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Who is the worst enemy of poorer Australians and Whistleblowers? Scott John Morrison

According to Wikipedia, Scott Morrison is descended from convict stock.

Now claiming to be a follower of the Hillsong cult, a close examination of his actions and beliefs makes it hard to see how he can even claim to be a Christian.

While, at this point, many might seek to explain the problems associated with Hillsong, which lead me to call it a cult, I want to stay with the reasons Australia will come to see Morrison as its worst ever Prime Minister.

A quick examination of the last budget, which his government has just delivered, makes it clear that the greatest beneficiaries are the already quite nicely settled, to the very well off, while those who are really struggling, are made to jump through the hoops, and go without.

OK – the Coalition is not Labor. But do they have to be downright cruel to people who have no hope of finding work through no fault of their own???

The history of Morrison’s accession to Parliament has already been well documented and includes reference to his strong tendency to get others to do the work.

One of the issues which Coalition parties seem to have problems with is regulation, and the current evidence of this is our present failure to have as many people vaccinated as would be necessary for us to begin considering overseas travel.

Morrison is inconsistent in ways that leave it easy to conclude that he does not properly test a policy before adapting it.

Corporations have been engaged to organise the vaccination plans, but who is over-sighting their progress – which, to date, has been very laggardly?

The inconsistencies associated with who can/cannot travel overseas are beyond puzzling!

For Australian citizens, stranded in India, and desperately trying not to succumb to the COVID-19 infection, being unable to come home, where the medical services are available and reliable, is a total slap in the face. Particularly when Australian cricketers are encountering few of the same problems.

And when it comes to decision making, the Coalition Cabinet has been kept behind closed doors, and decisions made, and the thinking which led to them, have been shrouded in secrecy, with no answers to legitimate questions having been allowed.


And when it comes to secrecy – there must be few open-minded Australians who do not already know of the discredited actions by the Coalition government in Timor Leste – and the underhand way in which Bernard Collaery and his client, Witness K, have been treated.

In fact whistleblowers currently risk spending the rest of their time in prison, to judge from the treatment of Richard Boyle, whose trial has not yet been set aside.

Now – who is presiding over all this unsavoury mess?

A man who regularly changes his mind and his policies – or sticks blindly to them because he fears being criticised.

He is a very obstinate bully, who has his own personal photographer who regularly provides a source of pictures of Our Great Leader as a doctor, a dentist, a candlestick maker – in other words – a Hack of all trades – so sorry! – a Jack of all trades and fully skilled in none – except deception!

When Trump was still in power, Morrison saw himself in the other man – and is, indeed, alarmingly like Trump in many, mostly unpleasant, ways.

They are both blustering bullies, who act unreasonably, fail to provide answers to legitimate questions, favour their supporters while ignoring or vilifying those who question them, and generally refuse to listen to advice with which they disagree – not a wise move when it comes from experts!

Above all – I do not know what Morrison’s plans are for his retirement, but I am pretty sure that they are intended to provide him with continuing comfort in a land which will become degraded beyond recognition by the global warming which he refuses to accept as needing really urgent attention.

Perhaps – if his daughters have children he just might begin to question what he might have done better.

By then, it will almost certainly be too late.

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  1. B Sullivan

    Hi Rosemary.

    Scott Morrison’s actions and beliefs are entirely consistent with his claims to be a Christian. The essence of Christianity is to except the actual existence and divinity of a person who is only known to exist as a leading character in a collection of stories. Such an act of acceptance is known as faith, which is central to the doctrine of Christianity. You just believe, and it will be so. How good is that! Provided, of course that you don’t ever doubt what you believe, which makes it quite difficult to empathise with those who don’t share your belief because they might be aware that it doesn’t fit with known evidence.

    With Morrison it is always his belief versus the evidence. He has just given us a sermon on the insane belief that public money that could be spent far more wisely should be sacrificed on constructing a fossil fuel power station. People should not forget that the term conman is short for confidence man. A peddler of faith. From PR to PM he only has to bag one more miracle to qualify for sainthood, and believers will be praying to him.

  2. Baby Jewels

    You’ve got him pegged, Rosemary. To our everlasting shame, many Australians don’t.

