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Why I won’t ride with you

If you look like a Muslim, even if you’re a Sikh or Buddhist or some other religion, I’ll be concerned that some dinky di Australian will attack you and that I’ll just be collateral damage.

I won’t ride with you because I don’t know how to open the dialogue.

I won’t ride with you because I’m worried that you’ll actually expect me to do it, and I don’t live near you, so I don’t know you and it would take me a lot of effort to get to know you.

I won’t ride with you because right now, I’d rather be angry at someone or something and everything in the media encourages me to be like that.

Above all, I won’t ride with you for same reasons I cross the street when I see a group of aboriginal people.

I’m afraid!

Please help me to change.


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  1. Geoff Andrews

    …and I won’t ride with you because, like any rational person, you would ask: ” .. but surely the gunman has, or could be expected to have, an ipad and is following the whole frenzy on any station and, thus he has achieved the exposure his twisted PR advisor has predicted.”
    So I have to ask:why didn’t the police declare a media blackout?
    Why weren’t the breaking headlines this morning “SYDNEY SIEGE DEFUSED: ALL SAFE”
    FCS, read “Popcorn” by Ben Elton.

  2. Richard Leggatt

    I was walking from a store the other day and walking towards me were a youngish Muslim couple, The girl in particular was very attractive (Yes, trust me to notice) and of course wearing a headscarf with a fairly loose flowing arrangement. The wind was brisk, and it caused the headscarf to swirl and cover her face completely, and as she was dragging it off and re-arranging it they were both laughing at the effect. I took a punt on their humour as I approached and said; You nearly did the full Burqa there! They both laughed and agreed, and It was just a small moment, but for an instant there, it just felt like a couple of Aussies talking to each other! Oh wait……

  3. mars08

    “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

    I won’t ride with you because I am too lazy, bigotted or self-absorbed to think for myself…

  4. wmmbb

    The same reason, Geoff, that muddle-headed PM declared that the events of yesterday and early this morning were “our brush with terrorism”. When fear rules, reason is missing in action – and the chosen ones are happy. “Slurp, slurp . . .” Other that this and other tendentious line of speculation, I think it would be a very good idea if when these situations arise there were trained unarmed intermediaries to go into a situation and deal with the perpetrators face to face. I don’t know the details of what occurred, but one possibility is that the Cafe Manager attempted to disarm “the Sheik”, and in the resultant response from the militarized police another person was killed. In such a situation, I would probably behave appallingly, but that is not to say there not people who have the wit, aptitude and experience to facilitate the defusing of the siege and the all safe outcome. As for the Murdoch media coverage is to be expected. They are as children.

  5. John Fraser


    "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities"

    Voltaire (1694- 1778)

    Abbotts gang are currently swimming in their element.

  6. Richard

    I’m sincerely hoping you said this as a means of encouraging discussion…
    If not, I’m very disappointed in you.
    The hashtag #illridewithyou can be the best anti-terrorism tool to come out of this hideous event.
    Cheers Rich

  7. Margaret McMillan

    “I won’t ride with you because I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen so I can ramp up my hatred of Moslems.”

    It seems to me that this is a biggie. I’ve been to a few Facebook pages today that would make you despair. I hesitate to do this, because I don’t want to be responsible for suggesting that anyone go to this page, but it is so ugly that I will name it: “Behead the lindt cafe bombers” . I am not the only one who has reported them to f’book, but it’s still up 10 hours later. If anyone reading this wants to put in a report, it might help.

  8. rossleighbrisbane

    I’ll ride with anyone, Richard. The point of the blog is, of course, to encourage the sort of discussion that most people will never have.
    But please continue to be disappointed in me – it’ll encourage me to keep trying and be clearer in the future.

  9. O'Bleak

    My own policy since Abbott’s disgusting misuse of the Malaysian aircraft disasters is to simply not listen to a word he says. The mute button has become the go to in my joint. Abbott again attempted to use this tragedy for his own political purposes without any knowledge of the offender or his motives. He is a vile, inept fool, deserving of no respect whatever and he demeans the office of the Prime Minister with such regular frequency, his only legacy will likely be the permanent diminution of the nation’s highest office. His government has become a tragic farce for Australia. The sooner he’s shown the exit door the better off we’ll all be. The coalition should realize they’d only be thanked by millions if they accepted what everyone knows. He must go and he must go soon. They continue to follow this clown at their own peril, the idiots.

