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Turnbull will always govern for the big end of town

Once upon a time, long before Malcolm was Prime Minister, he could do or say anything he liked and nobody gave a damn. There was a time when, unlike now, he wasn’t dazzled by the spotlight of scrutiny.

But now he is Prime Minister and all his little pearls of wisdom from yesteryear are coming back to haunt him.

And so they should. With an election around the corner the electorate needs to know what their current prime minister stands for.

Once considered a moderate who many thought would tug his party back from the extreme right, Malcolm’s ascension was greeted with optimism and hope from an electorate relieved that the mayhem of the Abbott reign was over.

They were soon disappointed as it became patently clear that all the progressive values they thought Malcolm stood for – that he once said he stood for – have taken the back seat to the ultra-conservative madness and ultra-conservative values that were the trademarks of the Abbott years.

In a nutshell, Malcolm’s also in it for the top end of town.

But don’t be surprised. Malcolm always has been. We cast our spotlight to the days when nobody cared what he did or said, when as Environment Minister in the Howard government he approved a $10,000,000 grant to investigate untried Russian technology for ‘rainmaking’ to the Australian Rain Corporation. The Australian Rain Corporation was co-founded by Mr Matt Hanbury. Hanbury, incidentally, is the nephew of the News Corporation chief, Rupert Murdoch, and contributed to Mr Turnbull’s electorate fund-raising machine. (What an amazing set coincidences).

It was also revealed that Turnbull approved the grant even though the grant amount was five times bigger than his departmental experts recommended.

So even then he was in it for the big end of town. We were warned.


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  1. Klaus

    That guy has never “turned”. He is an empty gutless shell seeking power at all costs. Even if the country has to be driven to the wall.

    Rarely have I seen such an unprincipled, lying bloke. Abbott had more principles than that bloke. Alas, the wrong ones.

    I truly hope Australia will wake up to the daily crap and lies (Climate Change, Negative Gearing, Education, Health…….) from that mob. Awaiting the government funded (our money) brochures for the ‘Innovation’ revolution.

  2. Jocelyn

    I just wish that this waste of space, inhumane Government would show a bit more humanity than the New Guinea judges did, and allow all the asylum seekers on our off shore detention centres to be quickly processed and end up living in Australia, instead of wasting their lives.

  3. amarkone

    Geezs Louise, I have only ever looked at Malcolm from my main field of interest, telecommunications and I can safely say this guy is clueless. The copper network is literally rotten, with point 4mm wire, deterioration is rapid in less than perfect conditions and he has put the NBN project onto it.

    I always envisaged that the Liberals would be in for at least 2 terms and the chickens would come home to roost in the second term with respect to many things but especially the NBN fiasco. There maybe a possibility that Labor will get in next election and be blamed for having to spend money fixing a real mess instead of the Tony Abbott perceived debt and deficit. I have the TV on in the background and I can hear Malcolm in Tassie extolling the greatness of his NBN now he is wriggling about Manus.

    What you have divulged in your writings above would surely be but only the tip of the iceberg (reminds me of Paul Keatings little tune “All tip and no iceberg”) there must be hundreds if not thousands of instances where this guy has flown under the radar and taken us all for mugs.

  4. Klaus

    Jocelyn, I agree with you 100%

  5. Carol Chilcott

    I think Turnbull is regretting disolving the govt. because he thought all would be on his side. BIG MISTAKE. People are finally waking up to what he is doing. I hope this continues to the polls. Once a big end banker always for the big end of town.

  6. Adrianne Haddow

    And people mock conspiracy theorists.

    What is this government’s agenda if not the continual bleeding of the wealth of the Australian people?

    Enough money to hand to their network buddies in the cost of Royal commissions into past opposition prime ministers.

    Enough money to hand over to their high income buddies to investigate and punish the worker’s representatives, the unions.

    Enough money to continue to susidise the ripping off of our mineral wealth by foreign multinationals, even when the market is supposedly in decline.

    But in terms of providing services, employment and social security to the population they pretend to represent, there is the ‘budget emergency’.

    Australia cannot afford to provide for its people.
    Only for those who make enormous profits from our resources, minimise or evade the taxes they should pay, and call it business.

    Not enough money for the rest of us.

  7. stephentardrew

    Machiavellian shyster of the worst type would compromise any of his values for power. A truly unstable devious egotist. A true reflection of right wing lying deceptive main stream media. How in a democracy can lying be glossed over with terms like misspeak? Time for a truth commission.

  8. sandrasearle

    I’m really glad that there is a longer lead up to this election because it gives everyone a chance to work our just how bad this Turnbull led government still is. It gives us all a chance also to talk to people about the things that are effecting them especially those who are concerned about how Labors negative gearing policy would effect them.
    My understanding of this policy is that those who have homes that are negatively geared will not be changed as they will be ‘grand-fathered’ (nothing will change for them). Those that want to enter the negative gearing housing market will only get a benefit if they actually build a new home, unit etc.
    The fear factor that is being spread by Turnbull & his cohorts about a policy that will aid more young people to be able to enter the housing market really makes me extremely angry (along with a lot more of the lies that this mob use to try to keep their backsides firmly placed in government).

  9. Klaus

    stephentardrew; the man is without values as evidenced by his opinions on topics such as negative gearing, same sex marriage, polititians being truthful, scare campaigns….. There was a Turnbull before PM and now there is an entirely different Turnbull

  10. Wayne Turner

    Turnbull is worse than Abbott,because some people that weren’t going to vote for an Abbott led Libs,are foolishly going to vote for a Turnbull led Libs. At least when Abbott got in,it was finally clear to the ignorant what a terribly speaking idiot Abbott is,with the bad policies to match.Now we have Turnbull,a better speaking Abbott,with the same bad policies.

  11. Terry2

    The big end of town are going to be very pissed-off following the Federal Court fine imposed on Colgate Palmolive for cartel activities together with their main competitor Cussons and Woolworths.

    Colgate have been penalised $18 million for working with these other turkeys to reduce the size of their packaging but keep the price the same what’s known in the industry as ‘a wink’s as good as a nod to a blind horse’ :


    Hey ! this wasn’t meant to happen under a coalition government, why waste all that money on political donations only to be pinged by the corporate regulator.

  12. terinmahsout

    I’m going to leave a comment here soon…
    Oh hang on, no I’m not sure if I should, because it’ll hurt my chances of being called Prime Minister.
    Did I mention I love being called The Prime Minister? Just let me make sure, um, no, I don’t know if I should write anything here, because I think anyone who wants to be, um, Prime Minister, should know what they’re doing, and if I tell you all what I really, um, ah, think of you I’m worried that you won’t call me Prime Minister anymore and I’ll only find nasty things to say about whoever deserves to be, um, Prime Minister after you tell me you don’t like me anymore and I’ll cry.
    Wait for my comment, coming soon, I only need Rupey baby’s go ahead first…

  13. jim

    I wonder why Mal gets flustered whenever A RC into banks gets mentioned ? after all the Liberals where the ones that set up the RBA (they’d never fiddle with the books) GREED now possesses Mal it’s clearly plain for all to see.GREED..Please vote these greedy hard right wing religious nutters the LNP party back to the 1950s where they belong.

  14. Alan Baird

    The incredible shrinking Prime Minister. Oh, the scales have fallen away from the people’s eyes. I remember years ago being given pause for thought when Mal, then minister for environment (I think) in the Howard govt proclaimed, “We lead the world!” after promoting the replacement of incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents. Wow. As Julia Gillard would say, perhaps a bit of a “hyperbowl”.

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