  3. leefe

    “But do they have to be downright cruel to people who have no hope … ?”

    It seems to be a prerequisite for promotion within the LNP, and has been ever since LJH. Perhaps they have isolated the responsible genes and do a DNA check of each and every candidate to determine their “suitability” (by this count) for office?

  4. Phil Pryor

    The real drive of current posing christians is to claim a superiority, being blessed, saved, chosen, anointed, special, which they are NOT, for they are ignorant, superstitious, fantasy loving frauds and posers. Vanity is a strange thing, causing idiots of our P M’s type to associate with people who can think, can do things, can achieve, be respected, be honest and open, so as to hope to benefit by association, the band wagon effect. Cross a grub with a chameleon, add lies, deception and coating, you have the P M, a Poxed Mentality, a Pygmy Mind, a Putrid Misfit. A pot of turds is not a string of pearls…

  5. Mark Shields

    Morrison is an eschatological nutter racing towards armageddon with gas-guzzling, V8 powered abandon.

  6. New England Cocky

    Ah Rosemary, Scummo’s behaviour reminds me of the school bully, who, being totally insecure, bluffs his way through life posing as a ”tough nut” when in fact he is a wimp insecure in his sexuality and fearful that his ”secret” will be discovered.

    So to the ”manly displays” at the Hell$ingers Cult of Geed & Paedophile Protection. ”Look Jen, I can speak tongues” but I don’t care for coloured refugees legally seeking political asylum in Australia. But that’s OK, Father Brian will forgive my racism while-ever Big Mick Fuller protects his paedophile father.

    When I gift 10% tithe to Hell$ingers that will guarantee that Old Age Pensioners will not bother me about their difficulties choosing between paying rent and eating this fortnight, or all those Aboriginal people who died under suspicious circumstances at the hands of Police that have never been properly investigated, or the multiple BILLIONS gifted to foreign owned multinational corporations to supply third rate defence systems like the JSF planes, Collins Class submarines and M60 machine guns.

    The failure of the COVID Vaccine Roll-out Programme is obviously caused by Labor politicians instructing the unions to mess up the supply chain after I received my Pfizer jab. If regional communities had just paid up for the vaccines like the broadacre farmers in the N MDB pay up for maintaining broken river pumping meters then there would be no excuse for vaccine supply shortages.

  7. Stephengb

    Many many commentators are calling morrison (lower case intended) a person with mental health issues (usually using the most derogatory terms, for mental health issues).

    I have to admit from my observation of him that he does seem to be suffering from mental health issues as well as some personality disorders.

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    Commentators, psychologists, sycophants and Murdoch’s maggots will all have their own personal benign, sympathetic, apologetic, political description of Scummo, but there is only one way to describe him, a self seeking, corrupt, thug who gets his way because he’s safe in the knowledge that almost all the media is on his side, and the stupid bloody voters are just too uninterested or greedy or afraid or braindead to give Australian politics a critical analysis. He and Trump are alike, total bastards and dickheads.

  9. Mrs Wobbly

    Scumo, the untruth teller fails again, with his smart ass grin, bully boy attitude or is it, that he has mental health issue ? . Why does he holds on to his beliefs of christianity and religion, why is he a member of a dangerous exclusive religious cult which brain washes followers, when on many occasions in public has displayed he doesn’t have one ounce empathy? . Scumo a christian? not likely, his the church of fascism , racism and his own personal wealth and greed and the greed of his masters. LNP ideology “divide and rule” “the haves and have nots” at any cost, profits and wealth come first, then people but only if your in the right income bracket are you classed as a person, your skin colour and race are acceptable if your in the higher income bracket. Question “Australian tax payers funded parliament” or the Australian tax payers funded “Asylum” ? (wealthy they avoid paying taxes, and are donors with an agenda ). Are the majority of Australians insane or also blinded by greed so to continuing to vote and have convinced themselves to believe the lie for their own personal gain as our so called leadership do, this unlawful criminal and corrupt behaviors from Australian politicians, year in year out go without punishment for behavior, just except the injustice knowing it’s wrong, at all levels of politics federal, state and local governments

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