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Who’s running this show?

There is a disturbing trend emerging of government ministers seemingly having no idea what their staff are doing.

Bridget McKenzie apparently doesn’t know which staffer in her office made changes to the sports grants after she had signed off on them. But she is certain it had nothing to do with the 136 emails with Morrison’s office.

Angus Taylor doesn’t know where he got a forged document from that he used to attack Clover Moore.

Michaelia Cash categorically denied that anyone in her office had contacted the media about the upcoming raid in her botched witch hunt after Bill Shorten. Until someone whispered in her ear during a break.

When Marise Payne admitted that she, along with other Cabinet ministers, had received a pirated e-copy of Malcolm Turnbull’s new book before publication, she insisted it had “absolutely not” come from the Prime Minister’s Office. Except it did come from an address from within the PMO and a staffer subsequently “apologised”.

Paul Fletcher told us that the decision to purchase the Leppington triangle land for 10 times its value was approved by a deputy secretary and that he knew nothing about it.

When proof of Peter Dutton personally interceding to grant visas to au pairs for his mates’was leaked, AFP Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan admitted that he alerted Mr Dutton’s chief of staff Craig Maclachlan to a raid on the whistleblower’s office and home ahead of time. Gaughan texted “that warrant activity will now be first thing tomorrow morning”. Maclachlan replied “thanks mate – this arvo also fine”, to which Mr Gaughan responded with a “thumbs up” emoji. Despite the text messages, Dutton said he “knew nothing” of the pending raid.

When Barnaby Joyce misled parliament about access to the Farm Household Allowance, his words were later mysteriously changed in Hansard. Joyce blamed a rogue staffer.

Endless examples of politicians rorting expense claims and failing to declare assets are put down to “administrative error”.

Perhaps if politicians paid a little more attention to their job and less to their photo shoots and “announcables” they might have a better handle on what is happening in their offices and departments.

But that might mean they had to take some responsibility when it’s so much easier to blame someone else and, if necessary, find them a new lucrative position elsewhere.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    Never, as far as can be researched and investigated, have we had such a load of larcenous liars, filthy fantasising fools, deliberate dickheaded deviates from duty, rotten rubberised rorters, rooters, robbers, ranters, ravers and a P M, a Poxed Menace and Pathetic Mentality in charge of federal government affairs, Equipped with nothing but congealing turds, the conservative political pervert policy dunnypot is overfull with brimmers, who ignore their own stench of crookedness. One hopes and incoming ALP will recruit huge numbers and spend necessary large amounts to prosecute, to hunt and punish the obvious criminality which is policy for these poobrained posers. And behind it all lurk the unterfuhrers of media maggoting muck, Merde Dog the foreigner filth, Stokes the petty oberst, and Costello uber alles, der scheisskerl. A nation of ruined environment, thanks to the old country party rapaciousness, and effectively a crime scene for the big conservative corporate conspiracy of parasitism. Nucking Fice…

  2. New England Cocky

    @Phil Pryor: your literary eloquence far expresses my disgust and humiliation at the blatant unprincipled self-serving behaviour of the present Liarbral Nazional$ misgovernment that continues to disgrace all Australian voters with their corruption.

    Time for the 2021 Federal election.

  3. Baby Jewels

    Thanks Phil, you said it all, really.

  4. Michael Taylor

    We had it in reverse when Joe Hockey was our minister. We literally had to tell him to shut up.

    He had no idea what his department was doing so he’d make stuff up when being interviewed.

    The stand out was when he produced a set of figures when bragging about Howard’s Welfare to Work plan – how it was a big success – showing that the DSP population (Disability Support Pension) was falling each month. They were, of course, rising each month but hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good media announcement?

    It was then that we decided to gag him.

  5. wam

    This excellent read gives another meaning to LOL, kaye: a list of lies from lots of liars. Loved albo’s speech and there is hope that enough queenslanders and taswegians realise which side knows what jobs mean to reverse their 2019 move away from labor. I remember much of 49-72 and the euphoria of 72-75 and the tragedy of the clp whose arrogant rule was born, with a council without a labor member all clp and one independent ,came to an end when they and labor least expected it. When the electors just got sick of their lazy rorts, open arrogance, uncaring, unfair and indolent attitude ignoring problem solving for off the cuff solutions with jobs for the boys. It got so bad howard had to tie grants into little packages of fixed spending(indue style). We all were swept up with a former ABC announcer, an untried political woman, an honest, roll up the sleeves and dig in worker with no bullshit 25 year figjam baggage. Just a good heart, an honest approach and an open mind and was she successful dragging all but the most savagely right into, albeit grudgingly, acceptance of fair government. I have a hope hidden deep in my gut that such a situation is near federally and words like yours may have the spark needed. Albo could do well in cultivating the arrogant rorting in areas where his people are not involved.

  6. Bronte D G ALLAN

    Sadly, this idiotic fucking mob of flat earth, happy clapping, obscenely overpaid liars do not know ANY better!! It is past the time to go you bunch of right wing losers! Great & factual article, as usual Kaye!

  7. OnceWasALiberal

    And the most inept and corrupt government in our history will be re-elected by a stupid population as soon as the man who has never seen out his term in a job fails again and calls an early election

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