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You know Tony doesn’t like you when . . .

When you think about it, this is rather clever (and too good not to share) and fairly well sums up Tony Abbott’s opinion of you based on his or his government’s announcements as to what he/they consider the un-Australian (anti-government policy) types are.

It was ‘borrowed’ from a meme I came across on Twitter posted by @RunawayBudgie, who I assume created it and as such I will afford him or her the credit. If I may add an introduction, it shall begin with ‘You know Tony doesn’t like you’:

  • If you’re a member of a union you’re an ‘economic traitor’.
  • If you’re a working mother claiming maternity leave you’re a ‘double dipper’ (unless you’re married to Mathias Cormann or Josh Frydenberg).
  • If you’re an ABC employee you’re part of a ‘lefty lynch mob’.
  • If you’re an asylum seeker you’re ‘illegal’.
  • If you’re concerned about human rights you’re ‘blatantly politically partisan’ and if you investigate allegations of human rights abuses for the UN you’re a ‘disgrace’.
  • If you’re a whistle blower you’re a ‘criminal’.
  • If you attend an anti-government rally you’re a ‘thug’.
  • If you’re a university student you’re a ‘whinger’.
  • If you’re a welfare recipient you’re a ‘rorter’.
  • If you’re getting paid penalty rates you’re ‘greedy’.
  • If you’re living in poverty it’s because of your ‘poor lifestyle choices’.
  • If you’re unemployed you’re ‘lazy’.
  • If you’re middle class you’re a ‘leaner’.

And an ‘add-on’:

  • If you’re not a supporter of the FTA with China you’re a ‘racist’ (this one was by @prof-rr).

Too true. Too good.



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  1. Sophie

    One more “If you’re gay as you are not ok enough to be married”

  2. Harquebus

    Tony Abbott luvs you if you donate to the Liberal Party and the bigger the gift, the bigger the kiss on the arse you will receive. I would call him a rectum kissing baboon but, I do not want to offend the baboons.

  3. Roswell

    I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t like me.

  4. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yippee! I tick 11 of those boxes for now and before.

    I intend to keep ticking those boxes, so I can continue to keep getting up Tony Abbott’s pointy, protruding, snotty nose.

  5. Matters Not

    Yes Michael he’s certainly into ‘binary definitions’ as a matters of course. Either you’re with us or you’re against us and the like.

    Subtlety is not his strong point but, and even if his personal popularity ratings are dire, the Libs are still within striking distance of a repeat win. As the now deceased Emeritus Professor Harry Messel would ask: Why is it so?

    What’s wrong with our education system?

  6. Peter

    If you’re an ABC employee you’re part of a ‘lefty lunch mob’. . . do you mean ‘lynch mob’?

  7. brickbob

    Íf youwear a red tie you are a commie pinko lefty bastard.

  8. mars08

    If you don’t support unregulated mining development, you are a saboteur.

  9. babyjewels10

    Yes…I try not to think about it too much. It’s appalling and I just wait for the day I can cast my vote against them. I just wish Labor were less like them…

  10. Michael Taylor

    Thanks Peter. Silly mistake now fixed.

  11. John Kelly

    If you’re a whistle blower you’re a ‘criminal’. Unless your name is Kathy Jackson……really.. hang on…umm

  12. Matters Not

    I just wait for the day I can cast my vote against them.

    Presumably, you voted agin’ them last time, as did I, but the outcome was ‘we lost’.

    Therefore it’s not our voting intentions that are important here but the voting intentions of ‘others’. What are you doing to change the way they vote or in the case of the ‘youth’ to get them to enrol and then to vote?

    I suspect that raising ‘politics’ in everyday discourse is crucial. At least I hope so, because I (we) do it at ever chance possible.

    For example, my wife and I walk 6 kilometres every morning and every evening and when we see a fellow walker we ‘choose’ to be discussing ‘matters political’ with a strong ‘sound bite’ about Abbott and the government at the appropriate time.

    Never let a chance go by.

  13. petercaradonna


    1) If you’re Cardinal who scampers off overseas rather than defend claims of covering up priest abuse of children and denigrated sexually abused victim you’re considered as a “fine human being” by Tony Abbott.

