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“Vote Labor you vote Greens” – Morrison’s not so scary scare campaign

Scott Morrison has launched a scare campaign that, if Labor wins the election, they will need the Greens support to form government and that would result in higher emissions reduction targets.

Now that may seem scary to some right-wing voters who would never vote Labor anyway, and it may horrify some dyed in the wool Labor supporters whose hatred of the Greens is eternal – but I doubt it’s going to win Scott many votes. For a lot of us, greater action on climate change is not a threat but a necessity.

But Labor can do themselves some real damage if they allow Morrison to wedge them into refusing support from the Greens or promising targets are set in concrete never to be revisited or upgraded regardless of changing circumstances. Increasing aspiration in the future should not be cast as a bad thing.

The way it looks at the moment, Labor might well be negotiating with a crossbench with 1 Green and several teal Independents to form government. They should turn Morrison’s words against him by saying we must be responsive to the science and that they would negotiate with all MPs to achieve that.

A lot is made of the deal that Julia Gillard signed with Bob Brown for his support to form government in 2010.

Contrary to urban myth, the Greens did not get Labor to commit to a price on carbon or any move towards legalising gay marriage, with Greens leader Bob Brown saying the deal was still a “work in progress”. He knew those things would take time. Nor were the Greens promised a Ministry.

What they did agree to makes for very interesting reading today in light of Morrison’s attempts to spook the electorate.

The concessions secured by the Greens included:

  • the formation of a climate change committee
  • a parliamentary debate on Afghanistan
  • a referendum on recognising Indigenous Australians
  • restrictions on political donations
  • legislation on truth in political advertising
  • the establishment of a Parliamentary Budget Committee
  • a parliamentary integrity commissioner
  • improved processes for release of documents in Parliament
  • a leaders debates Commission
  • a move towards full three-year parliamentary terms
  • two-and-a-half hours of allocated debate for private members’ bills
  • access for Greens to various Treasury documents

An admirable list of requests, few of which appear to have come to fruition with the parliament, instead, paralysed by attacks on Julia Gillard’s decades old involvement with the AWU, the evisceration of Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper, and the constant demonising of asylum seekers.

That the Gillard government got so much important legislation passed in a minority government is reason enough alone to dismiss Scotty’s latest marketing campaign as trivial rubbish designed to cover his lack of any vision for our country and its people.

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  1. Terence Mills

    It seems to me that this coalition government are seriously on the ropes and in the bush the Nationals are on the nose for being opportunists without policies or a political ethos. A good local independent could easily roll a number of National seat warmers.

    I fear we will see Morrison, a man without principles, doing preference deals with Hanson, Palmer and even Gollum Campbell !

  2. Kaye Lee


    That fool Gerard “Rennick has experienced a meteoric rise in reach on Facebook, adding 70,000 followers in a little over a month, as he shared stories of vaccine adverse events he admits he cant be sure are 100% accurate and videos of anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne.”

    The lunatics are braying loudly and firing up the ignorant.

  3. Kaye Lee

    Speaking of Palmer…….

    The father of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s partner will stand at the next election for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.

    Peter Campion, the father of Vikki Campion, will contest the north Queensland seat of Kennedy (Katter’s seat) at the 2022 election.

    Mr Campion said he would campaign for reducing large levels of government debt and stopping net-zero emissions targets.

  4. New England Cocky

    Terence Mills: Never call an election until the final vote is counted.
    I do like the political sign seen near Bendemeer NSW on the New England Highway yesterday ”Don’t trust the National$ Party”.
    Kaye Lee: Facebook has a process whereby you may purchase followers at a price/thousand.
    Peter Campion has been infected with vicarious stardom from the disgraceful notorious antics of his daughter.

    See a marriage/ Split it up/ And all through life/You can afford to live it up.

