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Two Year Review(s)

As soon as they assumed office, the Coalition hit the ground running announcing the following inquiries, reviews and white papers:

  1. Commission of Audit
  2. Inquiry into the Financial Sector
  3. Review of Competition Policy
  4. Royal Commission – Home Insulation Programme
  5. Review of the Department of Defence
  6. Coal Seam Gas Management and Wind Farms
  7. Three Inquiries into the National Broadband Network
  8. Inquiry into the Australian Tax Office
  9. Trade Union Royal Commission

Also there were the Productivity Commission Inquiries and Reviews:

  1. Inquiry into Child Care Funding
  2. Review of Industrial Relations
  3. Review of the Automotive Industry

And the White Papers:

  1. Tax Reform
  2. Direct Action Plan
  3. Federal-State Relations
  4. Defence
  5. Development of Northern Australia
  6. Resources and Energy

And then there were:

  1. The Welfare review by Patrick McClure
  2. The Moss review into conditions on Nauru
  3. The Warburton review of renewable energy
  4. The Intergenerational Report
  5. Modelling for university fee deregulation that they have spent over $20,000 fighting to not release.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is enough to exhaust anyone reading it. I shudder to think how much all these reviews, reports, and glossy brochures are costing us with little real action, or even a vague plan, to show for them.

“But I won’t be all talk and no action like Kevin Rudd. Big new projects will be underway within 12 months of a change of government.” – Tony Abbott.

The Liberal Party Plan For Real Action: Fighting for less talk more action


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  1. Aortic

    Wheres my 550 dollars?

  2. Aortic

    Northern Australia was big for a while, has it dropped of the map?

  3. Blinkyewok

    That’s a joke. Lol. They didn’t have actual policies for anything. They obviously have no idea how to implement their non policies.

  4. Kaye Lee

    We are set to go to another election on stopped the boats, axed the carbon tax, and who do you trust. Throw in big bad unions, free trade agreements, lies about job creation, and the fear of being beheaded at any moment, and that’s all we will hear. No economic reform, no nation building, no social reform, no improvement in standard of living, no recognition of the danger of climate change, no investment for the future, no help for the vulnerable. They are a small, nasty government with no vision.

  5. Florence nee Fedup

    Does sending Dutton to Geneva to ask into what we can do about the asylum seekers fleeing war zones amount to “enquiry”? One wonders if it is another Abbott brain fart, looking for a way to do nothing?

  6. Kaye Lee

    Exactly Florence. Other countries have had trainloads and boatloads arrive. They have welcomed them. Citizens have been offering spare rooms and services like language teaching and medical help. Our government furrows its brow and says is there anything we can do?

    In the meanwhile, the men in black who stop the boats and keep asylum seekers locked up are buying fluffy toys to give to international dignitaries to prove they are soft and fuzzy kinda guys.

  7. Florence nee Fedup

    Yes, they do indeed have policies. Ones they keep well hidden.

    Main policy is too demolish as many government entities as possible.

    Defunding seems to be the chosen method.

    They see the only role for government is to be involved in and responsibility is defence and law and order.

    That list above is not for developing policies, but to find excuses to close the lot down.

    When they say the era of entitlements are over, they mean people and industry aren’t entitled to anything from government.

    Their own entitlements as politicians seems to be endless. It appears they entitled to do as they like, in complete secrecy. Never to be questioned or criticized.

  8. Florence nee Fedup

    Kaye, listening to many, like member for Reid and others, it seems many are in revolt when it comes to asylum seekers, Even FM Bishops seemed to be talking a different language, She hinted she already had a plan, being careful to used the “we” word, not “me”.

  9. miriamenglish

    The worst part is the morons don’t even read the damn reports when they’re completed. I don’t understand why they bother spending all that time and money when they must know they are not going to sit down and actually read them, let alone release to the public or take seriously if the one-paragraph summary is out of step with their preconceptions.

    Wait! Maybe this is the jobs and growth they talk about… growing the inquiry industry by employing more people to write reports that will likely never get read, even if they see the light of day.

  10. Möbius Ecko

    Let’s also remember in opposition they heavily lambasted Rudd for the amount of reviews he proposed. Within six months of gaining government this mob smashed the amount Rudd would have completed in a full term.

    Indeed from memory they pilloried Rudd for being all talk and no action because of the reviews he proposed.


  11. O'Bleak

    Someone said they came to power on the strength of a pamphlet substituting for policy. Now it’s scraps of re-used paper. Today’s policy on one side and yesterday’s on the other. Mustn’t waste taxpayers money just because the policy changes every day.

  12. Peter F

    @Florence: ‘Does sending Dutton to Geneva to ask into what we can do about the asylum seekers fleeing war zones amount to “enquiry”? ‘. So, who’s getting married in Geneva?

  13. kerri

    And lets not forget all of those glossy slogan branded booklets for Tony and Joe to carry or pretend to look at in photo shoots?