  10. Kaye Lee

    I won’t ride with you if you are drunk. I won’t ride with you if you are abusive. I won’t ride with you if you try to impose your fear and hatred on me.

    I don’t give a shit what you wear or what you eat or who you pray to.

  11. Garth

    Rossleigh, regular visitors to this site are very familiar with your sharp satirical wit, but, I’d suggest to be careful. Your piece (or sections of it) could easily be taken well out of context. Knowing your work I can easily put it in context but I fear others may not.

  12. Bilal

    The AGE tonight:
    A Melbourne commuter was kicked off a train after reports he verbally abused a woman dressed in a chador on Tuesday morning.

    Police boarded a train at North Melbourne just before 9am after complaints the man in his 40s had been verbally abusing passengers travelling on the Upfield rail line.

    Although a police spokeswoman could not say whether the insults were religiously or racially motivated, Melbourne radio station Fox FM reported that the man targeted the woman wearing a head covering.

    Fellow passengers quickly “shouted down the man” and told him to leave the woman alone, according to the radio station.

    It is said the alleged victim was wearing a chador – worn by some Muslim and Hindu women, usually consisting of a long veil that covers the body, head and part of the face.

    Police say the man was removed from the train and interviewed before being released pending further investigation. They have asked anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333000.

    A good sign. It has not happened before. maybe we are growing up.

  13. bobrafto

    Almost on a daily basis Pickering incites hatred against Muslims in his stories and illustrations posted on Facebook.

    The Pickering stories are based on lies, spin, exaggeration and downright propaganda designed to appeal to the racists and bigots in our society.

    How many hate stories does it take to cross the line of free speech?

    One does not have to be an Einstein to understand Pickering’s agenda and that is to keep beating the Muslim hate drum on behalf of the Abbott government to detract from their gross incompetence.

    Perhaps Pickering thinks if he keeps up the bashing that eventually a beheading or a violent unrest will occur and that will favour Abbott.

    If Pickering and Abbott are hankering for a beheading, I respectfully submit my offering.


    I wrote the above on 9 Dec with an accompanying pic of Pickering’s dick beheaded by a Lone Wolf.

    The most sickening aspect of Pickering’s stories is the responses he attracts, responses of ‘kill the bastards’, ‘scum of the earth’ etc etc. and these comments are not from a few but from hundreds.

    There is no doubt that Pickering is inciting hatred and I repeat my question ‘How many hate stories does it take to cross the line of free speech?’

    Is this a question for Tom Wilson to answer?

  14. Kaye Lee

    I remember when some grand poobah from the KKK came to Australia, I guess hoping to start a new chapter. The overwhelming response was satirical, humorous, dismissive, condescending. He sat there being interviewed in his pointy hat so pointy pointy. The jokes about “I’d like to join but mum would be pissed if I cut up her sheets”, “Maybe if you got a new uniform” etc were exactly what was needed. He sank off into ignominious retreat back to some southern American state…..though that weirdo from the “Australian Defence League” may have been a young convert.

    Australia is a wonderful place to live (for most of us…with notable exceptions). Let’s keep focusing on how to make it better and deprive those who would peddle hate and blame and intolerance of an audience.

  15. bobrafto

    I did mean Tim Wilson.

  16. Kaye Lee


    I wrote this in February. Warning…it contains Pickering puss.

    Enough is enough

  17. mars08

    I won’t ride with you if you’re disgusted by the actions of an unhinged Iranian man is Sydney… but can dismiss the government sanctioned killing of innocent Muslim civilians by helicopter gunship or Predator drone… as “collateral damage”

    *The same goes for kidnapping and torturing innocent people in secret prisons.


  19. stephentardrew


    Was that swimming in their element or excrement?

  20. bobrafto

    John Lord wrote a piece on Social engineering.

    It appears that Pickering is part of that agenda.

    So how do we put a stop to his hate incitement.?

  21. silkworm

    I will ride with you to protect your right to wear a symbol of oppression by a patriarchal religion.

