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Weird scenes inside the Abbott mind

I didn’t think it was possible but Tony Abbott is getting worse.

He is now claiming that a “cultural cowardice” at the heart of public institutions such as the ABC and the public service has caused people to abandon the major parties and mainstream political leaders have failed to promote the “virtues and benefits” of Western civilisation including “Gospel values” and free speech.

Right. So a few good Hallelujahs will make us all forget about their incompetent management, the poor quality of candidates, the lies they tell, and their blatantly self-serving policies.

“Whether it’s official persecution of Queensland students for a bit of justified sarcasm, state governments promoting gender fluidity programs in schools, or a federal government-approved activist being disrespectful of Anzac Day, there’s this pervasive ambivalence verging on hostility to our country and its values from people who should know better,” Mr Abbott said on Wednesday night.

“When the head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet thinks that his decisions may have been tainted by ‘unconscious bias’, when the newly appointed ABC chairman thinks that his organisation has no objectivity problem, when dozens of big companies are more ready to campaign for same-sex marriage than for economic reform, when shareholder activism has intimidated big banks against investing in coal, and when it’s all-but-impossible to discuss race, gender or religion in our universities without ‘trigger warnings’, the long march of the left through our institutions is almost complete,” he said.

Yes these are the most important challenges facing our nation according to the man who was kicked out of office by his own party – the Human Rights Commission, the Safe Schools program, marriage equality, the ABC, ANZAC day, free speech (for some), and some good old gospel jingoism.

Tony suggested that “values disruption” is even more concerning than job security, economic disruption and national security.

Ever the populist, Abbott took time to really put the boot into Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

“Of course she was wrong to claim that Islam was the most feminist of religions. Of course, you can express any opinion you like; but why is it that only some opinions get you sacked, or investigated by the Human Rights Commission?” Mr Abbott said.

Ummm…because nothing Yassmin said was racially offensive?

“Still, an over-promoted, politically correct 26-year-old is merely the symptom of the cultural cowardice that’s penetrated to the very heart of our institutions. While officialdom wrings its hands in nervous self-doubt about anything that might be labelled anti-youth, anti-women, anti-black or, perhaps worst of all, anti-Muslim, Australians show what they think of our country’s knockers by turning out in ever increasing numbers and ever greater enthusiasm on Anzac Day.”

Young Muslim women with dark skin should know their place. They have no right to remind us of the suffering of victims of war on our ANZAC day!

Tony knows a lot about over-promotion. The people of Warringah have been rewarding his incompetence for decades.

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  1. Johno

    You are soooo right, Tony is going from bad to worse. Tony is really showing his heartfelt desire to take the world back to the 50’s.

  2. helvityni

    “I didn’t think it was possible but Tony Abbott is getting worse.”

    …and here I was foolishly hoping that Trumble would get better…( I have since given up hope)

  3. havanaliedown

    Turnbull will never better his performance as Opposition Leader up to 2009. Prepare for Tony 2.0

  4. Halfbreeder

    remember this. Abbott is a deformity produced by Australia’s education system.

  5. Halfbreeder

    abbott is the wart on the nose of Aust . has he proven yet that he is entitled to sit in parliament and that he has no allegiance to a forereign power ? did he produce his bc or cc when asked to do so? is he entitled to call Australia his country?

  6. Matters Not

    Goes to prove that healthy minds don’t always reside in healthy bodies.

    Bring Abbott back into the Cabinet tent! Let him work his magic (again) from a position of power.

    Otherwise make him Governor General – who, as everyone knows, has the power to dismiss a Government. He’d like that.

  7. helvityni

    Halfbreeder, sadly Tones is not the only wart on that nose, we need drastic measures to remove them….a little bit of ointment will not do….

  8. Kaye Lee

    mens insana in corpore sano in Tony’s case.

    What I don’t understand is why the Liberal Party machine is allowing this fool to continue to shoot his mouth off. His preselection is at their pleasure. One can only assume they despise Turnbull.

  9. Miriam English

    Matters Not, I agree. Make Abbott prime minister again. That would really wreck the LNP. They’re already the most dysfunctional government we’ve had in living memory. With Abbott at the helm they would crash and burn most spectacularly. It would be wonderful to see, and could keep the pests out of office for decades.

  10. Miriam English

    Kaye, I’ve wondered that too. You’d think Abbott is such an embarrassment that they’d want to boot him out on his big floppy ears — anything to make him shut up. But they don’t. I wonder if perhaps many of them are as stupid as Abbott and feel the same way as he does.

