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Yes, Barnaby, you were wrong

Barnaby Joyce seems to be trying very hard lately to find someone to be popular with.

First, he tried for the climate change deniers by penning a ridiculous piece that he thought would attract attention. It didn’t.

Then he called for an increase in Newstart for people in regional areas, something he was not interested in when he was leader of the Nationals.

Now he has admitted he was wrong to resist a banking Royal Commission.

And that he was wrong to classify the Indigenous Voice as a third chamber of parliament.

While you’re on a roll, let’s get it all out Barnaby.

You were wrong to piously lecture us all about the sanctity of marriage when you were rooting a junior staff member. (And you were wrong not to use contraception)

You were wrong to lie to your family and colleagues.

You were wrong to organise jobs for your mistress.

You were wrong to change Hansard to cover up an incorrect answer and then lie about it.

[At the time, the head of the agriculture department, Paul Grimes, said he no longer had confidence in his “capacity to resolve matters relating to integrity” with Joyce.

Joyce’s response was to sack Grimes “to remind him where the authority starts from”, boasting that he “got a lot more sense” out of bureaucrats after the firing.]

You were wrong to move the AVPMA to Armidale on a pork barrelling whim.

You were wrong to make cuts to the animal welfare branch of the department leading to a lack of regulation in the live sheep export trade.

You were wrong to divert environmental water from the Murray-Darling for agricultural use and you were wrong to hand over many millions of dollars to a select few to buy back water that doesn’t exist.

You were wrong to accept a cash award from Gina Rinehart and you were wrong to meddle in her family affairs.

You were wrong to try to drive through a flooded river leading to your brand new taxpayer funded $95,000 Toyota Landcruiser being written off.

Barnaby has shown appalling judgement, and morals, throughout his political career.

These poor decisions are always presented with the arrogance of someone who doesn’t need to listen to advice from anyone, a man who likes to receive and bestow favours.

A man who is absolutely certain he is right, until he thinks it might be politically advantageous to admit he may have been wrong.

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  1. Aortic

    But he’s a Christian Kaye, surely that makes everything excusable non? I think I will try Catholicism, do whatever you want during the week, and pop along to some dutifully robed person behind a screen at the weekend, confess your perceived wrong doings with a Hail Mary or two or a how’s your father trot off and do the same things again. AND after as many absolutions as you need last rites and off to paradise. No wonder they call them practicing Catholics cause it doesn’t sound as if they have got it right to me.

  2. Kate Anearne

    Thanks, Kaye. What a list of accomplishments!
    Aortic, no doubt there are Catholics like those you describe, just as there are people who identify as Christians, like Barnaby and Israel Folau, but whose beliefs and behaviours don’t seem to be based on Christ’s teachings. However, when we make generalisations like the one you have made about Catholics, we are simply wrong, and probably quite dangerous. This is the same mechanism that is used to brand all people on the dole as bludgers, all Muslims evil, all women inferior to men, and in Hitler’s Germany, all Jews subhuman, and so on….

  3. Jack Cade

    Seeing that Joyce is a self-serving snake, I am inclined to suspect that some ordure is heading for an air conditioner that we do not yet know about, and this ‘apology’ is another of the LNP ‘nothing to see here’ ploys.

  4. Kaye Lee

    Never underestimate the bitterness of a deposed leader. I think we can rely on Barnaby to be lobbing bombs from the backbench in revenge for being overlooked for a Ministry whilst he waits to be summonsed back to wear the leadership crown. I reckon he’s going for product differentiation and is going to make it as hard as he can for McCormack.

  5. Mr Shevill Mathers

    Barnaby should not even be in Parliament-how long would he last in private enterprise? not long. How he was voted back in defies logic.

  6. Henry Rodrigues

    But but but, the lovely ladies of New England are very partial to an adulterer and fornicator so beetrooter goes on being what he is because they’ve got his back. After Songs of praise and tea ‘n biscuits at the vicar’s, its back to business: keeping the bastards dishonest and in government.

