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Trump Wins; Mexico Starts Building Wall!

When Ronald Rump asserted that he’d get Mexico to pay for a wall being built between it and the USA, a lot of people scoffed. Well, I’ve heard reports that Mexico is building a wall! But it’s not to stop people heading north; it’s to stop all those gringos trying to escape the Disunited States. Not to mention all those non-gringos.

Ah, so Trump is to become president. And you were all surprised when Tony Abbott was elected PM. But at least we can say that we didn’t vote for him directly!

I have to take a deep breath and tell myself that it can’t really be as bad as everyone’s saying. After all, the man’s a successful businessman and isn’t running a country just like running a business. Although he has gone bankrupt thousands of times…

Look, I know some of you think that Trump has no idea and just because he’s never held political office before that it’ll go something like this:

“Good morning, Mr President. You need to start the process of picking your cabinet.”
“Melania always picks the furniture, so just show her the catalogues.”
“No, no, your cabinet. The people who advise you.”
“Why would I need anyone to advise me? I got where I am without listening to anybody so why would I start now?”
“But there are jobs that need people to fill them.”
“Like what?”
“Like Secretary of State, for example.”
“Didn’t Hillary have that job? How hard can it be? Give it to Ivanka.”
“It’s a very important job, Mr President, it requires great tact and diplomacy.”
“Yeah, well, Ivana is pretty hot so I’m sure that she can win over those foreigners.”
“Mr President, you can’t just appoint your daughter.”
“Well, if her being a woman is problem, then just appoint my son then.”
“I mean you can’t appoint any member of your family.”
“You’re fired! Hey, does that Monica chick still work here? Tell her to bring me some pizza!”

Yep, it can’t be like that, surely…

Mm, I can hear his victory speech in the background. He’s just thanked his parents who he’s “sure are looking down on him right now”.

I suspect that they’ve been looking down on him for years.

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  1. Jaquix

    News ribbon on ABC News24 saying “Canadian immigration website crashed”. My Missouri cousin will be packing already.

  2. Gangey1959

    Rossleigh, you used ”You’re Fired” before any of voldemurdoch’s, or the rest of the world’s newspapers did.
    I’m going to play on the freeway.

  3. Miriam English

    Well, I guess if they voted him in then the idiots deserve him.
    Get ready to see USA burn.
    They wanted to throw a molotov cocktail into Washington. They’ve got it.

    A year or two of Trump and they’ll be begging for the Democrats to save them.

  4. Matters Not

    People here, and elsewhere, called for revolution against the current ‘common sense’ for a long time. I think it’s arrived. Three examples (only). Hanson, Brexit and Trump.

    Always be careful what you wish for. Something about ‘frying pan and fire’.

    At least we won’t have to worry about that climate change ‘Chinese plot’ anymore. That One Nation guy – Roberts – will be out of a job.

  5. Rowan

    Sit back with popcorn and watch the soap opera after Jan 20.

  6. Greg on "The Sky is falling...the sky...."

    Nah…..are there not large teams/departments of people in the White House & the military that ultimately determine/influence US short & long term direction?

    Based on Trumps election rhetoric/buffoonery, I truly cannot believe they would let such an imbecile loose.

    Place me on record that Trump will eventually be impeached…the question is…when?

  7. Glenn K

    Let’s just consider an important milestone here. The middle and working classes have been gradually getting screwed by globalisation and FTA’s. they are on the verge of a revolution (though that is a concept they only know about in history books). Their first goal and only avenue to protest is via an orange haired orantang posing as a human. So they vote for him. They might only just get bananas……but make no mistake about it, a modern day revolution has commenced.
    I am no Trump supporter, but the working and decaying middle classes are beginning their revolution. Please, Aussie pollies pay attention ( I’m speaking to you ALP!!!)

  8. Glenn K

    Oh, and i’m not speaking to the LNP because they are f*cking hopeless.

  9. Greg on trumpt orangatangs

    Agree Glen…but you are showing very poor form – there’s gonna be a heap of very angry orange haired Orangatangs after what you posted.

  10. king1394

    Trump said anything he thought was going to win him the election. His Victory Speech has been something else. There will be a lot of riled up people out there in the USA who were already wondering when Hillary was to be locked up, and who may well be starting to feel disillusioned. He will probably fail to deliver on most of those other ridiculous promises as he finds the role of President is quite constrained. Both he and his supporters will be quite disappointed to find how little he will deliver in truth.

