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Who’s to blame for demise of the Australian economy

By Mark Clifford

A picture tells a thousand words, so I’ll let the attached graph do all the talking.

Briefly, the graph is based on ABS data on ‘hours worked in Australia’ from the first day of the Rudd term and up to March 2016. It clearly indicates that the demise of the Australian economy is squarely laid at the feet of Tony Abbott and now Malcolm Turnbull. Abbott wanted to cut red tape and get rid of regulations and over night the monthly ‘hours worked’ figures literally started going backwards. This was assisted by Joe Hockey who constantly said he was creating jobs. Yeah right, Joe. Hockey took a 40 hour week job and created 4 x 10hr a week jobs and then boasted this ‘success’ to the gullible public. What this also did was wipe out the payment of income tax and increase the welfare payment to people who couldn’t live on such a job.

In a nutshell, the graph clearly indicates why the Australian economy is not ‘pumping’. When the government boasts about the pseudo job creation situation and ignores the ‘hours worked’ figures, it shows a high level of deceit and an even higher level of contempt for the Australian public.

Anyway, to the graph . . .

Hours Worked V Population Mar 2016_1


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  1. Loz

    Good article. It is depressing to say the least to have a government who continually lies and uses scare tactics just to keep themselves in jobs.

  2. jamess

    This no doubt is only one piece of information that needs to be in every letterbox in the country.

  3. Kaye Lee

    From the ABS…

    Aggregate hours worked increased 1.1 million hours in August 2013 to 1,650 million hours.
    Monthly hours worked in all jobs in March 2016 decreased 17.5 million hours to 1,632.3 million hours

    Population at the end of September 2013: 23 235 800
    Population today: 24,056,508

  4. paul walter

    “Two legs good, four legs bad”.

    You are not regarded as fellow Australians, but as mug cheap labour to be exploited and your feelings don’t come into it, unless you’re are not miserable like the rest, then appropriate detection and subsequent action will take place to obviate the anomaly.

  5. amarkone

    The monthly hours worked figures are ABS Labour Force figures – Trend, not seasonally adjusted. Seasonally adjusted makes the Liberal government look even worse. You never tell somebody who failed to get a job that they came stone motherless last, that is just cruel so why use the ‘seasonally adjusted figures’ when talking about the Liberal government, that would be just cruel. March 2016 Monthly hours worked: 1,643.7 million hours (Trend).

  6. Drew

    Who ha, bla bla bla, you only get real facts by reading unbiased articles, we all can pick one thing that supports our comments, in this case article, you need take all the figures and put them together, not just one section of it.
    AIM journilsts are biased to labor fact, I am open minded and a swinging voter, so no not a lib voter, I try to see it all from both sides, not like AIM. Hate for any of these writers to be an ump at a footy game, and be this one sided.????? its so funny, that its sad that people are so naive

  7. Michael Taylor

    Drew, this article was a copy of what was sent to every politician by the person who also sent it to us. He, like you, is a reader here. Anyway, please feel free to submit something to us to publish. We really would like to publish something from somebody unbiased such as yourself.

  8. Möbius Ecko

    OK Drew string some facts together for us that are in context and counter those presented here?

  9. Miriam English

    So, after 3 years of telling us how good they are, after initially crashing the economy, it has recovered somewhat, but is not even at the absolute level it was when Labor left office… nevermind that it hasn’t kept pace with population. That ship has well and truly sailed.

    Terrible performance. All this while doing their song and dance routine about how they’re the “adults in charge” while blaming Labor who actually vastly outperformed them, even with the major handicap of doing so during the global financial crisis!!! Imagine if that had hit when this mob was in charge. Gives me the shivers.

    God, those in the LNP must get so depressed when looking at figures of their performance.

    (And a quick aside to Drew: I’m not a Labor voter, but I have the sense to give credit where credit is due. Labor did well, LNP terribly.)

  10. ozfenric

    Hi Drew, can you point to any relevant facts that balance this author’s work? Statistics don’t lie, but they can be misinterpreted. If these figures are being read incorrectly, please let us know how. If there are other statistics that should be examined, by all means point them out. If you cannot, then the fact of the article is evident. You may think the Abbott/Turnbull government are doing great things, but they are demonstrably not creating more work-hours.

  11. Miriam English

    Mark Clifford, thanks. Posted to facebook.

  12. totaram

    People like Drew are typical trolls. They don’t really have any arguments or facts to offer. Just like Malcolm Turnbull they will say “not relevant, full of errors, besides the point”. Any body can say that about anything. In short it is just trolling.

  13. ImagiNation

    Israel 1 – Australia 0

  14. votedave

    and build homes people can afford to buy (or rent).

  15. Miriam English

    ImagiNation ??? Do I note antisemitism there?

  16. Miriam English

    Michael, Drew must have gone back there and pulled reality in behind him because that pickering site that he recommended apparently no longer exists. 🙂

  17. amarkone

    Miriam and Steve, disseminate this detail as you wish. Drew, it is good to hear a Liberal voters thoughts, I always wondered how sane logical people could vote for the likes of Tony Abbott and now you have given me an insight, thank you very much for enlightening me.

  18. ImagiNation

    Open your eyes.

  19. Miriam English

    ImagiNation, I guess your response is to confirm antisemitic intent. No further comment needed from you. You’ve permanently poisoned any credibility you could possibly have.

  20. ImagiNation

    Unfortunately, guessing is a common problem.

  21. The AIM Network

    ImagiNation, we’re sure that you are capable of sound debate, but your repeated attempts at doing nothing but niggle other commenters does not show this.

  22. Peter F

    What did I miss? How did this divert into a discussion on antisemitism? I really do not understand.

  23. diannaart

    Healthy levels of Supply and Demand are created by enabling purchasing power by people – such as secure employment, liveable wages.

    Apparently this simple equation is rocket science for some.

  24. you can't be serious

    Also I thought I read somewhere, (was it on this site?) that most of the jobs created have gone to foreign temporary workers.

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