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Why Western civilization is doomed

By Christian Marx

Humanity is an incredibly craven and self interested species. We pollute the atmosphere, go to endless wars for other men`s resources. Rape, murder, bomb children for the banker`s profits. We worship false idols, from celebrity pretenders with no substance to war criminals with the blood of millions on their hands. We celebrate the cult of greed and many snicker at the misfortune of the poor and the disenfranchised when reading the daily cesspool of manufactured news and propaganda.

Is there hope for humanity? Extremely doubtful. When a large percentage are happy for the universal health system in the United Kingdom to crumble, because vested corporate interests told them lies, hope is thin on the ground.

When minorities are demonized with sick hatred in a blanket of 24 hour propaganda in order to shift the problems of capitalism onto those who have no control or power to fight back, we as a nation have hit rock bottom.

When a man who has vested financial interests in the destruction of Middle Eastern governments for his oil and gas company, is permitted to spew his lies and hate and NOBODY on either side of government will stand up to him, we as a nation are terminal.

How did it get to this? Perhaps it is in man’s nature to destroy himself. This author believes this to be so. Have a look around you. Everywhere there is hatred and chaos. It all stems from the system of greed we call capitalism.

* Why do wars start? Answer: Another nation seeks to rape the resources and steal the wealth of another country.

* Why do social safety nets collapse? Answer: Big business refuse to pay tax and continue to bribe governments to destroy their own social services.

* Why does racism and bigotry flourish? Answer: Vested corporate interests constantly divide society over racial, religious and cultural schisms.

* How is it possible for many to willingly believe glaring lies? Answer: Many don`t care anymore, so long as the lies fit their own narrative.

* What is the driving force behind most of the dysfunction in society? Answer: Corporate greed.

What can we do about it? Sadly it is largely far too late to do anything. The majority continue to sleep in front of reality television, designed to rot their brain. Critical thinking is a thing of the past and hatred of those less fortunate has been indoctrinated into the collective psyche of hundreds of millions throughout the world. (Particularly in Australia, North America and the United Kingdom).

The constant myth peddled is that “we can no longer afford healthcare” or “our deficit is out of control” bullshit. The government creates all the money via its ownership of manufacturing the currency. In Australia at least the Federal Reserve is government owned. We cannot run out of money!

The biggest waste is the huge taxpayer funded subsidies for leaners such as Gina Rhinehart. Over 1 BILLION of government subsidies per year are paid to this monster. Imagine what the government could do with that sort of money to fix our health system, tackle our chronic unemployment problem, or alleviate the housing crisis.

But no, let’s foist the doctrine of Neoliberal economics onto the nation. A proven failure of a system, causing untold suffering across the world. Neoliberalism strips public assets and sells them for peanuts onto corrupt businesses, who then suck massive subsidies from the tax payer. They then run dysfunctional services and claim subsidies from the government. This IS criminal.

But lo and behold, the average citizen with a shoe sized IQ cares not! He has his Foxtel and has not yet succumbed to the rapid erosion of the job market. As soon as he does he will squeal like a stuck pig … but right now he is more interested in hating on Muslims, the unemployed, the homeless. Why? Because a spider named Murdoch tells him what to think and he feels comforted by the fact that there are others being kicked in the head. It makes him or her feel superior.

We are not doomed because our system is collapsing. In a world with critical thinking and some modicum of empathy and intelligence, this could be arrested and fixed. No, we are doomed because a large minority of people just don`t give a stuff.



  1. Harquebus

    Miriam English
    That statement, which is not mine, infers that we already live under a tyrannical state which, is doing nothing to extract us from our predicament. In case you didn’t notice, the quote states to save us from the stupidity of growth and in that context, might be correct. The powers that be, governments and corporation etc. are at present, the only powers capable of abandoning the growth insanity and the main stream media, in my opinion, the only institution capable of forcing them to do it. Both have and are continuing to fail in their social obligations.