  5. Phil Pryor

    So, Peter Campion is to run as Katter’s Klown and low Klass party of wombat willy wipers. Their policies undoubtedly include, rooting, rorting, raving, ratbaggery, rubbishy rants, ruthless corruption, regular coercion and any ripoff unattached. What political perverted shit is Katter and his gang of goats. As for the grinning neurotic, our P M, the Pustular Misfit has ever wilder dreams of a comeback, for any thinking person, (there must be some of us) knows that he is a lazy, lying, low quality, lizardlike lout who has never worked, never succeeded, never achieved, always backstabbed, exaggerated, propagandised, sloganised, a Goebbelsian garrulous goat sans decency. The current Morrison/Joyce team of megamaggots and vacuuminous vultures is outspoken, erroneous, misleading as well as misled, a queue of queazy queans and quimmy quacks of politics. The country party and its flea ridden fringe, full of solid rural bullshit, is an anti-intelligence group by deliberate choice. They take money from donors to turn the clock and calendar back, way back, for greedy profiteering even at risk to lives and the planet. Filthy turds do that, selfish and shortsighted.

  6. Jack Cade

    Terence Mills

    The Bush will never vote Labor. The most likely outcome in the bush is a vote for a right-leaning Independent with preferences pouring back to the coalition anyway. Very likely candidates who couldn’t get pre-selected by LNP or Hanson. After all, it’s QLD we are talking about. Morrison is highly rated there, and the likes of Gillard’s ethical independents were probably one-offs.
    I’m usually a ‘glass half full’ bloke, but the well has run dry.

  7. Kaye Lee


    It has never been, and never will be easy work! But the road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination.

    Marion Zimmer Bradley

  8. Josephus

    Thank you for this . Most important and evidence based. Am grateful indeed. Readers of The Australian Paper quite often ask for the ABCs privatisation because it exposes Coalition rorts and cruelty. The tone is Trumpian. But what to do? I once read a letter in that paper in which a reader calls for Greens to be shot. I was so shocked I was unable to contact that paper. It is surely illegal to write such a thing. Fact is labor would have quite few independents on its side; anyway, being aware of climate change is not a left wing doctrine at all. It is not political even, other than broadly speaking. I have on my shelves a nazi PhD by an SS officer, who wrote in 1943 that Europe needs renewable energy because fossil fuels are finite. Had Germany won WW2 the EU would have been as relatively enviro as it is now, perhaps more so as pollution is in part due to rapacious big business.
    Of course the Greens are neither left or right. Even the Australian prints selfish anti vaxxers ( though not Christensen type these days) , but also journos who defend liberalism as community minded.
    What is left, what is right? But the Greens have policies, and they do not accept donations from businesses, other than from Dick Smith in the past, I confess. SO many, so many lies spread by ignorant or hate filled people.

  9. Kerri

    I know of so many Labor voters who actually want a Greens/ALP coalition.
    Wish the ALP would realise that.

  10. Keitha Granville

    Turn it back on him, a vote for an Independent is a vote for the LNP. The majority are disenchanted Liberals who can’t support the right wing Conservative position and want a return to the centre of ideology.
    You never know, we could end up with a true parliament where they all have to agree with each other in the best interest of the country, that would be novel.

  11. Michael Taylor

    Kerri, I’m with you on that one. I would love to see them fighting the arch rival rather than fighting each other.

  12. Gangey1959

    Considering how absolutely obnoxious the prime minister was in victory in 2019, and has been since, it will be interesting to see how he behaves when his team comes third in the next election.
    At least the electorate can be sure that when he blames labor for his defeat, he will be telling only a half lie.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Kerri and Michael,

    I am very fearful that Labor will go too far denying any current/future collaboration with the Greens. They don’t need to do that. Morrison is trying to make them. They should just talk about their policies, and the lack thereof from the government, from here on in and stop reacting to Morrison’s taunts. It should be easy to respond that the Australian people will decide on their elected representatives and it is the duty of the government to work with whoever the electorate chooses – so ping off ScoMo.

  14. Henry Rodrigues

    I must add my support to Kerri and Michael and Kaye Lee about a Labor Green alliance. It need not be a coalition but a general memorandum of understanding about the goals and objectives and how to get there. Needless to say there will be to be a need for a bit of compromising, but that in my view, is what politics is about. The modalities and the weighting can be worked out

    Scummo has only one goal in mind, to get re-elected and secure those juicy $550,000. He cares about nothing else. In his desperation he’ll throw everything at Labor, accuse them of treason and child molestation and godless atheism. He has no principles but a overwhelming desire for monetary. gain. And the rest of his crew are in it for the ride.

