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Who’s stinking up the clean air?

On Monday, Four Corners will air a program called House of Cards highlighting how precarious Tony Abbott’s position remains.

After the failed spill motion, the party rallied, promising to give Tony “clean air” but since then, the whirling dervish has been bouncing off walls, offending one group after another.

Despite his promise of no ill will, Tony immediately blamed and sacked chief whip, Philip Ruddock, for not letting him know that anyone was upset with him.

He then prevaricated about his promise to let South Australia bid to build our submarines after he had secured the vote of those unwitting enough to trust him.

He slapped down party room criticism of his continued vitriolic attack on Gillian Triggs regarding the Forgotten Children report.

Abbott rejected a scathing United Nations ruling by the 18-member UN Human Rights Committee against Australia’s “cruel and degrading” practice of locking up refugees indefinitely on the basis of secret ASIO assessments and then criticised another report by the independent special rapporteur on torture for not praising him for stopping the boats.

This is despite the first academic analysis of Australia’s “turning back” of asylum seeker boats by University of Queensland concluding that the policy is a fatally risky, moral and legal failure that is “severely damaging” the country’s reputation.

Tony’s hamfisted approach to the case of the imminent executions, reminding Indonesia of the disaster relief assistance we gave after the tsunami, saw them respond by saying if he continued to interfere they would release a tsunami of asylum seekers to head for Australia.

Tony copped another round when the executive director of the Green Climate Fund (that he had disparaged as an “international Bob Brown Bank” that he would not be contributing to, and then changed his mind to give $200 million stating it would be spent how he said) contradicted Tony and Greg Hunt, categorically stating that governments cannot stipulate how money is spent.

We also learned that it has been “Tony Abbott’s preference (edict) not to reappoint board members selected by former Labor government.” This is leading to the loss of very experienced well-qualified people.

On International Women’s Day, Tony tried to convince us that allowing women to enter a men’s only club for the day for a Liberal Party meeting (bring a plate and look pretty while you do it) was smashing down the glass ceiling.

He then informed us that we would no longer support the “lifestyle choice” of Aboriginal people living in remote communities on their traditional land.

For the man who crowned himself Prime Minister for Women and for Aboriginal people, he just doesn’t seem to understand it takes more than photo shoots and lunches.

Despite leaked emails from the Liberal Party executive exposing concern about the positions of Peta Credlin and Brian Loughnane and opaque financial records, Tony continues to cling to his chief of staff (see the 4 corners promo for the prototype sleazy wink).

Today it was the turn of the Irish to be belittled with a wooden scripted performance that Tony no doubt meant to be folksy.

Giving Tony free reign is NOT a good idea as he daily goes about fouling up the ‘clean air’ he demanded.

How long are we to be subjected to this?


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  1. .@rosemaryJ36

    A brilliant summary!

  2. Dandark

    Kaye another succinct piece of writing….
    Tones is what the cops class as a “Recidivist”

    Full Definition of RECIDIVIST
    : one who relapses; specifically : a habitual criminal

    — recidivist adjective
    — re·cid·i·vis·tic \-ˌsi-də-ˈvis-tik\ adjective
    See recidivist defined for English-language learners 

    Origin of RECIDIVIST
    French récidiviste, from récidiver to relapse, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin recidivare, from Latin recidivus recurring, from recidere to fall back, from re- + cadere to fall — more at chance
    First Known Use: 1880

  3. stephentardrew

    Sadly for this nation tis all true.

  4. Pudd'nhead

    The Irish and their descendants really don’t need any exhortation from El Tone to honour Saint Pat. They, like the rest of Australia, would more appreciate advice that this blatherskite PM is about to hand in his resignation to spare the country any more of his demoralising policies that are intended to desecrate the Australian psyche and way of life.

  5. CMMC

    A man who eats raw onions really does not care what your opinion is.

  6. Kyran

    I would never suggest I talk for all Irisher’s, but I do have a soft spot for this git. It’s a bog, on the West Coast of Ireland. Given the distance and likely cost, not to mention effort, in depositing the suppository in the mire he so deserves, I think most would agree we utilise a more local facility. Perhaps a local sewerage facility. By saving on those costs, we can get him to bring some mates. The entire front bench seems appropriate; they’re the only one’s extolling his ‘virtues’ at present. Thank you for the article. Take care

  7. Loz

    How long are we to be subjected to this?

    I keep asking myself the same question over and over again.

  8. Ian Sprocket Muncher Parfrey

    I have a septic tank that needs restarting, just so you where you can chuck the body.

