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What is revving up the bully boys?

By Ad astra

This is a short piece. There is no need for lots of words. Images are sufficient.

Have you noticed the cluster of loud-mouthed men that has appeared recently on our Melbourne streets, fists raised, shouting messages of defiance directed at our those in authority?

Who are they? What is their agenda?


Image from theage.com.au (Photo by Justin McManus)


Ostensibly, they are protesting at the lockdowns initiated by the Victorian government to limit the spread of COVID-19. But do take a few minutes to look at the men in the images in this link from the Melbourne Age. No amount of words, no amount of colourful rhetoric, could ever describe what these images portray.


Image from theage.com.au (Photo by Chris Hopkins)


Do these men come across to you as responsible citizens concerned about the psychological effects on the populace of a pandemic-inspired lockdown designed on the advice of medical experts and epidemiologists to limit the spread of a lethal virus? Is there any hint of professionalism in the actions of these men? You know the answer.


Image from theage.com.au (Photo by Justin McManus)


The thesis of this piece is that these protesters are simply opportunists purporting to be concerned citizens while advancing their real agenda, which is to implant extreme right-wing views among the local population.


Image from theage.com.au (Photo by Chris Hopkins)


It’s so easy to be deluded about them, about who they really are. It’s so easy to sit back in our comfortable living rooms, never suspecting that in our society there are such people with such radical agendas. When such naïveté exists, they are able to hoodwink us while we drowse in front of our TV screens watching the Paralympics or Bachelor.


Image from theage.com.au (Photo by Chris Hopkins)


Beware! Be very afraid.


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  1. John Hanna

    As with the USA these “protests” are about creating Chaos in order to promote civil unrest to further an obscure political agenda. Obscure only until such time as it becomes evident what the purpose of the anarchy might be.

  2. Andrew J. Smith

    Agree with John Hanna, it’s an integral part of imported US GOP media’ political theatre using a wacky coalition of alt/far right, anti-vaxxers, flat earthers, disaffected middle class nativist/conservative voters etc. to gain attention and deflect from more grounded and expert analysis.

    However, these people are very much a fringe minority but used or manipulated to represent the ideology, values and outlook of many middle class ‘quiet Australians’ who share antipathy towards anything not nativist and/or libertarian conservative, hence, like Sudanese gangs Victoria is always a stage and target for agitprop that aids the LNP.

  3. wam

    Over the years we have often marched in protest against systemic racism against Aboriginals(used to be Aborigines but I got savaged by young Aboriginal men and women for using such a racist term) developers, green house gas inaction and for the teacher’s union but I have never met anyone involved in these demonstrations.

    My guess they are ex-service men and women driven by their unreasoned fear of the left. They are dangerous and improperly debriefed from their training in blind violence.

  4. BB

    Not so much as what, but who is/has been revving up these wannabe thugs and cretins, ignorant deluded oafs and bullies?

    The unaccountable people, the irresponsible, that’s who! The self entitled elite, our “leaders”, the ones who make the “rules”!

    They have set a very unhealthy and cancerous example of “leadership” and who on purpose prompt fear and loathing, who seek to divide society, pit aussie against aussie for no less than their own political expediency to retain and stay in power.

    Just think of who is a bullshit vain arrogant nasty self righteous nasty lying arsehole, especially from the right wing. Criminals!

    People like Morrison, Kelly, Dunston, Abbott, Howard, just to name the tip of the criminal RW iceberg club/cult of instigators.

    The religious fanatics who have burnt and killed the innocent in their fervent madness to a “Dog” over the last millennials.

    This is not a new phenomena, hatred, race, and thugs, wars are never ending. Each new generation has it’s quota of insane.

    Someone else can list all the deviant bastards down through recorded history responsible for why societies are so fucked up.

  5. BB

    Correction to my previous comment..

    No thanks to stupid ignorant spell checkers and when comments sometimes take too long to appear so that one can’t edit in time.