  15. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Kaye for another brilliant but worrisome piece.

    I do like the quote from Marion Zimmer Bradley, although it’s not really true. If you travel with hope, you’re much more likely to get to where you’re aiming for, surely?

  16. Wam

    A good start, Kaye, the recognition that every time Scummo hears the media say “ labor and the greens” he smiles. He is safe in the knowledge that a large chunk of labor voters and almost all non-labor voters think the the greens are toxic loonies. Booby was in a fit of pique when he voted the carbon price down twice. He has subsequently given a foxtel-style apology suggesting it probable/may have been a mistake. Are you suggesting Adam bandit vote was not a factor in Gillard backflip? My memory is a tad suspicious in thinking the one of us didn’t notice colour on melb streets till shiny blacks so I may have been mistaken about a slimy lawyer taking advantage of a hung parliament. Indeed I may be imagining the influence of a caravan.
    Kate hope without action is wishful thinking and worth SFA The greens under the bandit are a millstone and Albo needs to smack the bandit and his schemes including the 9 seats or acquiesce to the slimy lawyer’s plan.

  17. GL

    I see him when he’s ancient, bald and bloated: The nursing staff will put on his rose coloured virtual reality goggles when he starts trying to escape to go to Hawaii for reasons he can’t remember and turn on the heavily edited virtual photo albums and video collections and leave him to reminisce about the time he was a GREAT LEADER and a PRIME MINISTER and Everybody Loved Scotty.

  18. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, Carol subscribed to the Greens newsletter some time ago. It disappoints her (and I) to see so much Labor-bashing in the newsletters these days.

    What will it take for Labor and the Greens to sit together and make peace? For the sake of the country, they need to do it soon.

  19. corvusboreus

    Jack Cade,
    It’s not just Labor who fail to tap rural concerns over things like the betrayal of farming interests to mining conglomorates.
    The Greens are similarly clueless as to how to convert rural conservatives concerns over conservation issues into voting change.

    In NSW the most effective greens operator in rural constituencies used to be J Buckingham.
    He was a solid onground presence beyond the divide, highlighting issues like flammable rivers and biblical fishkills, educating and networking.
    However, once the NSW greens got smug enough to factionalise, he got Trotskied by the urban revoltionaries.
    A claim of sexual misconduct already deemed immeritorious by both law and private investigation was mudslung by another green under the privelige of parliament, and the subsequent controversy saw Buckingham expelled by faction vote.

    Naturally Green vote in the gassed-out farmlands has since dwindled, especially since the ChristDems and ShootFishers have, through the reek of cordite and brimstone, scented a shift in winds and started swelling their vote by shifting into more precautionary stance on CSG policy.
    So in NSW, rural people worried about explosive tapwater are shunning green or red solutions and seeking salvation through guns’n’god.

    I’m more of an ‘after it’s savoured and swallowed, fine wine turns into bladdered piss’ kinf of guy myself.

  20. Kathryn

    If The Greens and the ALP form a COALITION, that would be a GOOD thing! The WORST, most corrupt and nefarious COALITION this country has EVER seen is the joining together of the smug, smirking, totally corrupt, undemocratic and stratospherically arrogant Liberal Party with the notorious, womanising Barnyard Joyce and the reckless climate-change-denying intellectual midgets in the National Party!

    Does the presumptuous, head-in-the-sand bone idle Sloth MorriSCAMMER REALLY believe that most intelligent Australians mind one iota if we are represented by a Coalition political party that includes The Greens, an environmentally-responsible political party that really cares about our environment and are ready to fight the toxic coal-loving, gas-fracking-supporters in the LNP to protect and safeguard our environment for future generations? REALLY? WOW! Once again, the useless, failed marketeer, Scott Morrison, has misread and misjudged ordinary Australians because the LNP are now so out-of-touch with ordinary working- and middle-class Australians they believe that the ONLY things Australians care about relate to the LNP’s own warped and skewed set of priorities which are grounded in money, money, money, relentless greed (at the expense of EVERYTHING else), a staggering sense of entitlement and all of it wrapped up in a nauseating level of bible-thumping hypocrisy!