  22. olive

    I have already ridden as a child, in London shortly after the 2nd world war with all kinds of people from all over the world and all they were to me were grown ups wearing different kinds of clothes …all kinds of eyes …….just people … problem …just human beings…and I have never stopped !!!!!!!!!

  23. Itsazoosue

    @Kaye Lee did you mean ‘Pickering Pus’? It’s certainly an apt description for anything that emanates from that poor excuse for a man.

    I agree with Geoff Andrews that a media blackout should have been enforced. The known facts about the siege could have been relayed in a few minutes. Instead of news, we were regaled with hour upon hour of speculation, commentary and opinion. What a media circus!

  24. Stuart

    O’Bleak: ‘My own policy since Abbott’s disgusting misuse of the Malaysian aircraft disasters is to simply not listen to a word he says. The mute button has become the go to in my joint. Abbott again attempted to use this tragedy for his own political purposes without any knowledge of the offender or his motives.’ What’s odd right, is that given u don’t listen to a word he says, and that you slap down the mute button as your go to. Then how is it the F that you would know that: ‘Abbott again attempted to use this tragedy for his own political purposes without any knowledge of the offender or his motives’? Not everyone who logs onto the internet is a F idiot. Please try to do better. Even ask a friend to proof read any prospective posts. Because like, this sort of dribble, it’s just embarrassing.

  25. mars08

    How cool would it be if we could totally isolate ourselves from dumdum’s vapid, self-serving bullshit simply by hitting the “mute” button.

  26. PopsieJ

    There is a lot of public outcry about why The Mad Moron was out on bail .by his previous actions, hate speech, letters to ADF relatives,he could easily of been locked up under the terrorism laws and under such laws no media news, comment or discussion allowed by those laws. But he was not because it was part of govt plan to justify our war on terror, on ISIS ,mussies, intervention in Iraq, and as a bonus vilify asylum seekers and the current bad guys Iran,
    The Mad Moron was a govt patsy nothing more nothing less.
    When a man with a flag and and a possible weapon can close a Sydney Airport, the CBD, Sydney opera house etc than the flag wavers have won.
    Who needs F35s

  27. Sad sack

    Sadly, experience suggests no media wanted ‘diffused all safe’. Channel 7 had his demands but were asked not to publish. Why? Surely, a man who wanted a flag and a phone call was open to a negotiated solution within 17 hours???
    Does anyone here expect the nsw police to be free from ‘I won’t ride…’?

  28. Kaye Lee

    Tony Abbott is certainly using this for all it is worth. His facebook page has 5 threads on the siege and not one on MYEFO

  29. stephentardrew

    The siege will soon be a memory however the economy will not.

    Regardless they are on a mission to recession and what could possibly go wrong with that?

  30. PopsieJ

    Kaye Lee, When all the LNP MPs, party hacks and area committees stand by and say nothing they are, by their silence, the same morons as Tony Abbott.
    Does party loyalty overcome decency and fair go ?

  31. CMMC

    According to Abbott, sitting next to a Muslim would be a ‘brush with terror’.

  32. Anomander

    According to me, sitting next to Abbott would be a brush with stupidity.

  33. townsvilleblog

    You don’t need to change mate its just a natural reaction.

  34. Brenda

    I went to see my posh neighbor the other day, she turned and said A guy with a beard had taken over a cafe in Sydney. I laughed but she was serious, she knew all about this guy (she thought) based solely on the news that he had a beard.

    My parents by contrast as strict Methodists would not judge the man simply on the basis of his beard, but they do think my posh neighbor is the devils spawn because she drinks wine every day. They call her a “drinker” in fact they spit the word drinker.

    Interesting how our prejudices work.

  35. Keitha Granville

    maybe there should be a mass wearing of niqabs and hijabs, or just headscarves or helmets or any other head covering. People need to see that it really doesn’t matter a toss, that’s NOT what any of this was about.
    Thanks Rossleigh for making it so bleedin’ obvious how easily we have been led to the dark side.

  36. Brenda

    Keitha I think wearing head coverings to show solidarity is a bit like telling people to mince around like Mr Humphries to show solidarity with gay people.

