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Who do you trust to address domestic violence?

On International Women’s Day both the major political parties delivered telling, yet contrasting political statements on pertinent policy issues. Only one, the LNP’s, received any media coverage.

Their decision to host an International Women’s Day celebration luncheon at an exclusive Brisbane club that only allows men to be members has been met with universal ridicule in both the mainstream media and social media.

This decision has surprised nobody. It fits in with their policy narrative when it comes to women’s issues. Complete misunderstanding.

All day, minute after minute, somebody somewhere has been writing about the LNP luncheon and the deserved condemnation with the choice of venue being the dominant talking point.

Labor, meanwhile, have been trying to shout above the noise but it appears no one is listening.

The only forum they have an audience is through sending out emails to the party faithful (and other interested parties).

Today Bill Shorten sent an email that – although far more important an issue than the LNP’s luncheon farce – has not been given one breath of oxygen in the media. And the subject matter – violence against women – has sadly been given not one breath of oxygen by the government.

We in the social media consider it important. And we demand it be given importance.

This site is not a policy platform for the Labor Party but Mr Shorten’s email deserves wider coverage than it has been given and this site, hopefully, can provide it with a good start. Bill wrote:

There is no clearer symbol of continuing gender inequality in our society than the epidemic of violence against women and the chilling statistics that go with it.

1 in 3 Australian women have experienced physical violence since the age of 15.

17 per cent of Australian women have experienced violence by a current or previous partner in their lifetime.

20 per cent of Australian women who have experienced current partner violence reported it to police.

Family violence is the number 1 cause of homelessness amongst women in Australia.

The biggest risk factor for being a victim of family violence is being a woman.

And so far this year, we’ve seen an average of two women have been killed each week at the hands of their partners or former-partners.

This is not acceptable.

That’s why I’ve called on the Prime Minister to hold a national crisis summit on family violence as soon as possible. Failing that, Labor will hold a summit within 100 days of being elected and invest in interim measures — because it is the responsibility of every one of us to end this.

We must change these awful statistics and you can read Labor’s plan to get started on that work here.

The nightmare of family violence is a reality for far too many Australian women. No one should have to face this ordeal on their own. This is a crisis for our nation. We cannot waste another day, we must start work now.

Thank you for standing with every Australian experiencing family violence.


The link in the email is worth following. It leads to something that many people believe Labor have ignored since the 2013 election: a policy! And a policy that has been and will be unheralded in the mainstream media yet one that should be shouted from the rooftops. I’m sure the Labor Party won’t mind if I replicate it here (after all, social media is the only media friend the ALP have).

Labor will make a series of critical investments in services and programs that directly support women and children escaping family violence.

Labor’s interim package will deliver more than $70 million over three years in targeted funding to ensure those suffering from family violence can access critical services.

$47.4 million for targeted legal services

Labor will invest $42.9 million in frontline legal services to ensure women threatened by violence are not alone in going through the legal system. $4.5 million will also be invested in Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (FVPLS) to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children experiencing family violence:

  • We will invest in community legal centres (CLCs) and frontline services to better support people affected by family violence going through the court system including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services. The new funding we are announcing for community legal centres will be targeted at providing assistance in family violence and related matters.
  • Embedded within support services will be the diverse needs of victims from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, migrants, refugees and people from a non-English speaking background, people with disability, older women and other vulnerable groups.
  • Family Violence Prevention Legal Services provide more frontline and holistic legal assistance for the past 15 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims of family violence, currently providing services in 31 regional and remote locations. Labor will provide support for additional capacity to FVPLS to share best practice with other legal services on culturally-specific-training and build capacity within the organisation.

$15 million for a Safe at Home grants program

Labor will provide an initial $15 million in grants to community organisations, local government or other appropriate providers that help people affected by family violence stay safe in their own homes and in their communities. This could include infrastructure such as:

  • key changes and lock upgrades to doors and windows;
  • sensor and security lighting;
  • security screen doors;
  • external CCTV cameras, training and monitoring;
  • alarm systems.

In addition, we will map and understand best practice of existing state safe and home strategies, including risk assessments, for implementation across Australia.

$8.4 million to improve perpetrator interaction mapping

Labor will invest $8.4 million into research on mapping perpetrator interactions across family violence, law enforcement, justice, child protection and related systems. This investment will aim to:

  • Identify and monitor opportunities to interrupt forthcoming violent behaviours through information sharing and specific accountability strengthening measures.
  • Research to increase our knowledge of how perpetrators track through these systems
  • Better understand the role and effectiveness of risk assessment systems to build a comprehensive understanding of perpetrator behaviours, including a longitudinal study.

So who do you trust to address domestic violence? Today’s messages alone would suggest that we can rule out the government.



