. I feel nothing but loathing and disgust for either of them. Triggs on the other hand appears to know her job and executes it with deep professionalism. The contrast is stunning.

  12. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear to all the above.

    Add this to the list of political reforms so that the Speaker is obliged and enforced to stay non-partisan. Perhaps the Speaker could be sourced from the judiciary by withdrawing any voting or advocacy rights? … if that doesn’t contravene the Separation of Powers dictates.

    Or as Luca Belgiorno-Nettis was pointing out, a complete overhaul of the political representational system is required and in that process, the Speaker could be located on a rotational basis from a range of socio-demographic groups – outside of – politicians with vested party (and business) interests.

  13. Robyn

    Kaye, you forgot that Bishop also still attends party meetings where they would, I assume, be discussing strategy etc. This shouldn’t be allowed for anyone who holds the position of Speaker. She knows what they’re going to do and she’s ready to shut down the Labor reaction!

    In all this we must not forget that the IPA Agenda item no 82 is to Abolish the Human Rights Commission. We should be making more of this agenda because clearly it is still being followed by Abbott and the party.

  14. FreeThinker

    Kay Lee, you have summed it up very well indeed.

    In her clear, considered and informing deliberations last night on Q & A, Gillian Triggs was superb as the statutory executive leader of the Human Rights Commission.

    In contrast, Bronwyn Bishop came across as a parochial foot-soldier, a political partisan of Abbott Inc. unable to elevate herself beyond that stance. Perhaps she was trying to be dispassionate but as an appointee of the politically whimsical Abbott, that is what she is obliged to do, for fear of losing her job as Speaker.

    In her role as Speaker, she and Abbott ( and Pyne) have created a new low in the House of Representatives. All the more reason for this nation having an independent HRC, and a leader such as Gillian Triggs

    The contrast was very marked.

  15. stuff me

    Pretty obvious isnt it?

  16. Kaye Lee

    Speaking of Christopher Pyne, this article from 2009 is quite illuminating and, considering recent developments, prescient. No wonder Abbott promoted him.

    “Christopher Pyne is member for whatever it takes.

    CHRISTOPHER Pyne has many enemies, even among his so-called friends. The mention of his name sends certain Liberal MPs into a frenzy of slurs. There is a deep dislike for the man from within quarters of his own party and one senses the intense feelings towards him border on a deep-seated hatred.”


  17. roaminruin

    Hypocrisy is so ingrained with this lot I am sure the irony of Abbott and Bishop extolling the virtues of the Magna Carta was entirely lost on both of them.

    The news footage made me gag.

  18. Lee

    Last night was the best episode of Q and A I’ve seen in ages. Old Acid Drop was well and truly owned by Triggs. Bishop needs to resign and flush the sand from her vajayjay. I’ll happily donate the kerosene.

    Bret Walker was great too.

  19. Richard Ure

    @ Steve Laing “If there was ever a need for a body to oversee the rules of Parliament” That’s our job when all else fails. And it has. The last thing we need is another body appointed by the inmates.

  20. Gangey1959

    If it came to a vote to decide between the two of them who should represent Australia to and on the world stage, I wouldn’t be voting for ms bishop
    I would describe bishop as a dumb cow, but the cows won’t have her either.

  21. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    Kaye – at the urging of the Get Up! campaign I have just rung the office of my NT Labor Senator Warren Snowdon to stress the need for the ALP at their conference to make climate change a key issue at their national Conference.
    I also mentioned my concern over off-shore processing, data retention and other policies where bipartisanship is, I feel, inappropriate.
    I recommended that they subscribe to AIMN and in particular I highlighted your skilled analyses and suggested that they approach you to be an advisor.
    So if they do, blame me but we would all be the beneficiaries.

  22. iggy648

    Robyn, any idea what Tim Wilson thinks about this? “the IPA Agenda item no 82 is to Abolish the Human Rights Commission”. Candidate for Hippo awards?

  23. Kaye Lee


    Thanks for the support. As Richard said, it is up to all of us to hold this government to account and, in that pursuit, every one of us is important. Calls and emails to local members (or senators) does make a difference if there are enough of them. My local member has blocked me from commenting on her facebook page despite the fact that I have never been abusive. She has never responded to emails I have sent which is hardly surprising as she was a captain’s pick parachuted into our seat (much to the chagrine of the local Liberals who had a good local candidate for preselection) even though she, at the time, lived in Tony Abbott’s electorate.

