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Awww did the mean people call Scotty names? Try being queer

Scott Morrison worships at a church that deems homosexuality as a “broken-ness”, something that can be fixed with conversion therapy.

When the country overwhelmingly voted for marriage equality, Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce, the men who lead this country, both abstained despite their electorates instructing them to vote in favour.

When Israel Folau insisted that gay people would go to Hell, Scott Morrison said “He’s a good man. Good on him for standing up for his faith.”

In fact, Morrison made it his “signature” legislation to enshrine the right of the religious to vilify and actively discriminate against the queer community.

Tonight, we are going to hear how upset Jen and the girls were to hear Scotty called mean names by his colleagues and how unfair that was to read those texts out in public.

Well, Jen, how do you think gay/trans kids feel when your church preaches from the pulpit that they are an abomination who will burn in hell forever unless they give up their evil and unnatural ways? How do you think that affects gay people of faith? How must it feel to have your very identity debated by strangers? How do you think it feels to have parliament vote on who you are and what you can do?

If your husband stopped condoning and facilitating such persecution, it would do a lot more to improve his standing than cooking curries, playing the ukelele (badly – seriously whose idea was that), and shoving his wife and kids in front of him to say ‘please like me’.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    The P M, a Pathetic Misfit, will be juggling eggs, miming to opera, doing the hambone a la bollicky Bill, anything as a detraction from honesty, observation, comprehension. IF the people were aware, interested, judgmental, punitive, he would be up aginst a wall or down through a trapdoor for his laziness, duplicity, incapabilities, drawbacks, sloppiness, his Lies (again,) his Lies, and his even more repeated LIES.

  2. Baby Jewels

    Spot on. What an ugly, hypocritical, selfish and mean-spirited – and can I go so far as say evil man – or will I lose my house for typing it?

  3. pierre wilkinson

    well said Kaye Lee,
    I am hoping there comes a time when no one calls him names, or talks about him at all, except to wonder what ever became of Scotty from marketing?

  4. GL

    Scummo is eminently insultable. His insultability level is the highest of all the federal LNP with The Reichspud in second place. Are we less likely to tone down the insultometer because it upsets him?

    Not bloody likely.

  5. Keitha Granville

    Why are we caring about anything that Jen thinks?? Shes a wife, she’s not an elected representative. I could give two figs for anything she thinks or says, same for the children. How dare he parade them about to make himself likeable, it’s revolting.

  6. Anne Pierpoint

    So much for calling yourself a Christian! I would love to wipe that supercillias smirk off your face. You are a bigot and – according to those in the know – a liar. I hope your God strips you of your Prime Ministership and confines you to the cemetery for useless politicians. I guess however, you would be relying on resurrection being the arrogant person you are.

  7. Kaye Lee

    Citipointe Christian College – a Pentecostal church school in Brisbane – demanded parents sign contracts agreeing that the school would distinguish boys and girls “on the basis of the individual’s biological sex” (and not their gender identity) and that “any form of sexual immorality” – it listed homosexual and bisexual acts together with bestiality, incest and paedophilia – “is sinful and offensive to God and is destructive to human relationships and society”.

    Publicity got it withdrawn but what an ugly insight into what Scott and Jen’s faith really believes.

    Mind you, I think Scott’s beliefs are highly transactional.

    When first asked about Israel Folau, Morrison dismissed the question saying “that issue has had enough oxygen”. Three weeks later, four days before the election, he was onboard the Folau bandwagon promising his religious freedom bill to protect Israel’s right to be an ignorant hypocritical judgemental bigot.

  8. Terence Mills

    At home with Scotty, at home with Albo. What next, down the mine with Matt Canavan or the Top Five Girlie Bars of downtown Manila with Georgie Porgie ?

    The whole thing makes me nauseous !

  9. GL


    In the padded cells with Craig and George? In the CCP proof bunker with The Reichspud? In the sewer with Bananabay?

  10. Henry Rodrigues

    Scummo has no beliefs, either moral or philosophical. His focus is on the material, what he can take in exchange for giving nothing. He is convinced, and tries to convince us too, that he is doing whatever he can for the Australian people, when all he does is for himself. And now he’s roping in Jen and the girls to try and reinforce that falsehood. The girls don’t know that but Jen does, she’s a paid up member of the church of grifters. ( $550,000)

    The coalition have a code that all their members subscribe to, every man and woman. The rodent coined the phrase, broad Church. Yes, a church consisting of rapists, liars, hypocrites, mendicants, thugs, number jugglers, misogynists, allied to fornicators, notwithstanding the warm fuzzy pictures by a compromised photographer in the pay of a maggoty media scroat.