  21. corvusboreus

    Yup, pragmatically united ‘conservative’ coalition (LP, NP, LNP, CLP etc) beats ideologically divided’ progressive’ egos (ALP vs GRN).
    Conglomerate of minority beats scattering of majority, concentration of force prevails over diffusion of resource, first with most gets to boast and all that other SunTzu derived manure.

    Constructive rational dialogue where mutualised values and interests are prioritised over individual grievance and desires would be a start.
    Not polluting that critically necessary discussion with the kind of puerile patois that permeates our parliament would also help.

    Whilst the government member for Dawson appears on a deplatformed extremist hatespeech show and encourage potentially violent demonstration against our national embassies without earning any rebuke from our happy-clapping PM or his perpetually-pickled deputy, a droning barfly heckles bandit-boobby-toxic-loonies.

  22. Max Gross

    The Libs and Nats loathe each other but combine to thwart the Labs. I don’t see why the Labs and Greens can’t combine to thwart the LNP. In fact, an LGP may be Australia’s only hope.

  23. Wam

    The nats are important in the number of seats to coalesce. The loonies have one seat arguably gifted by a gutless wimp’s internal polling, in 2010.
    They have white anted for the 11 years since and the bandit will do so till labor accepts that 1 extremist is in control.
    Just because it is inevitable, Kate and Kaye doesn’t make right to hide the means from view.
    Max the libs cannot rule without the nats because of 7SEATS why do you think bandit is prepared to sabotage Labor? For fun or to win enough seats off labor to be the equivalent of the nats?
    The end point is RIGHT but the method is wrong.
    Why don’t the labor sit with the loonies? A goose sit with a canary?

  24. corvusboreus

    I confess to being perversely curious as to how you reckon a ‘gutless wiimp’s’ polling in 2010 directly caused A Brandt (aka da bandit) to win/earn an over 70% 2pp majority and just under 50% primary in the 2019 federal election.
    Ockham’s razor would suggest that he might actually seem to have some representative popularity within the electorate of Melbourne.

  25. Kaye Lee

    As I posted on another article, single party majority governments are very rare.

    In the last election, the four parties that make up the Coalition got 41.44% of the first preference vote. Labor plus the Greens got 43.74% of the FPV.

    A Labor Green coalition would better represent the majority of Australians’ wishes.

    I hope when we shortly become a republic that we design it well so we get proportional representation and not a winner takes all executive.

  26. Kate Ahearne


    Do you mean that when we become a republic, we will have a new constitution?

  27. Kaye Lee

    Yup. Whole new refit. We can design it however we please.

    EDIT: Apparently that may not be the case.

    It seems I have been labouring under an illusion that we could actually do better. It seems we just swap the Queen and Governor General for a symbolic president? Does it have to be so? Can’t we fix it? I’m so disappointed if all it is is a tweak of head of state to choose someone else to go to dinners and ribbon cuttings.

  28. corvusboreus


    Crystal ball says that if/when we transition from constitutional monarchy (divine right of rule tempered by elected oversight (or alternative variation thereof, with roles reversed) into a republic (plurarchic representation without any heredatarilly mandated regal inputs) some constitutional amendments will/would be required.

    I would welcome such amendments.

  29. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Kaye.

    It would be v. good if we could have access to what the declaration of a republic would actually mean to the constitution. And would there be any re-appraisal of gerrymandering?

    And about gerrymandering, is there any way that electoral boundaries can be challenged under the present conditions?

    There’s been so much for the likes of me to try to get their heads around on AIMN today, and I haven’t had the time/energy to absorb and think things through properly. So I’m not even sure if I’m making these next remarks on the most appropriate comment stream.

    Anyhow, here goes:

    We do need to elect a Labor government. At this stage if we allow ourselves to get caught up in what a Labor-Greens thing might mean, we’re thinking like losers.

    We do need to elect a Labor government. It won’t be perfect, but it doesn’t have to be. The alternative is unthinkable.

    We do need to elect a Labor government at this time in history. We can’t afford another mistake. It’s not just about us. The planet is in dire straits. I do realise that Labor’s climate platform is not about zero emissions by tomorrow morning. But that’s infinitely better than a zero emissions ‘plan’ that might come into play after the planet has passed the point of no return.