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  1. pamelac65

    This is how the hard issues are “handled” in Australia. Sometimes Politicians and spin merchants can’t shut them up so what you do is let them out in the open and create a brouhaha of irrelevance and vitriol of such dimensions that the actual matter is ignored.

    For example last weeks attack on Gillian Triggs- who read and discussed the evidence in the Forgotten Children Report?

    Now violence against women- who is reading discussing the facts? once again the NOISE of Male Politicians shuts up acknowledging the violence against women and children. It is a very effective mechanism to do nothing.

  2. stephentardrew

    Great Michael it’s about time.

    At least we can spread the word.

    Good on Bill Shorten and Labor.

  3. Annie B

    Great article Michael. Received that email from Bill Shorten ( most posters here would have I guess ) —- had a good look at the policy structure. ….. but it’s good to see it again – on independent media, not just in the email Inbox.

    Also Labors’ call for a National Crisis Summit is a superb idea, but it will be thrown in the trash can by the extremists that currently ‘rule’ our country. …. And rule, they are trying to do. …. A mob of totalitarian thugs and monsters.

    The subject of violence against women ( violence anywhere against anyone ) …. MUST be dealt with, and it would appear that Bill and his party might be coming out from behind wherever we think they’ve been hiding – and are starting to announce some policy. ….

    I still think Bill Shorten and Labor has carefully watched their timing … and I hope they continue to do so – perfectly.

    The way the LNP handled the IWD – at a male members only club … is deplorable. … In fact, will go so far as to say it was deliberate, and an attempt to deliver a big smack in the face to this day and to this subject. … Nothing surprises me anymore as to what this vile mob will stoop to.

    Somewhere, somehow – they have to be stopped. Perhaps the wide ridicule this reprehensible mob and its actions today has caused, will help a bit more, to bring about a downfall – not only of Abbott, but of his entire party.

  4. darrel nay

    “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”
    The government commits more violence than any other group in society (wars, 5000+ drone deaths, etc.) and is hardly in a position to lead any movement to reduce violence in society – are they kidding? What a double standard.
    Cannibalism has largely been eliminated because people express a consistent disgust at the notion and I would argue that, similarly, if we express a consistent disgust with violence it will disappear like cannibalism has.

  5. Carol Taylor

    Mid 2014 Abbott promised $100m to tackle the issue of family violence..and then proceeded to chop millions of funding from refuge organisations. One example is:

    Morwell’s Orana Gunyah Refuge is facing significant cuts, as the Abbott Government prepares to cut millions of dollars in funding that helps people avoid homelessness.

    The Refuge, funded under the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH), provides emergency accommodation and support to indigenous women and children who are escaping family violence.

    And yet the “Minister for Women” can stand there boasting about “glass ceilings”. Forget the ceilings shall we, and try dealing with safe living environments.

  6. darrel nay

    promises promises promises

  7. Annie B

    I found ( on Facebook ) … that it was the LNP WOMEN – ( a group of women who shout LNP slogans and goodies from the rooftops ) who did the organising of this coming charade at the Tattersalls’ Club in Brisbane.

    They do have a Facebook page, and did claim to be organising it. … Even offered ‘a few seats left’ for the great luncheon. Posted Tuesday 10.20 am – – “Just a few days to go til our IWD lunch in Brisbane.. not too late to get a seat if you’re quick! “ … . No doubt their beloved leader and Minister for Women, wholeheartedly agreed, and probably gave a few of them, little smacks on the bum, for their support – to show his gratitude. !! ?? !!

    And below here on this link is reported one more great load of inane garbage Abbott has screeched in Parliament, ( in reply to Bill Shortens’ query about the venue for the IWD luncheon ). ..

    There is a video on the page to view – which includes Madam Speaker, having a small wry smile at the question and the anticipated answer.

    Oh the fun, the hilarity, the giggles. (except maybe for glimpses of Pyne who didn’t look too impressed !!! – but then, he wouldn’t … would he ?)

    One sentence the Scabbott uttered in reply ( while throwing his hands around in the air – rather like his boxing prowess on display ). “”This is just how wonderful this broad church that I lead is. Just how wonderful the broad church that I lead is,” he said. …. the double statement again …. and HIS broad ‘church’ ??? … CHURCH ???

    I grieve for our nation, while this mob throw their weight around.