  11. Poo Poo To You Too

    What a vicious article. You’re from one of the Australian political parties I gather or the Australian media. I’ve been listening to all of them rubbishing Trump and Hanson continuously over the last few weeks. And suddenly, they’re starting to grovel. What a lot of self-serving and very nasty people.

    Something very good happened in the world today. It’s not surprising that you’re not happy about it.

  12. Miriam English

    “…you’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone…”

    Does anybody else have this weird feeling of unreality? A feeling that this must be a dream, or a mistake has been made?

    USA, the supposed leader of the “free” world, has elected a crooked, compulsive, narcissistic, clueless liar who has alienated blacks, Jews, hispanics, and women. Who the hell was left to vote for him??? “…you’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone…”

  13. Miriam English

    It’s the fault of the Democrats, to a very large degree. If they hadn’t screwed Bernie out of being the candidate things would have been okay. He would have won against Trump. But no. They had to fiddle with it, defy what the voters wanted, and bilk him.

  14. Miriam English

    Poo, “Something very good happened in the world today”.

    Are you for real????

  15. Rossleigh

    Thanks, Poo Poo To You Too, or may I just call you “Poo” for short.
    It’s always gratifying to receive such positivity.
    Of course, you’ve managed to accuse me of both grovelling and being vicious at the same time, which I find quite difficult to do.
    Even Trump couldn’t manage that. He waited until after he was elected to start his, “Come on, folks, we all need to unite and let’s thank Hillary and what’s all this shit about jailing her and what are all these complaints about the media and how could anyone suggest that the election was rigged? Jesus, people, everything’s just great so stop your whinging and get to work!”

  16. Miriam English

    At least one group of people will do well: the cartoonists… unless he starts imprisoning them.

  17. Miriam English

    I’ll bet the girl he raped when she was 13 is glad she decided not to go forward with charges after all the threats.
    He won’t just be screwing young women now. Everybody in USA will be getting screwed by him.

  18. Rossleigh

    Actually, I suspect Poo Poo To You is actually Pauline Hanson using a pseudonym after all that champagne because she’s concerned that she may say something politically incorrect…

  19. Michael Taylor

    Some article in the MSM was saying that our economists are warning that a Trump presidency is going to be disastrous for Australia. Meanwhile, the right-wing nut-job politicians are celebrating his victory. I guess it needs to sink in.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Yes, Rossleigh is a nasty person. He’s such a despicable human being.

  21. Michael Taylor

    At least we’ve been assured the polls were rigged. Donald’s got us all into believing it over the last few months.

  22. Barry Thompson.

    I think Trump just appealed to the redneck element in order to win. Once he is in the White House I think he will listen to wiser council and not attempt to do half the things he said he would do. Anyway, I don’t believe the President has that much individual power.

    Should I be wrong, given the history of American politics, he may not be long on this Earth.

  23. Harquebus

    Michael Taylor
    What was that you said after the Norther Territory election?
    Wozit something like this? “We’ll worry about that when the time comes, H’. For now, let us savor the moment.”

  24. Steve Laing -

    Isn’t it funny how when right wing governments are elected, they first ask for bygones to be bygones and ask the people to unite behind them. Yet when the other side win, they behave with as much partisan fervour as is possible. But I wonder how Trump’s supporters will react when he doesn’t start proceedings to impeach Hillary? He has kinda painted himself into a corner with that one, not unlike Cameron’s Brexit referendum. Stupid, but populist, promises to get elected usually don’t end well.

    But I’m only a little surprised with the result. Hillary is a very unpopular politician with republicans, and whilst they might have intensely disliked Trump, they would hate Hillary even more. Even amongst progressives, she was hardly popular. And this is the problem with “elites”, whether right or left wing – they believe their own shit too much. I reckon any other Democrat would have been a shoe-in, but we will never know.

    The problem is the system, the “status quo” that these entrenched political systems have become. They just aren’t smart enough to keep up with the corporate system, which is running rings around them, causing the issues that are impacting ordinary folk. The symptom is the election result. Unfortunately now is the time when we need stronger governments, and we are just getting weaker, and weaker, and weaker ones.