  14. Florence nee Fedup

    Well it does remove Dutton from circulation. Today we have seen minister after minister out. Beginning with Abbott PC defending his plans. Then Morrison, believe it or not, gambling. Of course Bishop. Not sure what she is about but took credit for a vice captains pick with Hastie.

    Last but not least we have Turnbull/Cash with Rosie Batty and DV.

    Wonder who will be next?

  15. jim

    This leaves me with the question ,what type of person would want to join abotts gang ? would you? who would? a pedifile maybe, or a ultra right wing monarchist, someone with a lack of anything humane,a hard line catholic, a sadist ,a traitor to Australia ,if any of the above fits you, go see abbot for full employment and top salary, plus perks, go on do it.

  16. Möbius Ecko

    So much for axing the tax leading to lower electricity prices. Ergon Energy is threatening to axe 800 jobs if it’s not allowed to increase the revenue it collects. In other increase prices.

  17. Graeme Henchel

    Why is Abbott a Dead man Walking?

    Was it justice, was it Karma?
    Was it Murdoch, was it Palmer?
    Was it lying and conceit?
    Was it backbenchers fear of defeat?
    Was it Mathias and Joe’s cigars?
    Was it because we’ve stopped making cars?
    Was it climate change denial?
    Was it putting Julia on trial?
    Was it the daughter’s scholarship prize?
    Was it debt and deficit lies?
    Was it removing the Carbon Tax?
    Was it trying to give the RET the axe?
    Was it cutting Foreign aid?
    Was it being so retrograde?
    Was it the Minister for Women joke?
    Was it all the promises broke?
    Was it Brandis’s bigots rights?
    Was it prancing around in lycra tights?
    Was it cutting the SBS and the ABC?
    Was it costing more for university?
    Was it imposing a GP tax?
    Was it the disregard of facts?
    Was it the ridiculous Dames and Knights?
    Was it the threats and talk of fights?
    Was it Joe’s “lifters and leaners”?
    Was it cutting the pay of parliament’s cleaners?
    Was it punishing pensioners and the unemployed?
    Was it the total moral void?
    Was it the embarrassing G20 address?
    Was it the ongoing budget mess?
    Was it the book-launch travel rort?
    Was it knighting the Queen’s consort?
    Was it use of the sham inquiry stunt?
    Was it the weasel words of Hunt?
    Was it the 800 Million given to News?
    Was it longer unemployment queues?
    Was it a budget most unfair?
    Was it too much body hair?
    Was it nobbling the NBN?
    Was it lying again and again?
    Was it exploiting terrorist threats?
    Was it job applications of Eric Abetz?
    Was it the sex worker wink?
    Was it being too slow to think?
    Was it Joe’s “poor people don’t drive”
    Was it the polls taking a dive?
    Was it the surprises and constant excuses?
    Was it asylum seeker abuses?
    Was it the work of Peta and the IPA?
    Was it repeating slogans day after day?
    Was it the dog whistle of “Team Australia”?
    Was it the pungent smell of failure?
    Was it wimping Putin’s shirt front?
    Was it because Christopher Pyne is a pain?
    Was it Arthur’s memory at ICAC?
    Was it giving Mr Burns the sack?
    Was it ever declining polls?
    Was it funding Internet trolls?
    Was it Newman’s election loss?
    Was it the submarine double cross?
    Was it saying the “Adults are in charge”?
    Was it making the deficit more large?
    Was it the whole damn useless crew?
    Was it the ties of bogus blue?
    Was it the hubris and the swagger?
    Was it Malcolm and Julie’s dagger?
    Was it saying he would change?
    Was it becoming even more deranged?
    Was it eating an onion raw?
    Was it the data-retention law?
    Was it exploiting Dr Karl?
    Was it frequent smirking snarls?
    Was it the daughter’s low rent at Kirribilli?
    Was it “Fixer” Pyne being silly?
    Was it acting like a bar room yob?
    Was it offering Bjorn Lomborg a job?
    Was it saying “I suppose we must grieve”
    Was it the constant attempts to deceive?
    Was it ditching his gold plated PPL mess?
    Was it then making Labor’s PPL less?
    Was it saying the deficit is no longer trouble?
    Was it increasing your own deficit double?
    Was it a second budget based on deception?
    Was it threatening to call an early election?
    Was it trying to get Gillian Triggs out?
    Was it Dutton acting like a Brussel sprout?
    Was it “get a good job that pays good money”
    Was it laughing at things that just weren’t funny?
    Was it all the talk of double dipping?
    Was it cabinet leaks a constant dripping?
    Was it denying marriage equality?
    Was it Brandis reading poetry ?
    Was it paying people smugglers to turn around?
    Was it the dead cat bounce the polls have found?
    Was it saying how much he hated wind farms?
    Was it lying each day without any qualms?
    Was it Brandis controlling the Arts?
    Was it the emission of smelly brain farts?
    Was it the false outrage at QandA?
    Was it telling ministers to stay away?
    Was it Bishop’s ride in a chopper?
    Was it cos Abbott did nothing to stop her?
    Was it Shorten’s conference revival?
    Was it party room fears for their own survival?
    Was it because we never got the 550 bucks?
    Was it that increasing the GST sucks?
    Was it Dyson being a party pooper?
    Was it trying to nobble industry super?
    Was it wanting to bomb in Syria?
    Was it the Border Force hysteria?
    Was it saying that Nazis are better than ISIS?
    Was it trying to score from the refugee crisis?

