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Trust Linda Reynolds? Sure can’t

Liberal Senator Linda Reynolds was one of the first to speak up about the bullying that occurred during Scott Morrison’s rise to the top job.

“I just hope … whatever happens tomorrow that the behaviours that we have seen and the bullying and intimidation that I do not recognise as Liberal in any shape, way or form be brought to account.”

However, she quickly changed her tune when offered a minister’s role. Despite it being her who raised it in the Senate, she then said it was not the appropriate forum to air the issue and accused Labor of making “cheap political capital” out of an important issue which she had subsequently decided should be addressed behind closed doors … or not at all. No-one was “brought to account” but hey, Linda got a promotion so all’s well.

We then had the humiliating debacle – well for anyone with a conscience – of Linda’s 16 second complete backflip on wage restraint.

“Do you agree with the sentiment that flexibility in wages, and keeping wages at a relatively modest level, is a deliberate feature of our economic architecture to actually drive jobs growth?” David Speers asked on Sky News.

“No I don’t. No, absolutely not. And for Bill Shorten to even suggest that, I think, shows a fundamental lack of understanding about economics,” she said.

“Well I’m actually quoting Mathias Cormann, the finance minister, here. Your colleague. He says that wage flexibility is ‘a deliberate feature of our economic architecture’,” Speers said.

“He’s absolutely right,” Ms Reynolds replied.

Moving on to her brand spanking new portfolio of defence, three months ago, Reynolds said that, despite the Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal recommending that World War II hero Teddy Sheean be awarded a Victoria Cross, she did not feel it was appropriate.

“The 2019 review by the tribunal did not present any new evidence that might support reconsideration of the valour inquiries recommendation,” she said. “That is also my view and the view of defence. It is a very difficult decision, but I believe in the circumstance, the right decision.”

Then two days ago, Reynolds posted this on her Facebook page:

“The announcement by the Prime Minister that Teddy Sheean has been recommended for a Victoria Cross for Australia is recognition of extraordinary and selfless acts of valour by a young Australian in defence of his country and his mates. Lest we forget.”

Oh Linda, we don’t forget.

So when Ms Reynolds takes time out from her sucking up to Donald Trump to issue a media release about Dan Andrews rejecting ADF help in Victoria’s fight against COVID 19, which was quickly refuted with facts from the actual person involved in Victoria’s emergency response, it is blindingly obvious that this woman is solely focused on petty party politics and will say whatever she thinks her bosses want to hear. She has a laser-like focus on where her bread is buttered.

Heaven help us if she is the best person we can find for the job of co-ordinating the defence of this country.

Linda Reynolds, you are the epitome of a political hack.


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  1. George Swalwell

    Wow! A direct hit! Welcome back Kaye Lee, it is always so good to read you.

  2. New England Cocky

    KL, your accuracy leaves a little bit to be desired. Would you be so kind as to note that:

    1) it is unreasonable to contemplate any COALition politician doing anything except lining their pockets with every dollar that they can extract from the Commonwealth;

    2) “‘Linda Reynolds, you are the epitome of a political hack.”’

    The words “self-serving, unprincipled, ill-educated” need to be inserted before ”political hack” to accurately describe this underwhelming ‘politician” representing themselves rather than Australian voters.

  3. Vikingduk

    Thanks, Kaye, for this portrait of an absolutely disgusting example of a human, let alone a minister in what is called by some a government and, of course a member of the lying nasty party. This ceased to be a government quite a while ago but has been taken to new levels of corruption, authoritarianism, lying and hypocrisy by the smirking jerk, the crime monster of what is now a crime syndicate, a junior lackey of the Republican Party. Fucking sickening.

  4. Baby Jewels

    Reynolds is the consummate political prostitute. Can’t STAND her.

  5. Melissa Baker

    Well said Kaye!

    The speed with which she put her press release out as a sort of ‘gotcha’ to Dan Andrews was telling.

    I’ve not got FB ‘friends’ sending me bloody Matt Canavan’s latest statement on it all based on 27 March Statement released by Dan Andrews. Canavan states:

    “You can’t mislead Parliament even by zoom. Yesterday Dan Andrews told the Victorian Parliament that there had never been an offer to use Australian Defence Force personnel to enforce hotel quarantine. Yet in a statement Dan Andrews issued on 27 March he said that “It has also been agreed that the Australian Defence Force will be engaged to support the implementation of these arrangements.” Dan Andrews should correct the record as soon as possible.”

    Give me strength!

    How anyone could see the statement to ‘support the implementation of these arrangements’ to mean the same thing as ‘to enforce hotel quarantine’ is baffling!

    I need some new FB friends I think!

  6. James Cook

    I thought she was Magda Szubanski (sp?) doing a satirical piece.

  7. TuffGuy

    That fat bimbo would not know if her arse was on fire. Did she do her 2 weeks of quarantine after returning from Trumpland??? Did she quarantine in a hotel like everyone else and pay her own way???

  8. Michael Taylor

    Me thinks this woman speaks with forked tongue.

    And what happened to that curtain she was wearing when she met with Mike Pompeo?