  37. DanDark

    Kaye said “Tony Abbott is certainly using this for all it is worth. His facebook page has 5 threads on the siege and not one on MYEFO”
    There was a big lead up to Eleventies MYEFO, everyone was waiting for Smokin Joes MYEFO, we have been hearing it for awhile now especially the lasty few weeks, months actually.
    A lot of financial experts and finance commentators were waiting anticipating Joes MYEFO on Monday,
    because up to date he has failed to design a fair budget and then sell it as a war between the “lifters and leaners”
    everyone agrees its a stinking carcass hanging around Sloppy Joes neck, except the GOV,

    Then we had blunder after “shirt front” blunders from Phony Tony, who went to Canadia and tried to talk French, Australians were embarrassed at his grandstanding, every week Tones was back flipping, flip flopping, and cartwheels all at once
    We had aussies come out in mass against Tones and Co back in March, many thousands of ordinary Aussies protested that had never protested in their whole life against Tones and Co,
    and what can you say about Pyne, he is not worth mentioning now, a fallen star is that one

    The Victorian State election was a humiliating loss for the LNP, then Fisher in SA went pear shaped for the LNP from the start of the counting, Labor took it out in the end by a nose, which was a great feat to win that seat off the Libs
    We had canoes, rhetorical flourishes from the first mate,
    we heard its okay to be a bigot because they have rights too,
    we have been condemned by the world for Tony stance on climate change,
    we have been shamed all over the world with our new border security and how we treat asylum seekers so inhumanely and lock them up in “gulags”

    Then we recently had the Credlingate, where Tones accused his party of being wrong about Credlin and being sooks
    we have had broken promises left right and center, we have the “adults in charge” and its been a disaster,
    an absolute cock up from the top down, since they lied their way into power, just to go ahead and abuse that power like they all have

    Soooo this Monday was the “day” that we would all get to see Joes MYEFO it would of been the “headlines” all day
    their was anticipation and assumptions and guesstamates from an array of commentators and “experts” there were leaks,
    it was going to be significant in the life of Sloppy Joe as the “new” treasurer,
    Joe has taking a beating in the media since he brought his budget of death down, and been bruised because of it
    he has made many blunders, and gobbed off about poor people and how they don’t own cars or drive far so in other words they are already to poor to have that kind of independence in their life,
    before that little cock up, he compared the no surprise GP copayment to a middie or two of beer, not bread and milk though, in other words if you can afford to drink you poor people you can afford to pay a copayment
    So this was going to be his big day, could he do it, could he pull it off, could the Gov get the confidence back in the people, would the publics confidence return in this f*cking useless Gov, and lift the polls in favour of Tones and Co just for once maybe in past year

    But nooooo, not long into Joes BIG SPEECH, there was something more demanding that the media had to focus on, a siege, hostages,
    A man with a gun, flags with writing on them, it was a “terrorist attack” they declared by a “death cult” tones favourite 2 words,
    the media went into a feeding frenzy on this, headlines on Martin Place everywhere you looked, every channel all day and all night focused on Martin Place,
    All of a sudden Joes MYEFO was no more, cut very short, pushed right to the back by the media, even abc24 over did it, no restraint anywhere, every detail was filmed, probed and dissected by the vultures for hours and hours,
    and are still making it a top priority, not Joes MYEFO

    How timely for the GOV, then we have had Tones out 5 times since the sad situation occurred in Sydney talking about it, but nothing on the economy, nothing on smoking Joes MYEFO, no he only talks “terror” and puts info out there that is clearly incorrect,
    thats way easier than being “a tech head” and having to actually know the facts and truth,
    but as usual all we get from the Phony is the ol’ divide and conquer rhetoric and falsehoods….

  38. Dandark

    George porgy pudding and ate all the pie is a fool,
    he was the one that gobbed off if we aussies don’t like the new rules set by their stinking budget
    go and live in a 3rd world country with accompanying photo of a little girl in the street
    He is a nobody trying desperately to be a somebody, but he is just a joke, and a large one at that
    “The bigger they are the harder they fall” and jabber jaw George will fall and hard 🙂

  39. Kaye Lee

    Christensen gained national media attention during the 2010 federal election campaign as attention was drawn to articles published by Christensen in the 1990s in The Student Advocate, a conservative university newsletter. The newsletter articles contained slurs against Jews, gays and women, and although Christensen claimed that the articles had been taken out of context he said he was sorry for publishing the comments.

