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Why can’t my carer get a visa?

Attention, Llew ‘Obrein, LNP MP for Wide Bay and Andrew Wallace, LNP MP for Fisher.

It is now two years since I first requested your help to acquire a visa so I could bring my Pinay lady friend to Australia as my carer.

I now understand the run-around you have given me is more than likely because your government is receiving donations from Aged Care providers to keep the blood relative restriction on the Australian Carer Visa. Businesses need and do access foreign workers respectful of old difficult people with work visas but individuals cannot.

Last year I tried to get a 12 month Visitors Visa for my would-be carer, but it was declined in two weeks on the basis that because the applicant had applied for 12 months she would try to stay in Australia, and also because there was insufficient evidence of work record: she has three children, a shop, a tree plantation and her own home and parents happy to look after children. My visa review requests to Home Affairs, Immigration and Aged Care Ministers were declined.

Expecting that the visa could be for a lesser period but not that it would be declined all together. I lost the fare and the Visa Application fee.

At 80 years, living alone in my own home I find myself with carpel tunnel in both wrists, chronic bronchitis on the lung and chronic heart disease, and with considerable unknown time for surgery on my wrists.

Previously, I was prepared to fund my own care, with the carer of my choice, now needing two hands to hold a cup of coffee and unable to open a tin of fish, I have now made application to MyAgedCare for help which will add to the already overwhelmed sector and the taxpayer, and to the danger of having people in Aged Care Homes and to old people at home having carers calling.

Don Stewart


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  1. Baby Jewels

    When it comes to immigration in Australia, not much makes any sense.

  2. New England Cocky

    Benito Duddo will be promoting the officers concerned for creating the maximum uncaring inconvenience and disruption to the plans of Australian voters prepared to be independent of government interference.

    Still, this is what Australian voted for in 2019, so it is likely a self inflicted wound …..

  3. TuffGuy

    Perhaps if she comes to Australia as an Au Pair???

  4. Terence Mills

    You could try speaking to George Christensen federal member for Dawson. He brought his girlfriend to Australia who was a Filipina (Pinay) lady. I believe they have since married.

    Between him and Dutton there will be a way through.

  5. wam

    Sadly we are able to be swayed by media hype into fear of asylum seekers a xenophobic fear that gains many more votes than loses.
    Last week one of my queensland nats showed one way.
    He sent me an email with a copy to a friend who has a business interests in darwyn and wanted me help and to use my leftie mates to get him a pass.
    The second way is to pay
    The easiest way is the combination.
    With neither you may whistle while waiting..

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