    Bear that in mind if anyone happens to watch Stefanovski sucking up to Scummo and Jen on Ch 9 tonight.

  11. Garth

    There are two sides to this story; the gay and lesbian movement contain people who have strong opinions against heterosexuals and express them!
    Homophobic tag; it’s getting like the old worn out Anti-Semitic one.

  12. Max Gross

    Still waiting for Sideshow Scott’s absailing stunt

  13. Gangey1959

    @Terence. Are you sure they are girly bars?
    The whole argument , or is that both arguments, are getting mixed together, and it’s like mixing sodium and water.
    A) Should anyone be able to deride, abuse, denigrate, assualt in any way ANYONE because of WHO THEY ARE ?
    Not what they are, WHO they are. Fuck NO. Not EVER.
    B) Does any faith based organisation have the right to ask that people it employs, or who enrol in it’s courses, to sign a statement of any kind that declares said person “evil, or depraved, or damned, or whatever the wording is/was” because said person is sexually “not the same as whoever wrote the document? Fuck NO. Not EVER.
    It wasn’t that long ago that WOMEN were lesser beings. At least in the eyes of “the church”. (Now that situation exists only in Canberra and some other workplaces). More people have been murdered in the name of (pick a name) one god than for any other reason on Planet Earth, and still the religious nut jobs carry on. Religious corporations pay NO Tax, are guvvm’nt supported to the hilt, and still popeandco are not satisfied.
    Time to call it a day, folks.
    There are rules in place already to protect everyone. You. Me……….Them. Deal with it, or stop taking MY money.

    PS. That moron of a rugby player should have just been benched, and told that while Management didn’t care either way about what he thought, his team mates did, and refused to play with him on the team until he retracted, and as he was under contract he would just have to forego training and playing until his contract expired, or he publicly changed his statement. Here’s $8M and pack your bags? At least he didn’t blow up a cave.

  14. Helen Jennings

    Kaye Lee. Haven’t responded to your posts in a while but always follow you. Once again your comment today said it all for me regarding this particular display of scomo’s narcissism and hypocrisy. As for Jen, well Ive had a feeling for a while thats she’s the powerhouse behind our pm. Take care.

  15. Michael Taylor

    Gotta give Scotty credit where it’s due: At least he hasn’t not visited an Aboriginal community every week after not promising to do so.

    Mmm. Maybe in his eyes they are too low on the Great Chain of Being to command his recognition.

  16. Kaye Lee


    I have never heard the rainbow community denigrate heterosexuality. Could you show me an example please?


    I find the body language interesting. Most national leaders wouldn’t be draped over their partner clinging to them whilst doing an interview.


    Coalition MPs don’t turn up where they think someone might criticise them – not without a cheque book anyway. Car parks? Rifle ranges? Conservatoriums? Take your pick and smile nice for the camera.

  17. New England Cocky

    Uhm ….. if ”Jen” had any brains or decency she would have flown the coop by now, but she is complicit in perpetuating the anti-social attitudes and persecution of non-members of the Hell$inger$ Chorus$ of $Ky Fairy Di$ciples buying their way into Heaven every week.

    Poor little Scummo, ripping off Australian taxpayers at about $2,000 PER DAY including perks, and after he is sacked by Australian voters still a cancer on the financial teat of Australia.

  18. Harry Lime

    Really just illustrates how far removed from the everyday reality of the lived life of the average punter these narrow minded , blinkered dickwits are.Commercial television,garbage print,seems to have removed the ability of joe citizen to think for himself.If Jen is upset about the names people are calling her lovely ‘husband’ ,maybe she could engage a braincell every now and again.I have absolutely no pity for these deliberately stupid morons.Morrison, the C@@#$$t that he is, is reaping everything that he has sowed.No amount of contrived bullshit is going to change it.
    Bring on the fucking election and put us all out of our misery,you chicken hearted fraud.

  19. John Hanna

    I feel kinda sorry for Jen, she is but a feckless pawn who is obedient to the man of the house as her ‘faith’ dictates. The offensive thing is smirko’s desperation to polish his tarnished image by using wife and kiddies as the polishing cloth. Chan 9 under LNP directorship is more than happy to engage in the game of fuckwittery.

  20. Patricia

    New England Cocky
    Jen has been under Morrison’s thumb since she was 12, I doubt that she has a single thought that had not been pre approved by her husband.