    *wink wink*

  9. Terry2

    Peter Dutton is under strict instruction from the Prime Minister’s Office to clear out the families still held on Nauru – the only offshore location where children are still in detention and have been for around eighteen months – as the nonsense about resettlement on this island is revealed as a cynical political fiction.

    There is a push on to get these people transferred to Cambodia and whilst none have yet signed up there will be large cash incentives to get them to go and they must be gone before the next election cycle starts up.

    Manus is another issue, as the detainees there are all men and there is a real possibility of resettlement in mainland PNG but, again, they will need a lump sum cash payment to allow them the possibility of carving out a new life while trying to merge into an environment that is essentially hostile.

  10. John Kelly

    4 Corners has often been a catalyst for a rolling stone to create untold damage to someone or something, somewhere in the Universe. This one will be interesting.

  11. Wayne Turner

    A shame the MSM was no where to be seen BEFORE the 2013 election,cause we ended up with idiot boy Abbott cause of it.

  12. Dazza

    I have just travelled to Cambodia and I can say that no one will want them as there’s huge unemployment and poverty. When I told people of our governments plan they were shocked

  13. Kyran

    Terry2 and Dazza, the cash incentives are a huge part of the problem. PNG, Nauru and Cambodia all have big problems with poverty. When a “cashed up” refugee is seen in their midst, it is a very volatile situation.
    RN followed a refugee in PNG recently on his “release” from the gulag into the community. I think he was Iranian and an engineer by trade. He was clearly intelligent and had learned much of the local customs before his ‘integration’. He was apprehensive, but confident he could contribute much. The locals were about 50/50, do we want him here or don’t we?
    As to the essence of the article, it’s not just Australia.–again,7478
    Ian SMP, if we drop the lot in there, you may have a problem. Take care

  14. gangey1959

    Another well written piece Kaye Lee.
    Reality will bite them all savagely in the buttocks when she is finally released.
    My only hope is that that day is today, rather than tomorrow or some other relatively distant point in time.
    TA and his lot are just a blight on the planet. With no redeeming features.
    They needs to be reminded of the rules.
    1) We ALL die.
    2) All other rules are subject to rule #1.
    3) Work hard, and be good to your mother.
    4) Teach your children respect and their times tables.
    5) …..
    6) …..
    7) …..
    8) …..
    9) BMW drivers SUCK.
    10) He (or she, Gina) who dies with the most money has the largest amount of bullshit told about them by the biggest cheats and liars at their funeral, are still dead, but are not the winner.

    I have left space for people to fill in their own rules. Have fun.

    PS. The right honourable tony abbott mp, pm of Australia does not deserve dumping in a septic tank, He would poison the maggots and micro-organisms which do a very necessary job. Mybe we can have him and his front bench launched into space and jettisoned with the other faeces, which to the best of my knowledge is burned up by solar radiation so nothing is left behind. (Except the scars they have left on planet Earth 🙁 )

  15. Kyran

    Oi, Gangey. No problem with #1 to #4. However,
    #9, They blow.
    #10, as Da always said, there are no pockets in a shroud.
    As for the PS. Drop him in a tank, I’ll arrange the dump. Crass, but that is the standard he has set. Take care

  16. Florence nee Fedup

    Kyran, I wonder what that man could contribute to our economy and society.

  17. Kyran

    Florence. If you are referring to the 5.14pm post, a lot. Most of the refugee’s I have met are from Myanmar. And I have no problem saying, they give a lot more than they get. There was an article here recently titled “Imagine”. John Howard wanted a mono cultural society, not a multicultural society. If you are referring to the 7.37am post, he is not a man, merely an unwanted by product of little johnnie. Take care

  18. DanDark

    Gangey as I see it there are only 2 things that are certain in life, and that’s taxes and death
    The rest is a guessing game, a guestamation and Tony and Co do a lot of guessing and estimating
    and its all wrong mostly, well nearly always…….. well yes its always wrong 🙂

  19. LOVO

    Ya can’t put Tony in an cesspit 😯 when he, most obviously, is one. :/

  20. eli nes

    Would we wander happily through the pyne shrubs or walk backwards in the paddocks of the turn bulls? Perhaps driving the morris on the way to robb the bishop of her hockey stick? Perhaps we could by a barn or wear a truss?
    These options are wondrous but not a patch on our man for all seasoning.
    The salt and pepper of Australia and our politics who appeals to the people through red and yellow caps, lycra, blue ties and bikini bottoms.
    The pollie who speaks without fear or favour who knows and believes in his god given righteousness.
    The family man who has led a self confessed skiteless life supporting ideals like medicare, private religious education and university education with scholarships for the poor.
    The rhodes scholar who set the bar on the ground and spent his uni days seeding any time or place he could.
    The last month, at the golf club has been quieter but the boys are unrepentant and it is still that $%$$#^% woman’s and labor’s fault. ‘You mongrel commies’ are just stirring and stopping good government.
    Somehow I find it sadder than funny when some of the boys are engineers, lawyers and CEOs. Nevertheless, it is quite exhilaratingly funny to taunt the retired armed service officers whose discipline has stunted any political freedom leaving them only able to blindly repeat slogans.

