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Yes is inclusive, No is divisive

The words speak for themselves, but I shall return to them briefly…


When what I do know is only surpassed by what I don’t

I suppose it’s impossible to know everything, but I know that Australians should make a more meaningful attempt to know something about their everyday politics. About what’s going on in the world, particularly their homeland.

I don’t mean that scornfully, but they should consider that If they did, they would make a larger contribution to their country’s future than they do now. A considered, informed vote must carry greater weight than an ill-informed one.

This is why the importance of the words that follow are revealed and shared among those interested in the truth.

1 Last week, the Federal Government said it would instruct the Commonwealth-owned Snowy Hydro company to build a $600 million gas-fired power plant in the NSW Hunter Valley.

The 660-megawatt plant will operate just two per cent of the time and employ just ten full-time workers.

The major problem seems to be that there is no money for the project in the budget, and it doesn’t seem to matter that there is no expert in the field that agrees with the decision.

2 No move in the latest Newspoll. 51/49 to Labor when just 44% said it was a reasonable budget.

The Poll Bludger reports that James Massola of The Age/SMH believes “Liberal MPs think an early election is increasingly likely after Josh Frydenberg’s well-received third federal budget,” although “much will depend on Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout.” A balls up in anyone’s language.

3 It seemed reasonable when Labor asked Morrison to update the House about the progress of a report he had commissioned into why he wasn’t told of the allegation of rape to Brittany Higgins.

Did you believe him? Well, Phil Gaetjens, when he appeared before Senate Estimates, looked like a Collingwood supporter after a series of bad losses.

No comment. He couldn’t say who, how or when he interviewed people, nor were any notes taken. His demeanour suggested that he was above all the nonsense and couldn’t be bothered.

4 And as expected, the spin department enquiry by the Liberal Party into allegations that:

“… members of the Prime Minister’s media team briefed journalists against the partner of former staffer Brittany Higgins did not find that the briefings had taken place, saying the evidence fell short.”

His report, in effect, was just another slap on the face for women.

5 On the same case, the employment of the man alleged to have raped Brittany Higgins was not terminated for ten days after he packed up his desk despite the Prime Minister’s claims that he was “sacked, quite swiftly” over a security breach. Did he lie, or didn’t he know? Sorry but it just doesn’t stack up.

In addition, the AFP revealed a further 19 allegations relating to federal MPs and political staffers as PM’s top bureaucrat was refusing to answer questions.

And you wonder why public confidence in the transparency of Government is further diminished.

6 Likewise, is Dutton lying about when he first knew about the rape of Brittany Higgins? The AFP says Dutton’s Defence Department was notified a month before he said he knew.

Fair dinkum, when you tell a lie, you deny others the right to the truth.

7 Prime Minister Scott Morrison refuses to answer legitimate questions in Parliament. It has been going on for some time. He handballs questions directed at him to his Ministers. Questions he should answer himself.

Suddenly, Speaker Tony Smith has had enough of his office being treated as an irrelevance.

So, on Wednesday of last week during Question Time in the House of Representatives, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese asked Prime Minister Scott Morrison a direct question concerning constructing a purpose-built Quarantine Facility.

Instead of answering the question, Morrison – clearly rattled – launched himself into an angry outburst, saying that Labor was more interested in fighting the Tories than the virus.

Albanese rose on a ‘Point of Order’, but Speaker Tony Smith beat him to the punch. Directly telling Morrison to answer the question as it had been a direct one.

The Speaker then continued speaking from his chair, telling Morrison to answer the question.

Without looking at the Speaker, an irritated Scott Morrison said he was happy to answer the question. With a look that would chest an Abbott shirt front, the Speaker rebuked Morrison for his disregard of the Speakers direction.

Nevertheless, Scott Morrison ignored Speaker Tony Smith and continued by not answering the question and making his own political point.

This confrontation unmistakably demonstrates Scott Morrison’s utter contempt for the Australian Parliament and the Speaker’s position.

Moreover, Scott Morrison puts beyond doubt that he hates being held to account. Even by the Speaker of the House of Representatives with a name like Smith.

Tony Smith thought it necessary to pull Scott Morrison up and make him answer Albanese’s question.

With his usual ignorance, Morrison turns his back to the Speaker and answers the question; all be it in devious fashion.

Older Australians like me would describe our PM as a Mug Lair (all bleach and trousers) who thinks he is God’s gift to Australian politics. Or even the world.

Smith is, without doubt, the best Speaker in my memory. His rebukes on Wednesday helped the Government appear more mature the following day. Now all they need do is start telling the truth about vaccination and quarantine.