    I just read about a crisis regarding the water in USA being contaminated with lead, while at the same time testing and treatment of affected kids is being wound back. This will soon be a giant problem for USA, with a couple of generations growing up intellectually stunted and exhibiting a tendency to violence.

    Has anybody tested the water in Parliament House? Or the water in Waringah?

  11. Matters Not

    Or perhaps: Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano

    Clearly the Gods have not answered his prayers. More confessions might do the trick. George – come back please. Tony needs you.

  12. Kaye Lee

    Abbott was an anachronistic embarrassment in need of an audience when we were 18 and he’s only gotten weirder. At least in those days the students at Sydney Uni treated him with the contempt and derision he deserved (except for Greg Sheridan of course).

  13. helvityni

    All that competitive sport in their expensive private schools has made them believe that they can all be “numero uno”, we can only have one winner; who is it going to be?

    Surely by now, no one believes that even Dutton can be the number one….

  14. Matters Not

    perhaps many of them … feel the same way as he does.

    That’s the truth of the matter. Analyse “common sense” and you invariably find it’s not very ‘common’ as well as not being very ‘sensible’ either. A lot like ‘our culture’. It’s a label that masks ‘understandings’ located across the entire ideological spectrum.

    But don’t tell anyone. Don’t destroy widely shared myths.

  15. Lance

    All of this –“Values”–Thingy-:
    -what with Abbott”s threatening of the WA Viet Vet politician Graham Edwards wheelchair bound and leggless on the floor of the house of representatives
    Abbott’s court appearance concerning Indecent Assult on Helen Elizabeth Wilson
    Abbott’s reference to Father Nestor (convicted pedophile) “He was a becon of humanity”
    Punching the wall either side of Barbara Ramjam head after university student elections .
    Values?—-Tony Abott? —-in the same breath –oxymoron me thinks

  16. Ella Miller

    Abbot and Latham, both men of little intellect …suffering relevance deprivation…there is NO CURE for stupidity.

    Before Values can evolve a person needs a moral compass…Abbott does not have one.

  17. Kaye Lee


    Tony was mediocre at rugby. He never played in the firsts at school (much to his father’s chagrine) or at uni. When he went to Oxford, he played one game before they dumped him saying his prowess had been exaggerated.

    I was actually at the game when Tony “threw the first punch” which got him a point or two in the best and fairest award. That’s all he could do, try to hurt people, because he sure as hell wasn’t going to contribute anything resembling skill or finesse.

    As they said with incredulity when Abbott the non-citizen was granted a Rhodes scholarship, ‘second-grade footballer, third-rate academic and fourth-class politician.’

  18. havanaliedown

    Lance, if you wish to head down that road (are you channelling the dearly departed Bob Ellis?) – there are a number of juicy skeletons in Bill’s crowded closet.

  19. Matters Not

    He’s at it again:

    Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott publicly questioned the changes yesterday, saying the Liberal Party’s traditional position was to promote freedom of choice in education for parents. … He warned the policy would be “pretty vigorously debated” when Coalition MPs held their regular partyroom meeting next week ahead of the budget.

    “I just know that it’s been almost an article of faith in our party since the time of Menzies that we were the party that promoted parental choice in education,” Mr Abbott told 2GB radio.

    “We were the party that ­promoted choice in healthcare and I think it’s very important­ we maintain our trad­itional position as the party which respects freedom of choice in both education and health. …

    But this time Tony has ‘mates’ who are also team players – sort of.

    One Liberal told the publication the education funding changes were ­“absolutely outrageous” and more voters would “abandon” the party if the Prime Minister and the Education Minister did not reconsider.

    “How many times can we ­attack our own people? We whack them on super, on pensions, we whack them with income tax increases and now we want to whack our aspirationals who want to send their kids to school,” the MP said.

    “More of our people will abandon us. They’ll either say, ‘We may as well go to Labor because this mob aren’t doing anything for us’, or they’ll drift to other right-wing parties like Cory Bernardi’s

    Yep! It sure is a great time to be a political spectator.
    That school choice is somewhat irrelevant matters not.

  20. Kaye Lee

    Why do I feel more like a victim than a spectator?

  21. helvityni

    Kaye , he might not have been the best at rugby, but he certainly learnt the slogan ‘we can all be winners’…and he became our PM.

    He wasn’t a good one though, getting that top job was about me-me, about him, not about Australia.

    To me it seems to be the case with Trumple too, about him, not about us…

  22. guest

    All this rubbish about “identity politics”, “cultural cowardice”, “theology of climate change” and “gender fluidity”, etc etc…

    Sounds like all that guff is straight off the Murdoch hymn sheet. He could not think of all that by himself, could he?