  9. Phil Pryor

    If a person cannot apparently manage health and appearance issues, we are entitled to be suspicious of integrity and balance, and, if such a person seems to be a loud skinful of shit twisting the truth, we are assured that the bloated blob is not worth a go, a listen, a say. If Australia cannot get enough talent for senior positions in office, we are stuffed and it’s not my fault or yours, but it is the scheming federal conservative coalition at work, staffing positions with emptiness, inadequacy, repulsive misfits, fat fools (how sad, glug, gulp). We are badly served now from the top down, a continuum of constipated cronyism, appalling appointments, insider ingrates and insect sized intellects all conspiring to stuff the nation now and in future. Who does not hate the negative futility of these shitskulls in office?

  10. Kaye Lee


    If you are talking about the spotted number, that was Marise Payne. I hate myself for saying this but we sent over tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber.

  11. Michael Taylor

    Ah, thanks Kaye. My error. 😁

  12. Skip Wiley

    Old Russian saying “The fish rots from the head down” seems applicable here! I heard this last night on the ABC show on Putin and it seems appropriate for him and Scummo’s regime.

  13. John Lord

    I think you scored a direct hit KAYE.

  14. Kaye Lee


    The trouble is it doesn’t seem to make any difference. No-one seems to care – or at least not enough of us.

    I spent the morning ringing the offices of Craig Kelly, Scott Morrison and Greg Hunt to alert them to the fact that the facebook posts by Craig Kelly about hydroxychloroquine were dangerously incorrect. Kelly’s office abused me. Morrison’s office said yes she understood, she got a lot of similar calls and transferred me to Hunt’s office, who told me they aren’t in the job of censoring individuals. “Freedom of speech” they called it….which might be fine if he was posting it on some private account,.

    This is the guy that Morrison overrode local Liberals to preselect, even offering the bribe of some six month expensive quango to the guy who had the numbers.

  15. Kerri

    Kaye Lee, you are a gem!
    As soon as her comment was made public I said to hubby, she has form with spinning a lie!
    I only remembered the 16 second backflip.
    Thanks for this!

  16. wam

    The usual great read, kaye,
    The poor old crown and 3 pips(a long way from lambe??) cannot even believe herself. But she can salute that shorten saying anything is wrong and cormann saying the same thing is right.
    The ex-army pollies march around saying labor debt baaaddd liberal debt goooddd.
    It is sad they were never debriefed but they are good for god.

  17. Trevor

    SHIT FOR BRAINS is the epitaph to be written on this WA Political hack’s gravestone.

  18. Barry Thompson.

    They turned it into a circus tent.

  19. Henry Rodrigues

    Just another specimen in the ever growing conga line of LNP suckholes, with shit for brains and no recollection of having said one thing and reversing it the next minute. Great LNP ministerial material, stupid, ugly(morally), and definitely unprincipled. And like all the rest of the bludgers, there for the lurks and perks, overseas travel and photo ops with the most reprehensible political creatures ever to emerge in America.

    Keep punching, KL

  20. Alc

    Great incisive stuff again Kaye. I would expand your second last sentence and say, heaven help us if he/she is the best person to occupy any position in this debacle some may call a government but I would call it an unmitigated disaster.

  21. DrakeN

    Thank you Kaye.
    In this endless whirlwind of empty rhetoric which passes for political commentary and Ministerial proclamation, your incisive and accurate analysis is like a breath of fresh air in a hot desert duststorm.

  22. Kaye Lee

    I am just a grumpy old woman who would still be yelling at her family and friends without you guys to talk to. I would like to thank YOU all for taking the time to care enough to inform yourselves and each other. I always have found the comments section here very informative. It’s like having an interesting group of people over for dinner without me having to cook or clean up (not my best things).

    We really do elect some silly people.

    Speaking of which, if anyone would like to point out how dangerous the health advice being passed out by Craig Kelly is, his office number is (02) 9521 6262. After my experience, I would not recommend it for the faint-hearted. But I am encouraging those who care to man the breeches. This idiot MUST be held to account. And just a reminder, Scott Morrison overrode local preselectors to keep this buffoon in parliament.

    For Scotty, it’s all about the payback NB Alex Hawke and Stuart Robert – need I say more?

  23. Terence Mills

    Kaye, we need a few more grumpies !

    I see that Morrison has dug his heels in on the decision not to allow an Australian Border Force officer and a federal department of Agriculture officer to give testimony at the NSW enquiry into the happenings involving the ‘Ruby Princess’.

    This decision means that this special commission will have to report without being able to question these two federal officers who helped clear the ship to disembark 2700 passengers in Sydney in March.

    In a comment that Trump would be proud of, Morrison said : “I said we would co-operate with the inquiry as we have with other inquiries, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

    I don’t know about others on this site but I find this attitude to be arrogant and dismissive. The final report will be interesting to read as, despite promising maximum cooperation, Morrison has effectively frustrated the whole process.

  24. totaram

    Kaye Lee: No need to worry about the stupid advice being dished out by Craig Kelly. I am sorry to say that I would welcome some people taking that advice and learning for themselves what it does. I understand a few people in the US took some substance used for cleaning fish tanks and actually died.
    Similarly, people like these as well as anti-vaxers, anti-maskers, etc. should be given an opportunity to exit from the gene-pool by natural selection. I feel sad for their children who might follow them out but what can you do? Until we achieve a “herd immunity” to stupidity of this kind, we, as an entire civilisation, are in dire peril.
    Letting people die because they insist on being stupid, is probably better than letting people die to “save the economy”, in my view.

  25. Brozza

    When I looked up Liberal Senator – linda reynolds in the Brozzapedia, the one-word entry was ‘hypocrite’

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