    Now is the time when we must all pull together. We must make it very clear that we will not accept secrecy, that we are entitled to know what is being done in our name with our money. As has been pointed out before, any contract that this government enters into is on our behalf, we are the signatories. This rubbish about “commercial in confidence” or “national security” must stop. Locking up asylum seekers or paying people smugglers has NOTHING to do with national security as Brett Walker, the government’s own adviser, pointed out.

    As I have said many times, I learn more from the people who comment here than I impart. I might start a conversation but it is you who can spread the word. Our democracy is under attack and we must resist. Gillian can’t do it alone.

  24. Steve Laing

    @ Richard Ure – yep I know, but I wanted it confirmed in case I had missed something in the detail (I’m from the UK – their Speaker has to resign from the party and thus be more strictly non-partisan than the frankly amateur nonsense we see here).

    However we only get a chance every 3 years. Is that enough? I agree that we don’t want another quango, but the current fiasco highlights a significant problem with the system as it stands. Replacing them with Labor, or whomever, isn’t enough. They’ll be back later through lies, and will continue to abuse their positions with relative impunity.

    BTW – it is interesting to note that the spin regarding the governments having now only 100 rather than 2000 children in detention was not even their own. It was suggested by one of the journos on Insiders, clearly watched by the bold Malky who repeated “this success” on the Monday, and has now entered their lexicon. Prior to that point, they had no response, other than blame the messenger which, bless them, they still continue to do.

  25. Kaye Lee

    Michael Stutchbury (from Insiders and the Financial Review) is about as useful as Rowan Dean or Gerard Henderson as a commentator. They are muppets who are incapable of original thought or critical appraisal. It just goes to show the dirth of intelligent conservatives. John Hewson is one of the few who I respect.

  26. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    Kaye – I have just sent this to Warren Snowdon, who was a colleague of mine years ago when I was taching in the secondary school system in the BT:
    I spoke to an officer in your electorate office this morning and mentioned the Australian Independent Media Network (AIMN) and a particular contributor, Kaye Lee,
    This is an example of her work and readers coments:

    Bishop vs Triggs – who should resign?

    In other articles on AIMN, her analyses of financial issues are thorough and brilliant.
    Subscription to AIMN is free (they appreciate donations!) and many of the articles published on line – plus the comments that follow – provide an informative insight into the political system as seen by the rest of us.
    Twitter also gives an alarming picture of the number of people who are turned off the ALP because they have moved too far to the right and followed a slavish and inappropriate adherence to bipartisanship over issues which affect our freedoms and rights which is totally unacceptable.
    We do NOT want Abbott re-elected but it is an increasingly likely outcome unless Labor revives its social conscience and opposes a regime which is becoming increasingly fascist.
    We also abhor the treatment of refugees and the off-shore process which your party instigated.
    We keep innocent and damaged people in a brutal environment and spend a small fortune doing so. Swiftly processed, admitted into the community, assisted with language, accommodation and jobs, they would contribute massively to our economy. By all means return economic migrants who will not be persecuted if sent back but get our economy going with a massive boost to housing and a humane and compassionate approach to genuine refugees.
    How can you not oppose a new-born baby being sent to the hell hole of Nauru?
    I could go on and will do so if invited but I recommend you recruit Kay Lee who is a brilliant analyst and policy developer.
    Regards from a distant ex-colleague turned lawyer!

  27. mars08

    Frankly… I find the government’s grouchy attitude towards Triggs and the AHRC report to be quite confusing. I really don’t see what they are so upset about.

    The Australian public has demonstrated, time and again, that the vast majority DON’T CARE about the (mis)treatment of asylum seekers. They just want the “issue” to go away. The public doesn’t care about how it’s done… there is barely any concern about the cruelty and abuse built into the current system. Most voters are happy for the govt to do “whatever it takes” to stop the boats reaching out shores. Even the ALP has set this as a worthy goal.

    So… why the fuss? Surely this latest episode is another success for the Coalition in preserving our splendid way of life. Surely paying cash to turn back the votes is just another tool in a popular operation to protect our borders.

