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Early this week, we had Peter Dutton making his run for the leader’s job with his very effective slap-down of those business leaders who dared to express an opinion on marriage equality. Go for it, Peter, I say. I mean, what right to business leaders have to giving the government advice on something like same sex marriage. We should only listen to business leaders on things like whether climate change exists and only if they tell us that it’s a load of claptrap and scientists are far too insular to know which way the wind is blowing and hence they can’t advise us on climate, let alone whether. I mean, weather, or rather, whether or not we should be trying to increase our use of renewables.

No, no, no, business leaders should just quit their business and become a politician if they want to express an opinion. Or start a religion. If you’re a religious leader or head of the ACL it’s ok to have an opinion on marriage equality. But not if you’re a business man like Alan Joyce. I mean, what business is it of an openly gay business leader whether or not we have marriage equality. No, best leave that to white, heterosexual men who go to church. Like Peter. No, best that men like Mr Joyce do as our future PM suggested and stick to their knitting. Which shouldn’t offend Mr Joyce because clearly it wasn’t meant in a homophobic way and Mr Dutton was clearly referring to all business leaders and the Qantas leader shouldn’t feel singled out just because he was the one mentioned by name!

But just when I thought it was safe to go back to the Liberal Party, what do we have? That lefty, socialist Malcolm Turnbull ruining things again?

We’ve already seen how he takes good Australian money and stops the millionaires here getting their fair share, by sending it to the Cayman Islands. And we’ve seen how, like all left-wing socialists, Malcolm is trying to redistribute wealth via tax cuts to the wealthy. Yeah, we all know how that’s going to end, don’t we?

Thanks to the trickle down effect, those tax cuts’ll end up in the hands of the unemployed and homeless because the businesses will start paying their workers more and the extra taxes will lead to an increase in the money going on welfare because that’s what people like Malcolm do – don’t you remember that picture of him putting five bucks in some homeless guy’s cup – and next thing you know, we’ll be some sort of Maoist state like China… well, maybe not China, it’s looking even more capitalist than Rupert Murdoch these days. Cuba?

Whatever, it wasn’t Comrade Turnbull’s position on wealth distribution that made me see red tonight. No, I don’t mean that I’m angry. I meant in the sense that I can see his left-wing, commo’ views are being forced upon us, whether we’re in favour or not!

For years, we’ve been concerned about how 18C has stopped me putting those races back in their place (and you’ll notice that just because of that 18C thing I didn’t call them “inferior” or “subhuman” or “unionists”) just because it “offends” or “humiliates” them when I place a cross on their front lawn. God, it’s got so we god-fearing Christians can’t even put up a cross in someone else’s front yard. Last night I was stopped before we’d even set it alight… Bloody police state!

And brave culture warriors like Andrew Bolt (who isn’t a business leader and therefore has a right to an opinion) and Cory Bernardi have long complained about how 18C is preventing them from saying those things which they’d like to say, but when they do, not only do they have the Left telling them that if they don’t like our values why don’t they go back where they came from, they also risk joining all the other people who’ve been jailed or fined after violating 18C. I’d give you some examples but none spring to mind…

But Turnbull has bowed to the left and after refusing for so long to amend 18C because it’s too restrictive has decided to strengthen it!

Well, that’s what he said:

“We are strengthening the race hate laws. These are stronger laws, more effective laws, because they are clearer laws!”

See, he’s just shown how much of a lefty he really is. He’s strengthening it by replacing “insult”, “offend” and “humiliate” with “harass”.

Whereas once you used to have to insult, offend or humiliate, now it’s enough to simply harass. And one of the definitions of “harass” is to “make repeated small-scale attacks on”. So now you don’t even have to offend them, it’s enough to make attacks, and small-scale ones at that.

Bring on the challenge, Peter! Quick, before that socialist, Scott Morrison, brings down his Robin Hood Budget where he uses populist measures like tax cuts to low-income earners between $100-200k! This may be you’re only chance before those communists running our companies try to impose gay marriage on us all.