    Millennials should be Millenniums

    (Although a lot of these thugs today are, more than likely, probably millennials… 😑)

  6. DrakeN

    Yes indeed, BB.

    Even the most superficial knowledge of history with a mediocre understanding of the primitivism of most people will provide an answer to the headline question.

    The Great Bard had it with: ” ‘t was ever thus.”

    Or, translated from the French: “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

  7. Bill

    Maybe the violence is because some ‘bully boys’ lost their business and see no future, or, maybe they are just ‘opportunistic’ thugs who like to vent – such fools do exist. No mention of the elephant in the room – the push by media-gov to trick businesses into unlawfully requiring staff get ‘jabbed’ with whatever experimental substance? Also to consider, if this ‘vaccine’ trial runs to 2023 and all drug trials need a placebo group to validate results, how many people in Aus have had a placebo and not the vaccine? Just as importantly, will they ever be informed?

  8. Terence Mills

    It is these ‘bully boys’ and thugs that Sky after Dark are targeting as their new audience. People who will respond and get fired up with the rantings of Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Rowan Dean and others. It worked for Fox in the USA and Murdoch has been allowed, through Sky Regional to take this Right-Wing extremism to free to air TV.

    It won’t end well !

  9. Arnd

    I strongly suspect that these “bully boys” are more symptom than original cause. If those in charge of social, political and economic affairs over the last for or five decades had done a better job, these resentful dregs of society would not have built up and festered.

  10. BB

    Whilst decent honest law abiding citizens abhor the behaviour of these wannabe thugs and bullies, behind the scenes, as innocuous as can be, with all the pretence of being a benign service, lies a greater insidious danger for the future of mankind.

    Cruising around various news articles, I smiled with wry amusement when I came across this article, and the mind wandered.

    Only a small change in programing to change a search pattern from a damaged pole to a disobedient human. Logan’s Run.

    Yeah, lol, I know, paranoia and such wild thoughts are the stuff of silence fiction, but AI is with us now, on an exponential curve!

    Is this our future landscape, to see these ‘robots’ wandering around, crawling over the face of Earth, watching our every move?

    “It’s so easy to be deluded about them, about who they really are. It’s so easy to sit back in our comfortable living rooms, never suspecting that in our society there are such people with such radical agendas. When such naïveté exists, they are able to hoodwink us while we drowse in front of our TV screens watching the Paralympics or Bachelor.”

    😁Beware! Be very afraid.😁

  11. leefe


    The correct plural is ‘millennia’.

  12. New England Cocky

    I think the optimal solution would be to arrest those rihgt wing television presenters under the new Terrorism Acts and hold them incommunicado of at least a month, denied air time and their employers legally denied knowledge of their whereabouts and all rights to talk about thier predicament.

  13. BB


    You are not well informed.

    Millennia vs millenniums

    Millennia vs Millenniums.

    A millennium is a time period that spans one thousand years or the one-thousand-year anniversary of something. The plural of millennium may be rendered as millennia or as millenniums.

    Millennium is a Modern Latin word, derived from the Latin word mille which means thousand and the Latin word annus, which means year. As a Latin word, the plural of millennium is rendered as millennia. However, since millennium is now an appropriated English word, it is also correct to render the plural form as millenniums. According to Google’s Ngram, the plural form millenniums was most popular until the mid-1930s, today the plural form millennia is far more popular.

  14. Fred

    Bill Perspective check is required. Clearly the vaccines work. Not sure how you can call it an “experiment” when 5.6 billion covid vaccine doses have been administered compared with the more usual 4,000 people in randomised trials for a new drug. Go find those countries with high vaccination rates, i.e. UAE (9.9M people), Spain (46.8M), Singapore (5.8M), Uruguay (3.5M), etc. (ref: https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations)

    Have a look at their latest covid death rates (7 day moving average). (ref: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/australia/#graph-deaths-daily) UAE = 2, Spain = 112 which has its borders open for tourism, Singapore = 1, Uruguay = 1 and Australia (25.9 M) = 6 and rising. I’m so looking forward to the borders opening – not.