    2) If you’re a convicted pedophile priest you’re considered as an ‘upright and virtuous’ man’ by Tony Abbott.

    3) If you have abused the Health Services Union funds to the tune of 1.5 million dollars you are considered as ‘heroic’ and as a ‘very credible whistleblower’ by Tony Abbott.

  14. myzania3350

    You can even put them to a tune….

  15. Kate M

    If you think giving PDuddy the power to strip Aussie citizens of their citizenship behind closed doors and outside the judicial process, then you are rolling out the red carpet for terrorists.

  16. corvus boreus

    If you cut down native forests you are a “true conservationist”.

  17. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Matters Not,

    despite our collegial desire to cleanse the earth of the scourge of rabid Abbott and his degenerate LNP Government, I am impressed about your statement that you and your wife walk long distances morning and night.

    My daughter tells me I need to improve my commitment to physical health. Somehow I object to the emphasis on physical health and not the same emphasis on mental or ethical responsibility! What do you think?

  18. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    hi again! You’re preaching to the converted. I reckon and I’m happy to be proven wrong that 99.9% of the readers and contributors to Michael’s and Carol’s site HATE Tony Abbott and what he stands for. That means when he snuffs out soon, his replacement will snuff out also and so on. That’s coz NONE of them have anything good to give to the Australian people.

    Please pass this info onto your other contacts eg Bob Ellis.

  19. Kate M

    If you are a Minister presiding over the care of children in detention who are sexually abused on your watch, you deserve a note of congratulations from Human Rights bodies.

  20. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Kate M,

    even though you, I and every other decent person reading AIM knows that it is cruel to joke about asylum seekers being sent by high speed boat back somewhere away from our pathetic so-called ‘sovereign borders’, the dickheads who implemented these inhumane and internationally illegal acts will be held fully responsible for their actions.

    Maintain the rage.

  21. Matters Not

    am impressed about your statement that you and your wife walk long distances morning and night.

    Don’t believe it’s long distances. Didn’t mention our bike riding, until recently @ 30 kilometres per day, my weight lifting of 100 lifts of 40 KG or her sit ups approaching 150 (I kid you not) as well as other ‘contortions’ that keep me in awe.

    But our physical and mental health will inevitably decline. I think it’s called ‘getting old’.

    As for:

    I object to the emphasis on physical health and not the same emphasis on mental or ethical responsibility

    We try to do both. While I think that she fails miserably on most occasions she says the same about me.

    But she’s like that. It’s a burden.

  22. Julianne

    If you’re a whistle blower you’re a ‘criminal’. – unless you are blowing the whistle on some form of Union corruption. In fact it seems the COALition aren’t above creating the Union corruption which they can then blow the whistle about. e.g. Craig Thompson and the HSU.

    HSU/Jacksonville Resource Page

  23. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    @Matters Not and life partner,

    my answer at this time of night is this 🙂 I hope it suffices!

  24. Matters Not

    and life partner

    Not sure about that. I have always noticed that she has a wandering eye.

    And really I wonder how long I can remain under that spotlight, albeit with continued ‘success’.

    But she is on notice. And she says the same about me.

    No imagination. A big problem going forward.

  25. Matters Not

    mmc1949, yes you are correct.

    Age has wearied me. And the years continue to condemn.

    Thanks for the reminder. And at so many levels.

  26. Stephen

    Good idea and a great list we could all add to and mark ourselves off on to check we are still even vaguely within sight of a good ethical life.

    What it doe’s need to complete it is check list along side for Tony Abbott loves you if

    Just to help make sure we follow an honest and genuinely civil and responsible life thinking of and considering all others not just the ones you know and care for and to hell with other people who are not US or of US


  27. Jollyjumbuck

    Well I guess that makes me a racist because I am dead set against any trade deal with a communist country especially stinking China.

  28. gangey1959

    If you are not catholic you are a religious terrorist.

  29. diannaart

    … following on from gangey1959…. if you are an atheist, you’re a religious terrorist.

  30. Matthew Oborne

    you know Tony Abbott Doesnt like you when you believe ten flags do not maketh the man.

  31. Matthew Oborne

    you know Tony Abbott doesnt like you when……you would like to serve more than one term as a backbencher.

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