    I personally believe that national governments will fracture from which much smaller self governing communities will evolve. I hope to survive long enough to see if this pans out.

    You call me defeatist which, I disagree strongly. I am getting ready as best I can to survive the inevitable upheaval and that to my mind is not giving up, it is preparing for battle. Waiting for a social revolution or some yet to be discovered techno solution is just an excuse to do nothing.

    People are using less because it is costing more. Diminishing returns meets population growth.


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  3. Tom

    Australians be aware Satan and negative or secret organisations control the world and our minds It’s all about owning gods creation everything that is good will be evil for the love of money and power through TV or the internet Water and all meats =$ and you will be forced to eat meats that are 3d printed or made in test tubes that cause cancers because it feeds medical industries and lazy ness already the law industries are sending teenagers to prison for crimes they commit to save there homes from getting stolen by banks,banking in australia has become impossible because it’s fixed to steal from you , modern day slavery.Energy industry is a discrace hundreds of ways to make power ask your self what runs the space station ? It’s not nuclear but a power the size of a grain of rice which can run a home for a year and not destroy the planet (fusion)Military the most wasteful of all resources and polluting all aspects of live air water ,land instead of fighting for good which means cleaning its own mess they create through the storms and fires they created for the insurance industries The three powers of goverment aka the triangle,federal,state and local should have there members tried for treason for killing the family unit and letting muti nations corp-rats steal australia for the name of Evil ps I’m a 2 generation australian of Greek heratage who has been seen our house prices go from 50,000 to 2 million in 20 years it only benafites the thiefs in control and makes parents involed in there bribery’s a
    I have tried to seek answers but got no were it’s just history repeating ottermon empire all over again which means death to the masses
    Zionism =masons =UN and serves only evil Rember No Good in evil Love and only Love will concure
    TIME Is SHORT proff Donald Trump = Satan

  4. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks Tom for your spiel and for giving me the will to want to go to bed now so I don’t have to suffer thinking over your crazy post.

  5. Tom

    Thanks for reply hope you sleep well. crazy in an insane world
    Only time will tell

  6. Mark Needham

    “* Why do social safety nets collapse? Answer: Big business refuse to pay tax and continue to bribe governments to destroy their own social services.”

    Of course they do.

    Change the farqen laws.

    Change the Taxation Laws, so the bastards Pay.

    they don’y refuse, we refuse to ensure that they do pay their way.

    for christs sake wake up,
    Mark Needham

  7. Mark Needham

    In Australia at least the Federal Reserve is government owned. We cannot run out of money!

    our money can become worthless,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mark Needham

  8. Mark Needham

    “helping the poorest people. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffett, and many more are helping people. For this they are despised by the right-wing media by betraying their elitist class.”

    When Twiggy donates, apparently he is an Arsehole.
    Just wondering,
    Mark Neeedham

  9. Mark Needham

    “when unions and rules demand workers have rights and be paid properly, wealth goes to another country where there are as few rules as possible to protect workers. It is about pillaging the environment in one place”

    And of course the unions have never pillaged the PROFIT, that is MINING.
    Mark Needham

  10. Mark Needham

    “– Don’t eat out at restaurants (they waste most of the food they buy).”
    Mark Needham

  11. Mark Needham

    “”JohnoMay 21, 2017 at 8:53 am
    I did look at the electric flying car video. Quite incredible.””

    You really do not have a credible idea at all.
    Again, unbelievable,
    Mark Needham

    Y’know, I have been watching and playing here for a while now.

    This is actually a “Reality Site”
    A place where you can see what some are actual

    this is bullshit, a “Flying Electric Car”
    Miasma, carries germs, not water….!!!!!

  12. Miriam English

    Mark Needham, “When Twiggy donates, apparently he is an Arsehole.

