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Unraveling Morrison’s mind

By Ad astra

This piece contains disturbing material. By keeping it brief I hope any mental distress it might cause will be minimized.

Did you see Michael Pascoe’s article in the October 23 edition of The New Daily: What we don’t know: Is our Prime Minister a nutter? As Pascoe is a balanced journalist, not prone to hyperbole, the title he chose stood out starkly. What did he mean? We all have an idea of how the term ‘nutter’ is used, but to be sure we’re all on the same page, let’s use a common definition: a ‘nutter’ is a mad or eccentric person.

Elaborating on his use of this disparaging term, Pascoe went on to query if our PM was attracted to: ”loony ‘QAnon’ fantasies, if he believes Donald Trump is leading a battle against an international ‘Deep State’, or that Israel is fulfilling a Biblical prophecy to bring on Armageddon.”

If you’ve not heard of ‘QAnon’, and you’re ready to take the risk of reading some really crazy stuff, you might wish to take a look at: What Is QAnon? The Craziest Theory of the Trump Era, Explained by Will Sommer in a publication called The Daily Beast. There’s an extraordinary video within the article that’s worth a look although it runs for about 13 minutes.

But if you want to begin with a more sober account, you may prefer the Wikipedia description of QAnon’s central belief: ”There is a worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who rule the world, essentially, and they control everything. They control politicians, and they control the media. They control Hollywood, and they cover up their existence, essentially. And they would have continued ruling the world, were it not for the election of President Donald Trump.” Are you startled?

Before you read either of these accounts of QAnon though, you might ask: ‘What’s this got to do with our PM?’ Let me explain via another article in the October 1 issue of The New Daily by David Hardaker: ‘This is going straight to Scott’: The conspiracy theorist claiming to influence Scott Morrison. Please don’t question your sanity as you read it. If it’s all too much, do take a coffee break.

Hardaker writes about a close family friend of the Morrisons, Tim Stewart, who claims to have influenced Morrison to use the term ‘ritual sexual abuse’ in his formal address to the victims of institutional sexual abuse at Parliament House in October. Nowhere is that phrase used in the report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. So why did Morrison use it? Hardaker claims:

Mr Stewart and key supporters specifically wanted Mr Morrison to use the word “ritual” because it introduced the idea of secret ceremonies with Satan’s involvement, which aligns with QAnon’s theory of global threats.

Morrison’s use of the word “ritual” – instead of “systematic” or “repeated”, which are factually accurate – was picked up by an international blogger who specialises in exposing religion-based conspiracy theories, but otherwise was largely unremarked.

For the Stewarts, though, it was a triumph. The Stewarts’ 22-year-old son, Jesse – also an enthusiastic promoter of the QAnon conspiracy – tweeted: “You know #theGreatAwakening is in full swing when the Australian Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP mentions #RitualAbuse”.

There’s more. Read The Rapture and the Real World: Mike Pompeo Blends Beliefs and Policy by Edward Wong in The New York Times. During a visit of Pompeo to Jerusalem, an interviewer posed a question around a biblical tale about a queen who saved Jews from slaughter by a Persian official: “Did Mr. Pompeo think President Trump had been ‘raised for such a time as this, just like Queen Esther, to help save the Jewish people from the Iranian menace’? As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s possible,” Mr. Pompeo said.”

Let’s give your brain a rest from this crazy stuff for a while and turn to a recent speech to the Queensland Resources Council by Morrison, this time about climate change protesters who seek to influence those who fund or insure fossil fuel operatives to withdraw their support, in which he brands environmental protesters as “anarchists”. Claiming that progressives are seeking to “deny the liberties of Australians”, he threatens “a radical crackdown on the right to protest”.

He claims that “progressivism” – which he labelled a “new-speak type term”, invoking George Orwell – intends “to get in under the radar, but at its heart would deny the liberties of Australians”. He goes on:

“Apocalyptic in tone, it brooks no compromise, it’s all or nothing. Alternative views are not permitted.” He pointed to the “worrying development” of environmental groups targeting businesses or firms involved in the mining sector with ‘secondary boycotts’, such as businesses refusing to provide banking, insurance or consultancy services. They are targeting businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, like contracting businesses in regional Queensland.

“Let me assure you this is not something my government intends to allow to go unchecked.”

By the way, I wonder does Morrison likewise categorise as ‘apocalyptic in tone’ the recent statement of 11,000 scientists from 53 nations that “declares clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency…that will inflict untold suffering on the peoples of the world”, and that “to secure a sustainable future, we must change how we live”. He should.

