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A Break From Tony Abbott And Politics And A Story With Nothing To Do With Anything! :)

Image from The Daily Telegraph

Image from The Daily Telegraph

“Excuse me, but I’d like to report a crime in progress.”

“Just one moment, madam, could you fill out this form and leave it with us?”

“Yes, but the crime’s happening right now. Just across the road.”

“Fill out the form and we’ll deal with it presently.”

“Ok, give me a minute.”

A few minutes later.

“Here’s your form, officer.”

“Right, then, so let’s put this in the pile over there and we’ll look at in due course.”

“But the crime’s happening right now.”

“Well, that’s for a court to decide. You’re in no position to decide what’s a crime or not. I mean, do you have any legal training?”

“As a matter of fact, I’m a lawyer.”

“Well then, you’d obviously know that it can’t be considered a crime until someone’s been convicted in a court of law.”

“Aren’t you going to do anything?”

“Of course we are. Later on, we’re going to read this report and we’re going to ask you why this crime wasn’t reported sooner.”

“I mentioned this to one of your officers, but he said that his shift was finishing and that I probably should wait and report it to the next person on duty.”

“Oh so you and he conspired to make it look I was the one who was neglecting the crime. You’re partisan, that’s your trouble. What’s your name?”


“Right. Well, if you’re the Gillian I’m thinking of, then you’re not the sort of person we want reporting crimes.”

“But it’s a crime, does it matter who reports it?”

“You ought to take a good hard look at yourself. What sort of a person are you? I don’t see how you can sleep at night.”

“Even if I’m done something wrong – which I don’t think I have, by the way – what’s that got to with anything? There’s a crime happening, and I’m telling you about it. Surely the thing to do now is to do something to stop it.”

“Yeah, well why didn’t you try to get the other officer to stop it?”

“I did – but he didn’t want to know about it either.”

“That’s because it’s his incompetence that’s responsible for all the crime around here. But whatever, the fact remains that you didn’t make a formal report until I was on duty, and that’s because you wan’t to make it look like the crime figures go up when I’m on duty.”

“I don’t care who’s on duty. I just want something done.”

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll give you ten seconds to get out of here before I arrest you for wasting police time.”

“Wasting police time? I want you to stop a crime!”

“We don’t have time. We’ve got too much to do.”

“What could be more important than stopping a crime?”

“Stopping the other officers round here from injuring themselves. Take Joe, for example, he keeps bumping his head when he opens the holding cell. And Christopher, whenever he attempts an arrest he locks himself in the cell too. I’ve got a full time job just making sure that they’re all injury free. It’s not easy being in charge.”

“Perhaps you’d better resign and let somebody competent take charge.”

“Gees, I knew you weren’t on my side. Right, that’s it! I’m taking you into custody and charging you with having a different view from me.”

“That’s not a crime.”

“Since when.”

“This is a free country. Don’t I have a right to express an opinion?”

“Of course, you do. But only if it’s the correct opinion. Joe! Get in here and put this one in the cells. And try not to bang your head this time.”


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  1. Jacob Hodgman (@bunyipjake)

    So much like my time as video producer for SAPOL – “you want me to break the law? But we’re the cops” “Yeah, that’s why we can do it” “What? I’m not taking part in illegal activity just because you think you’re above the law” “That’s fine. We’ll just force you out of your job and invade your home under false pretences – no-one will believe you because we’re SAPOL”. Forced out of job, was assaulted at home under false pretences…won the lawsuit for stress though.
    When, like our PM, you think you’re too good to criticise, you start being part of the problem. Then you lose the public trust, and there be dragons.
    Too many sheeple not standing up lets the ‘too-gooders’ get away with murder (sometimes literally). #nosheeple

  2. DanDark

    If you want a cop to come quickly, tell him you just shot the person who broke into your house,
    they will be there before you have even hung up the phone.
    If you just ring and say you are being robbed and bashed you will be waiting long time for those cops 🙂

  3. Owen Snelten

    Careful we are “all”
    terrorist suspects, all 24 million of us- well so we are led to believe.. It appears there is no nice list for us Aussies, Santa must have forwarded all our files….

  4. gangey1959

    Can I not just plead that Christopher Pyne may or may not have been involved in the conversation…….?

  5. Graham Houghton

    If only Gilbert & Sullivan were still alive.

  6. Rex Alfie Lee

    Love your work Graham Houghton. Why would anyone be surprised? There’s no money in fighting crime, to much paperwork, too many lawyers interfering (I could repeat that line again, to many lawyers interfering) & to many cops not worth a grain of salt. Better off with anarchy, get rid of the forces, the cops & the government. Our situation would be less horrific because we could stand & fight for what we believe in rather than having turd interfere with our lives & totally screwing everything up…

  7. mazzini

    I wonder if this would be happening if her name was Gilbert instead of Gillian.

  8. storm1969

    Brilliant. Thank-you.

    You could also include our esteemed Tim Wilson not standing up for Gillian.

  9. lawrencewinder

    Graham Houghton…. I think if the Ruling Rabble were a musical show it would have to have Kurt Schwitters, Yves Tanguay and Chiam Soutine on the production team.
    Timmy “Twat-Freedom-Man” could wear a silver sequinned suit with gold Larme’ as MC with music of Kurt Weill played backwards.

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