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We told you things would be bad

I can’t disagree with this comment on The AIMN from Geoff of Epping:

The Coalition voters around Australia, are, mostly sane, hard working people who through no fault of their own have been cruelly duped by Abbott’s softly softly campaign, and will, in a very short time realise that they are not uppermost in Abbott’s mind. They were a means to an end, they have served their purpose.

But I might add that we told you so. We told you things would be bad.

We learn today that the government is coming under fire over its decision to scrap super payments for low-paid workers. Here’s the gist of it:

The Government is continuing to come under fire for its decision to scrap a superannuation payment for low-paid workers, after announcing yesterday it would also abolish a proposed tax on super earnings for the better-off.

The Coalition also wants to scrap the low-income super contribution, also introduced by the previous Labor government as part of its mining-tax package.

It gives up to $500 a year to help those earning $37,000 or less save for their retirement.

More than 500,000 sales assistants, checkout operators and food and hospitality workers will pay more tax under the Abbott Government’s plan to scrap the Low Income Superannuation Contribution which will mean 3.6 million low paid workers will lose a yearly tax refund of up to $500.

We told you this was going to happen in our post “Your vote might just be worth something after all”, where we wrote that:

If you’re a low income earner…

The Coalition would abolish the low income super contribution, which pays people who earn $37,000 or less per year up to $500 each financial year to help save for their retirement.

But to those Coalition voters around Australia, who are, mostly sane, hard working people who through no fault of their own have been cruelly duped by Abbott’s softly softly campaign, all I can say is . . .

… You voted for it.

We tried to tell you things would be bad.

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  1. ADC

    Selfish ignorance is Australia has Abbott now.

  2. Robyn

    That is because the voters were never informed by the Libs on what their intentions or policies are going to be if they were elected. The Australian people were kept in the dark and are still kept in the dark.

  3. JohnB

    A good report Michael,
    however I fear it will prove to be a wasted effort in changing the current political status quo;
    Typical LNP voters won’t believe it unless they read it in the Telegraph or “see” it on commercial TV.

    Perhaps they will feel it in their pockets – but its all Labor’s fault – Joe said so.

  4. diannaart

    Thanks Dan.

    Unfortunately, some of those “Coalition voters around Australia” are busy telling us we’re just indulging in sour grapes, all the while Abbott indulges the wealthy at the expense of the average worker.

    None so blind…

  5. Sharon Doyle

    Some Australians are just too lazy, narrow minded and stupid to think for the future of this country. This disgusting mob has succeeded in keeping people in their places…and, as long as you focus on short term things such as budget surplus/deficit, as opposed to infrastructure and investment in long term projects, you lose. It is depressing.

  6. Dan Rowden


    That is because the voters were never informed by the Libs on what their intentions or policies are going to be if they were elected. The Australian people were kept in the dark and are still kept in the dark.

    I take your point, Robyn, but I don’t entirely think it ought matter. How can any person not know what the Coalition is about, ideologically, with respect to this sort of thing? Surely we know what they’re going to do even if they don’t tell us in so many words. Unfortunately, I think the problem might be that too many Australians have the political attention span of a paralytic guppy.

  7. robert macklin

    And this is just the beginning

  8. LG

    The information was out there about this & a few of the LNP’s diabolical plans, people were just too lazy to bother looking for it. They were counting on that.

  9. boombi

    the non rusted on voters who put their marks for the Coalition didn’t read anything but Herald Sun etc headlines , didn’t think, were influenced by slogans and propaganda and probably even now don’t realise that this is happening to their tax levels . Their political and civic knowledge is woeful and its a dreadful indictment on such a supposedly well educated nation. They will still read the Sun, not look behind the headlines and continue to believe propaganda blaming the last government. Time for new ways to reach these vulnerable voters.

  10. Dan Rowden

    The Coalition’s plan to dump the Low Income Superannuation Contribution was widely reported, even in the Murdoch press, so I don’t see how any person paying any attention could have not known.

  11. Kim Wright

    Well Robyn when a Government keeps you in the dark about their policies and actions, many people think oooh I don’t trust them. But those that voted for them didnt care about policies or really what they do, they just wanted to get rid of “the worst government Australia ever has had”. They fell for one liners, non factual one liners. They didnt even think past this sentence and they are still using it, and it will continue to work for them. Many in this country are unable or not wanting to understand or know more. They just want Tones to be Tones and Hockey to be Hockey and to keep hearing they are cleaning up the mess Labor left.

  12. John Fraser

    “Murdoch and Abbott lied to Australians.”

    And Australians should be reminded of it at every opportunity.

