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An appetite for evil

Beyond incompetence and corruption

Untroubled by the burdens of either wit or intelligence the embaldened tubermensch who, for now, leads the meritocracy trading as the Liberal Party seems to be struggling with his personal brand, as is manifest in his Howardesque, too tricky by half cavilling over the Voice to Parliament. A vuvuzela in a chamber orchestra hoping no-one notices the discordance.

Not being Scott Morrison is a prudent image; albeit one that was obligatory given the level of loathing due that perfidious galoot. Yet Spud Dutton’s headkicking, homophobic, warmongering, race-baiting reputation is hardly a winning alternative, particularly when such a persona is widely seen as authentic, ironically unlike FauxMo’s shamelessly contrived, yet G-rated daggy dad flimflam which in no small way helped to bring the shyster undone.

“Cuddly Pete” had only a brief run – the Murdoch manure machinery’s efforts to sustain such an obvious deceit being counter-productive given their rustadon audience of rightwing nutters celebrates bastardry, culture war attacks on the “wokes” and persecution of the others*.

*As of publication the “others” is the trans youth but subject to change without notice and as may be determined by the political advantage to be gained from tormenting the victims du jour ala Robodebt.

Tory noir is a smoking ruin of creeping nastiness, sleaze and graft yet there is no contrition, there’s hubris but no humility and there’s shameless hypocrisy to camouflage their embarrassment and their terror at the prospect of the national integrity commission. Over nearly a decade they shat in our collective handbag yet now rely on a humourless automaton pulling the wings off butterflies (“they love me, they love me not”) to recoup some credibility. Spud will never trump Smirko as our worst ever Prime Minister because he will never be PM, but for now, as tuber supreme in the L/NP vegie patch this visionless, reactionary hack is the representation of who they really are.

I have no fkng idea what I’m doing

Lined up behind the tinpotato is his idiot sidekick, the gormless Sussan Ley. Suss got the deputy dork role to help offset the Tory’s infamous fella ratio – the swollen but karmically shrinking ranks of sex pests and big, swinging dicks. (Author’s note: Dutton and Morrison are two of the remaining BSDs).

Desperately shrieking Sussan’s shtick, apart from consonant abuse, is her feigned outrage and droning whine topping the sour expression of someone who pickles her own vag.

Dutts & Suss/Bubba & Squeak – the A Team from the et al shonks, God shoppers, spongers and dullards who’d spent their years grifting like no-one was watching; who took the game of mates to a level that would shame a Saudi royal.

He’s still there, isn’t he? That plastic garbage bag of grass clippings; the beer view mirrors, the claret-complexioned coagulation of cirrhosis and stupidity, that menace to sobriety known as Barking Barmy Joyce.

Barmy’s role is to champion the monetisation of planetary destruction on behalf of his miners & frackers constituency. And therein lies the evil at the core of the Coalition – the purposeful destruction of ecosystems to feed the insatiable greed of the filthy rich who have convinced themselves that with their wealth they can isolate from the consequences of environmental collapse.

Gawd, I shoulda passed on that last slab

Barmy has an excuse. He’s a moron. What excuses do the climate science denying cookers such as Matt King Coal Canavan, Alex Antic and Gerard Rennick have?

Corruption and incompetence are bugs in politics. Morrison made them a feature of his nudge, nudge, wink, wink sleaze fest. What they have now demonstrated is their appetite for evil.

Evil is a standard now embraced by the Tory ecosystem.

Evil is the illegal pursuit and willful persecution of powerless Robodebt victims for non-existent debts.

Evil is abusing people’s lives and wellbeing to score political points.

Evil is directing disaster support funds away from Labor-voting electorates.

Evil is the fossil fuel mates who know the truth yet persist with planetary destruction.

Pure evil is that Tory accomplice, the scrotum-headed media magnate and his willing flunkies who not only know the truth but promote the lies regardless. There is no hell hot enough for Rupert Murdoch and his flying monkeys. There is no stretch in chokey long enough for the Tudges, Porters and Roberts of the Lying Nasty Party.


Hellbound (Image from


This article was originally published on Grumpy Geezer.


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  1. Patricia Wilson

    Well that was certainly worth the wait.

