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Another Liberal failure

By Mark Clifford

This updated graph of Hours Worked in Australia is clear evidence that the Liberal government of Australia has failed at Economics Management 101. If you are a rusted on Liberal voter well good for you, but you will continue to ignore the evidence at your own peril. If you are an uncommitted voter or a thinking voter and you are somewhat perturbed with the idea that the Liberal government may just make it back to the treasury benches, well study this graph of hours worked in Australia closely because it is the bottom line when it comes to economic management. Don’t listen to the vested interests and know nothing blowhard commentators who peddle rubbish like this index is up and this index is down, because they don’t know any better, they are just practicing ‘monkey see monkey do’.

Just think about this, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison want to give a $50 billion (over 10 years) tax break to companies for what? For what? They can’t employ more staff to make more widgets because Australians don’t have anymore money to buy said widgets. So, the only reason is to bolster the bottom line of these companies so they can keep CEO bonuses rising and so on. If a company is doing well and has a good product they will naturally expand to grow their company, and take their profits and pay their tax. Remember, it is the conservative side of politics who complain about government handouts of unemployment benefits etc., and it is the same side of politics who put their snouts in the trough for government handouts in the form of tax cuts and various ‘incentive’ handouts to their companies and businesses.

Now I don’t begrudge small businesses being able to immediately write off $20,000 to purchase business items and it is no wonder that Harvey Norman (Gerry Harvey) is crowing in adds thanking the government for such an incentive to small business because the extra profit is just making him richer and he is not employing more people and neither are the small businesses. The proof is in the graph. What is the difference between this scheme and the $900 that Rudd dished out along with building school halls etc to save Australia during the GFC? I’ll tell you what the difference is, look at the graph and you will see that the types of incentive schemes the Labor Government introduced really did benefit the economy, unlike the result of the Liberal Government’s pathetic economic management practices.


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  1. Florence nee Fedup

    You must be wrong. Insiders was very definite. Government right out in front, that includes Morrison. So clever flushing Shorten out. Spent whole programme telling us how bad Labor is.

    Fran and I suspect all, don’t believe the polls. Not sure how Labor can manipulate them.

  2. Jexpat

    It seems right wing ideologues worldwide have a congenital defect that prevents them from grapsing the concept of aggregate demand.

    At least, to the extent that they’re semi-numerate in the first place.

  3. z

    Just think about this, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison want to give a $50 billion (over 10 years) tax break to companies for what? For what? purely for the goal of robbing the poor to the rich, it won’t help so called “jobs & growth”, look at OECD countries data, there are no relevant between cut corporate tax would create more jobs, Denmark has much higher tax while unemployment was very low,

  4. passum2013Ronbarnes

    Oh ! Florence .You must be blinded by the Murdock press. Even on Facebook Morgan has Labor ahead by 2 points the other day. Don’t always believe every poll as some favor one side more than the other depending on the arrears polled. Cross check with other pollsters to see. ,Read all news type items then look at what’s happening to Medicare hospitals ,Aged care , schools. Also with apprentice training, universities age of retirement pensions , Invalid support payments ,Tax exemptions for the rich , companies fuel subsidies and then outdated submarines Money has to come from the Industries to help support these things .Only Labor Cars for All people not the elite few.

  5. Florence nee Fedup

    Passum, I was being sarcastic. Maybe I was too subtle for my own good.

    The one thing I am sick of, is the way journalist on most sites, keep making excuses for the PM.

    All acknowledge Shorten big surprise, much better than they expected, then wipe him off with no explanation.

  6. Michael Taylor

    You had me fooled to, Florence. ?

  7. Jack Russell

    Go get ’em Bill! Start ramping it up! Call a spade a spade! Speak “aussie” to the Aussies, loud and clear!

  8. helvityni

    Florence had me fooled too.

    The only good one on Insiders was Burke, Cassidy was irritating me with his nit-picking of the honourable Burke. When I see Fran up there I should not bother watching the show.

    I’m losing interest in ABC, have they done a deal with the Devil.