Oh, please don’t think that I meant the Chinese there when I said “communists running our companies”. I don’t want anybody to call me racist!


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  1. Mark Needham

    Complaints are made, then mysteriously withdrawn. ( Mud is thrown, some sticks….Job Done)
    On making a complaint, the complainant, on withdrawing his/her complaint, should be made to pay, any fees/costs incurred by the ( can’t think of the word!) defendant..? This would reduce frivolous complaints, which most, seem to have been, ‘ticulary those relating to 18c.

    Must read 18d,
    Mark Needham

  2. Florence nee Fedup

    My reading is one has to be directly attack to take any action. Gives free range to racist tirade as long as they don’t name anyone. Heard some university expert suggest the same.

  3. Terry2

    It is quite staggering to see Malcolm Turnbull give in to the conservative back bench and the shock jocks at 2GB and Sky News led by Andrew Bolt.

    Just a couple of months ago the PM said :

    “The Government has no plans to change 18C, we have other, much more pressing priorities to address and they include big economic reforms.”

    He went on to berate Leigh Sales and the ABC : “18C is talked about constantly on the ABC, constantly in what’s often called the elite media,” he said.”I’ve focused overwhelmingly on the economy.”

    Then, he set up a parliamentary committee to investigate the matter and their report was inconclusive and made no definitive recommendations which should then have been the end of this whole farce. But no, evidently the Abbott faction have threatened Turnbull and he has caved in : this could be the end of his Prime Ministership, his authority is shattered and the conservatives are triumphant.

    The really strange thing is that now the PM is trying to spin the changes to 18C and in the lead up to the budget he can’t get any clear air and probably won’t until this matter is finally defeated in the Senate.

  4. Kyran

    “I mean, what business is it of an openly gay business leader whether or not we have marriage equality.”
    Hmm, isn’t that bible bashing Coopers advocate, Wilson, an advocate for batting for both sides?
    Apologies for the theft, Terry2.
    “18C is talked about constantly on the ABC, constantly in what’s often called the elite media,” he said. ”I’ve focused overwhelmingly on the economy.”
    He, and his ilk, can’t talk of the economy. Nor of a budget. 18C is all they have got.
    Thank you Mr Brisbane and commenters. Take care

  5. Keitha Granville

    One suspects that it is an issue NOW because they know the Senate will block it and then Mal can talk on and on incessantly about how the Labor Party is just a block and doesn’t allow LNP to get their policies through. Wouldn’t surprise me if they tack the debate on to something else they want so they can have more things blocked at once !
    Only ever one agenda – it’s Labor’s fault.

  6. Kyran

    My bad.
    “Early this week, we had Peter Dutton making his run for the leader’s job”
    When this thing sticks its head up, you have to kick it. He couldn’t handle health. He can’t handle ‘immigration’. He now has a default position. If he doesn’t get the top dogs job, he will create a new ministry. His border farce will get greater powers.
    Then you have the reality of his incompetence.

    Oh, goody. Let’s talk about 18C. It is so important to us.
    Take care. A luxury we no longer afford those in our care.

  7. Percy

    What is 18c anyway just tell these POMMIE PRICKS to piss off back where they came from

  8. Rhonda

    Christian Porter on RN’s Drive this evening was carping on about the unfairness of it all, how good people like Bleak and those poor, poor University students being tarnished by this craven law, I mean had it come to anything, they would’ve had to “prove” that they were wronged! And that is the fkn travesty, apparently. It seems that he’s quite forgotten how it’s perfectly reasonable for Centrelink recipients who’ve been wrongly targeted by the Fed’s robo clusterfluck to have to prove the errors. Ms (irritatingly grating) Patricia Karvelas blindly let it slide too. And i foolishly thought it was safer in the kitchen using cooking implements while the fella was watching PrickMan on the telly.