Speaking on 3AW Radio in Melbourne, Morrison tried to reassure us: “There is of course the right to protest in this country”, but in now-familiar evangelical mode he went on to claim that recent environmental protests in Melbourne were ‘well beyond the pale’ because protesters had allegedly spat at people in business shirts, adding: “It’s not OK to have secondary boycotts being run by unions … it’s not OK for environmental, well, they’re anarchist groups … to be able to disrupt people’s jobs, their livelihoods, to harass people as we saw down in Melbourne”

Add this to what you have read above, and ask: “What was he thinking as he used those words?’ Are we seeing Morrison adding an Orwellian tone to the conspiracy theories that seem to have afflicted him and his fellow travellers? Are we witnessing him drifting inexorably towards a totalitarian mindset, in tune with his autocratic Home Affairs Minister Dutton?

We’ve seen and heard him expressing his Pentecostal beliefs with fervour. Are we seeing that same religious fervour being displayed in his politics, now overlaid with bizarre conspiracy theories?


Image from


This is the Prime Minister of Australia we’re talking about. This is the man who has the power to do much good and or much harm. Should we be alarmed? What is going on in Morrison’s mind? Who is influencing him?

Are you sanguine about his state of mind? After weaving together the disturbing threads of this piece, I’m not. For me, it’s been an unsettling exercise.

Are you prepared to take on the challenging of trying to unravel Morrison’s mind? If so, please let’s have your conclusion?

Can you give us any reassurance?

This article was originally published on The Political Sword

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  1. Jack Cade

    Morrison exhorting people to ‘get on their knees and pray’ for deliverance from natural events pre-supposes that they had never thought of it themselves.
    The fact is, if there is a ‘God’ – and I am pretty sure there is not – then he, she or it either doesn’t give a toss, or, what should be even more disturbing, not only wants these events to happen, but actually deliberately causes them.

  2. Presser#1

    But it’s not at all disturbing to Morrison, a Pentecostal Christian eagerly awaiting the Endtimes and believing he is doing the right thing by not interfering but even giving them a little nudge along. It’s scarey alright.

  3. Susan Wilson

    Morrison is ‘talking’ as the puppet he is from the supremacist energy that runs the world and it and they don’t give a damn about people and their circumstances. What he is also doing, much like most of us until we realize it, is that he is projecting what and who he and the LNP are – ‘“Apocalyptic in tone, it brooks no compromise, it’s all or nothing. Alternative views are not permitted.” There is only one way to stop it – change ourselves and we will change the world – how? By taking personal responsibility for everything we do or say and ask ‘is this harming anyone or anything?’ Or is it providing healing by seeing that we are all one family and equal in the amount of power we have if we use it for healing instead of harming?

  4. Hungry Charley

    If there is a God, ScoMo and his entourage (Abbott, Kelly, Canavan, Taylor, Abetz, Fitzgibbon, etc) would be condemned for eternity for their greed and pillage of the earth – their God’s creation. Truth is of course they worship money.

  5. New England Cocky

    Oh dear, now you have me doing it ….. look into his eyes ….. his empty, empty eyes …… and you will see his soul ….. is nowhere to be seen …..

  6. Keitha Granville

    Gosh Vikingduk , don’t hold back 😜. I am with you, 100%

    Fascists the lot of them.

    The only thing that cheers me up is the knowledge that when they die, there will be no heaven !!

  7. Anne Byam

    Way back when … it was first told that our ‘PM’ ( ? not a prime ministers bootlace btw ) was of the Pentecostal persuasion, and adheres to and attends that cult/sect, I was truly alarmed.

    They can be a very wicked lot – ‘advising’ those who do not follow their odd teachings, their bible fascination, and the extremist ‘End-Times’ ( run by a very questionable character by the name of Irvin Baxter ) that they [ the unbelievers ] will never have or be given the truth, they will never have peace, will end up removed for ever from Jesus – etc. etc. At all times those of this faith ( ? ) proselytise relentlessly and endlessly.

    It is no surprise then that the Pentecostal Prime Minister would be of the same ilk – he’d have to be. Would be a pre-requisite for that inglorious institution as a new ( or older ) adherent learning of their ways through revelation.

    I am wondering too, if he speaks in tongues which is one of the tools of ‘difference’ that the Pents see themselves as – that is, all knowing, all pure of heart ( on a good day ) and holders of the only truth – as opposed to all other religions. In particular they, in such a christian manner loathe and detest the Catholic church. Boy do they what.

    With this background I can see him introducing more than he already has (e.g.’ritual’ sexual abuse) which could become quite easily ‘ritual’ anything.

    Be afraid, be very afraid. Slam the door on them is my advice, and on him too. He is very much an advocate of that cult.