  13. patsy

    lower than a black belly snake…no wonder he is remaining low key under a rock I guess…abbott you are a scumbag….working class suffer again…

  14. billy moir

    john fraser perhaps you should add ….and labor made no effort for political gain from their lies. Neither gillard nor rudd challenged the assertions of the rabbott and little joey giving the media questions. They never asked the media if they and turnbull would be satisfied with copper and who would pay the $5K us for pollies or murdoch for journalist. They never controlled rudd’s ego. Oh how awful were they. perhaps teary albo and little billy believe that the rabbott will be a disaster and they will inherit the scorched earth. Well they are wrong, when the rabbott’s little joey can win by making a crisis of swan’s deficit and can still blame swan for the need to borrow more billions showing there was no crisis he is invincible. Again labor is not asking the questions of the media.

  15. PeterF

    Robyn, Unfortunately they DID say this was what they were going to do, and the ALP tried to give it publicity, but apparently no-one was listening: but wait, there’s more to come.

  16. Leonie

    And then there’s … “they’re all the same, doesn’t matter who’s in power”. Like somehow that makes it sort of ok.

    I seem to be hearing that a lot these days from people who believed (prior to the election) that the previous Government was the worst ever.

  17. PeterF

    On a similar topic, the FTTN broadband will be what the ‘workers’ will get, while business will pay up to $5K to have the real internet broadband connected: but here’s the punchline: That $5K will be tax deductible , so guess who will be paying 30% of it? That’s right, the tax payers (read workers). OF course this is not reflected in the sums presented to the public.

  18. Gitte

    How exactly was the previous government ‘the worst ever’? I thought that they did a pretty good job overall and a damn good job with respect to the GFC. Every financial expert in the world complemented the actions taken by the Labor Govt, every one. The only negatives came from the Libs. Had they been in charge we would not now be one of the most healthy economies n the world. Don’t forget that.

  19. Neil

    Sounds like the Howard strategy all over again. Present a small target and whilst wielding a swinging a big stick.

  20. mikestasse

    And I’ve been telling people things will only get worse and worse for YEARS…… I’ve been telling them for years that as Limits to Growth start biting governments all over the world would start running out of funds as fewer and fewer people work (or work full time) paying less tax and claiming more and more unemployment, I’ve been telling them for YEARS that peak debt was coming and that as the capacity to repay these debts more and more belt tightening would start occurring (now called austerity) and that as more and more austerity is enforced, less and less reliance on guvmints will be available……

    If you couldn’t see this coming, you weren’t paying attention….. and the sheeple have no idea what to do, so they get ‘confused’ and switch sides, sometimes more than once, from L to R or R to L, they don’t care because they’re stupid, too busy watching the footy and Big Brother on TV, and nothing changes, because nothing CAN change…. The poms did it, the French did it, and the Italians, and the Greeks, and the Irish, and the Spanish, and now we’ve done it, and everything’s STILL turning to shit, and it WILL GET WORSE.

    The elites run the world. The bankers, the Murdochs, the oilers, the miners…….. they tell the governments what to do, they have their hands up the pollies’ arses and make the lips move…..

    Australia’s actually LUCKY. Not lucky we have Rabbott in charge, not what I’m saying, but lucky we still are five years behind the rest of the world.

    Collapse has begun. Wakey wakey time. Egypt here we come……

    it’s time to revolt.


    The perception out there is the ALP are saying very little ( or not enough),since this terrible Govt. was elected.
    But what can they do to get the message across if 98% of the media won`t report even a fraction of what they comment on?
    If they take to the streets here in Qld to get the message across they will probably end up in Newmans lock-ups for 25 years.

  22. Tony Hogarth

    I don’t know why you people don’t just get together and do something about this and get rid of the LNP (DD or whatever ) ! SO first watch the first day of parliament, and watch the first interview with paul keating and if you still feel as though all is hopeless get transport on the first available plane, boat or Fishing boat available and move to either New Zealand , Malaysia or Thailand b4 the Aussi dollar drops through the floor ( which is their plan !!) And if they realize they will change the law to stop you selling up a pissing off ! sounds far fetched well so is denying climate change and the possibility of John Howard becoming the next GG !!!!!!!!

  23. robert

    I never voted for him

  24. JohnB

    If enough people take to the streets, they wont have enough prisons to lock all of us up.

