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What Greg Hunt did to win his award

By now you would have all recovered from the astonishing news that our alleged Environment Minister, Greg Hunt has won the inaugural Best Minister in the World award at World Government Summit in Dubai. We are told that:

Mr Hunt was in Dubai to receive his award overnight, with the conference leaders saying he had played a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions.

His award was judged on criteria that included innovation, leadership, impact and reputation.

The World Government Summit is dedicated to shaping the future of government through innovation and technology.

‘Innovation, leadership, impact and reputation’. Surely that is a joke.

If I may quote the Labor Party, this is what Greg Hunt really did to win the award:

  • Oversaw a 1.3 per cent rise in carbon emissions
  • Attempted to delist 74,000 hectares of World Heritage forests in Tasmania
  • Suspended the management plan for 1.3 million square kilometres of Australian marine parks, leaving them unprotected
  • Appointed a windfarm commissioner (who is paid $205,000 for a part-time job)
  • Introduced an expensive scheme to pay polluters . . . that doesn’t even work
  • Drove investment in renewables down in Australia by 88 per cent in 2014.

Not only that, but his own department reports that Australia’s emissions are set to rise all the way to 2020.

Yes, it must be a joke. Surely.

Now tell me how he had played a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions. And show us the ‘innovation, leadership, impact and reputation’. We can see the impact, and what it has done to Australia’s reputation?



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  1. Rob

    As if we needed more proof that the entire system is rigged.

  2. karin

    is there an international protest group we can all sign a petition to ask that this be rescinded, citing the evidence you have presented here? Or is big business (Dirty Coal/Oil/Gas) really the ‘world government’?

  3. kerri

    OK so who pays for these awards and how much money is required to buy a prize?
    This is the biggest load of BS since Tony Abbott awarded Knighthoods!
    The only positive I get from this is that the LNP can hardly question Wayne Swan’s award now?

  4. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Pity that the World Government Summit didn’t consult we intelligent Australians, who could give them the facts on Hunt, as the Sinister for the Environment. The WGS mustn’t care if it trashes its own reputation.

  5. Aortic

    Did he have to stand on a milk crate to receive his award? Tony Abbott next for his rescue of women from the drudge of ironing. Presumably mostly Catholic women one presumes.

  6. kerri

    Oh OK! Thanks Kaye Lee!
    Clearly “The World Government Summit” is a group dedicated to making the middle east (ahem) Saudi’s look better!

  7. Ian Sprocket Muncher Parfrey

    The obvious question has to be -: “The Best Minister (of what) in the World?”

    The Best Minister for Wikipedia in the World?
    The Best Minister for Silly Haircuts in the World?
    The Best Minister for Being a F*cking Dickhead in the World?

    I suggest all the above and more.

  8. silkworm

    I knew the Saudis were behind this sham. They were also behind the attempts to sabotage the Paris Climate talks. Nothing ever changes.

  9. Ian Saffin

    The World Government Summit has a facebook page. It’s other gems include “Top innovations from the golden age of Islam”

  10. margcal

    By now you would have all recovered from the astonishing news that our alleged Environment Minister, Greg Hunt has won the inaugural Best Minister in the World award at World Government Summit in Dubai.

    OK Michael … so how did ‘you’ recover?
    I sure haven’t and I suspect there are more in my camp than in the ‘recovered’ camp 🙁

    I still maintain it’s a spoof.

  11. Michael Taylor

    How did I recover?

    I pretended it wasn’t true. 🙂

  12. Florence nee Fedup

    Well he worked hard at saving fossil fuels.

  13. gangey1959

    The minister for the Environment, the (I hesitate to describe it as human) thing outwitted by a few lumps of coal and their associated farts, is the best thing on the planet that the Environment has going for it.
    We’re all screwed.

  14. Keith

    When I first read about Hunt getting the award I thought I must have slept through February and March and woke on April 1st.

  15. Kaye Lee

    “Mr Hunt, who is in Dubai to collect his award in person, was selected in part for his work on Great Barrier Reef policy.”


  16. Pilot

    This has got Rupert bloody Murdoch written all over it.
    There is no way on Earth that moron Hunt has done anything except make us look like idiots internationally.

    In Dubai, a fossil fuel Mecca? Aw, come on!!! If anyone believes this rubbish, then fuel should be 10c per litre!!

    Utter Murdoch rubbish! Probably cost him $50mill…….. Petty cash, and a tax deduction, all for his mate Tony bloody Abbott.

  17. Terry2

    I always knew there was something superficial about Dubai !

  18. mars08

    Off topic…. where is Australia’s version of Bernie Sanders?

  19. Michael Taylor

    It could have been worse. Imagine if it had have gone to our previous Minister for Women.

  20. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Very true Michael. Or, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (Dutton or Snotty).

  21. Evan

    It is of course sponsored by OPEC, the fact of it happening in Dubai gives the clue.

  22. Free-Thinker

    We need to appreciate the contextual basis of this award.

    The Climate Council established on the basis of crowd-funding when Greg Hunt as Environment Minister in the Abbott Government abolished the national Climate Council, estimates that Australia is the largest emitter of green-house gas emissions, but for a couple of other nations: Saudi Arabia, and surprise, surprise, …… the United Arab Emirates.

    Hunt is being recognised by this small nation itself intent on achieving Greenhouse Armageddon, for his robust efforts in Australia, to consistently argue ‘ black is white ‘ while doing all he can to obstruct and delay a steadily growing national and international movement on climate change action.

    Dubai seems the perfect place for Greg Hunt to receive this dubious award.

    May it become a giant political albatross for him. Perhaps the UAE has done us a favour in reminding us as the Environment Minister, just how venal and appalling Greg Hunt has been.

  23. Geoff Andrews

    The interesting thing now will be how much the LNP trumpet this prestigious gong. One would have thought that it would be too embarassing for anything except for one low key acknowledgment.
    I missed question time yesterday but I wouldn’t be surprised if Labor missed this never-to-be-repeated opportunity to lampoon Hunt and the government, possibly by asking a couple of National ministers if Hunt deserved the gong and could the National minister estimate how much Hunt’s skills exceded his own. Outbursts of spontaneous, uncontrolable hilarity should have been practised in the party room and performed whenever “Greg Hunt” is mentioned.
    Let the floodgates of satire and irony be flung open,

  24. Roscoe

    but it really makes you wonder about the worst minister in the world

  25. Terry2


    That wouldn’t be fair, Peter Dutton has an unfair advantage on the rest of the world.

  26. keerti

    Much ado about nothing!

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