  21. Kathryn

    Morrison, like Howard, Abbott and other insufferably sanctimonious, misogynistic, homophobic bible-thumping hypocrites who line the cabinet of the LNP, ALWAYS have to have someone to vilify, someone to hate, someone to judge and someone to denigrate! The fact that they hide SO MUCH hatred, rage, intolerance and callous inhumanity behind a nauseating thin cloak of rampant, condescending hypocrisy says SO MUCH about them – NONE of it good, NONE of it “Christian” and NONE of it kind!

  22. Josephus

    Really stupid to claim gay people denigrate the majority. Should not have been published on this site.

  23. Michael Taylor

    Josephus. I beg to disagree.

    There’s no way Kaye Lee would do that. I’m honoured to have her work published on this site.

  24. Caz

    Jen pack your bags before it’s too late. In ten years time you will be a desiccated old frump like Janet Howard. Seriously though it’s a pity there isn’t some conversion therapy that can turn people like Morrison into decent human beings. Sixty Minutes? What a non event. I was waiting to see Scomo wash Jen’s hair.

  25. GL

    Jen came across as a slighlty less unpleasant version of Scummo. And he came across as the same old sanctimonious, arrogant, and chameleonic prick we have all come to loathe and detest.

    So the text messages affected him as a human being, sure they did. I’ll bet his head spun around and around as he seethed with anger and bile as he thought that someone would dare to say, let alone think, such thoughts about the Chosen One.

    Gag, choke, urk! Asked by Stefanovic whether he was praying before the upcoming election, the Prime Minister said: “I pray for miracles every day, Karl… I pray particularly for Australians, that they will get through this together.” The only miracles he prays for are one’s that involve Labor being dragged down to Hawaii, oops, hell, before the election and the rest of the country suddenly finding religion (preferably the hand waving happy clapper religion) and recognising that he is the way of the future.

  26. Michael Taylor

    GL, did he pray for the people who died from Covid for the sake of the economy?

    Nah. Don’t answer.

  27. Henry Rodrigues


    Grace Tame is fighting for her sanity, her future, her gender, her sisters, in the struggle for equality and respect.

    And Jen ? She’s fighting for the $550,000 pa.

  28. Harry Lime

    Katherine Murphy of the Guardian sums up the Liar’s latest straw clutching rather nicely..”Engineered television puffery” And some uncomfortable news for ‘Jen’…your husband is an unreconstructed arsehole,and the number of people waking up to this reality is daily growing.That utter bullshit last night will drive more people away…keep up the good work.I suspect there will be a buzz of disbelief in Labor’s party room meeting this morning,at their good fortune.The Liar’s own goals just keep on coming.

  29. Josephus

    Michael my comment very clearly was not about Kaye but about the person who falsely claimed that homosexuals despise heterosexuals. I cannot understand how you misunderstood my brief comment!

  30. Kaye Lee


    I think Josephus was referring to Garth’s comment which was a bit like Pauline Hanson’s “It’s ok to be white” mentality.

    As for ProMo, the idea of my PM praying for solutions does not fill me with confidence that he is capable of steering the ship.

    (PS Josephus….snap)

  31. Consume Less

    Well said Kaye and comments !!

  32. Terence Mills

    In the meantime the Liberal party spinners have come up with a gimmick to get the punters back onside.

    It’s being reported that the government are planning a temporary reduction in the excise tax on draught beer to get us back into the pubs and clubs and get us drinking.

    Somebody in the prime minister’s office must have a cynical sense of history and a sense of humour. Throughout history grubby politicians have handed out free wine and beer to get our votes ; we are more pliable when we are drunk.

    The public relations machine will swing into action with Scotty popping up in your local pub and RSL with his Cronulla Sharks regalia. You will be encouraged to drink more to support the hotel lobby but, perversely, you will also be encouraged to drink responsibly.

    Oh and a stunt for the religious folk. According to Scotty he has worn out the carpet at the lodge next to his bed from constantly kneeling and praying (for his re-election).

    Give me strength !

  33. Henry Rodrigues

    Scummo is a fake. And he knows it.

    And Jen is his enabler. And she knows it.

  34. Jack Cade

    Isn’t Crosby Textor back on the trash truck? Smells like it to me…

  35. Henry Rodrigues

    Just now a report in the Guardian….. The fornicator defends Jen’s remarks about Grace.

    Of course, this the guy who was photographed leering lasciviously at ‘lovely’ Vikki Campion’s brazenly exposed thighs. He never fails to amuse.

  36. Harry Lime

    Henry,he never fails to shit me.But fails at everything else.

  37. Terence Mills


    that photo of the leering Barnaby instantly reminded me of Sir Les Patterson !!

  38. Kaye Lee

    Barnaby talking about manners and politeness and respect for office is gobsmacking.