If you want to know, his methodology here is some of Dennis Atkins: On Morrison’s four favourite ways to bend the truth. (This makes the release of Crikey‘s A Dossier of Lies and Falsehoods – covering 16 documented lies and 11 falsehoods from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, all backed with referenced source – surprising lonely because it is overdue):

Crikey draws an important distinction between lies, which are used to intentionally mislead, and falsehoods, which were untrue or turned out to be so.

It’s a generous interpretation for a politician who has made avoiding the truth, letting falsehoods slip and bending reality part of his standard operating procedure.

Writing in The New Daily, I argued late last year that Mr Morrison can lie easily because he has the ability to convince himself his untruths are factual.

You can demonstrate he is lying, but he believes he’s telling the truth – if he says it’s not raining, grab an umbrella.

It’s a frustrating and infuriating state of affairs but, to quote another famous political purveyor of porkies, Donald Trump, it is what it is.

Crikey’s Bernard Keane goes to the heart of why this matters, claiming Mr Morrison lies openly and frequently.

“(He does so) about matters large and small – Australia’s carbon emissions, or an inquiry in relation to a sexual assault within the ministerial wing in Parliament House, or simply whether he spoke to someone who refused to shake his hand, Keane says.

Most of his lies are about himself, or his government, and what it has done, or failed to do; often he has lied about things he himself has said or done, as if he wasn’t present when a woman refused to shake his hand and he turned his back on her, or he didn’t carefully explain to Parliament that the secretary of Prime Minister and Cabinet had given him no update about his report in relation to Brittany Higgins.”

There are many ways Mr Morrison deploys his falsehoods, but the most common come under four threads.

Most blatantly is that bald-faced denial of reality when he simply says something didn’t happen or doesn’t exist. It’s rolled out with firm conviction making a challenge appear impudent.

Next Mr Morrison quickly changes the subject after a swift, hardly perceptible, denial. A quick “no, but if you look over here” moves the discussion along and is then smothered in a word salad.

Third, is the “I’m too busy” for that tactic, as seen in the false denial he ever called Sam Dastyari “Shanghai Sam” when he deflected by saying, “I’ve got to say my focus was on the bushfires.”

Last, Mr Morrison loads his response with numbers and assertions regardless of whether they are related or even relevant.”

So, it does matter that voters are well-informed. That people do understand the meaning of those issues that will affect their everyday lives, just as it matters when our politicians lie, especially if they’re in leadership positions.

Issues of truth arise so frequently with the Morrison Government that it’s hard to keep up with them.

What matters most is that we attempt to reveal the truth and correct mainstream media when they print so much right-wing bias.

My thought for the day

Lying is wrong at any time, but lying to defend a lie is appallingly immoral.

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  1. John OCallaghan

    Once again a wonderful relevant article from Mr Lord on the state of our PM and Australian politics in general..deserves a much wider audience!….

  2. Phil Pryor

    This is an informative, full, amusing article, depicting with accuracy the P M, our poxed mentality, as the superstition driven vacuum he is, a backstabbing ignorant bastard who inflates his ego like a supercondom. Morrison is a revolting ugly sight, inside and outside the skull, letting us down with his perverse up attitudes, never backed by records of any success. A failure hah) at effing advertising here and in N Z. indicates a pumped up, jobbed in, bumboy blowin of no value at all. Get OUT ! Morrison’s behavioural techniques remind me of old classmate Jack Howard, as deficient a person as one ever met, except in lying and persuading himself that this was the story to emit. Truth does not matter to the inner fuhrer…

  3. Mr Bronte ALLLAN

    Well said, as usual Mr Lord! Sadly ALL Australians are saddled with this lying, happy clapping.flat earth, lying, dickhead who does not give a fuck about anything he does not believe in, bends the truth anytime he can, does not listen to any one except his obscenely wealthy business mates etc. What a BASTARD he really is, & yet the foolish bloody voters believe him & vote for him time & time again. What does that say about the average Australian voter? We are ALL bloody doomed if this toerag & his equally bad bloody COALition mob get voted back in!

  4. Williambtm

    Thank you John OCallaghan, I will second the motion that John Lord’s sharp mind has reasoned to be proposed … that this subject matter is deserved of a much wider audience.
    Maybe even a full-lown referendum?
    Now, I have a question of my own that is specific to the wealthy Pentecostal Pastor Brian Houston, (him that wears the sparkling blue jacket when he fronts an audience of his swaying eye-swiveling cultists) should leap aboard bearing his foot-stomping frenzied grin, to propose himself to be granted an L/NP party cabinet minister that mostly consists of his L/NP party specialist sharpsters and spoon-benders… and be given a portfolio that will help to shape Australia’s futures?

    This same question could be framed in legalese, if it were to be a full bench of High Court appointed former legal professionals…that only they can proffer a studied decision, albeit it consequent to an unstacked jury made up of people of the street?
    The opinion of all patriotic others with their unambiguous acute-minded intelligence is sought from among all other AIM participants and will be warmly welcomed.