  25. Bridget Cameron

    And, yes, that is worrying, that people voted Tony Abbott without knowing his motivations, intentions or policies.
    Australian people are not kept in the dark! All the facts and updates are available on the ABC, radio national Australia, Parliament Time, and other independent presses; yet unfortunately, this news is not mainstream. One only needs to dig a little to find the truth, and most people are ignorant and not prepared to do this! Unfortunately, Newscorp Australia and Fairfax make up 86% of mainstream media, and they are extremely right winged biased, and negative. Tony Abbott ‘got in’ by being extremely negative towards the ALP and about being quiet about his intentions (to mainstream media and most of the time to the ABC), so much for the ” better the devil you know, that the one you don’t know!” Also, the majority of our micro parties votes go to Liberals, and most people would not know that, as they do not want to know the facts. They’d rather believe the lies and rhetoric of mainstream media, and be kept in the dark! Ignorance is bliss, but at what cost to this FAIR LAND? Anyways, studying Australian Political history, should be enough to gleam facts, as Libs always support the wealthiest and make it financially difficult for the majority. They preach about the ‘level playing field’ and they justify supporting the wealthiest by their ‘trickle down effect” rhetoric! The middle class is almost gone here in Oz, yet many people still pretend that they are, giving them a more conservative mindset and a belief that they will be supported by the Liberals. Those days are long gone! It’s time that politics was taught at schools in Australia, as generally, Australians are politically stupid!

  26. JohnB

    Hear hear Bridget!!
    Now we pay all the price of ignorance, apathy and selfishness.

  27. Tyson

    Just for all the idiots who claim they weren’t aware of the incoming policies…

  28. Phil

    Dumbass voters, soon we will lose the tax free threshold as well

  29. doctorrob54

    I never thought I would be saying bullshit in this forum to so many contributors but what in the f*ck did you expect from this Libturd f*cking gov.FFS go and tell your pathetic story to some one else,stupidity is no excuse.This forum has been going for ages,it was all there for everyone.

  30. cassilva48

    All I can say to those Coalition Voters is that you voted for them despite warnings from labour believing that the “middle incomers” would benefit under a coalition government. Ha!
    Abbott says that it is business that creates jobs, not governments, well in the first four weeks of government, Qantas are relocating their jobs to the Phillippines, so much for business creating jobs.

  31. Trevor

    Give The Coalition a chance.They want to repair the chaos and division of Labor and prevent us from 24 hour news.We voted for a quiet competent government and that is what we are getting.Rudd destroyed Labor and they will be on oblivion for a time to come

  32. Dan Rowden


    The Coalition will have its chance by default – it’s in Government after all. What sort of things do you imagine the Coalition is going to do that will be beneficial to the country, rather than specific elements like big business?

  33. Geoff Of Epping

    You can only lose Trust once.

  34. cassilva48

    Trevor are you falling for this con by the Abbott Government, less reporting of events means in reality less accountability for their decisions. They take credit for less boats arriving here yet they fail to say what in real terms, ‘less’ means. The Liberal policy on the Boats has almost caused a rift between the Indonesians and ourselves, great start to our foreign policies. The reason for the drop off is the result of Labor’s decision to deny entry to Australia regardless of the circumstances. This is what deterred people from getting into boats and risking their lives. Since Australia took this decision we are now seeing boats arriving in the Mediterranean which I can’t recall ever recurring.

    By taking the decision to maintain superannuation contributions to low and middle class incomes means in effect a 3% profit for businesses that are doing the employing. Do you think this will result in these employers putting more staff on? I think not.

    97% of tax reforms introduced by Labour were never legislated, so what the liberals are doing are removing tax reforms which we hadn’t even received??? Naturally, they will keep the smokers tax and at the same time allow big business to pour tons of pollution into our environment, without accountability and regardless of whether it makes a difference to the world’s pollution it would certainly have made our environment a lot cleaner.


  35. doctorrob54

    Trevor,Trevor,Trevor the only thing you have half right is Rudd,Labor were not in chaos,there was no budget emergency.With low unemployment,AAA credit rating,$18,000 tax free threshold,$500 super contribution for low income earners,NBN technology,NIDS,CT offset payments another 589,pieces of legislation passed in a hug parliament and an economy envied by the rest of the world,and regardless of the propaganda and condescending remarks by jealous Libturd and right wing f*ckheads,Wayne Swan was voted by his peers,world wide as the best treasurer good money could buy,WTF else do you want.
    You want to give these libturds a chance,haven’t you seen enough already.They made such a hullabaloo over P Slipper for $650 and they think its OK spending thousands attending weddings,inspecting private properties to purchase and attending charity functions.Do you know what charity means,it means donating your own time and monies,not pretending too,and then charging the tax payer for entire costs.Turn the boats back,oh yea,We all know scientists are a waste of time and money,ask andrew bolt he’ll tell you.
    This is all in the first month,in one month we are now the laughing stock of the whole Pacific,lets give them another month and we will be the laughing stock of the entire World.
    They had their chance Trevor and they f*cked up,If any of these main libturd ministers were doctors all their patients would be DEAD.

  36. oldfart

    not to mention that they are deccreasing the tax free threshhold from 18K to 6K, so that they can give their mates more perks. In effect that means you get to pay tax on 12K extra every payday. You just got a drop in income but feel warm and cosy, a lawyer or some other high paid Tony supporter somewhere will be sitting on paid parental leave while you support them

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