  9. totaram

    Who will query the “Jobs-and Growth” mantra with the help of this graph? It is clear as day that Labor’s stimulus worked a charm after the GFC. But you won’t see anyone talking about this graph in the MSM. What a bunch of useless sellouts they are! Of course we know how well the present govt’s policies are working to create jobs:

  10. Florence nee Fedup

    Cormann on Foxtel at the moment with same old script. Looks more animated today. Hate it that I am getting more from Sky news. Actually being challenged,

  11. Marilyn Riedy

    The clear reality is that in three years of Liberal government Australia has gone backwards, No matter the mantra of jobs and growth there has been absolutely no growth for three years. This government has been caught out in so many lies and yet, in their arrogance, continues to mislead and deny the truth.

  12. Arthur Plottier

    The $50 billion (over 10 years) tax break will not give any warranty that all the business that get it will use it to reinvest in the company or employ more people. That it is optional as using the money for holidays,”toys” or just increase the superannuation.
    The only thing that I am sure to do it is increase the gap between the rich and the poor.

  13. Florence nee Fedup

    Been listening to some good debate on Sky news, Much I disagree with but serious option being put forwarded. Labor has asked to be active on social media. That is where they intend to judge tonight.,

    I feel Shorten will go with big changes to welfare. he has little choice. Will take guts, Need people to get behind him. I could be wrong but the PEFO queried all assumptions it was made on,

  14. denisc

    re: “Now I don’t begrudge small businesses being able to immediately write off $20,000 to purchase business items”

    Why is this not ‘normal’?

    Currently if you spend $x on something for your business that is deductible over 5 yrs then in the first year you also have to pay the tax on 80% of $x….idiotic

    The solution… leasing.. or in other words ‘pay twice the value of the item over the lease term’
    but hey, it’s all immediately deductible…

    Grab a calculator, at best you’ve paid $x for the item as if it wasn’t deductible..

  15. Phil

    Well actually the people who don’t have the ‘in pocket’ cash to buy the widgets produced by the corporations will simply use credit.

    I think this is the most dangerous and subversive aspect of the NLP policies – they cut employment security, cut wages, cut hours worked and cut welfare knowing that people, especially parents of young families, will take on ever more credit card debt and so the Liberal Party donor producers can carry on producing and selling their crap – all the while the workers amass monumental private debt. The system will collapse but the Liberals simply don’t care – retaining the trappings of power are all that motivates them.

    The Liberals know that when the working poor are in debt up their eyeballs they don’t march in the streets, nor strike for a living wage, nor complain about welfare cuts – rather – they turn on each other, at home, and the most vulnerable i.e. the children and the women are the first to suffer the escalating waves of domestic violence that follow. The Liberals response? More private run prisons, more private profit – win/win.

    Do the Liberals care? Of course they don’t – they are insulated by the free market myth that convinces them, despite all evidence to the contrary, that poverty is self inflicted. Something is going to give with this approach to national government and those with the most to lose will become the targets of unstoppable anger. So be it.

    Yet it does not have to be this way – as the writer has so clearly shown, we once forged an egalitarian society, fair, progressive and decent, but Thatcher and Reagan’s neoliberal greed has eaten into the national fabric and so we are all losers and the self congratulating rich cannot isolate themselves from this.

    The Liberal candidate will be last on my ballet. My grandkids will thank me

  16. Judith W

    LNP / Tony Abbott promised 1 million jobs in the first 5 years of their government before last election. That promise is going the same way as all their others. What has changed that I should believe this promise of jobs and growth? And, since all the new projects seem to be in the areas of building and construction (88% male employees), where are the jobs for women going to be created?

  17. Jaquix

    To put things in perspective, could Malcolm Turnbull really expect that the tax cuts he will giving to the owner of the 7-eleven chain, who has recently been shown up as underpaying his workers (via the individual franchises) will be putting that tax cut towards “new investment”. And what of the huge number of companies, large and small, who pay no tax now anyway? I thought Bill Shorten had a good go at Turnbull over the benefits of the tax cuts going to overseas shareholders, yet none of the journalists have mentioned this point afterwards. Id like to see Labor put forward a really good case as to how their policies are going to create growth, with plenty of examples. Maybe they have that in mind for later. I also hope they dont forget that a good many people will do a postal vote up to 2 weeks before the election, so dont fall into the trap of thinking its an 8 week campaign. Its a 6 week campaign, with an extra 2 weeks tacked on for good measure.

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