    Yeah, that amazes me. Would people prefer that he didn’t donate? I’d like him not to big-note himself and actually pay tax, but for people to whine when he finally does something good kinda sucks. It’s like all the people who whined about Hillary Clinton getting the Saudis to make contributions to the Clinton Foundation. That foundation does a tremendous amount of good and the Clintons don’t receive any money from it. The Saudis are deeply repellent, oppressing their own people while they swim in truly obscene amounts of money. Hillary should be praised for getting them to put some of that money to good use.

    You’re welcome to think my suggestion about not eating at restaurants is flippant, but considering the veritable mountain of food they waste I think it is sensible. If we want to reduce waste then we should curtail actions that ensure waste.

    That flying electric car exists. I’m not sure why you’re having this strange overreaction. Personally, even though I think it is very cool, I don’t think there’s a big future in flying cars. They waste too much energy in staying aloft. Driving on the ground (or under it, in tunnels) will always be a much more efficient way to move. But if there’s need to move quickly from random point to point (for example in an ambulance) then such a flying car could be extremely valuable. We currently use helicopters for such things, but they have a lot of drawbacks.

  13. Johno

    ABC going to the dogs ?? I started watching the war on waste show and hats off to an excellent show. Western civilisation is doomed if it can’t sort out a basic problem like how to stop this massive one way item. From oil to landfill. The unfortunate reality is that much of this waste is ending up in the waterways and oceans causing terrible carnage to the marine wildlife. Many poorer countries can’t afford the luxury of a truck driving by once a week taking away garbage or the room and infrastructure for massive landfill sites, so where does there garbage go ???
    Do the abc war on waste survey and see how you stack up.

  14. Tom

    History repeating nothing changes look back 100 years Still the same just in colour so what caused the great depresion in usa ? Companies could not sell there products due to inflation warehouses full of stuff nobody could afford so of to war we go . Great inventions were created but suppressed by evil organisation eg tesla , mr ford who owned hemp farms and figured out could build eg stronger than steel and run cars on hemp oil but desired to sell his soul to the Muslim faiths eg the first to recognise usa as independent nation after England’s inflated tax grab so on Look it easy people that speak with sprits are domed only a matter of time before good becomes evil no supprise that priest and politicians not only in australia are pediphiles and child sacrifice pre teen eg worship Baal aka zion ,coran, and many others who think there the chosen ones as for philanthropy eg Forrest and the Clinton foundations and many more who don’t pay taxs that claim they want to end slavery but are the problem buying land from aboriginal elders who keep that money for themselves and there families while there youth are forced in slavery running there farms or companies Australians would be horrified when they find out trillions of tax dollars in the past 10 years have gone to clintons in setting up pediphiles islands around the world for the ellite and evil minons
    Zionism ,Islam ,black popes or the black noblities of Europe and many more are One

    The fight for souls is on (can’t take money or possessions with you when dead) change is but a dream the 1% won’t give up that easy slavery has been around for thousands if years to serve evil why work the land when I take from others ????

  15. Miriam English

    Tom, that is one of the most bat-shit crazy comments I’ve seen in a long time.
    Whatever you’re smoking, I’d seriously advise you to stop. It’s destroying what’s left of your brain.

  16. Tom

    Miriam do your homework catch on some reading got nothing to gain
    Truth will set us free

  17. Matters Not

    Tom re:

    Truth will set us free

    These things that set us free . No doubt, you will be familiar with – Arbeit macht frei. Perhaps a poor choice of words?

  18. Tom

    Matters not !!!! Got a few brain cells left slavery is slavery is slavery yes you are right (work will set you free) if you Are working for the good of humanity production and manufacturing for people and not for profit . Australia is the only country were you pay to go to work .pay corupt unions ,pay super and other theives not forgetting 45% tax ok
    Work yourself get srewed by people get 10 -50 quotes for work and not pay you (your lawyer againt mine)
    And then pay 45%tax every quarter great (panama papers)Hah thats the answer or one of those (commonwealth tax havens like our own priminster and all the do gooders out here)
    Albert maht frei (Work till you drop dead ) great advice !!!!!!!!!!!!!As for
    Hitler just wanted to conrol banking and people Get rid in breads which were deseased and start the master race the hole of europe went through those gates not just Jews (more lies)had blessings from pope and usa ps australia inc
    Slavery is for the few to exploit the masses the young are the victims
    The machine keeps turning with our souls as fuel
    Capitalists are killing the earth Goverments who come and go
    Miltary industry poisoning the seas and land just to make a bullet or bomb