  5. Neilw

    Well said. I do like Smith

  6. Lorraine Osborn

    There’s been some pretty awful Prime Minister’s since Federation, a few good ones and a fair few in the mediocre class.
    I’ve been around since Chifley and followed politics since I was a kid.
    Never have we had a bigger bunch of reprobates in government that we have today.
    If the National Archives aren’t destroyed by him and our national memory erased, history will record Morrison as the biggest bullshit artist ever to occupy the Lodge or his preferred residence, Kirribilli House.

  7. DrakeN

    Lorrain Osborne, like you I have been around for quite a long time and have been blessed with the time and capacity to observe human behaviour in depth.
    Our Government is an interesting consequence of the determined actions by the already wealthy and priviledged to return us to the social conditions existing prior to WW2, where they held the hoi polloi hostage to poverty, insecurity, ignorance and lies.
    As the third verse of the childrens’ hymn “All Things Bright and Beautiful” states:
    “The rich man in his castle,
    The beggar at his gate,
    God made them high and lowly,
    And ordered their estate.”
    Now mostly omitted from being sung, it nevertheless represents the state-of-mind of the kinds of characters who are still able to convince the average elector to bend to their will by similar methods.
    En masse we are still being manipulated by similar methods which vary only in the technologies being used.
    PS My apologies to those regulars who have been subjected to my repeated quoting of the kiddies’ song. 😉

  8. Williambtm

    Lorraine Osborn, thank you for your opinion as it cuts through to the heart of a greater number of Australia’s people

  9. David Stakes

    Most voters do not see the deflections, as they are not reported in the MSM

  10. Consume Less

    Lorraine, well put.

  11. wam

    A good warm up after the pool, lord with a bloody good read. Perhaps lying itself is no longer immoral, in a religious context, and to defend a lie is essential, in today’s society? We have to hope albo can find the way to dump the fitzgibbon and bandt millstones and attack scummo lies. The plea of my Christians, who easily hide behind god ‘who knows what he is doing’ and anything scummo et al do is for god. “Don’t blame me, god said marriage was a man and a woman so take it up with him,!!!QED
    lying for god is goooood, labor is baaad try this, lord lie: when packer was asked did he talk to o’farrel about the casino and he said no. That is a lie because he had a february lunch with o’farral in alan jones’ flat to sell the casino. Clever christians know god set up the meeting so they can tell the truth “I met with packer in November and there was no mention of a casino proposal.” ps But to the doubters, kaye, about labor’s loss, I hope you heard scummo’s slimey, whining promise on mining jobs and can follow: 2009 boobby sinks climate change and establishes the rabbott 2010 bandtit sinks gillard and establishes juliar 2013 christine gives the rabbott unlimited access to borrowing and the lnp have hundreds of $billions of funds for the election pork barrel 2019 boobby’s harridans scream coal, scummo’ miracle and two labor pollies lose their seats 2021 scummo oozes how labor’s climate policy will not be allowed to destroy mining in this country and fitzgibbon is on the morning shows. Cleverly tying all mining to economy and forgetting a major cause of economic recovery ie spending by the low end of society who got a pittance but stimulated the economy. where are you albo??? The irony of climate being a possible double dissolution winner for the lemon in 2009 to being a loser for labor in 2021.
    ps williambtm your link was denied by my protection as a risk
    You are spot on David the msn will have free hand when they sink the abc.

  12. Ken Fabian

    Dodging questions and shifting blame are like Morrison’s – and the LNP’s – special superpower. Of course it only works because far too many journalists, commentators and news editors choose not to call them out. Some go to great lengths to support the evasions and lies.

  13. Williambtm

    Wam, I had copied and pasted the link from a Karen Hudes Twitter commentary that had opened for me on Youtube. Perhaps type into the Twitter search bar- Karen Hudes. This lady is prominent within The World Bank or of similar prominent stature. .. VÍDEO: Karen Hudes @KarenHudes · May 31 Ten years ago, this article documented how the corporations were set up to hide corruption in our monetary system. Some people remain dupes, while many others are learning. @KarenHudes · May 12 Please understand how the “Global network of corporate control” affects you in every way. Karen Hudes @KarenHudes ·
    May 31 Ten years ago, this article documented how the corporations were set up to hide corruption in our monetary system. Some people remain dupes, while many others are learning. Quote Tweet Karen Hudes.
    @KarenHudes · May 12 Please understand how the “Global network of corporate control” affects you in every way.
    wam, all of this above should provide you with an insight into the work of this USA Whistleblower person.