    And about Independents,

    As Michael and Kaye have pointed out, it would not be helpful to apply a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to the issue of Independents. Do we really want to get rid of Haines in Michael’s seat, or Steggall in Warringah? Then what would happen?

    About the Greens,

    I have a lot of sympathy, but the track record worries me, especially with respect to what the Greens did to the Gillard government. I know that most of those individuals are not with us anymore, but I’m also aware that ‘power corrupts’.

  30. Kaye Lee


    The Electoral Commissioner invites interested people or organisations to submit suggestions about the redistribution. Then after they publish the proposed changes, objections can be lodged.

    Yes we need a Labor government but I think a minority government could work well. They would need to pick up net 8 seats for a majority….tough ask. The independents are targeting seats Labor would never win whereas the Greens are in competition for the same vote. It’s not always pretty.

  31. Michael Taylor

    Our own Constitution, if my memory from uni is right, was based the constitutions of Canada and South Africa as well as a bit of the garble in the US Declaration of Independence.

    Ours needs a complete overhaul.

  32. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Kaye and Michael.

  33. New England Cocky

    Contrary to the many opposing comments above, In Northern Tablelands (NSW) and New England we have in the past elected both Labor and Independent candidates who have dragged the electorate screaming in protest into first the 20th century, then into the 21st century.

    The key to breaking the COALition hold on NSW & feral misgovernment lies in breaking the Nazional$ Party in 4/8 electorates west of the Great Dividing Range. Presently four electorates are held by SFF and Independent MPs who are perceived as doing a good job holding the corrupt NSW COALition to account for MDB water abuses among other likely corrupt practices.

    In Sydney electorates new LABOR leader Chris Minns is exposing and publicising the too many deficiencies of the Dead Parrot Liarbral misgovernment in a manner reminiscent of Bob Carr. Naturally the MSM (mediocre stench minions) are ignoring his comments about public transport literally falling apart.

    Interestingly, the NSW Council elections in Armidale have shown that the Nazional$ lack any appeal for voters, with fresh blood seemingly set to fill about six (6) positions plus four (4) re-elected Councillors less one rusted on Nazional$ stalwart.

    Or is it that all the Nazional$ supporters have passed on to the Great Sky Paddock? Or again, is it that towns people are sick & tired of having inadequate public services and decrepit public infrastructure and realise that a change of political management is the only way that things will be improved?

    Seems town folk understand that doing a dirty water deal with a multinational horticultural corporation to supply Armidale drinking water in Malpas Dam at about a 60% discount to the increased 2022 water rates, does jog their hip pockets, even after the worst drought in living memory when the dealing was done.

    @Kaye Lee: A sensible LABOR + Greens coalition is unlikely because the greens see their role as replacing LABOR NOT removing the Liarbral Nazional$ COALition.

  34. Michael Taylor

    NEC, your last sentence… I believe Richard Di Natalie said much the same thing.

    In my opinion Di Natalie did more to drive a wedge between Labor and the Greens than anybody else.

  35. corvusboreus

    Another barrier to a ‘sensible coalition’ government between Labor, the Greens and whatever reasonable indis get elected is the ALP hubristically naysayiing any such prospect.
    Saying ‘we won’t negotiate a minority coalition’ means that, should the ALP find that it is pragmatic/necessary to do so in order to form government (not an altogether unlikely scenario) then they will have been elected to office upon a blatantly broken promise.