    After the election it was revealed that Christensen failed to resign from his position on the Mackay Regional Council before the election, putting himself at risk of high court action which would not allow him to take office as the member for Dawson

    Christensen came to national media attention again in September 2012 after he launched an attack in parliament on the National Health and Medical Research Council which he accused of demonising the sugar industry through their new food guidelines.

    In February 2013, Christensen was the only federal MP to attend a rally featuring controversial Dutch politician and anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders during his tour of Australia. Christensen said he supported Wilders’ view that “people of dual citizenship who act in a way that is contrary to the values of this country and engage in extremist violence should have their citizenship stripped and be deported.”

    In April of 2014 Christensen side stepped an asbestos public health scare within his electorate and refused to help the people of Mackay over the contamination issue or compensation claims. how many people who could have been contaminated is currently unknown. however investigations continue into this issues.

    In September 2014 Christensen labeled Greenpeace and other environmentalists as terrorists, stating that they are “gutless green grubs” for opposing the expansion of the Abbot Point coal terminal in his electorate. In a speech to Parliament, Christensen said “the greatest terrorism threat in North Queensland, I’m sad to say, comes from the extreme green movement

    Come on people of Dawson….get rid of the “sugar plum fairy”.

  40. DanDark

    Rather enlightening stuff about George the right wing anti islam extremist that calls himself an MP pfffftttttt

    “In February 2013, Christensen was the only federal MP to attend a rally featuring controversial Dutch politician and anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders during his tour of Australia. Christensen said he supported Wilders’ view that “people of dual citizenship who act in a way that is contrary to the values of this country and engage in extremist violence should have their citizenship stripped and be deported.”[20]”

  41. Me

    I wont ride with you because I am not a left wing treasonous muppet who enjoys the freedoms of this country and is willing to fight for them not to roll over with appeasement, don’t you nutters get it? All this fear and hugs and kisses my goodness talk about mindless muppets doing exactly what the system tells you. I cant wait to speak Arabic and ESL you people are mental and will be the end of the west mark my words and when your blubbering that you made a mistake and you couldn’t see it coming well I hope you rot. Of course you could avoid the experiment altogether with no risk, of course we will all have to stick with English though. Of course all you gay rights idiots oh when the west finally fails due to idiots like you we will see what Sharia does to your treasured freedoms of gay marriage. The sooner the better I say I cant wait to see you lefty idiots begging the mullah for his blessing.

  42. Bacchus

    And that folks is what genuine irrational fear of the unknown looks like – the extreme right-whingers have done their job really well with this one.

    “Me” do you have any idea how many Muslims are in Australia? Do you know what it would take to adopt Sharia law as Australian law? Do you know that most Muslims have no interest in changing Australian law? Have you ever met a Muslim? You should try giving a Muslim family a hug – it sounds like you could do with a good hug 😆

  43. Bacchus

    In the 2011 Census, 61.1% (13,150,600) identified as Christian, 22.3% (4,796,800) as no religion and 2.2% (476,300) as Muslim. Good luck getting your necessary constitutional changes through to allow Sharia law “Me” 😆

  44. me

    Backass that’s how you say it right? Anyway I have lived with two Lebanese families, I went to their mosque many times and know many muslims I bet more than you. So for some real examples, leb pretending to be a halal butcher, buying sheep and slitting their throats in his backyard screaming and blood everywhere, another using crossbow to hunt ducks at a kids playground, another spending 9 months of every year back and forth to maintain the dole, their hatred of infidels and jews is palatable but you wouldn’t mind that would you. Here is one for you they hunt homos for fun.

  45. mars08

    Fortunately I don’t know and Christian Anglo-Australian criminals. Or maybe they just don’t exist…

  46. Möbius Ecko

    No marso08. The one woman a week killed in domestic violence every week in Australia is being done by Muslims disguised at white Australians, and it must be the same for all those other crimes, including those white hunters who also use bows to shoot animals, and the dole bludgers who go back and forth to NZ must also be Muslims.

    And all those homosexual bashings done by white males, including murders, must also be Christians converted to Islam.

    Or what about the Christian church that has driven an untold number of homosexuals to suicide, they must be putting on the trappings of Christianity to hide the fact they are Muslim.

  47. mars08

    Adrian Ernest Bayley… is that a Sunni name?