    I don’t understand why this govt would try to deny theses allegations. Wouldn’t proudly OWNING the cash payments be a winner in the Australian electorate? Isn’t it further proof of Abbott’s dedication to keeping those nasty, sneaky brown people away… and reducing traffic jams in western Sydney…?

    Or is getting rid of Triggs and discrediting the AHRC part of a wider agenda?

  28. rabiddingo

    Sadly, mars08 is perfectly correct. The vast majority of Australians do not care at all about asylum seekers: the level of approval for the LNP policy in opinion polls is staggering. For my part, the ‘whatever it takes’ mantra of Abbott and his droogs is simply terrifying in its implications: strafe the boats? ram the boats? torpedo the boats? And I agree with mars 08 that the bogans and paranoics in Oz society would think that it’s cheaper to pay these bloody brownskin reffos and ragheads to simply bugger off.

  29. diannaart


    The latter, I suspect: ….Or is getting rid of Triggs and discrediting the AHRC part of a wider agenda?….

    I have been pondering the same conundrums – majority of public are in favour of treatment of refugees – one of the reasons Labor continues down this bigoted path.

    So what is the real agenda of our two-party system?

  30. Kaye Lee

    And since Bronwyn has chosen to raise her coiffed head above the parapet, let’s have a closer look.

    “Bronwyn Bishop Implicated in Dodgy Political Donations Slush Fund

    [Bronwyn Bishop] was a director of the Dame Pattie Menzies Foundation Trust, which received $11,000 from the Free Enterprise Foundation on December 9, 2010, which it then directed to the NSW branch of the party for use in the 2011 state election.

    In fact $27,000 was passed on to the NSW Liberals, including a $2000 donation to the Dame Pattie foundation (DPMLF) from Australian Corporate Holdings, a company connected to Sydney property developer Sydney Fischer.

    The tangled web spins even wider, as many of Dame Pattie Foundation’s directors are key ‘off-books’ players, to use an ICAC phrase.

    Bronwyn Bishop is still listed as a director and should have resigned from this slush fund years ago. Her role as Speaker of the House of Reps should have caused her to review her directorships, especially of conduits (or should that be sewers) like this foundation. They exist for one reason only – to circumvent transparency concerning political donations and to hide breaches of the law. Pegg, McInnes and Campbell have all been called before ICAC. Maybe it’s Bishop’s turn.”


  31. Dan

    Kaye , Great article. Totally agree with you on Stutchbury, Dean & Henderson . Why they bother having them on has me beat. Saying that I do not have the respect for Barry Cassidy that I once had . I believe He has gone soft on holding the Abbott Government to account and his interviews lean that way. Gillian Triggs is a total champion who deserves much more credit and support than she receives. On another strong and capable person the Children of the world are very lucky UNICEF has recruited Julia. Education the world over will be the better for it. Sorry cannot mention the other recipient of your article in the same paragraph as these Ladies.

  32. mars08

    Ohoh… heh… sorry…

    I just read my previous comment, and I noticed a glaring error.

    Of course the last sentence should have been “…is getting rid of Triggs and discrediting the AHRC part of a whiter agenda?”

  33. Helen Holmes

    So, how to stop that nasty, biased Prof Trigg criticising those nice people like Tony, Joe, Scott, Peter, Bronwyn…GOT IT…the whole govt could resign their positions then she won’t trouble them any more – perfect 🙂 Honestly, what do those idiots think her job is???

  34. Jollyjumbuck

    Bishops job is not to let any Labour speak in the House. Quite often the question hasn’t been asked to her liking and then it’s the three strikes your out. Out they go. I wonder if even she know how many Labour politicians she has ousted over the year so far? That woman is a disgrace and should be sacked. If you ever get to watch question time on TV, do so, I usually cannot sit through more than a half hour and that’s on a good day.

  35. Lee

    “Or is getting rid of Triggs and discrediting the AHRC part of a wider agenda?”

    Yes. The IPA wants to get rid of the AHRC. I can’t find it now but there used to be a document on their website of their goals, and abolition of the AHRC was on it.

  36. June M Bullivant Oam

    Bishop, the worst speaker ever, does not understand the rule of law or decency, fairness or transparency

  37. Grant Moss

    Jillian Triggs stands head and shoulders above her detractors. Her integrity and grace under constant unwarranted attack highlights the absolute paucity of either quality in the government.