  14. wam

    thanks Williambtm
    I am pretty thick and cannot understand why my protection won’t open the first link but will open the second link (S. Vitali, J.B. Glattfelder, and S. Battiston:
    The network of global corporate control)??
    It seems obvious to me, especially since dick smith robbery by anchorage capital, that the company laws need a royal commission to expose the rorts.
    In my town we had a hassle with dan murphy. When colworth have many grog outlets under different names and woolworths could have opened a murphy at any of their BWS shops

  15. Williambtm

    Thank you, wam, you are not thick; this matter in being much about the numerous non-circulated nor published fact news… both in and external to Australia by the mainstream media.
    Much of the covert activity you spoke of by town planners, and or local council approval systems, or whatever the ruse has been employed that overshadow those persons… culpable to having engaged in White-collar crime, but is ever and always to the detriment of a person or persons or businesses thus adversely affected.

    My many attempts to elevate the extent and the carriage of White-collar-crime in today’s standover corporate world… did not gain any traction, For I am no quotable academic bearing a university degree nor several of these same.
    So not a person of influence nor societal or business consequence, but please continue reading this discourse and viewing my opinions to understand the why of the ever-present white-collar crime activity.

    An extract to help paint the picture:
    Reportedly coined in 1939, white-collar crime is now synonymous with the full range of frauds committed by businesses, governments, and legal professionals. These crimes are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and are not dependent on the application or threat of physical force or violence.
    The motivation behind these crimes is financial—to obtain or avoid losing money, property, or services or to secure a personal or business advantage.

    These are not victimless crimes. A single scam can destroy a company, devastate families by wiping out their life savings, or cost investors billions of dollars (or even all three). Today’s fraud schemes are more sophisticated than ever, and the FBI is dedicated to using its skills to track down the culprits and stop scams before they start.

    I now refer to the Australian Corporations Laws Act 2001 (please do not engage in reading this same as I had done as its 3,354 pages may cause unbearable confusions of the mind, to read the whole of this tedious unforgiving, and occasionally quite complex corporate law tome of epic proportion… containing its multiple indifference and crossover purposes) was not well thought out by myself.

    This Law act needs to be trashed and rewritten in a clear, understandable text that deals with the full complexity of corporate and commerce industry crimes. This revamped or amended Australian Corporations Law Act of 2001… must side with the integrity and bona fides not currently visible in this said current edition, so often the current Act had failed the victims and or the consumer public and was without the integrity and bona fides hopefully entered into its replacement.

    Then one must measure up its blind-eyed regulatory policeman “Australia’s Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), our corporate regulatory authority.

    Before the Royal Commission of Inquiry conducted by the much-respected Kenneth Hyne AO QC but with its minimal terms of reference, the Commissioners of ASIC were comfortably locked in an incestuous financial sector into Australia’s Financial sector relationship with Australia’s CBA Bank.
    The name of one of the quickly departed, Greg Medcraft, rapidly comes to mind. He a former confidential mate of prior Att-General George Bookshelf) Brandis.

    Of interest to readers that before and during the afore-mentioned Royal Commission, was that the Finance Minister at that time was a man devoid of integrity, it was he that had canceled the 1st call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (the call for the Inquiry made by a special Senate Select Committee chaired I believe by a Senator John Williams, a man revered and respected)
    Mathias Cormann, at that particular time, was the best mate of CBA CEO Ian Narev.
    (Who me, but I am not insincere nor a reprobate serial liar cried the CEO?)

    Now back to Australia’s Corporations Law Act 2001 and the shortcomings of ASIC.

    In which I have in times past regarded this same Act to be a form of “get out of jail free card to all who can claim it” my efforts to elevate this was not gaining any traction, this likely due to the absence of terms or words not specific nor loud enough to obviate the intent to engage in an unseemly White-collar crime activity…nor in its illicit unwholesomeness having been fully or comprehensively considered for inclusion in Australia’s Corporations law Act 2001.

    Extract of a definition of White-collar-crime.

    “An action that is not a criminal threat of physical force or violence. The motivation behind these crimes is often financial—obtaining or avoiding losing money, property, or services or securing a personal or business advantage.
    Also to secure by the means of intransigent deception and or, E.G., to gain a prestigious standpoint to strongly and improperly convince others to come to or to reconcile to an agreement.”

    Yet not here in Australia, this due to its convenient usage by skulking lawyers representing standover corporations, legal professionals, real estate manipulators, members of Australia’s full range of judiciary appointees (law court judges)
    then all those others who believe that they possess some form of an obscure privilege to do so.

    So there you have it, wam, my interpretation of the abundant carriage of White-collar crime, also my awareness of major international goings-on and or even portending failures and or disasters looming yet unpublished.
    This news does not come cheap. I pay for my subscriptions to the appropriate Independent international sources of honest repute, this same through Australia’s meritorious independent media news portals.

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