    Work will set you free
    or work till you drop dead
    Albert macht frei ?????????
    Be a true philanthropist and give your wealth to the poor and the young there the ones you need to be Guided by the old not feed of them


  19. Tom

    Ps Just sayin !!!!!!

  20. Miriam English

    Tom, you suggest I do some reading and that the truth will set me free — normally both very good suggestions, except that you should be careful with what you read. Avoid reading poisonous propaganda that is divorced from reality. It looks like you include a lot of conspiracy theorists in your reading, along with some white supremacists and antisemites. Such reading will lead you far astray from the truth and will certainly not set you free; it will severely damage your mind and enslave you to delusion.

    You say some things that are quite disconnected with reality, for example that Jews insist they’re the only ones who were targeted by the Nazis. That’s frankly untrue. There’s never been any argument that Gypsies, dark-skinned people, and the handicapped were being killed off too, though when about 6 million Jews are systematically exterminated they have the right to feel specially targeted.

    And you make other statements that, I’m sorry, I can’t make out the meaning of at all — perhaps 80% of what you’ve written. I’ve tried several times to read it and I still have no idea what you’re saying. I don’t say this to be insulting, but as a genuine response. If you want to reach people then you must first ensure they can read what you say. The purpose of communicating should be to communicate… unless you want to use it to merely vent.

  21. Tom

    Miss English 6 million thought it was 4 million ? Reading wrong books!!!!
    Believe in Christ ? Then you believe in Noah ? WE are all jews!!!!!!!Christ was sent to save jews from themselves most evil , practice of pagon gods ,steal,kill,pedophylia Money magic ,insurance and Slavery are all Hebrew in origin
    History states were there’s money you find a jew ( will sell you the rope to hang yourself)
    Expelled from ever country to spread islam true satanist
    Destory economy’s through inflation
    to spread migration
    German,Iranian ,Egyptian ect all went to country’s like usa ,Australia South America and many more
    To rape and pillage
    All organisations banks -un – blue bloods (royals) are jews

    Miss English why do Jews and masons change there names?
    Miss English have you ever done a hard days work?
    Miss English to you make money in your sleep?
    Miss English did you create is web page for profit ?

    While at home today ask your self murder rates or mothers killing there childern ,teenagers killing themselves and homeless people on the streets in winter are just animals?

    Albert Macht Fret ???? Work to you drop dead ???
    Support goverments that inforce slavery and tyrany for bankers lasy ness and greed ..Don’t wory china will save us or maybe India or russia? Sell australians out for $
    Might be brain dead ? But got the hart !!!!!!

  22. Michael Taylor

    Tom, could you please summarise that in one or two short readable sentences? Preferably one.

  23. Tom

    Ok I’ll try , we’re all robots programmed by evil animals
    Constitution for the people by the people must be (enforced ) Dog Latin and trickery by lawyers and political elite need to tried for treason
    End if story
    Hope that helps

    Ps (not a racist even when I sound anti sametic ) searching for truth in a forest of lies)

  24. Tom

    Mr Taylor and others !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Trump prophecy with
    Peter Klinc must see (explains everything I’m trying say +more )

  25. Miriam English

    Tom, I’ve never met a racist who actually thinks they are racist. They all think they have good reasons for their racism, but on careful examination they never do. Humans are just humans. There is no appreciable difference between us all.

    I decided to check my memory (I have a big problem with numbers). It turns out that I was right that 6 million is the generally accepted estimate of how many Jews were murdered by the Nazis, however careful studies of all the documentation available now makes it look like that was a serious underestimate. There may have been as many as 12 million murdered by the Nazis.