  8. Ill fares the land

    In some significant way, I think we will find that all of our PM’s have been deeply flawed human beings. They have to be to want, if not crave the role of PM. But many have been able to perform capably in spite of their failings, although for many, it is their failings that ultimately bring them down. In the case of Morrison, his performance is because of his failings. He is so deeply flawed that he is unable to rise above them. He can’t govern for the many, because his faith tells him that those in the lower layers of our society are there because they are scum and lazy bludgers and it is their own fault, not his. They just make bad choices. He has to surround himself with sycophants, because his gravest failing, as I see it, is his inability to take any kind of criticism, challenge or inquisition from anyone. He could not work with Fran Bailey in Tourism, or the Board for that matter, because they were a threat to the total authority he craves. Any challenge is, in his vacuous, neurotic persona, an accusation of inferiority, which he pathologically fears.

    He seeks to build around him a tribe who adore him as their glorious leader, because as a marketer, he knows that if he can get a cult who support him in the blind way that we follow our sporting teams (i.e., nothing will shatter our allegiance), he can then do whatever he likes because his cult will still support him. Then there is his abiding treachery and back-stabbing (how he got into the parliament in the first place – courtesy of viciously white-anting Michael Towke).

    His lies (“this is my leader and I’m ambitious for him”; “No I didn’t”, when he denied referring to Sam Dastyari as “Shanghai Sam”; his denial of the allegation that he wanted his Svengali Houston to be invited to the White House). The concern that he has a personal Svengali like Brian Houston.

    The outrage that he surrounds himself in his ministry with his fruitcake mates.

    We can only hope that his failings, which are at least becoming more obvious, will be his undoing, but we are, electorally, pretty dumb and easily manipulated, so I presently hold out little hope. After all, the press are far more interested in relentlessly warning us about the devious Shorten and the non-leadership of Albanese instead of putting Morrison’s disgraceful outbursts and acts on the front page where they should be.

  9. Kerri

    There is a series on Netflix, called “The Family”. This will sound like conspiracy theory but…..
    The program outlines Pentecostal meddling in international politics. There is even a photo with a group of men praying with one hand on Trump whilst his head is bowed in prayer. The Family believe, not in traditional Christianity but that god’s plan might well involve a man who “is not godly”! A wolf to carry out the lord’s work? Hence Trump’s belief that god chose him!)
    This is also frightening stuff and supports the traditions of a parliamentary prayer breakfast run by senior members of The Family in the US for decades.
    That’s right! We have our own parliamentary prayer breakfast here.
    Morrison’s “wealth, Pentecostal fundamentalist” beliefs see him regarding the poor as getting what they deserve because they either don’t try hard enough (if you have a go???) or they don’t tithe hard enough (donating to their church).
    The extreme religiosity of the bulk of the right wing politicians and most of the left wing politicians scares the life out of me.
    Theirs is religion with an underlying selfish purpose. You won’t get there, because I won’t let you, because god loves me more!
    The belief that if you get a better pay packet, better job etc means God loves you more than others leads to an overweening self regard and a disturbing disregard for the lives and beliefs of others.
    We are allegedly a non-denominational country and yet we are controlled by Christians with radical beliefs.
    The number of “Shire” Pentecostals being given all and forgiven all in this government is terrifying.
    It also explains their complete contempt for, not only the first WOMAN Prime Minister, but an ATHEIST, woman Prime Minister.

  10. LambsFry Simplex.

    Methinks they censored the Drum this evening, at least on Bouchani. Probably wanted climate change and bushfires clamped down on also.

  11. RosemaryJ36

    He worships the Golden Calf!

  12. LOVO

    Kerri, #missing julia
    Imagine if’n we still had a price on Carbon. ……….imagine how far ahead of the rest of the world we would be…now……….. but, alas, Abbott and co……who’d a thunk (imagined) 😢
    Imagine there’s no countries. ….it’s easy if ya try, no hell below us…above us lonely sky
    You ,may say I’m a dreamer but I never dreamed of Trump……’nough said 😤
    Imagine going out into the world and keeping quiet about being an Australian, I mean, how embarrassment 😬
    How good is the quiet Australian !
    Ad Astra, we don’t need reassurance, we need to be quiet……so, shh (apparently) 😲
    Know thy place ungodly peasant… fftt 😆

  13. Michael

    But there are 76 others – what does it say about them?

    And what if all protests were silent and we called ourselves the #QuietAustralians? – would send Scomo bonkers supporting us?

  14. wam

    I have yet to meet a bible based religious man or woman who is not a nutter.
    None are free to think.without a god.
    Scummo’s mob are so dangerous to non-wasps, to women and girls but especially to gays.
    He has a rock solid 40% of Australians behind him.