  38. passum2013

    Bishop should resign and bow her head in shame.

  39. Fiona

    The Elder Bishop wouldn’t know what shame was if it bit her on the bum.

  40. ausross

    All hail Her Royal Highness, Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, holder of the Order of Most Biased Speaker in History. And don’t forget to drop into HRH’s office at Parliament House for one of her Liberal Party fundraisers.

  41. JohnB

    The bald-faced hypocrisy of Speaker Bishop attempting to lecture Triggs on the proper role/duties of an AHRC President and her conduct of those duties.
    The fact that Speaker Bishop was even sitting on the Q&A panel actively representing the LNP is an abomination of Westminster parliamentary process.

    As Kaye has pointed out, Bishop is trashing the traditional independent role the Speaker, has abandoned even any pretense of impartiality – yet she arrogantly/high-mindedly questions the propriety/integrity of Triggs.
    Even more disconcerting, apparently almost 50% of electors are prepared to give credibility to Speaker Bishop and accept the normalcy of her conduct.
    Such is the power of nationwide propagandised media.

    In a sane world, Bishop would be jeered and laughed off such a stage.

  42. Kaye Lee

    After looking at the photo leading this article, I found an interesting piece in Forbes titled 10 Ways Body Language Can Help You Be More Powerful

    “On the dating scene, in the business world and in social situations, women need ways to show their confidence. Body language is a great way to assert control and communicate strength and power, but it can also tell the opposite story. What should and shouldn’t women do with their body language?

    Don’t peer over your glasses. Judge Judy’s signature move is to look over her glasses disdainfully at the people in her courtroom. Nonverbally, this is a cue of superiority and scorn. If you wear glasses, try not to peer over them at people. It makes you look distant and snobby.”

  43. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear JohnB.

    Speaker Bishop is lucky she does most of business in Canberra where there is a moderately low population.

    If Federal Parliament were in Sydney or Melbourne, her ability to go about her destruction of the impartiality of office, would be restricted by more on-the-spot members of the community, who take umbrage at her outrageous conduct, by being in the gallery and booing her jaundiced decisions.

  44. crypt0

    Bishop, Most Biased Speaker in History, should have resigned a long time ago … her use-by date is way overdue.
    In a sane world,Gillian Triggs would be the next Australian of the Year.

  45. Michelle Brock

    Bishop is a very grubby pot calling the kettle black

  46. Roscoe

    maybe Gillian Triggs should take Brommies advice and go into politics, maybe stand for the seat of Mckellar. I am sure she would do very well and the people of Australia would have a great politician

  47. brickbob

    ‘Dont normally watch Q&A but made exception last night just to experience Gillian Triggs make mince meat of that biased bogged up reprobate bloody woman,Professor Triggs went far better than even i thought she would and showed a depth of empathy,intelligence and decency that Bishop will never and has never possessed,a truly remarkable woman.””””””’
    I had my garlic and wooden stake handy in case Bronwyn jumped through the screen and tried to attack me.”””””

  48. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Beautifully put brickbob and I’ll take that as a comment.

  49. bobrafto

    I know this stretching the imagination and just wondering if there are some peeps who also think Ms. Triggs has an appearance of Tweety Bird?

    I tawt I taw a Abbatt twat.

    Sorry, carry on …….

  50. Garth

    Gillian Triggs again impressed by not being baited by Bishops incredibly narrow minded, and partisan comments. She responded with grace and dignity (as she always seems to do – she has much stronger self control than I could claim to have) and simply explained the position of her office and the reasoning behind the decisions made, and actions taken, by the HRC (not that they need defending). The HRC has been politicised by the current government and no-one else. Again, the self control of Ms Triggs to not fire back with Ms Bishops many failings as speaker only increases my respect and admiration for her as a person and someone who takes seriously the statutory responsibilities of her office.

  51. Trevr

    Bishop vs Triggs. Triggs wins hands down last night. Bishop showed her mean and nasty controlled side a number of times with all the other participants and when the discussion went ” off message” Bishop attacked and at one point commented about the nature of comments against Abbott in the public sphere as being deplorable( my word). Bishop et al Abbott rabble believe in their divine right to rule and lie and lie and rule and rule and rule and lie and lie. What a disgraceful display as Speaker Bishop presents. Bishop and Abbott are great advertisements, along with other MP’s, as to why MP’s should be term restricted as Parliamentarians.