    Who could forget the time in the Senate where Barnaby was so distracted by Bridget McKenzie that he stopped in the middle of his speech to say what a “flash bit of kit” she was?

    Or the allegation that a young woman had to flee to the toilets to escape his drunken advances?

    Or the fact that he stood down when allegations of sexual harassment of a prominent Nationals Party woman were made public without her permission?

    This person who expects Grace Tame to show respect for the office of PM called him a liar and a hypocrite in a text he asked to be shared.

    This person admitted to regularly turning up to parliament drunk and to having a longstanding extramarital affair with a staffer which he charged taxpayers a lot of money to carry on.

    Barnaby prefers it when we girls smile and take attention as a compliment.

    I could keep going but suffice to say, Barnaby is in NO position to lecture others about appropriate behaviour or respect for office.

  39. wam

    A beaut read, as usual, Kaye, great description of scummo’s jen. She is the church’s dream girl(demeaning term) mother whose husband stares adoringly as she speaks to her gender role. Her church believes all women must defer to men and boys.
    “If your husband stopped condoning and facilitating such persecution” he would enrage the 40% who voted no? There are enough albophobic idiots around, so better stick with christ’s teachings from the bible.
    The highlight of the night was the grateful glee of karl baby.
    One has to be saddened by the churches’ fear of revealing the extent of the money extorted from the indoctrinated and sent overseas which robs them of franking credits.

  40. Kaye Lee

    Viewing audience: 60 Minutes interview with PM 574,000 viewers metro last night. MAFS 961,000.

    (PS I had to ask my husband what MAFS meant and, to his shame, he actually knew)

  41. paul walter

    So, the disgraceful utterences of Morrisons wife have made it here.

    See Katharine Murphy article.

    Lack of respect for Tame and Higgins and from a so called woman, to boot.

  42. GL

    Kaye Lee,

    I think MAFS stands for Moronic Asinine Firetrucking (being polite) Shit.

  43. Michael Taylor

    Josephus, if I misunderstood then I apologise.

  44. Florence

    I suspect either Jenny or Scott realise their family represents those of the 1950s than families today. Families today mostly consist of two incomes, women having their own careers. Most wives also find time for charity work.

  45. GL

    I see Scummo’s new vileness is basically, “It’s not up to me to apologise, it’s up to you to forgive.” Or to paraphrase Alfred E. Neumann, “What, me apologise?”

  46. GL

    What’s DoPe going to do, blame it on local issues? Ah well, he can always fall back on, “At least we took some votes off Labor.”

    “Did they sign the non-dislosure agreements?”
    “Yes. Here they are in this envelope”
    “Good, now we bury them.”

  47. wam

    hahah Kaye, MAFS, your old man knows about the bandit, as well.
    He is a bloke to admire and you should get him to pen a paragraph on your next foray??

  48. margcal

    The 2-part 4 Corners programme featuring undecided voters is the really scary programme to watch. The ignorance on show is frightening … and these are the people who will decide our future. It’s hard to see their ignorance being alleviated – they clearly don’t get beyond MSM headlines and show no sign of seeing anything wrong with that, show no sign of any responsibility they have to educate themselves.

  49. Henry Rodrigues

    margcal… The ABC doing its bit for Scummo’s re-election campaign. How were these people picked , what was the criterion, were their political backgrounds checked ? Did the coalition strategists have any part of the selection process ? Were they deliberately chosen for their ordinary looks to imply that they were representative of the general populace ? As you say , its hard to believe they live in a bubble, oblivious to the current p
    olitical and social climate.
    Ita Buttrose doing her damndest to prove she’s loyal to the guy who appointed her. A check of her background is a clue. For many years a top employee and confidant of that most capitalist of Australians, Kerry Packer, the guy who scoffed at the parliament and mocked everyone who payed their taxes. Look at the personnel changes at the ABC, the mass sackings of experienced journalists and the installation of sychophantic bootlickers. The ABC has been thoroughly and comprehensively gutted of all credibility.

  50. GL


    The ABC is being Rupertised.

  51. GL

    “Grr, growl, grr,” says Scummo. “I’m hard and rough and tough.” Snort, what a sad pathetic scared little man.

    “Morrison told MPs that in order to win the election contest in May, the government needed to put “the starkness of the choice in front of the Australian people”. The prime minister said: “I know how to do that, and I know that is how you win elections. I know what the path is and I’ll be following it.”” Yep, lies, dirt, scare tactics, beating the drums of almost rabid nationalism, dirt, lies, distraction, deflection, look over there at nasty China, ad nauseam. Then rinse and repeat, although in a different order each time.

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