    Then go and have a look at the low vaccination rate countries and their death rates. The risk/reward ratio is hugely in favour of vaccination.

    Everyone that is not vaccinated is a threat to society because they are more likely to carry a higher viral load if infected and therefore spread it more, but most importantly they are likely to be a burden on the already creaking ambulance/health system. I don’t want to work or be next to somebody who is selfish and/or stupid enough to not get vaccinated. The same goes for my friends. This virus kills. We don’t tolerate people walking around with weapons and using them indiscriminately. Equally we shouldn’t tolerate unvaccinated people, once everyone has had the opportunity to get a jab. Employers are required to have safe workplaces with active programs for hazard elimination. Allowing unvaccinated people entry to the workplace is a hazard. Unfortunately, not all hazards can be eliminated…

  15. Mark

    Fred re:

    … more likely to carry a higher viral load if infected and therefore spread it more …

    Agree! But have you a link as to how that higher viral load is measured? The units employed? The method of calculation etc.

    Seems to me that using (and announcing) a mathematical measure for comparative purposes would add considerable weight to the positive argument for vaccination.

  16. BB

    “But have you a link as to how that higher viral load is measured?”

    Are you not capable of doing your own research for links?

    Seems to me that would answer your question eh Mark!


  17. Mark

    Dear oh dear BB – sucked in again. You don’t understand the numerous role questions can play in the education process – broadly defined. Read something on the Socratic method. Or didn’t you learn that in your school of hard knocks?

    Yes the research is easy.

    Knowing the absolute numbers of virions in an infection promotes better understanding of disease dynamics and response of the immune system. Here we use current knowledge on the concentrations of virions in infected individuals to estimate the total number and mass of SARS-CoV-2 virions in an infected person. Although each infected person carries an estimated 1 billion to 100 billion virions during peak infection, their total mass is no more than 0.1 mg. This curiously implies that all SARS-CoV-2 virions currently in all human hosts have a mass of between 100 g and 10 kg. Combining the known mutation rate and our estimate of the number of infectious virions, we quantify the formation rate of genetic variants.

    … estimate that each infected person carries 109 to 1011 virions during peak infection, with a total mass in the range of 1 μg to 100 μg, which curiously implies that all SARS-CoV-2 virions currently circulating within human hosts have a collective mass of only 0.1 kg to 10 kg


    Having a discussion usually needs a starting point. Hence the question.

    And while on the subject of ‘research’, you may wish to check out the correct usages of it’s and its because your constant misuse is embarrassing. For your information, students aged 10, learn the distinction with about a 95% success rate. Perhaps you weren’t paying attention in that month or concentrating on your fundamental orifice memes? So childish!

  18. The AIM Network

    No thanks to stupid ignorant spell checkers and when comments sometimes take too long to appear so that one can’t edit in time.

    That is true. It’s not the fault of the writer if there is no time to edit comments after posting them. The blame rests with this site, and we are doing everything we can to fix it.

  19. BB

    “Sucked in again”, sure Mark..

    That remark reveals that’s all you try and do here with “your know it” attitude.

    Bla bla bla bla, as usual you show yourself up for what you are.

    A wannabe “know it all” patronising arrogant pedantic nerd that can cut and paste.


    And unsurprisingly you still avoid answering my riddle. What comes at the end of a question Mark?

    Oh and Mark, you know what you can do with your suggestions. You’re a laugh a minute. (not)…😁

  20. Fred

    Mark While I could supply a link to research that provides insight into relative levels of viral load over time for vaccinated and unvaccinated subjects, it’s a side issue and not the main point of what I presented, which shows an inverse relationship between the percentage of fully vaccinated people and the accompanying covid-19 death rate.

    BTW There is a single misuse of “it’s” and no misuse of “its” on this page. Bit of a storm in teacup not worthy of the vitriol.

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