  52. Bilal

    The Speaker is meant to be the upholder of the rights of the House against the encroachments of the Executive, be it the King or the Cabinet, not behave as the Scarlet Woman, selling out the legislature’s rights and attacking one who endeavours to uphold the rights of the people against tyranny, namely Gillian Triggs. If ever there has been a first rate candidate for President of Australia it is Gillian Triggs. Bishop should be sacked for this treachery to parliamentary rights.

  53. Annie B

    Q & A this week, sure packed a remarkable punch – one of the best I have seen of that programme. … The dignity and grace that Gillian Triggs showed, was a joy to listen to and see.

    Agree with Jennifer Meyer-Smith entirely. ( your post June 16, 2015 at 10:40 am ).

    The speaker of the H of R in Parliament should never be ‘elected’ or ‘appointed’ by any ruling government. Never should have been at any time. …

    It simply does not make any sense, as any speaker aligned with the ruling party, cannot help but have bias in some way, even if only sub-consciously. …

    Admittedly not many before B. Bishop have shown such willingness to come down so hard on the opposition, or to show such partisan stands, in so many respects.

    Surely there can be a change made to this ridiculous situation ?

  54. paul walter

    With no way of silencing her opponents through rudeness and procedure, Bishop made for a forlorn sight, like the murderer exposed at the end of an Agatha Christie telly mystery, or Davros the Dalek.

    But Triggs is a compelling presence, charismatic, lucid and coherent. The legal expert sitting next to her largely confirmed her views; it must have been intolerable for Bishop at times.

  55. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks bobrafto,

    I have saved that fantastic image to my favourite photo file.

  56. frontad84

    With “No Confidence”thrown in her face
    You’d think Madam would retire with grace
    But this cranky old chick
    Has a hide just as thick
    As the makeup she trowels on her face.

    The old Gorgon sits in The Chair
    With sour puss and helmeted hair
    Giving Libs all her favour
    While she heaps shit on Labour
    And claims she is totally fair

    In the Speaker’s Chair sits the Medusa
    Glaring at those who accuse her
    With that cold vicious stare
    Neath the helmeted hair
    And wonders why Members abuse her.

    She swore she’d have impartiality
    But that was’nt quite the reality
    For now she’s in the Chair
    We’re all now aware
    Bias is the Bitch’s speciality.

    We all know she’s a nasty old hag
    With a face stuck together with clag
    In fact her condition
    Arouses suspicion
    She may well be a fellow in drag

  57. Kaye Lee

    “Making fun of Bishop, with her lack of humour, her steely determination, her helmet of ash-blonde hair, her pretensions and outlandish costumes, is not hard.

    Some of her Liberal colleagues call her Brunhilde, for her alleged resemblance to a Wagnerian warrior maiden, but the best lines about Bishop have always come from across the chamber.

    It was former foreign minister Gareth Evans who once posed the question:

    “Why do so many people take an instant dislike to Bronwyn Bishop? Because it saves time.”

    When she was minister for aged care (remember the kerosene baths scandal?), Labor MP Robert Ray spoonerised her ministerial title, making her minister for caged hair.

    When she was minister for defence industry, science and personnel, the position came complete with a military aide. The unfortunate army captain assigned the job quickly became known by parliamentary wits as her “aide de high camp”.

    But perhaps the funniest put-down came a few years back when Bishop appeared in the chamber wearing an outlandish dress, which featured an arresting over-the-shoulder sash.

    “Best in Show!” shouted an Opposition fashion critic, probably Leo McLeay.”


  58. Marg1

    Poor old Bronny only made herself look so stupid and ignorant on Q&A, while Gillian Triggs shone out as a star. It can’t be easy for her – the constant abuse and bullying she receives from this pack of lunatics.

  59. Zathras

    To those of us who remember what happened under her watch, perhaps Bronwyn should treat herself to a nice warm kerosene bath.

  60. Ann McGavin

    There needs to be a use by date on politicians. Thirty years in parliament ripping off the tax payer is way over the top. Lets limit it to no more than 15 years max.

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