  23. John Lord

    The truth has been spoken.

  24. Kaye Lee

    So sayeth the Abbott

  25. Michael Taylor

    I – as many people are – am beginning to wonder if Turnbull is even as worse a PM than Abbott.

    Abbott was a buffoon and a failure. Turnbull is an intelligent man, yet he too has failed. The 1%, however, will argue that he’s doing a great job. (That is, until they get their NBN connected. Then they might have reservations).

  26. havanaliedown

    Turnbull will be gone after Christmas. Either Julie Bishop or Abbott will be leader – and both would easily smash Big Power Bill at the next election.

  27. Zathras

    Turnbull is out of the country and I’m waiting for Abbott’s latest opportunistic, self-serving and gratuitous public comment.

    He will always have his dedicated supporters but the rest watch his antics with amusement and a sense of validation about why he was given the shove.

    Shorten doesn’t have to win the next election – the Libs will simply continue to crumble and fade away.

  28. Harquebus

    Some can not recognize the truth even when it steps up and bites them on the arse.
    I am referring to Tony Abbott of course. 😉


  29. listohan

    Just keep digging, Tony.

  30. Lance

    no channelling,— i’m Questioning Abbott’s hypocracy in lecturing on “Values”
    when his whole life has been a”Values” free zone
    your equivication and— tit for tat— Bill and Tony —aside— is a givaway you might be of the looney tooney right wing
    young , Lib’s nutters —
    all the best with that horror hate filled petty crap –regards Lance

  31. blair

    Cultural Cowardice ?!? more like Cultural Disgust at NOny’s NeoCon fascist agenda, Back under your rock NOny, and don’t come out again

  32. win jeavons

    Time for Tony to read the new testament more thoroughly. Like the bits about rich and poor folk, or the “in Christ there is no male or female, no Greek or Jew….” How does he get away with calling himself Christian when he trashes all their primary values.?

  33. helvityni

    …and having anyone investigated by the Human Rights Commission is fine by Abbott now that Gillian Triggs is not one anymore.

  34. babyjewels10

    What I’ve always wanted to know is, how does such a person as Tony Abbott, get a Rhodes Scholarship? The value of such a thing must have depreciated wildly in recent years.

  35. silkworm

    Havana reveals that Abbott’s most vulnerable point is his association with convicted paedophile Father Nestor.

  36. bobrafto

    he shoulda been put in a strait jacket when he knighted Prince Phillip.

  37. FightClubber

    Did anyone else get flashbacks to reading that awful book Atlas Shrugged after reading his opinion piece quoted above?

  38. Barry Thompson.

    Babyjewels10- I read somewhere that Abbott had powerful family friends, particularly in the Catholic church behind him.
    He certainly is not in the same league intellectually as Bob Hawke and Bill Clinton. As for his boxing Blue at Oxford, the only footage I have seen of his ring skills, shows him throwing his arms around like a whirling Dervish, eyes closed and hitting his opponent’s glove with his jaw.

  39. Kaye Lee

    The Rhodes scholarship was very dodgy for several reasons. Aside from being nowhere near as good as the other candidates, Tony was not a citizen when he applied which should have ruled him ineligible. You also have to be unmarried which was part of the reason he dumped his girlfriend straight after she gave birth. So much for Australian “gospel values”.

  40. Arthur Tarry

    Kaye Lee wrote: ‘As they said with incredulity when Abbott the non-citizen was granted a Rhodes scholarship, ‘second-grade footballer, third-rate academic and fourth-class politician.’ He did win a blue in boxing at Oxford U, apparently. Maybe he missed his turn occupation!

  41. diannaart

    Weird Scenes inside the Abbott Mind…

    As I was reflecting upon the comments I also was listening to ABC RN interview with Barnaby Joyce (does Patricia Karvelas always draw the short straw?).

    Clearly my brain wants me to go completely insane.

    So many strange people cluttering the media space these days. I like to be informed, but at risk to my health?

    So many Abbotts, Joyces, Christensens, Bernardis… impossible to be rid of them all in one fell swoop. I’m just going to have to buckle up and (maybe) keep my head down for the foreseeable.

  42. Kaye Lee


    These people will pass. We need to stay informed and keep pressure on for what we know is right. But at the same time, to keep perspective, we must remember to enjoy how beautiful the world is and how lucky we are. There are some silly people in the world but there are also many many wonderful people doing amazing things. They just aren’t politicians.