  21. Trevor

    Thank you Kaye Lee for the heads up on 4corners. Abbott will remain as PM until he pisses enough of his own team off, often enough so they will be forced to move against him and for sure that will not be pretty sight. Unfortunately for Ozland the recriminations and affect of Abbott’s time masquerading as PM is leaving a dog whistle stain for generations to come, along with the immense career long theft of Public Monies that Abbott has gotten away with due to a stinking rotten shitstem that infects politicians of both parties state and Australia wide. This stinking rotten shitstem of Political party control of Parliamentary Democracy is a stain on participation by ordinary voters because according to protocols and traditions of political parties, their MP’s control any decisions about your and my rights, versus the 2party political monopoly to join forces to repel all boarders. Like I said a stain on democracy as known in Australia. So Abbott goes but the problems remain and cause of Abbott and his rabble we get a clearer view of what must be achieved to get Participatory Democracy by the voters.

  22. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear Trevor.

    The greatest joke (and it’s all at Rabid’s expense) is that rabid Abbott’s gluttonous lust for power and all its fatty parliamentary benefits, has opened our eyes and mobilised many of us to stand up and take notice of the abuse of parliamentary democracy, processes and public monies.

    It makes us more mindful of what we want changed and made more accountable.

    It also makes me and more and more like me, more demanding of Proportional Party and Participatory Democracy where ideas are garnered from the experiences of the grassroots, public galleries, public discussions and then advocated by a range of parties – small and medium.

    This also puts Labor on notice that they better wake up and take a stand on a spectrum of progressive policies that effectively reverse or abolish any austere measures introduced by Rabid and his menagerie.

  23. Rev

    “Despite his promise of no ill will, Tony immediately blamed and sacked chief whip, Philip Ruddock, for not letting him know that anyone was upset with him.”

    Guess that $4.2m paid to consultants to read social media to see what people were saying about him was only for one year.

    Obviously didn’t pass on the true thoughts either, or he ignored them, as usual.

  24. Colin

    Kaye – as others have said, a magnificent summary of an idiot in full chaotic flight. Thank goodness for THE AIM NETWORK – a true beacon of light and journalistic veracity! I’ll be glued to 4 Corner’s as usual and will laugh at Kerry’s no doubt brilliant acerbic intro!

  25. Florence nee Fedup

    For the oldies out there, who believe in Abbott and the non-existent debt under Labor, get one thing clear. Yes Abbott and his mob believe those on full pensions get too much. Yes, being over paid. He intends with changing indexation method to reduce our purchasing power over time. This is not meant to scare one, but to point out a fact. It will happen under Abbott, if the senate passes their legalisation.

    He has chosen a path to cut pensions, that hurt those who rely on it with no other income worse.

    There are many other options, our Tony has chosen to ignore. Yes, he could increase the super levy to 12%. He could look at the levels of income, when qualifying for the pension. He could look at revoking many benefits Howard gave to self funded retirees under the Senior card.

    Reducing the purchasing power of full pensioners should be last on the list, not first.

  26. Terry2


    I just had t go back to the pre-election promises from Abbott, including ‘ no changes to pensions’ :

    I know that politicians lie but this man must take the all time record: did he wink ?

    Incidentally, National Seniors have suggested that he take these changes to the 2016 election once they have been fully costed and the impact on pensioners truthfully explained : quite reasonable really, if you go into one election saying one thing and then change your mind after the election then you obviously take your new policy to the next election because clearly you have no mandate.

  27. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Oh, oh. Watch out everyone! Rabid’s sycophants have arrived.

    Even worse, maybe Rabid’s exorbitantly paid social media zombies!

  28. Kaye Lee

    He was a little too puerile to bear Jennifer. I have removed his comments.

  29. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    No worries, Kaye. I was valiantly attempting to deflect his ugly, brain-dead comments from you.