    Why will Abbott get the shove?
    The answer is, all of the above.

  18. Bronte ALLAN

    So what has happened Tony Abscess? Where is my $550, where are all these jobs, why has the unemployment figure actually risen? He couldn’t lie straight in bed! SACK TONY ABSCESS!!

  19. Anon E Mouse

    Shorten needs to go. I am so heartily sick of his me-too-ism. He is playing Beazley’s game and we know that he never got over the mark.

    Perhaps Australia’s Labor party needs to take heed of the British Labor movement where socialism has a lot of peoples support.

  20. Kaye Lee

    Surprise surprise…we have another glossy brochure to mark the second anniversary of our torment.

    The Liberal party produced a glossy 28-page document entitled “Sticking to our plan: backing hard-working Australians” to mark the second anniversary of the Abbott government’s election, citing tax reductions in the 2015 budget as proof the government had “backed small business to create jobs”.

    Unfortunately the small business lobby is considering campaigning against the Abbott government for its refusal to even let the Minister for small business explain the recommendations from the competition review. Billson put in a year’s work on it and Abbott wouldn’t even let him present his proposal. Big business said no.

  21. Matters Not

    urging them not to “succumb to the interests of a handful of large businesses”.

    Dear oh dear. The notion that small businesses have ‘interests’ and large businesses also have ‘interests’ is somewhat disturbing. The fact that these ‘interests’ are often in conflict is mind boggling. Who would have thought?

    If true, then perhaps this ‘conflict of interest’ theory might be extrapolated to include an understanding of how our capitalist society works.

    Marx et al thought so and wrote extensively re that ‘conflict’. There’s even an entry or two in Wiki.

    But it’s interesting that Abbott can’t even the ‘class conflict’ apparent in his own supporters. Is anyone surprised that the most incompetent government in recent history has stuffed it up yet again.

  22. keerti

    Kaylee. You mentioned the fear of beheading that the aborted one has attempted to install in the gullible. I’d think I’d prefer that option to abut’s death by a thousand cuts!

  23. Denis Bright in Brisbane

    The LNP tries to build-up expectations in the electorate that a national government can deliver services and infrastructure on our currently low taxation base. This is sheer nonsense. Dreams of big projects deliverable by private investment like rural industries and transport infrastructure in the Tropical North are sheer nonsense. This is a government of pointless inquiries. It must be voted out as soon as possible.

  24. stephentardrew

    Just another smoke screen for inaction or a means to achieve reduction in funding to as many areas as possible. The outcomes are a fate accompli by a government intent upon wealth redistribution. Nothing complex or difficult to understand about it.

  25. John Armour

    Fate accompli or fait accompli…it works either way Stephen

    : )

  26. Anon E Mouse

    I am curious as to what dirt Abbott holds and on who. He must have something or he would have been booted out by now.

  27. miriamenglish

    Anon E Mouse, I don’t think Abbott is blackmailing his colleagues. I think the LNP put so much time and effort into ridiculing Labor for the “stabbing in the back” of their leaders that they are utterly terrified of doing the same. Also Abbott has them hoodwinked into believing that attack politics still works when you are the government.

    This may be why Shorten is remaining largely invisible. A contantly yapping attack dog that just keeps on and on without any visible threat tends to get on your nerves and eventually is told to just shut up. This is why Abbott is frantically looking for refugee “threats” and ISIS “threats” and deploying SS-style border force nitwits in the center of Melbourne — he needs to look like he is yapping about something real. If he can’t manufacture something soon people will start getting really fed up with him. I imagine that will put a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin on Shorten’s face. On the other hand, if Abbott can create or pretend a credible threat then Shorten will be left looking completely impotent. Pretty revolting to think that our democracy depends upon the chances of being able to fake up perceptions. 🙁

  28. stephentardrew

    Oops John silly me however that was my fate.

  29. Anon E Mouse

    @miriamenglish, I think Shorten is largely invisible because: he is frightened of upsetting his big-end-of-town supporters; he is scared; he is incompetent.

  30. Kaye Lee

    Itsazoosue 🙂

    Apparently on International Women’s Day he was off getting an award for his volunteer fire fighting or some such thing.

  31. miriamenglish

    That Mamamia article is hilarious! 😀

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