  48. Möbius Ecko

    Martin Bryant, now there’s a good old fashioned Muslim name. He must have been dark skinned with black hair.

  49. Duncan Bayne

    I won’t ride with you, because you choose to belong to a religion that:

    – murders apostates (, )
    – ‘marries’ children ( )
    – condones the taking of sex slaves in war ( )
    – relegates non-Muslims to (at best – for members of certain ‘privilieged’ religions) – the status of second-class citizens ( )

    To be clear, I mean that all of the above are established as legal by all mainstream schools of Islamic jurisprudence, and are supported politically by most Muslims worldwide ( ). I don’t mean that I think that you personally uphold all of the above as examples of moral conduct, or worse, engage in those practices yourself.

    But: you clearly and proudly profess your membership in a religion that does.

    To support you in that choice would be to lend Islam my moral sanction, and that’s something I won’t do, for the same reason that I wouldn’t provide moral support to a commuter sporting a Stalin t-shirt or a Swastika tattoo.

    Should you change your mind and abandon your support for Islam, I’ll ride with you to protect you from those who would – in full accordance with Sharia law – murder your for your apostasy.

  50. John Fraser


    @Duncan Bayne

    Thanks for your insights into one religion.

    Now would you like to tell everyone where you were educated.

    Better yet ….. go back to school and learn how to use the English language.

    Because I don't want to ride on a bus/train and have to read your (or have you patched together someone elses rant) rant.

    John Fraser …. white anglo non religious Aussie.

  51. mars08

    With 476,300 citizens identifying as Muslim… I would have expected the number of Australians slaughtered for apostasy to be slightly more than ZERO….

  52. martin

    @John Fraser
    You lost your argument as soon as you became a ‘grammar nazi’ Duncan made a typo. And you attack his education, then his lack of faith in ‘Your’ God, and his race. and his ethnicity. Pretty comprehensive, you know you can do better my dear!

  53. John Fraser


    Dear martin,

    Did you type Duncan''s comment for him ?

    And for the record the typo wasn’t the problem.

    Humbly suggest you accompany Duncan back to school,

  54. mars08

    John Fraser made fun of the moron’s ethnicity???? Shame on you John. Why would you do such a thing????

    Oh…. ah, wait a minute!

  55. Rossleigh

    Ok, picking on someone’s grammar often distracts from the main point of discussion.

    That said, I’m always amazed when some of the people who complain about their grammar being picked on are the same people who complain about our “failing schools” where “almost half the kids are below average” ( >: )

    That sed, please continue you’re argument. And lets here know moor commens on eny 1’s grandma…

  56. John Fraser


    Dearest martin

    I sincerely hope you don't think I am going to look at a Facebook page that you have supplied.

    Why go undercover ?

    If you want to advertise …. be honest about it.

  57. Duncan Bayne

    @mars08 – have a look at this write-up of mine, from another discussion thread:

    tl;dr: “There is complete agreement amongst all major sources of Islamic law that apostasy should be punishable by death; in many Islamic countries it is, and in others it is otherwise punishable.”

    Looking at those examples, it’d be reasonable to bet that if there were ever a Muslim majority in Australia, apostasy would at least be illegal, and probably punishable by death.

    It behooves any free people to enforce the separation of (any!) Church and the State, and to be particularly wary of any religion that lays claim to the political sphere as well as the political.

  58. Langly

    Sharia law is for only muslim countries. but ofcourse no one here knows that.

  59. nazish

    awesome blog, makes me grateful for being given australia as my second home, peace all.

  60. nazish

    odd though duncan that a tiny majority in australia that left muslims states behind will try to impose shariah in australia. one would think they would find it easier back home. seriously ! not our job to be a world idiot. who tries to force their religion down a majority when one is vulnerable? oh and i could write much about apostasy but if only this basic point went through your head. majority of muslim donot wish to impose any law down anyones throat, least of all down a strong majority’s. it doesnt even make any sense if all of them felt that strongly about shariah and fortunately/unfortunately they donot even know about islamic jurisprudence to actually devise legal system. they havent been able to do that in their native countries for more than 200 yrs. majority seeks life in australia due to a working system and good infrastructure not for a fevered dream of possessing calphate here. it defies basic common sense.

  61. Ron

    What a crock of shit.

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