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Who Gave Craig Kelly Your Number?

Now, just for the record, I am a member of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party. I joined prior to the 2019 election with the idea of standing as a candidate in Kooyong then quitting the party during the election campaign citing the reason that they clearly didn’t do due diligence given that three years ago a Google search would have given them access to plenty of blogs, some of which showed that I thought that Clive Palmer was an even bigger buffoon than Pauline Hanson…

I’m still a member because there seems to be no mechanism by which one can resign. There was nothing on the website and my emails didn’t get a response. I haven’t tried that hard because the occasional email from Clive lets me know exactly what he’s up to and gives me a good laugh. For example, a few days prior to the actual election last time, Clive announced that they were on track to win government. The fact that he failed to win a single seat didn’t phase him – he wrote after the election that it was a great success and that they’d achieved a great result.

Notwithstanding all that, my wife has had nothing to do with them, is fairly protective of giving out personal details and has never been a member of any political party. So she was quite surprised to get a message from Craig Kelly telling her that she couldn’t trust Labor, Liberals or Greens ever again… Just to clarify, she wasn’t surprised that she may not be able to trust at least one of these parties, she was surprised that Craig Kelly had her number. She had no desire to click the link and I certainly wasn’t going to click it for her… However, I did look it up on my computer. Of course, some of you are going to suggest that was silly because it could have been a virus. As a member of Clive’s party, I can simply counter that with viruses don’t exist!

The link took me to a video of Craig Kelly where he told us that the Liberal and Labor parties had ruined the country and that I should vote for the party hat he was now leading, which was Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, which sort of begs several questions, such as how can he be leading a party which belongs to someone else and how can Australia be united when he’s attacking the government, the opposition and anyone who disagrees with him on vaccinations!

This is before one gets to the obvious question for Mr Kelly: at what point did you realise that the government you were part of was wrecking the country? As well as the obvious followup: what took you so long? Or possibly even: then why do you keep voting for them in motions of no confidence?

Apparently, my wife isn’t the only one to get a message from Mr Kelly. I notice on Twitter that two other people are saying how did this man get my number? That may not seem like a large number but when you add all the others who don’t use the word “man” in their tweet, you get a much larger one.

Whatever, it does seem like United Australia Party has found itself a leader and I will certainly be putting my hand up to stand as a candidate. I don’t know if Clive will give me the nod, but at least that may be one way I can actually resign from the party.


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  1. Cathleen Fyffe

    I have not rcvd the text but I have put the number as disclosed by a recipient into my contacts and then blocked it.

  2. Henry Rodrigues

    Australia has an inexhaustible supply of buffoons.!!!! And still some idiots vote for them.

    That’s what is so inexplicable.

  3. Henry Gilbert Rodrigues

    Australia has an in-exhaustible supply of buffoons !!!! And some idiots still vote for them.

    That is what is so inexplicable.

  4. king1394

    My Dad once agreed to receive information from Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, mainly because he was asked directly to do so by a speaker who came to a history group he belonged to. Despite him never responding, forever after he was addressed as a member, sent newsletters, invitations to events, and asked to give money. This continued after he died. It only stopped when the PO Box address was closed some years later – though perhaps the subsequent owner continues to be contacted

  5. Bruce Winchester

    I received that message a few days ago. It made me laugh out loud. I’m too old to ever trust any major political party and not be suspicious even of those I have been forced to vote for. I have never met Clive nor supported or ever contacted his UAP. I remain happy to have wasted some of his resources sending me that message, but its clear someone sold my contact details, prompting me to be even more cynical and never trust anyone ever again lol.

  6. New England Cocky

    Rossleigh, you are a wicked person, corrupting the spirit of the Electoral Act with your active opposition strategy. Resignation is best done i the week before the election so that the Party has spent the budget for no electoral return.

    Clive has his eye on the Queensland coal mining opportunities and a government paying for the necessary rail line to get the black gold from mine to export port.

    Craig Kelly is a buffoon recruited by Clive to give the UAP status under the COALition proposed electoral act reforms raising the requirement for parties to have 1500+ members.

    Apparently a party having a sitting member has higer status and fewer requirements than ”new parties” without existing seats.

  7. New England Cocky

    Rossleigh, your electoral activism reminds me of our 1991 frustration of the New England that pre-dated Albert Langer in 1996.

    A local Independent candidate, the late Peter Worthing, discovered that the ballot paper directions were ”Vote 1 to 4 for the candidates in your order of choice”. So we urged all voters to vote 1,2,3,4 for Worthing, and1, 2, 44, for each of the toher three candidates.

    The Labor people threatened us with prosecution in vain. By the tie they could get a Court order polling would have closed. The concpet of spoiled votes was a little beyond the capacity fo the Nazional$ supporters manning the booths.

    Langer did much the same thing and was persecuted by the AEC for continuing to spruik this correct reaing of the ballot papers

  8. Gangey1959

    No no no.
    Rossleigh.You are going about this all wrong.
    Don’t resign.
    The oblect of the excercise is for you to do something that absolutely disgusts the voters of kooyong in the week before the erection so that they turn from you (and your party) in droves.
    I’m not sure what sort of thing that might be, because I don’t move in those circles, and all of the things that I find morally reprehensible, like a mob of private scoolboy pratson a train standing around a small schoolgirl and chanting mysogynist slogans, are just de rigeur for that part of town.
    However, should you come up with an idea, I will back you all the way.

  9. Spunty

    You can’t resign from the party because that’s how they fool the AEC into believing they have sufficient members to remain registered.

  10. BB

    Palmer is a nasty humongous disgusting debauched greedy selfish money grabbing crude propagandist low life douchebag.

    As regards the txt messages being sent by UAP I got one on my mobile broadband router msg board. I deleted it without looking at it. That’s the only mobile phone number I have, as I have never had (or ever want) an ordinary mobile phone or a smart phone! And I have never ever been near anything of the UAP, any website, link, whatever, etc etc, bla bla, to do with the fat douchebag. So I’d say it’s some apt, program sending out unsolicited txt messages on numbers being generated either in sequence or randomly, whichever, but I’d say it’s all very suspicious and probably highly illegal and an invasion of our privacy. Fraudulent and criminal!

  11. BB

    Well spotted Kerri.

    NO maybe about it. You’ve hit the nail on the head. I suspected as much, a random number generator.

    Craig Kelly is a disgusting person, calling him low life would be a compliment, he’s lower than a snakes willy!

    It’s a complete and utter disgrace that such unsolicited blatant political propaganda is “allowed” to be sent.

    I have sent an email to both the Liberals and Labor to voice my candid dissatisfaction with their bullshit law.

    I still say it’s fraudulent and criminal!

  12. Stephengb

    “Clive announced that they were on track to win government. The fact that he failed to win a single seat didn’t phase him – he wrote after the election that it was a great success and that they’d achieved a great result”.

    Sorry Ross but I believe that Cive did actually win government ! He was indeed successful and achieved a great result (for him)

    He did not say he would win by gaining enough seats to win the title of PM, having the power over a puppet does not make the puppet the puppet master – the French Vici government comes to mind.

  13. margcal

    I’d like to know how someone who has been declared bankrupt can find so much cash to splash.

  14. Michael Taylor

    Yay. I finally received mine. For a while there I thought I’d been overlooked. 😉

  15. Kathy

    I haven’t received one yet either, but I did get one from Clive before the last election, so I guess I’m on their list.

  16. WO

    Spam vs Spreading awareness?
    For the aware it’s Spreading awareness.
    For unaware, a Spam.
    Thankful to him from the bottom of my heart.

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