  8. DanDark

    His broad church, yeah right, you know what he can do with hi broad church
    Tones can stick his broad church where the sun dont shine,
    The cops are as useless as tits on a frog when it comes to domestic violence and always have been.
    In 1989 my then husband broke into my house when I was picking the kids up from school
    He was cleaning out the house, he had the 2 portable Tvs and other stuff packed in his car
    and was trying to get the big TV out of the lounge when I came home, I told the kids to run across the road and satay there, I walked in and sat on the tv, he wasn’t getting it,
    I actually paid for the damn thing with my holiday pay the year before, he was going to leave the kids with no TV at all,
    For 9 years I hadn’t fought back but this time I stood my ground and ended up with a badly broken finger and an operation on it,
    when I went to sue him for the damages the cops had lost the file, they were called by my solicitor after I rang him to tell him what had just happened, I spoke to them at the time gave them a statement and then went to work with a broken finger, but I didn’t know it was broken,
    all I knew is I couldnt afford to take the night off
    I was cleaning at the local hospital at the time in the casualty dept,
    my co worker took me straight around to the head of casualty when I had to explain my obvious injuries to her, and I didnt go back to work for 8 weeks because of my injuries I had sustained from him.
    So my solicitor said, without the cops file at the time of the offence we have nothing,
    soooooooo he got away with it and I still have a dodgy finger…..
    The cops need to lift their game as too with judges when it comes to women and domestic violence.
    When in need I learnt don’t call a cop 🙂

  9. gangey1959

    With all of the publicity that has been spent on the LNP version of Int’l Womens’ Day, at the expense of EVERYTHING else that was done or said by anyone else, TA and his puppeteers have acheived their goal of stealing anyone else’s thunder. It was a marketing exercise in reverse pure and simple. Very sadly, the fact that it shows how hollow the rhetoric of mr abbott and his cronies really is, and how much they are controlled by very powerful unseen backers will escape most of Australia’s population.
    I spent the afternoon with my daughter today. She was most aggrieved at the LNP event, but had no knowledge of the equivalent Labor occasion. Nor did she know who George Brandis is, why he should be replaced as AG, or even who Gillian Triggs is, even though she and I have had several quite vocal ‘debates’ on the asylum seekers and their plight.
    I was a bit shocked. I do know that tomorrow she will be more up to speed than I am, so all is not lost.
    DanDark’s post above, with mr abbott’s standing, and his lap-dog crissy pyne sitting just behind him, needs the caption ” Excuse me Mr Speaker, but would the Prime Minister refrain from using big words, like ‘missoginest’. Neither me or my friend mr pine know what it means, and we aren’t one either..”

  10. Dandark

    You know what Gangey, I don’t know how Julia copped that shit from Tones and Co day in and day out, her being prime minister for as long as she was is a feckin miracle,
    Her restraint and her patience when dealing with macho man was extraordinary really,
    she out did him on every level and he knew it, he is a piss weak bloke and a systematic abuser, he is a waste of space and the sooner he and his henchmen are kicked to the curb the safer women will feel in this country.
    That abuse directed by those at the top filters down into the psych of society as being acceptable
    and needs to be eradicated, respect towards someone foremost is a must,
    Abbott dosn’t play the politics he plays the woman any chance/opportunity he can get.
    Respect towards women is something that Tones has no idea about, never has and never will….

  11. Kaye Lee

    This government has no understanding of the value of prevention rather than cure.

    They have defunded organisations that work with men to end their violent behaviour towards family members.
    They repealed gambling reform laws.
    They build more police stations and hire truancy officers whilst defunding domestic violence support groups.
    They disband the Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board.

    The following examples are just from the ACT and are being echoed around the country:

    “Annual Commonwealth grants to a poverty relief service operated by YWCA Canberra have been slashed from $50,000 to $19,000.

    YWCA Canberra provides food aid, emergency swags, scripts, vouchers and advice to people in need in Canberra’s north and from a much larger south-side hub at Lanyon.

    The cashless Lanyon supermarket is staffed entirely by volunteers and puts food on the table for more than 90 Tuggeranong residents each fortnight.

    A total of $500,000 in annual grant funding has been slashed from Belconnen Community Service and a program to prevent homelessness was closed on Tuesday.

    “It is going to put a whole lot of pressure on our existing homelessness services across the ACT,” Belconnen Community Service chief executive Dira Horne said.

    “I don’t think we have ever been treated like this even under a past Liberal government.”

    The Karralika Family Program is set to lose annual grants worth around $300,000.

    The residential program allows children to stay with their parents while they undertake treatment for drug addiction.

    “Our families live with us sometimes up to a year, they are complex families. There are often issues of domestic violence, homelessness, foster care and trauma,” Karralika chief executive Camilla Rowland said.

    “Ninety per cent of the families that come to us are under care and protection orders so many of these children will go into foster care.”

    These are such small amounts of money to keep crucial services going. If Tony would give up just one of his fighter jets, or one of his submarines, these services could be expanded rather than curtailed.

    We seem to have endless money for war and war toys – but none to help families in crisis.