  7. Carol Taylor

    I can think of only one reason for Barnaby’s new found ‘niceness’ and this is because he wants another crack at the N.P. leadership. And maybe one more, with the drought and billions of dollars worth of missing water, perhaps he figures that he’s going to need a few extra friends.

  8. Terence Mills

    Does Barnaby seek out the media or do they seek him out : in other words why do keep hearing from this man ?

  9. Andreas Bimba

    Toads for the rich and especially for ‘number one’ – like Baaarnaby have the huge advantages of a compliant commercial mass media, a public media that thinks it’s job is to primarily hold the opposition to account as well as to generally ignore the micro-parties and the Greens, heaps of electoral funding and the old boys network which makes winning elections far too easy for that side of politics.

    Nevertheless the fact that Baaarnaby now sees an opening in talking about the need for more jobs and a higher level for the Newstart payment shows that the Labor Party and the Greens have not covered this area that well themselves. The Greens publicly support a higher Newstart payment, unlike Labor, but both still refuse to accept Keynesian economic stimulus policies that would deliver full employment – a macroeconomic policy position that existed from 1945 to the mid 1970’s when abandoned by the GOUGH WHITLAM LABOR GOVERNMENT and ALL subsequent governments.


    To be fair to the Greens they have a federal government fiscal policy of important infrastructure spending being outside the federal budget and a 3% of GDP deficit limit for the federal budget whilst the LNP and Labor still both try to stupidly outbid each other about achieving a federal surplus and ‘paying back the federal government’s debt’. The Greens therefore have a more economically stimulatory fiscal position which will lead to lower unemployment and underemployment levels, whilst still prioritising spending that reduces our environmental burden and the existential threat of global warming, but this is still not a full employment policy.

    As wealth inequality increases and therefore more money in the main lies idle as the savings or investments of the wealthy, it becomes even more important that the federal government increase the federal deficit so that the money supply is sufficient to create enough aggregate demand in both the private and public sectors that full employment (less than 2% of the total available/willing workforce) is attained. Reducing wealth inequality using a more progressive taxation system, better taxation law and enforcement and reducing wasteful tax concessions, will also help to sustain aggregate demand or consumption which is the main contributor to GDP. Both Labor and the Greens have a more redistributive economic policy position which is economically beneficial, even for most businesses through increased sales, but the right has turned this argument around in the minds of many in the electorate as meaning higher taxes for the working and middle classes which it isn’t apart from the higher income or wealthy fraction.

    Full employment through sufficient federal government fiscal deficits is not rocket science and John Maynard Keynes and most of the mainstream economics profession, apart from the neoclassical and free market economists, of the time knew of this fundamental macroeconomic reality. The Modern Monetary Theory economists who are the worthy successors of Keynes go a step further and recommend using a federally funded and locally administered Job Guarantee program as the means to automatically regulate the federal government’s deficit, or more correctly net spending level, so as to maintain full employment without risking ongoing inflation. No debt is incurred as net spending is achieved using currency issuance by the RBA and our currency the Australian dollar is not diluted in value as the economy grows in direct proportion to the level of net spending.

    Whether or not treasury bonds or similar securities continue to be issued to match any federal deficits or a zero cash rate policy (as recommended by Bill Mitchell) is adopted totally doing away with the need to issue such bonds, is a secondary issue that does not negate the efficacy of RBA currency issuance funded federal government net spending up to the full employment condition. The federal government and its subordinate agencies – the Treasury and RBA can in any case set the interest rate on treasury bonds to zero as has been the case in Japan if that convoluted mechanism is thought necessary but a zero cash rate policy and ending the issuance of treasury bonds is the most logical policy position. Commercial banks can still be offered a very low interest deposit account with the RBA as vehicle to safely park their excess cash holdings. Existing treasury bonds held by the commercial banks and other financial institutions would simply be swapped for deposits in the aforementioned RBA deposit accounts, at no practical cost to any party.


    Nearly all sectors of the economy benefit from such a fiscal policy position, including most businesses that would benefit from increased sales. Some sectors of the economy that rely on a low wage workforce would come under stress and would have to increase prices and if that were not possible then they would downsize, restructure or become insolvent but overall there are far more enterprises that benefit than decline.