  30. eli nes

    On reflection, how many millions does a bunny need to fund his lifestyle choices? The traditional hutch is the lodge, unoccupied since the lemon moved out in Sept 2013. Cost of renovation about $4.5 million, so far. In the meantime, his lifestyle choice is to stay in a barrack for $110 a day, leaving the rented house, costing us $3000 a week, unoccupied. His lifestyle choice was not to use the lodge but to stay in Sydney, at Kirribilli (where little johnnie lived), This FI/FO arrangement, using the airforce, only adds a few extra million to his lifestyle choices. These costs emanate from selfish choices, cost millions and put his arrogant statements, about Aborigines, into a context that emphasises his ignorance. For the life of this government, I have been bombarded with emails offering inducements for a signature and exhorting me to upskill, at a university, with NO UPFRONT FEES because the government has instituted a fee-help scheme for VET/TAFE that could incur a debt up to $96000 and the universities smelt the $billions. . These emails have been forwarded to labor with comments like: Little Billy and Torpid Tanya, you are spending your time avoiding $100000 degrees for the 10% who are smart enough for higher degrees but leaving the 90% to fend for themselves at courses with no entrance exams like VET, TAFE, Teaching or Nursing. Why ignore your heartland supporters, the workers?? The vehemence with which this point was pursued, resulted in various facebook bans and. I am sure, emails being marked as spam. What a shock to read in the NT News(13/3) that the coalition was acting to stop the vulnerable being given inducements to sign for debt. What a revelation that I should have been writing to the rabbits and pynenuts of the liberal party rather than wasting my time with labor politicians. Showing that, in this instance, little billy’s labor is further right than the coalition. What a dilemma that a staunch laborite(for most of 8 decades) should be praising this inept government and, should no independent show her hand, contemplating turning my back on the vote but I will vote and deliver a dollar to some party or individual.

  31. Trevor

    eli nes. On reflection a vote is a vote and in days gone long bye when the dead did vote and being a donkey voter was par for the course, when in the days long gone, politics was inherited by the well to do as an after thought from their business success so as to keep those in the know in the know and those not in the know be kept not in the know. Back in the day when political embarrasments meant Red and Yellow arrows showing the invading horde that the Menzian principle would keep away to 2 wongs don’t make a white from Calwell the unwell, it was all so much easier then. Right? wrong. Same shit updated for a different day. Just a thought eli nes; in todays politics these political cheapskates filling the Parliamentary benches have been likened to Penis’s in Suits. Perhaps you could be inclined to wear a wry smile as you leave the polling place with the knowledge that a drawn penis in a suit on the ballot paper showed the choice that represents the day? cause the one vote is worth shitall in this party political shitstem!

  32. Kaye Lee

    The treasurer of the Federal Liberal Party launched a strident attack on the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Peta Credlin, urging her removal in an explosive text message leaked to the ABC’s Four Corners program.

    In the text message, Mr Higginson told the senior Liberal figure: “I’m refusing to sign the 2013/14 accounts … it has brought … the Horsewoman of the Apocalypse out of her den as you can image [sic]. Black robes flowing. Stay tuned for the hatchet job on me … it’s hurting me just mainly watching the party suicide.”

  33. Terry2

    Kaye, and this poor bloke (Higginson) is an Honorary Treasurer and they’re looking at sacking him !

    Like most of us, I’ve acted in honorary positions on several occasions, normally because nobody else wants the job, but to be sacked when you’re not even an “employee” is bizarre – Sean Micaleff could use this to advantage I’m sure.

  34. DanDark

    Zeik….. feck off idiot…….

  35. Kaye Lee


    I used to do Meals on Wheels. When they employed a co-ordinator who started making demands and treating all we volunteers like staff, causing a great deal of distress to the many older men and women who had volunteered what time they could for years, he very quickly found himself with no-one willing to help.

    I was also on the management committee for a homeless youth refuge. An officious woman who was in charge of the local DOCS branch received a complaint from a disgruntled former employee which she used to put us through the wringer. Despite providing her with our very valid reasons for terminating his employment, and proof of how successful our programs were, she used the opportunity to insist that we merge with church run refuges. When I refused she threatened that our funding would be cut from the next Friday which meant I would be unable to pay our staff. I had no choice but to hand over the auspice on the condition that my employees would retain their positions. The ridiculous thing was that the group we had to hand over to had, unlike us, failed their accreditation.

    When I was treasurer for the school P&C I found discrepancies in the books which led to the discovery that one of the ladies in the office had been stealing the canteen proceeds given to her for banking.

    Volunteering can be quite traumatic.

  36. Kaye Lee

    Zeik has been sent to time out for being a silly boy.

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