  9. longwhitekid

    Mark Needham, the serial moron troll with nothing better to do. Sad.

  10. Florence nee Fedup

    It was not because of Trigg that proceedings took so long. There was a university enquiry that held things up. It is said the poor boys wanted the matter to go to court. HR Commission was not involved for that long. She didn’t take matter to court. I suspect these couple of incidents was manipulated to make law look bad. Law has been in place since 1996 with no problems up to Bolt conviction.

  11. Matters Not

    Clearly, citizens have the right to vote every three or four years or so.. And according to Dutton, that’s where their democratic ‘participation’ should begin and end. In between elections, citizens should be verbally quiet and just be avid listeners while leaving discussions, debates, arguments, nuances and the like to politicians And if any clarification is required then they should take note of the insights provided by media personalities like Ray Hadley and perhaps Caroline Overington – who advanced the curious argument last night on The Drum that ‘fake news’ wouldn’t be a problem if people subscribed to MSM publications like News Corp.

    Perhaps, Caroline recognises that with the passing of Bill Leak, there’s a golden opportunity to be the resident satirist.

    Most in the MSM realise that the proverbial bus has arrived and their business model is toast. When will the politicians realise the same? Democracy is an everyday experience – or at least ought to be.

  12. wam

    spot on florence
    tlob was untouchable as long as he didn’t name the Aborigines he thought were too pale but he did and that was offensive(same as before he named) insulting(same) and racist(same). Harassing??? Is twice? thrice?? Glad harass is easier to understand than offend??

  13. Matters Not

    Dictionary definitions ‘change’ over time but currently ‘harass’ is defined in terms of:

    Make repeated small-scale attacks on (an enemy)

    Or – to disturb persistently ; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually ; pester; persecute.

    to trouble by repeated attacks, incursions, etc., as in war or hostilities; harry; raid.

    Seems to me that ‘harass’ as currently defined implies ‘repetition’. So if I (in the future perhaps) call Noel Pearson a black c@nt on the street, in publications and elsewhere, and only do so on a ‘few’ (definition please) occasions (not repeatedly) then the proposed future 18c won’t apply to my case. I will then be so much freer.

    And if I call … take your pick.

    In legislative terms, if a word is not defined in the legislation, then courts make reference to the stated or implied definition as discussed in the Bill. Failing that they resort to dictionary definitions.

    I await the relevant Bill.

    Just can’t wait to have my liberties enhanced. And I am sure Noel is excited as well.

  14. Terry2

    Precisely MN, I was just doing the same research and it appears to me that legally harassment requires a pattern of behaviour over a period of time and in no sense does it adequately replace ‘insult, offend or humiliate’.

    It seems that these periodic racist outbursts on public transport will be lawful in the name of free-speech : that is an abdication of prime ministerial responsibility merely to appease the far right of the Liberal party.

    Bad legislation for political expediency !

  15. Jerry

    I’m glad I will be able to call Malcolm Turnbull wife and Ugly Cu@nt. I won’t be able harass her.Though if I accidentally bump into her in the street I could call the same name but I will say it ever so nicely with smile on my face.

  16. Rossleigh

    As nearly every definition of “harass” seems to include the words “persistently” or “continually”, it seems that the change means that you can say whatever you like as long as you only do it once.
    How this is “making it stronger” seems confusing to me, but I’m sure that if I asked Malcolm, he’d merely tweet something like “Bill Shorten always lies” and “I stood up to Donald Trump and the Snowy River Feasibilty Study is going ahead!”

  17. Kaye Lee

    Harassment:-the offence in England of using threatening or abusive or insulting words within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be harassed thereby: Public Order Act 1986.

    it is an offence in England to harass a person with demands for payment that are calculated to subject him or his household to alarm, distress or humiliation, or to pretend that criminal proceedings might be possible if payment is not made: Administration of Justice Act 1970.


  18. Johno

    LNP = Losing Nationalistic Party, I have empirical evidence for this equation.

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