  15. johno

    The second photo reminds me of a priest at the pulpit. Morrison is preaching to his adoring ( quiet ) aussie serfs.

  16. Terence Mills

    Even the IPA can see through this government :

    “Public policy in Australia is often made on the run, built on shabby foundations, motivated by short term political gain, and consequently having mediocre outcomes,” said John Roskam, the director of IPA.

  17. Phil Pryor

    Most comment here is on the mark most of the time, in denouncing the shitheaded shyster from the shire who is a religious superstitious, fantasist fool and a serial liar, There is no god at all, anywhere, not in Mecca, Rome, Delhi, Wall St. anywhere and liars have always made up huge loads of shit to enforce their own fantasies, schemes, drives, methods. Bullies and conquerors they might be, but not decent, not nice. Morrison is just another shitheaded loudmouth with claims of self inflated glory. Arsehole.

  18. Wobbley

    Fascism, religion, absolutely NO difference. The same old same old, the few controlling the rest!!!

  19. Geoff Andrews

    Terence Mills. Surely Mr Roskam was talking about the Labor government in Victoria or Queensland?

  20. One Foot In The Grave

    Vikingduk, couldn’t have put it more succinctly myself.What sort of “Christian” lies like a pig in shit,spends millions of OUR money on PR stunts and insults us daily with his horseshit pronouncements?The man is an unhinged fckwit and a clear and present danger to us all.It would be thrilling to see Jesus make a triumphant return and entertain the masses by chasing this dickhead down the street with a whip.

  21. Ad Astra

    I can see that asking for ‘reassurance’ about Morrison’s state of mind was a mistake. None of you have been able to give us that, Your reasons for not doing so are comprehensive, logical, plausible, convincing. You confirm that having Morrison as PM is as hazardous as this piece portrays, maybe even more so.

    What a mess the governance of this country is in with Morrison and his political evangelicals at the helm. And he could be there for a long while yet unless the electorate wakes up to this shyster.

    Having made the diagnosis of incompetence due to his penchant for conspiracy theories, and his evangelical approach to all that he does, we need a remedy – a strategy to enlighten the voters about the hazards of re-electing a Morrison government.

    Let’s have you ideas about how we might do that.

  22. Pete Petrass

    Scoho is just a fascist arsehole.

  23. Michael Taylor

    That was very sobering, Ad astra.

  24. littlepig

    There are thousands of kilometers of highways,footpaths, walls,bridges,fences,unused billboards across this country crying out for truthful headlines to be broadcast to the masses on a daily basis,find some paint and avert their apathetic gaze.

  25. Vikingduk

    Ad Astra, whilst I feel we have no time to waste, that we need to be rid of this conniving traitor immediately, how we achieve this I have no idea.

    Littlepig suggests the use of billboards, etc., perhaps a reprise of the BuggaUp campaign? Though after a recent conversation, the brainwashing of the population is proving to be a success. Some will forever maintain their delusions.

  26. Trevor

    Morriscum is a fakearse religious cultist, and Australians’ are some of the most gullible liars ever to have been given breath.

  27. LOVO

    Trev, WTF mate…. your tar brush has to broud a sweep….no really. 😤
    There are a great deal of your fellow Aussies that are NOT as gullible as your generalisation would suggest……Most Aussies, when given tne correct information, are smarter than two planks of wood tied together….jest sayin’😆

  28. LambsFry Simplex.

    The more I read it the more I enjoy it. Shouldn’t laugh, the disintegration of the USA and this country at the hands of fantasists is tragic and possibly may have lethal consequences at a later date.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  29. Dave G.

    I am 84 years old & have experienced Governments of varying levels of competence in my time,even lived in N.Z. briefly during Piggy Muldoon’s wage & price freeze {hows that for competence?] but this current crowd would get my wooden spoon award hands down.What is it going to take for this country to wake up to these hucksters.I fear only a major slide in our fortunes will ever change the myth of “better economic managers”.Good luck Australia you are going to need it.

  30. Rosemary J36

    Morrison appears to believe that it is god’s will that he rule Australia, and the extent to which he has reduced sitting times and denied the right for debate, indicates he has become a petty dictator, firmly backed by his fascist mate Dutton – he of the over-large and under-managed mega department of everything that kills joy in life. Both are sadistic, cruel men, claiming adherence to Christianity – a claim which is prima facie ludicrous.
    His hubris is overpowering and his party is so happy to be in power that they have no desire to curb his excesses.
    Personally, I think a serious civil disobedience campaign is the order of the day!
    Remember – he only has a one seat majority!
    We need to work on the cross bench.
    Global warming and its accompanying disasters cannot be put on hold. It is an irresistible leviathan.
    Extinction Rebellion may be the only way to go!

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