  25. Bruce Watts

    I am going to wake up tomorrow and think today was a bad dream……please let it be thus.

  26. Jexpat

    Steve: Clinton can’t be impeached because she doesn’t hold a federal office.

    Trump is a more intersting situation. He could possibly be impeached due to various crimes committed (the white collar sorts that the Obama administration gave free passes out on for the past 7 3/4’s years) but impeachment in the US inherently a political act. Republicans would have to draw up and pass an “indictment” in the House of Representatives AND two thirds of the Senate (which would involve many Democrats) would have to vote to convict after a trial.

    That’s unlikey to happen- and even if it did, the Vice President elect, Fundamentalist nutter Mike Pence, would then become President- and that would likely be an even worse outcome than Trump.

    Interesting times we live in.

  27. John L

    The POTUS doesn’t run the country….he/she is just a figurehead. DT will either”see the light” and play ball with those who REALLY run the country, or, he will be removed… way or another.
    The question is…..does he have enough of a populist volatile following to take umbrage at that happening……..interesting times.

  28. Kaye Lee

    You only call it interesting because we have an ocean between us. It is f*cking terrifying and has already sent a message to the loony tunes in our country who hate Muslims, and love guns and the right to be as abusive as they damn well please, that theirs is the REAL world view. Hanson could grow up to be our first President.

  29. Steve Laing -

    My biggest worry is if the Trumpers act like some of the Brexiters, and basically start attacking minorities because “they won” – because unlike the UK, guns are a lot more common over there. It could get very nasty very quickly, and I can’t see Trump having the skills to calm things down. Civil War 2? Wouldn’t say it was impossible. I worry for my relatives over there who aren’t white – for them shit just got real.

  30. silkworm

    I hope Trump sends Hillary to jail. It will be small compensation for what she did to Bernie Sanders. If it weren’t for her, Bernie would have been president.

  31. Michael Taylor

    Should Bernie have run as an independent do you think, Sliky?

  32. randalstella

    Every pusher, pimp and fifth-rate street thug now has a dream.
    For the relative progressive anything could be a scandal going to the core of their legitimacy for office. For the fascist it is just more publicity.
    The bully boy and standover merchant can rely on the Media to carp on about any and every moral scruple, real or confected, about the more progressive opponent. And it will work.
    The louse and crook can say anything. Anything revealed from the past makes no difference, and is just part of the winning ways.
    It is not that the public (that turns elections) miss or overlook the lies of the reactionary. They see them. They hear them. They heed them. They like liars. He can play the brutal, lying son, mother’s delight.
    The conqueror here has with his Mussolini postures that appeal of the infantile beast that no one with decency can countenance or begin to emulate.

  33. OldWomBat

    Welcome to the new Dark Ages.

  34. Terry2

    Twice this morning I have heard on the ABC George Christensen and Cori Bernardi applauding the election of Donald Trump ; do we really want to hear the views of these people ?

  35. townsvilleblog

    Why must the Australian media continue to rave on about it, like it was our nation, not the bloody yanks!!!

  36. Jaquix

    Scary sight of Pauline Hanson crowing about how Trump, LIKE SHE WAS – had “listened to the people”. In fact she has voted with the Liberals 77% of the time, so far, so where is the difference she was offering to deliver her fanbase? Just more of the old fashioned trickle down economics. How is massive tax cuts for the already-rich, and the price of everything at Walmart (made in China) gone up, how on earth is that going to be good for Americans? They dont seem to realise that its mostly the Republicans who are the cause of the poverty and loss of jobs in America, yet theyve fallen for Trump? Even his victory speech (clearly written by someone else) was so different from his 18 months of campaigning. His fans might have expected him to bring Hillary on stage in chains, en route to the penitentiary, but no, he praised her hard work and experience!

  37. Steve Laing

    OldWombat – your words are precisely correct. We are revisiting the collapse of the Roman Empire. An age of fear and superstition, brute force and ignorance. The endgame of Western Democracy has truly begun.

  38. Terry2

    During the election Trump kept on with the rhetoric of “crooked Hillary” and ” she should be in jail’.
    This must have been resonating with sectors of the electorate but, apart from the email server issue – said by the FBI to have been careless but not criminal – we have yet to see any detail on Hillary’s alleged crimes. I wonder if we ever will ?

    By the way, we never did see Trumps tax returns did we ?

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