  12. Kyran

    The pervasive nature of a mind set is always a real danger. If it were my choice, the propaganda campaign would start with re branding domestic violence for what it is – criminal assault. DanDark’s comment “That abuse directed by those at the top filters down into the psych of society…..” resonates greatly.
    I have posted before that suicide rates in Australia stand at 7 a day (ABS) and can only wonder how many are related to this issue. The NSW government is ‘streamlining’ services and integrating homeless shelters with women’s refuge’s and cutting support services to both. The Victorian government is holding a Royal Commission and, from what I have read to date, it is very wide ranging. Whilst a national summit is to be lauded, I fear it will become another talk fest leading to more talk. There are already many well researched and documented programs, most of which detail holistic approaches across society that have proven extremely cost effective when trialled.
    A recent report suggested the cost of child abuse in Australia was $7bill per annum in Australia. The cost of the overarching problem must be exponentially greater.
    The ‘king hit’ offence was rebranded as the ‘coward’s punch’ as one of the label’s appeared to diminish the gross violence of the action.
    In my opinion, it is called domestic violence because the victims are mostly women and children. At least we should call it for what it is.
    Thank you, Mr Taylor, but I wouldn’t trust either party. The information is already there. We need one of the party’s to say “Let’s get on with it”. Take care

  13. diannaart

    Thank you Michael for the publishing of Shorten’s email.

    What else is Shorten & Labor doing that we do not get to hear about?

    I agree with pamelac65

    We hear a lot of noise from Abbott and his cronies – no action – if cutting funding to women’s refuges is considered action while having jolly laugh at the irony of International Women’s Day conference held at rich boys’ club.

    No action either on remaining children in detention. Ironic so many who consider themselves born-to-rule also started out as children, most frequently dependent on women.

  14. John Fraser


    Appears my Comment went to spam.

  15. Dandark

  16. Itsazoosue

    Thank you for publishing Mr Shorten’s email. The mainstream media continues to erode its relevance by ignoring such stories or picking them up days after electronic media has done so.

    Holding a Women’s Day celebration in an exclusive men’s club would be hilarious if only it was satire.

    I was disgusted when Tony Abbott appointed himself Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Minister for Women. These two ministries were apparently unimportant in the scheme of things as our PM felt tthat he could tackle them in his spare time. In fact, “Ministry for Women” doesn’t even rate a mention in this cabinet list:

    It does not surprise me that Tony Abbott would rather spend money on defence abroad than on defence in the home. He would prefer to be seen scaremongering about a potential danger than working to address a real and immediate one. Domestic violence is an issue which spans all three of Mr Abbott’s portfolios and deserves to be far higher on his list of priorities.

  17. diannaart


    Indeed. Abbott knows he can more easily control a nation by invoking the fear of the other – he has no reason (apart from a bit of gratuitous self-promotion) to call for action against home bullying.

    Will the entry requirements change for the Brisbane men’s club as a result of this meeting? Will women be accepted without a male chaperone?

  18. Indistinct chatter

    I wonder what Mr Shorten would have to say, if asked, what he thinks the implications of the social security amendment legislation 2012 might have had for women trying to leave violent men.

    Kyran, agree regarding re-branding but it has to be meaningful. Men’s violence, male violence, violent men are all good ways to re-frame the issue of DV. The passive voice is a part of the problem. Too often men’s violence is something that is framed as a disease that women randomly catch; it removes all the intention of the violent man who makes violent choices. For example,” this year 14 women have died from DV.”

  19. darrel nay

    Violence against women and children is carried out by males – not by men. Males, like acts of violence, are commonplace but men,by definition, would never be violent to women or children. We are all male/female but only some of us can live up to the title of man/woman.

  20. Natasha

    The Abbott government has announced a $30 million campaign to raise the the national awareness and prevention of domestic violence. And the discussion of domestic violence will be in the agenda of next COAG meeting.

    Bill Shorten just tried to play catch-up.

    Well done, the classic LNP women. They are always better than the lefty women who would celebrate the international Women’s Day by blaming men misogynists.

  21. iggy648

    Does anyone have a link to where these statistics come from? I’m interested to track back to find the comparable statistics for domestic violence against men.

  22. Fedup

    Unless the government provide funding for emergency housing, doctors, increases in penalties against the perpetrators, education of women not to return to these men, then what can anyone do. Talk is cheap but this crisis needs funding and lots of it. So many times women return to these men or go looking for and finding men the same. Women have to know that there are alternatives but unless funding is given to build these services nothing can or will be done. There are also many men in the same situation so the same has to be in place for them also. Judging the way this government continues to cut funding in areas where it’s needed the most then this cycle will continue and women will die or be hurt seriously. This also applies to the children.

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