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Well, Trump me dead!

By Bob Rafto

A Trump win was predicted by Professor Allan Lichtman who also predicted every presidential winner since 1984.

With Professor Lichtman prediction, I thought it was possible for a Trump win and was not surprised, shocked or devastated over Trump’s win like millions of others were.

“Let’s Make America Great Again!” The five word slogan that obviously resonated and struck a chord with the American public.

However, the irony in this slogan is that Trump and the generational corporate league of high profile thieves masquerading as bankers, miners et al that he belongs to wrecked the joint with their trickle down economics. Now Trump says he will make America great again and most probably for himself because he said very passionately in his acceptance speech, ‘I love this Country’.

The Great American Renaissance according to Trump policies can be read here.

The policies are a dismal reading:

  • The trickle down economics continues but now on steroids.
  • Sale of serious automatic assault rifles will boom.
  • Climate change takes a huge beating with coal miners grinning ear to ear.
  • Government will have control of woman’s bodies.
  • Obamacare gets the chop.
  • Will spend trillions in a new arms race.
  • Possibility of nuking another country.
  • Axing the curriculum.
  • Ban Muslim Immigration.
  • Will spend trillions on infrastructure.

The trillions in infrastructure will certainly create a lot of jobs and extra huge corporate profits and that will keep the plebs happy working for peanuts while in the background Trump’s corporate mates will be boycotting their taxes like Donald has and sending their profits to the Cayman’s. And this has to be the most successful and biggest con job in history, so much for an elite taking on the elites.

There is certainly now a new breed of politician who are completely void of moral integrity and the public have now come to accept immoral behaviour, of lying, racism, cheating, misogyny and with Trump one can also add pussy grabbing, supreme arrogance and a bully of the worst order. Traits that would never been tolerated prior to Howard in this country.

There are interesting times ahead and at least Trump is not our PM, it was bad enough under Abbott where he had me hanging onto the edge of my seat, so sit back folks and watch the Trump high speed roller-coaster unfold in the new year.



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  1. Kaye Lee

    I came across the following very disturbing article about the cruelty that Trump has shown towards others…the examples listed make for disturbing reading….

    People disagree about the ideal traits to have in a leader. But almost no one wants a president who has proven himself an addict to being cruel, mean-spirited, and spiteful. For decades, Trump has been deliberately cruel to others, often in the most public ways. He behaves this way flagrantly, showing no sign of shame or reflection.

    What kind of person still acts that way at 70? A bad person.

    It is that simple.

    Giving a cruel man power and expecting that he won’t use it to inflict cruelty is madness. To vote for Trump, knowing all of this, is to knowingly empower cruelty.

    Better to recoil in disgust.

  2. guest

    The conservatives are buzzing around like bees around a honey pot.

    Abbott, thinking of himself, points out that few predicted a Trump victory, least of all the polls – as Abbott casts his eyes over recent Oz history. He claims that people were afraid to admit they were going to vote for Trump.

    That is rather telling, is it not, that people were afraid to admit they were voting for an idiot.

    Meanwhile, Turnbull gives Abbott a back-hander. Division widens. Turnbull claims to be a pragmatic leader and not an ideologue. He said what? But he will certainly be keen to be in a photo op with Trump.

    Meanwhile, look at Trump’s policies. Abbott loves the bit about secure borders and citizen safety and crack-downs on Muslim migration and denial of climate change and big coal and trickle-down economics …

    It is all so IPA/Heartland destruction. Yet people are somehow reading Trump as the USA Labor man, friend of the workers. Sound familiar?

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