  36. wam

    Corvus, hope my rambling is not offensive. I have had 20 years(92-2012) hands on electioneering, scrutineering and advertising and another extra 8 years with local government associations where my darling is the first life member.
    During those years I have met with the greens candidates and the green leader. He came to my house and, being a loonie, I had prepared a paper with details of my experience to help him plan an election strategy. He sat down and said “I am informing you we are targeting’ my darling. I said thanks, listened to his fantasising and gave him a drink of water but no info. Neither he nor the other candidates bore any resemblance to the people of tassie greens or understood the traditional green principles. They were merely seeking election and lost. They eventually succeeded by usurping the labor candidate. He was a worthy man and more of a green than any in the party. But died in office and the replacement was a modern green whom relied on my darling’s largesse and freely given help. I consider you a very intelligent and conservation minded person. I assume you are a dedicated loonie for that reason and the loonies principles were praiseworthy. My family were loonies because we are dedicated to preserving the Australian flora, fauna and wilderness. We are fervent in our attempts to bring climate deniers on board with the disaster of the greenhouse effect. I believe in honesty and the aim of bandt is applicable to the practical side of politics where the end product justifies the means. I consider many people who tick the green box have not considered the means. The 3 retired leaders, arguably could be described as onset senile, outofdepth naive and shallow, malleable- dibanludsimkims but honest. The 4th is a wanderer and not honest to any principles other than the advancement of his party by any means. No loonie I have spoken to is aware of the difference between this lawyer and the three who disappeared but dreams of the values of the past.. But to your question: I have studied elections closely since the bodgie stabbed hayden. 2010 was a great year with the demise of the lemon and the horror of no greenhouse action. Tanner was another man whiteanting gillard. He was aware that he could not afford any more labor votes leaking to the loonies because if bandit could get in front of the libs then their preferences would give the seat to the bandit. My guess is 2010 internal polling showed he could lose so he quit and made sure he blamed gillard. His replacement, Cath, got 10000 less than 2007tanner and the bandit thrashed the libs whose preference defeated labor. This is a legitimate tactic in politics but I am honest enough to be saddened by 9 more seats as being a target. But I am old and can afford to be honest to myself and I will continue to believe Adam bandit is no green until someone can convince me otherwise.
    So anyone here have family that shared my thoughts and is her hubbie still wary?
    Perhaps it is a man thing????

  37. corvusboreus

    If you hope not to offend whilst rambling then don’t deliberately repeat-post offensive crap.
    No offense, but I am not particularly interested in a dementedly bigoted old fart ranting about dedicated environmentalists being loonies.
    Corvus out.

  38. Andrew J. Smith

    Josephus, interesting this ‘But the Greens have policies, and they do not accept donations from businesses, other than from Dick Smith in the past…’

    A British Oz immigrant friend ran for the Greens at state elections maybe decade ago, this one had the young family, Subaru and talked the talk but in fact very little about the environment, except an obsession in linking immigration and population growth aka ZPG SPA line, included spouting the ‘great replacement’ and pining for the past white Australia policy (some Brits are alarmed arriving in Oz if following the Kylie, Neighbours, Warnie culture).

    When it was pointed out to him the roots of this particular movement had more to do with eugenics than environment, their response was, ‘I don’t like brown people’ and claimed ‘something big’ was going to happen (assumed he thought some Muslim outrage, slightly prescient, but other way round i.e. Christchurch).

    Example of arrogance joined at the hip with ignorance to sympathise with alt right tropes; though he is Protestant, his own wife and daughter are Jewish…. clearly preselected on ‘presentation’ but not substance.

    Moral of the story, we need more diversity in politics that reflects Australian society (even the UK Tories manage it) vs. top down media influence, less ambition and narcissism; versus shrinking pool of Anglo Irish types that parties defer to as thought whiteness defines Australia…… old habits die hard.

  39. corvusboreus

    I have already heard from you ad nauseum about how you reckon any concern over the exponential growth in homo sapien population and the concurrently observable effect on the biospheric environment is just racist eugenics masquerading as environmentalism .

    You reckon because I decry the observable effect of population stacking upon the natural world I’m either a racist or a stooge for racists
    I reckon you’re an environmental ignoramus hooked upon the deluded promise of perpetual growth within a finite resource base.

    Meanwhile, people who are firmly committed to both racist division and environmentally destructive population growth (hordes of economic migrants = good, trickle of humanitarian migrants = bad) continue to firmly hold the helm.

  40. wam

    well said corvus out but andrew is in and the loonies are still toxic to the vast majority of australians. Making labor and the greens scummo’s best slogan.
    You have one seat courtesy of the melb latte set and liberals preferences. If and when the bandits succeeds in squeezing 6 more labor seats you will have a bargaining chip.
    Until then the bandit is willing to plague labor with a whinge here and a dissent there and a van north and a climate west with a koala and an indue card, for as many losing elections as it takes.