  2. David Taylor

    Fella ratio !!!………. The monthly prize is hereby awarded. Like Churchill, your play of the English language is deemed worthy of a few mentions.

  3. Brad Black

    Clever how you managed to get a photo of roodog revealing his devil’s horns, Mr Geezer. But the red noose, sorry circle you drew needs to be a bit tighter to have the right effect.

  4. Canguro

    I’d rather be commenting on Grumpy’s excellent essay, but a quick reply to GL; in any rational scenario, the proletariat and others would rise up against their oppressors. It’s been done before, revolutions are not without precedence, having been part of human history for nearly 5,000 years; literally hundreds if not thousands have occurred.

    America is well overdue for such an event. The gross abuse of power by politicians, the suppression of the civil rights and freedoms of citizens along with the militarisation of the police and their continual use of deadly force against those citizens, the regressive use of legal means to clamp down on what in any modern civil democratic society would be seen as norms – things like the freedom to choose one’s partner, engage in birth control, not be subjected to intimate bodily invasion by the state, not be restricted from access to literature and information, not to be subjected to control by governments who lie, cheat & steal, and who arbitrarily confiscate personal property, and who give preference to corporations over citizens even when it is demonstrable that citizens suffer as a result in matters such as health, housing, environmental pollution, restriction of access to basic utilities such as energy & water and more, along with matters such as the maintenance of sub-optimal and unlivable minimum wage structures, inadequate worker protection in hazardous work environments, inadequate laws protecting workers from exploitation along with the tolerance of employers exploiting their staff and enriching themselves massively at their workers’ expense… all of these are facets of the current social, commercial and political environment that characterises the USA.

    The sticking point, clearly, is that any rising up against these tyrannical forces will be met with deadly opposition and thousands will be killed and injured. I don’t believe Americans at large have the heart for this; they are too soft, too discouraged, too cowed, they bow their heads before their oppressors and secretly hope to dodge the bullets when the police are let loose. Who will be in the vanguard, prepared to sacrifice themselves on behalf of their fellow citizens… it would only take the first hundred or two to overrun any wall of police resistance in any locale, but cumulatively thousands would die.

    It’s very difficult to envisage either a freely-chosen improvement in the status quo or a violent uprising when the population at large say ‘enough is enough’. Sad.

  5. pierre wilkinson

    bravo, encore

  6. Roswell

    Grumpy, you are a national treasure.

  7. Paul Smith

    Everything about this article, from the title, to the delineation of evil in the context, but above all the language… The language!!! Reading this was so much better than a good … y’no… funk.
    [not a typo]

  8. GL

    Thank dog DoPe was born with a flexible rubber spine otherwise he would have fractured every vertebrae with the amount back flips and bending over backwards he’s doing lately.

    Yet another case of, “Do as we say, not as we do.” From the past masters of smear and dirt tactics.

  9. Denis Hay

    It will be interesting to see just how many Ministers of the LNP government are held to account by the new NACC for their dereliction of duty and how many will receive jail time if found guilty. My guess is NONE.

  10. New England Cocky

    Now, now GG ….. I must object to the representative of the Nazional$ in New England being incorrectly described as ”a moron” because this is far too good a description and reflects the degenerate ideals of the essentially Tamworth based local branch.

    I would much prefer you to accurately describe our Beetrooter as the adulterous, alcoholic, bigoted, crony supporting, disingenuous, egotistical, fornicating, lazy, mediocre, misogynistic politician working to put New England into the future as a 19th century theme park having annual events to celebrate the worst of country life including the annual ”Boat Race a Barrel of Beer”, “Jumping the Blanket Championships” and ”Dig a Hole & Destroy the Great Artesian Basin water source for inland Australia pastoral enterprises”.

  11. andy56

    yes i agree, the liberals do seem to have an appetite for evil. Howards refugee stance is but one of the liberal’s willful ability to win votes over others’ misery. But you went soft on them. a wall, give me a wall.

  12. leefe

    I must disagree with one point. Ol’ Rupe is not an accomplice; he is the ringleader and the LNP are his tools (in more ways than one).

  13. John Simpson

    Good one Grumpy, you’ve done it again, a master stroke of genius.

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