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Abbott’s Consistency in the Coalition of Contradiction

Image by noplaceforsheep.com

Image by noplaceforsheep.com

Let’s start with Andrew Bolt:

More booing from the mob as Abbott leaves. There is a tendency among all collectives to not be satisfied with love. They also need to hate. Thus do trash boo at funerals.


I suppose the fact that he decided to attack Whitlam within minutes of his passing was nothing like booing – it was his way of his showing love. You see, Bolt loves the current government because you only have to put two of their statements together and you get some wonderful contradictions.

For starters, let’s look at their attitude to red tape slowing things down and place that against the “rushed” insulation scheme which led to the death of workers. There should have been more oversight, which is, in some way that I don’t understand, different from red tape.

And the Medicare Co-payment, which is going to a medical research fund. Somewhere. The details are probably commercial in confidence. BUT WE NEED THIS CO-PAYMENT TO MAKE MEDICARE AFFORDABLE. Even though it’s not supposed to discourage people from going to the doctor. Neither is it going into general revenue. But we need it because of Labor’s mismanagement of the economy, even though it has nothing to do with the past but is – supposedly – about the future.

I could talk about their change in attitudes from Opposition to Government with such things as the unemployed, the car industry, SPC or even Government Debt. $283 billion in debt is a disaster, but let’s not mention what the debt level is expected to reach in the next few weeks…

Then, of course, the Carbon Tax was a GREAT BIG TAX ON EVERYTHING. Even though it was only the biggest companies that were paying it. “But they’ll pass it on, you idiot”. The Paid Parental Leave Scheme (remember that) won’t cost us a cent because it’ll be paid for by a levy on Big Business. “Why would they try and pass it on to consumers?” And it won’t cost them anything because – in spite of the Budget Emergency – we’re giving companies a tax break of 1.5% which is the same as the levy.

But I guess the greatest contradiction of them all is their Direct Action Policy because it’s a subsidy and they don’t believe in subsidies. Oh, unless it’s to things like coal. But wind, well, what if the wind isn’t blowing and one day, we’ll run out of sunshine because the Labor Party used too much of it when they were in government and we’re determined to ration the sunshine to the people who really deserve it. And, if those companies who take the money don’t meet their target, well, we don’t punish people for making mistakes. Or promising to do things which they don’t. Unless they’re Labor politicians.

Of course, I could point out to Andrew Bolt that it was a memorial service, not a funeral. Alternatively, I could promise him that I certainly wouldn’t be booing at his or Abbott’s funeral. But that would be tacky.

Instead, I’ll merely quote from the Bolt man himself:

Pearson then speaks in the biblical tones and cadences he’s now adopted for his oratory.

He savages Joh Bjelke-Peterson, and waves aside Whitlam’s chaotic mismanagement as simply the price to pay for inspiring reform. The crowd loves that.

He then says Whitlam had “not a bone of ethnic or gender prejudice in his body” and Pearson can “scarely point” to any leader since of whom that could be said. In front of him sit Bob Hawke, Malcolm Fraser, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, who are all entitled to feel grossly insulted. Indeed, Abbott may well feel betrayed, having devoted so much time to working with and for Pearson and his Cape York initiative, and having adopted Aboriginal advancement as his most passionate social cause.


I guess booing can take many forms. There are plenty of other subtle attacks in Bolt’s little article.

Still, as everybody knows, bolts are worthless without nuts to support them.

P.S. While on the subject, whatever happened to Christopher Pyne?



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  1. Kaye Lee

    “having adopted Aboriginal advancement as his most passionate social cause.”

    Over the next five years $534 million will be cut from Indigenous programs administered by the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Health portfolios.

    More than $160 million of the cuts will come out of Indigenous health programs. The health savings will be redirected to the Medical Research Future Fund.

    The cuts include a $3.5 million cut to the Torres Strait Regional Authority.

    On top of the program cuts the Government has confirmed the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples will not get $15 million earmarked for the representative body over the next three years.

    Funding for Indigenous language support announced in the last budget will also be cut by $9.5 million over five years.

    The chairman of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, Justin Mohamed, points to two budget announcements which he says will hit Indigenous Australians particularly hard: the seven-dollars it’ll cost to visit a GP, and the eventual lifting of the pension eligibility age to 70.

    Mr Mohamed says many Indigenous families simply won’t be able to afford the GP co-payment, whilst the gap in Indigenous life expectancy means a disproportionate slice of the Indigenous population don’t even reach the existing pension age.

    Legal aid services and the National Tobacco Campaign will also take a hit, losing $15 million and $3 million respectively.

    The future of some of the most disadvantaged children across Australia is now in limbo, following the federal government’s withdrawal of funding from 38 Aboriginal Child and Family Centres.

    The Commonwealth has withdrawn responsibility for funding about 180 remote Aboriginal communities in a move the State says could cost $10 billion over 20 years and threaten the health of vulnerable residents.