  41. corvusboreus

    Looks like, despite my best intentions, I am once again wasting time and effort expressing elevated irritation at the juvenile goads of a senile anti-greenie (boobie loonie, boobbie loonie) and the loopy accusations of a conspiracy kook (POPULATION CONCERN IS RACIST EUGENICS!).
    Since both are pemanent stains on this site, I’ll do myself a favour and take another extended absence.

    Hope your sciatic op goes OK, MT.

  42. Consume Less

    @ corvusboreus, my sentiments exactly.

  43. Pagnol

    The Coalition using scare tactics. How unoriginal. Anyway, Vote Labor get Green? Because Labor can’t govern without them. Not so much if the recent Qld and WA state elections are any indication. On the other hand, and this is fact not boogey man bs, Vote Coalition and you get Joyce, Dutton, Taylor, Canavan and so on. FFS.


    A point in reference., In Germany, they have agreed on a coalition government including the greens and free capitalist party. The greens leader is also the foreign minister. If that is not progressive, what is. Granted its a necessity but at least they are adventurous enough to give it a try. Angela Merkels conservatives are not going to be ruling for some time..
    Labor and the greens can, and should learn to compromise if they really want to build a better, fairer, environmentally sustainable society that works for everyone, not just the rich and socially connected carpetbaggers.
    As for Bandt and his spoiler tactics, exposure to public opinion is one way to neutralize his corrosive efforts. Do the greens only perceive themselves as a party of protest or do they aim for a constructive role in government. Its up to them to decide. coruvus…… I am of the view that endless growth in a limited resources planet, is going to destroy us all. This mad rush to grow is putting all our existences in peril or at the very least, a much diminished standard of living. We could all end up living in multi story towers like in Hong Kong and Singapore.

  45. wam

    Good old crow cannot understand that to be blinded by one’s need for conservation of flora, fauna and the scenic beauty of the wilderness into thinking that the loonies are on his wavelength makes him no better than the extremists of phon who think Hansen is interested in them. The Green Party leaders are after power. They have one seat and are working on others to get enough seats from labor to prevent labor winning government. Good on the bandit for seeking options as it is obvious there are nowhere enough genuine conservation crows but enough idiots to quit labor ‘for not doing enough’. Michael, I believe the ALP have nothing to get from the ‘loonies’. What Carol sees is the loonies attempt at forcing labor into sharing power. But you are not a crow and definitely not a Wam, so what can you see in the loonies worth labor inviting the bandit into a power sharing arrangement?

  46. Kaye Lee


    In my opinion, it is YOU who is blinded by irrational hatred apparently because Bandt somehow insulted your wife. Many of us are FAR more interested in policy outcomes than political games which seems to be all you ever talk about.

  47. corvusboreus


    You deem me just as bad as any hansonite because of my educated focus on biospheric concerns?

    Phuq you!

    Seriously, you leprous hemorrhoid masquerading as an arsehole.


  48. Kaye Lee


    I have noticed a wam MO. He seems to specifically choose things to taunt an individual with – things that have made them ark up before. Hence the comparison to PHON extremists which is too ridiculous to bother responding to. He tries to do the same to me about morning tv shows and unrelenting references to Bob Brown and the loonies. I don’t bother responding because his attempts are so transparent and not meant to be constructive. It doesn’t stop the taunts and repetition, it just means I stop reading.

    More importantly…..

    On the topic of overpopulation, evidence shows that if you educate girls and employ women, the fertility rate drops. Lifting people out of poverty also helps. Getting rid of religion (or changing it drastically) would also help enormously. I am not as pessimistic about our numbers (which I think will plateau out) as I am our consumption and us polluting and cooking the planet (which I realise is exacerbated by increasing billions of humans). Reduce, reuse, recycle. Can we go back to small scale sustainability? Maybe we are too hooked on greed and luxury.

    Nevertheless, in the mean time, we do what we can.