  43. Kronomex

    Abbott is slow simmer nutcase.

  44. crypt0

    I’ve been thinking that myself, Kaye.
    Abbott IS getting worse, no doubt about it.
    Where will it all end ?

  45. paul walter

    I subscribe to Michael Taylor’s proposition that disinterestedTurnbull is plausibly a worse PM than Abbott. This is because he is unfeelingly neo liberal to the core as to capitalism and market economics, being educated to law and finance and can get at the nuts and bolts of the economy, dismantling civil society. This is in a way a deranged and “disorganised” git like Abbott could and does only dream of. Turnbull is dangerous because he has no emotional intelligence, no “vision”, but can do deep harm through his technical skills.

    Turnbull works well within his area of expertise, but the harm derived comes from the impact of the influence of cranks like
    Dutton and Abbott with their Neanderthal, malicious sociopathy, and control of the levers of power that constrain any better impulses in a Turnbull. No matter how warped, this is a “vision” thing. They direct the merely unfeeling Turnbull pathology. The influence turns mere neo liberalism towards the emergence of a medieval surveillance/ punishment society, something the like of the Atwood “Handmaid” world.

    Combined, reactionist ultraism and mechanistic economics produces a toxic mix in which future denizens will have to exist not so comfortably- no more of this empathy/rationalty shit- with the ascendancy of extreme, unreflexive and subjectivist fantasism.

  46. GlennBarry

    Tony Abbott is an abomination in the biblical sense – plain and simple

  47. LOVO

    Tony Abbott was a much bettererer PM than John Howard…a.k.a. Australia’s worst P.M. , this is an man that any decent Australian would ‘feel’ for…… I mean look at his record… ? ….some might call him an belligerent blockhead. .. ? ..but thats just mean .?…I mean, this is an man that ‘gives’ ..and ‘gives’ again… I mean, don’t think of him as a dangerous ideologue , nope nope nope. ….think of him as an Tony Abbott. ….which is something that the poor bastard has to live with for the rest of his miserable life ….I mean, imagine if’n you had to be an Tony Abbott for the rest of your life……….#%&^* , one would rather be an Port fan than suffer ‘that !!! ..just sayin’ .. 😛

  48. Michael Taylor

    Them thar is fightin’ words. ?

  49. Zathras

    Kaye Lee,

    Fact 1 – Abbott didn’t call off the planned wedding with his pregnant girlfriend, he got his mother to do it for him. Really!
    Fact 2 – In order to get a Rhodes Scholarship you must be an Australian citizen and that’s the time in his life he bothered to get around to applying for one. However, to be a PM, he would have to also renounce his British citizenship but despite several enquiries has never confirmed or denied ever doing so.
    Fact 3 – Despite all the media hype, he was never a qualified Rural Firefighter – just an assistant firefighter and only qualified to make tea, drive a truck and help with back-burning. That’s why his uniform was always so spotless. He only joined his local branch when he was slipping in the polls after his first election as the local member but was always be available for photo-opportunities. On one occasion he flew home from holidays to be photographed with his team but left as soon as the cameras did.

    It’s not “gospel values” that he lacks but values generally.

  50. paul walter

    Sorry, Abbott appears deranged and has demobstrated himself to be a prey to his own subjectivity and lack of self reflexivity.

  51. Johno

    That is a depressing thought to be sure. To wake up and find oneself as the Tones. A new meaning to walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.

  52. Johno

    I need some scientist to develop an ego-meter. The ego-meter app will detect if anyone is speaking from their ego or from their heart. The ego-meter app will register the percentage of ego in the narrative.

  53. Keyser Soze

    It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than open it and remove all doubt.

    Mark Twain.

  54. Karen

    Johno, I think we all have an inbuilt ‘ego-meter’. No need to wait for a team of scientists to make a prototype. Ego is a creation of mind, and as a user of ego we each have the ability to recognize the games we play. But to do that properly, one needs to stand back from the game playing and analyse one’s own thoughts.
    Like a good laugh?
    Watch Aussie politicians mangle their way through policy decisions.
    Want a better laugh?
    Watch the all-knowing MSM trying to justify their line of thinking.
    Adding to Kaye Lee comment above, it’s better to focus on the good things happening in life.

  55. olddavey

    Only one word describes Abbott – c**t.
    My apologies to the sensitive among us.

  56. crypt0

    Ha ! That’s not how I was taught to spell it !

  57. Alan Baird

    Removing doubt about his stupidity has been Tones’ main strength. Mark Twain came up with some wonderful aphorisms. An above average American free of balderdash.

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