    Yes, you’re definitely reading the wrong books.

    No, I don’t believe in a god, or that Jesus existed, or the Noah story. Humanity had spread all over the Earth by the time the Jews formed a group, so no, we’re not all Jews. Christianity however, is definitely a Jewish religion. Jesus, if he existed (which I doubt) would have been a Jewish teacher.

    Pagan gods, stealing, killing, pedophilia, money, magic, insurance, and slavery — none of those are Hebrew in origin. They had been around for a long time before the Hebrews. You have serious racist issues.

    Modern Jews tend to be connected with various occupations: tailoring, entertainment, money managing. The reason for this is that antisemitism in many countries for a long time meant Jews were not allowed to own land. And there are very few things you can do to make your way in the world without owning land. They survived by excelling at those things. I rather admire them. They did a good job of making lemons into lemonade, so to speak.

    Then your comments degenerate into what appears to be hysterical racist ramblings against Jews. I can’t really work out what you mean though.

    Why do Jews and Masons change their names? If I had to guess why some (certainly not all) do, I’d say it is because of people like yourself who go on feverish anti-Jewish hate rants and the history of racists ganging up against them to discriminate against and even murder them. Sounds like a pretty sensible reason to me.

    I have certainly done lots of hard work. I still do. Every day. Including weekends.

    I don’t make money in my sleep. I have great difficulty making any money at all. I tend to give my things away. The 6 books, 26 short stories, 4 plays, many pieces of artwork, and some of my computer programs are available for free on my website http://miriam-english.org

    I’ve made many websites for many people. Every time it is for free, though I don’t protest if people give me donations.

    The final part of your comment I have no idea of your meaning.

    Now I have a question for you: In light of the fact that you have demonstrated that you really know nothing about Jews, why do you hate them so much?

  26. Miriam English

    Damn! As I said, my ability to remember numbers is terrible. The new study doesn’t lift the estimate of Jews killed by the Nazis to 12 million. It lifts it to between 15 and 20 million.

  27. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Those numbers are obscene, Miriam, aren’t they!


    Tom, have you seen ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’? You should. It might remind you to be compassionate and kind to your neighbour whether they are Jew, Caucasian, Muslim, First Nations, Asian, Black etc.

    The film is based on the Nazi’s genocide of Jews but it represents universal humanity.

  28. Tom

    Miss English thanks for reply
    We I’m not a Racist but putting the focus on Hebrews and not all races is a crime world wars killed over 50 million people many atrocities around world eg African ,Arminians etc but no sympathy for them
    Don’t hate them done a lot of work for them but when at a Rabbi house out of the books he had 1 book stood out (good in evil)
    For years tried to figure why a preacher of good would read or own such a book (No good in evil)Evil is Evil
    Peter Klinc can some it up for you posted before but must watch this on you tube secrets of 2017 the Trump prophecy with Peter Klinc and only then you will realise how far the rabbit hole goes 1/2hour we’ll spent
    But I suppose it’s all propaganda!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes not all Jews are bad but the one in power are

  29. Miriam English

    Tom, you’re clearly racist. It’s obvious to everyone except you. You speak of a particular group in the most vile terms and accuse them of basically being the root of all evil. That’s one of the worst kinds of racism. What do you think the term “racism” means?

    Racism is one of the worst, most evil things in the world, yet you eagerly embrace it. Do you wonder what that says about you?

    Why would I waste half an hour on the rantings of a deluded racist like Peter Klinc? I suggest you stop letting him poison your brain too.

    Your willingness to assume the owner of a book titled “Good in Evil” is a bad person shows just how disturbingly racist you are. You don’t consider that it could have been about tolerance and how a silver lining can be found in every dark cloud. I take great pride in the fact that I can see something good in almost everything. (For example, the pain when I’m injured protects the injured part from further damage.)

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