  49. corvusboreus

    Kaye Lee,
    Yes, educating females and emancipating some autonomy over their own reproductive organs can demonstrably reduce population growth to less blatantly unsustainable levels.
    (Also, cigarette smoke is carcinogenic, ethanol saturation reduces neural lucidity and political parties pervert electoral intentions.)
    Personally I think that females fleeing theocratic or paternalisticly tribal societies should automatically be granted refuge of asylum in preference over males, it appeals to both idealistic morality (women & children 1st on lifeboats) and cynical pragmatics (over 90% of terrorist perpetrators are males between 15 & 55).
    However, apparently UN aid programmes focussing on facilitating access to education and contraception for females in developing nations is actually a form of racist genocide perpetrated on behalf of the rockefeller cabal.
    Meanwhile, another million humans are added to terra straya every 3 years, and the environmental effects are bleeding obvious to those who have a clue and give a phuq.

    Big picture: humanity is already irredeemably screwed by our own actions, and we are dragging a wide swathe of eathly biota down with us.

    Over the last few weeks I have joined a few friends in undertaking a volunteer (ie unauthorised) audit of forestry operations in my area.
    These were conducted in areas of a sandstone complex that had survived the surrounding devastation wrought by recent fires.
    We documented multiple breaches, including felling of protected species and bulldozer activity in watercourse beds.
    This resulted in a temporary suspension of operations, an official investigation and the termination of the existing contractors.

    Small picture: although informational exchange with intelligent people can be a valuable excercise, doing local on-ground stuff achieves far more palpable effect than bandying online words with some barfly bigot braying ‘loonies’ like a sugar-high child with a bad case of tourettes.


    The ALP does not give the majority of voters many reasons to vote for them. It’s policies are geared towards minorities such as middle class career women and people who may one-day want to go to tafe for free. Middle class women will never vote ALP and wannabe tafe students are a very small minority and neither can win you an election. ALP has no policy that galvanises the whole or majority of the population. That’s why they lose so many elections.

  51. Kate Ahearne

    ‘Oppose The Major Parties’.

    Let me guess, you’d rather see the LNP get back in?

    By the way, middle class career women are a very big ‘minority’, and they have families, many of whom also vote. Then there’s the working class career women – cashiers who aspire to be something more than check-out chicks, for example. And there’s all the other people who can see the sense of supporting women – some of those others being men.

    And these ‘middle class’ women and their supporters will never vote ALP? Even though a great many of them do and will?

    Not sure which policies you’re referring to when you target ‘middle class women’. Are you talking about childcare, which, of course is totally irrelevant to ‘working class’ women, or students, or job-seeking women, or disabled women, or women in carer roles, or just plain poor women. (Not to mention the children themselves.)

    Perhaps you’re talking about equal pay and equality of opportunity? (Of no interest at all, apparently, to ‘working class’ women, or women students, or ‘stay at home’ mums who will return to the workforce eventually/hopefully. And of no relevance at all to their families, some of whom are men?)

    And those ‘wannabe’ TAFE students? They don’t matter at all, it seems, because there are so few of them, and minorities don’t matter? Hardly any voters think they do? (Particularly as we clearly have no need, as a society, for properly-trained tradespeople.)

    You have made some very interesting, and quite obnoxious assumptions. Here are just a few of them:

    Minorities don’t matter, and most voters don’t care about them. And yet there are so many of these ‘minorities’ – the elderly, refugees, the unemployed, the disabled, students, poor people, non-careerist workers… Add ’em all up, and I bet you’ll find that the majority of Australians belong to at least one minority group.

    Children don’t matter because not a single child has the vote. (So any policy pertaining to children is irrelevant. They are a minority of none.)

    Voters don’t care about anybody but themselves. They will only vote for policies that affect themselves favourably. They will not vote for policies that impact negatively on themselves. Voters are grossly selfish people with no sense of social justice.

    You say, ‘ALP has no policy that galvanises the whole or majority of the population’. So voters don’t care about climate change (which is shaping up to be the most urgent issue in the upcoming election)?

    No need to say anything about the LNP. (Because there’s nothing worth saying?)

    P. S. You’re calling yourself, ‘Oppose the Major Parties’. Not your real name, though, is it? You remind me very much of a troll called ‘Vote for Scotty’.

    P. P. S. In this bit, ‘It’s policies are geared towards minorities such as middle class career women and people who…’ you need ‘its’, not it’s’.

  52. corvusboreus

    Glad to see you dropped that superfluous ‘U’.

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