    There will be some money going into Indigenous affairs – or perhaps a redirection of funding.

    This includes a school truancy officer program in 74 schools at a cost of $18 million; $54 million over four years for extra police in remote communities; and $26 million for Indigenous teenage sexual health programs next financial year.

    I could keep adding to that list all night but you get my drift. If that is what he does to his most passionate social cause then the rest of us are stuffed.

  2. halsaul

    Am at the stage where Bolt, Pyne are not worth my time to comment on. Abundantly obvious how toxic this Abbott government is – if anyone thinks other-wise, then they will never be persuaded differently.

  3. rossleighbrisbane

    And as for Kaye Lee’s language, I think she’s allowed to say “f*cked” so long she doesn’t use it the sense of coitus.
    “Grub”, however, I find objectionable, unparliamentary and the sort of word that can’t be heard clearly by Liberals.

  4. bobrafto

    Kaye, a bit of decorum please, in your last word. lol

  5. Kaye Lee

    I do apologise. This man drives me to expletives I would not normally use but there are times when what else can you say. I can’t think of an ending that conveys my meaning better. However I would not say that in certain company and I should not on a public site like this. Sorry 🙁

  6. bobrafto

    Call it a hunch, but just about every time I see the Joe on the MSM I feel like yelling out.

    Hey Joe

    I know where $8.8billion is you can get your hands on.

    You know the money you gave to the reserve bank to speculate on currency markets.

    Have they turned a profit?
    or have they taken a hit?
    And does the missus have a hand in getting a commission from the trades of the reserve bank since she is a banker?
    if not, do your mates enrich themselves with the trades?

    And then I contain myself in the belief this information is undoubtedly protected by Border Protection or at the very least the New Terror Laws.

    Good story Ross, however, I’m sure you picked up on Hockey asking for Labor’s help to get the GP bill thru. lol

  7. rossleighbrisbane

    Hey, look, I was tempted to talk about their contradictory attitudes to free speech, but I was afraid that might lead to my indefinite detention under the sedition provisions of the Anti-Terror Legislation.

  8. bobrafto

    Kaye, I avidly read your posts and your comment above is like a post and of the thousands of your words I’ve read this is the first time I saw the f word, surely a sign of exasperation?

    But I’m asking the bleeding obvious.

    I can see you storming question time and beating the adults over the head with your hand bag.

  9. stephentardrew

    That Noel Pearson being all serious and stuff it’s just not fair. Hey but why not give a playful media circus with one hand while robbing the indigenous people with the other, you know that Mr Eleventy thing sums and all that.

    Great practice perfected by Tony’s mates the grand British Commonwealth of Nations giving lollies an beads to the locals while generously taking their land.

    All for their own good of course.

    Never fails you know.

    Sometimes I become comatose in front of the key board in a sort of stupor thinking how the hell can this cruelty be justified.

    A well placed swear word is much better than brooding anger and despair.

  10. June M Bullivant OAM

    Well written, I don’t know who is actually paid to advise this government but whoever it is has two heads.

  11. patsy

    love your article……but cant understand how bolt gets away with his propaganda…..and WHY cant he get over Julia Gillard he cannot write an article without some remark about her…..he is threatened by the fact that she is a women…..I have never loathed someone as much as him …and his love affair with himself….he should be grateful for the creation of the mirror but sadly it only reveals his appearance not how ugly he is inside…….

  12. Phil Buckley

    Does anyone take note of Bolt anymore, except for perhaps comic relief.

  13. Lee

    Very good Ross. Dolt is such a hypocrite and so full of excrement that I don’t even bother to read his material.

  14. lawrencewinder

    Nicely put… sorry, Putin! Have we ever, ever seen a time that is so much like a dream-fantasy car wreck?
    Where Orwell’s “1984” has been used the primer and the psychological surrealism of Kafka presents as normal?
    I’ll bet Bolt’s “Weeties” milk curdles as he spoons it up. What a nasty bag of bile…. !

  15. O'Bleak

    Bolt occupies my mind as often as any of last week’s visits to the crapper. Anything else you’d like to discuss?

  16. Colourful Linguist

    ” However I would not say that in certain company and I should not on a public site like this. Sorry ”

    i would say that and a lot more. and i wouldn’t apologise for it either. The curse word has not been invented yet that can match the offensiveness and vulgarity that is Abbott. The word you used is such a common expression these days, anyone who finds it grating must surely be walking around with their fingers constantly in their ears lest they be offended at every corner.

  17. Ross

    Whatever happened to Christopher Pyne?

    Having trouble exiting the closet?

  18. Billy muddle maudlin

    What a beauty, Rossleigh! You took a little poetic licence about nuts on bolts. This bolt reaches hundreds of thousands of people many of whom are nuts who believe his words. He also spreads his bile on commercial TV to his Christian faithful each week.

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