    US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the progressive New Democrats and the Green Party of the United States as well as a few Australian micro-parties such as the Australian Workers Party, the Real Democracy Party and even the Pirate Party have adopted such a true full employment fiscal policy position.

    It is well beyond time that the Australian Greens, the Australian Labor Party and other progressive, centre and even the conservative parties at least adopted the full employment policies of the 30 year post-war boom period that was initially set up in the main by Prime Minister John Curtin’s Labor government, or the even better and more precise macroeconomic policy positions recommended by the leading Modern Monetary Theory economists such as Bill Mitchell, L. Randall Wray, Warren Mosler, Stephanie Kelton, Pavlina Tcherneva and many others.

  10. Florence Howarth

    I suspect the ABC is now having trouble getting any of PM’s people to appear as Morrison told them to keep their traps shut unless they had a anything definite to say. ABC & MSM have to fill the void somehow. Albanese telling the media to go and ask government when they ask him questions about government action. We will see how QT goes this week.

  11. Carol Taylor

    Terence, I would suspect that a staffer lets the MSM know that Barnaby is available for comment, then as anything about Barnaby is bound to be controversial (gets the clicks) the MSM are there ready and waiting. I doubt that the MSM would actively seek out any MP because they’d never know where that person is or if he’s going to be saying anything worth printing. Except when Parliament is sitting, it would be the MP who contacts the media.

  12. Luise

    Kate Anearne – yes it’s a generalisation, but it’s also an opinion! This crappy regime that we te-elected is expert at making people doubt their opinions, and blaming “”elites” for gagging for “freedom of speech”! As far as the Catholics go, there are plenty of people and evidence, testimony & mistrust to justify a comment like that. In fact, it’s probably the most civil thing that’s been said about “”Christians”. Don’t react in such a knee jerk way

  13. Kate Ahearne

    Luise, I have to say that I don’t understand your comment. Good people are good people, and some of the Catholics I know are excellent people.

  14. andy56

    Most Catholics i know are sunday worshippers, and i used to be one of them. Most wouldnt know how to follow through on JC’s teachings. Sure there’s a few, but they are the exceptions. And i mean lots of ” pillars of society ” here too.
    The last election showed there are just as many heartless people as compassionate people.
    Welcome to the world of fake religion.
    I gag when i hear people bragging about how they follow this or that religion and how it sets their moral compass. George Orwell would be turning over.

  15. johno

    Barnaby is the opposite to all good, he is all wrong. Just recently did a road trip through some of Barnaby’s territory. The landscape looks like mid to late summer, dry and brown. The drought continues to bite hard.

  16. wam

    couldn’t give a rat’s arse about barnaby and the fools that elect and re-elect him.
    SBS has begun showing world movies and I had forgotten how good was jane campion
    Whatever we think of catholics those, like the rabbott, who believe they are opus dei are amoral and can never lie because their destination is pure.
    I have never sat and talked to a catholic whose sincerity was not clearly visible.
    I cannot say that of protestants nor atheists

  17. Josephus

    Wam: Sincerity is nothing if the person is deluded. I once met a man who said Satan ruled the world.

    The very photo of BJ turns my stomach. We are ruled mostly by morons, but morons who get the police to do their bidding- referring here to the police who arrested the French TV crew filming a peaceful protest using blocking tactics on a coal railway line. It is illegal now to protest peacefully is it? Illegal to film people protesting ? North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan here we come.

  18. New Englnd Cocky

    Thank you KL fo listing the many “achievements” of the current representative of the Nat$ in New England. Recent press releases on SkyNews indicate that his Parliamentary financial matters remain in rorting mode.

    The cranial flatulent “bombs from the back bench” continue the campaign by Barnyard and his former PR subordinate now paramour seeking to become common law spouse seem correctly to be too frequent reminders that Barnyard wants to keep McCormack on his toes while keeping any local replacement New England aspirants at bay.

    Correctly, it may be said that the few thinking voters in New England deny that Barnyard is a fit and proper person to represent them, despite Tamworth women preferring to support adultery.

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