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It’s Time for Abbott to Step Down

Surely when Alan Jones, one of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s most fervent supporters, gives him a grilling on radio, it is time to say enough is enough. For whatever reason the talkback radio host found it necessary to take Abbott to task on the issue of the free trade agreement with China, it was enough to ask: if his friends are unhappy, isn’t it time someone tapped him on the shoulder?

On Insiders Sunday November 15th, Malcolm Farr summed up his thoughts: “Tony Abbott is a man who should not be left alone with his own mouth.” The comment was made in reference to Abbott’s opening remarks to the leaders of the G20 on the weekend about the $7 GP co-payment, the carbon tax and stopping the boats.

It was that, and Abbott’s attempts to exclude climate change from the G20 agenda that made him look foolish. Laura Tingle said it well enough in the Australian Financial Review. “Unfortunately for our Prime Minister, however, Barack Obama has delivered a rather humiliating exercise in power politics over the weekend: showing how leadership and power lies in setting and controlling an agenda.”

blew it

Obama expressing disbelief?

If Abbott ever had a golden moment to look every inch the statesman, it was the G20. He blew it in breathtaking fashion. Surely there must be a point where the collective mental health of the nation takes precedence over the choice of a national leader. How much more are we expected to endure?

If ever a supportive media had the chance to make him look worldly, it was at the G20, but even they could not do it. We saw him, warts and all, make an idiot of all those who voted for him and have the rest of us reaching for the Prozac. Then, on Monday night at a dinner to host the Chinese president, he confused China with Tasmania.

The thought of having to endure another two years watching this man stumble from one gaffe to another while continuing to lead our country, is asking too much. We deserve better. Whatever misgivings people may have had about Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard, surely those misgivings must pale into insignificance when placed alongside the recurring examples of ineptitude displayed by this man.

For a moment, let us look beyond the sheer dishonesty that is the trail of broken promises. As unfair as they are, as economically unsound and unlikely to work as they are, his government would not be the first to play that card. Let us look beyond the appalling treatment of asylum seekers, a policy decision based solely on the belief that it gave his party an electoral advantage.

Let us look beyond his extraordinary approach to the issue of climate change. Let us put some of his utterly stupid remarks about coal to one side for the time being. Let us look beyond the possibility that he is, and has been, ineligible to stand for parliament in the first place, because of Section 44 of the Constitution which prohibits those holding dual citizenship from being candidates.

These are all issues we can debate but which are overshadowed by another. The question all LNP members of parliament should be asking is: does this man demonstrate the qualities and mental capacity necessary to lead the nation, or is he simply a figurehead, a puppet attached to, and dangled by, other more powerful interests who take advantage of his inability to articulate a coherent narrative?

bizarre When one addresses that question and places all his bizarre comments, his misguided sense of equality, his inability to express an original thought, surely they must scratch their heads and wonder: is he the best they have to offer?

If they cannot nominate an alternative, then they too must all be seen as incompetent and tarred with the same brush.

That then leaves the only alternative: to demand of the Governor General that he be replaced.

It’s not as if he would be the first. As unlikely as that is to happen, however, it is as clear as it is appropriate. If the man himself was willing to put the country ahead of his own personal ambitions, he would step down.

The latest Newspoll would suggest the majority of voters agree.


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  1. Jeanette

    Thank goodness someone else thinks the GGeneral should sack Tony Abbott, I’ve been screaming it from every forum I can find. The positive is that the Heads of State that have just visited our shores are aware I am absolutely positive that there are many many worthy, bright, highly skilled and positive Australians and would feel sorry for us that we have allowed such a fool to become ouf Prime Minister. Thankfully history will tear this man to pieces.

  2. Lee

    Abbott should also be made to provide evidence that he has renounced his British citizenship. If he hasn’t, then he should be made to repay every cent he has received illegally.

  3. David

    Another very pertinent important post John thanks. If the Labor Opposition were serious about their desire to rid the nation of this evil Govt and Abbott particularly, they should have already compiled a dossier on the disaster this administration has evolved into. G20 weekend was a bonus with more ammunition and Mr Shorten should be in the throes of completing a comprehensive case to be presented to the GG requesting Abbott’s immediate dismissal.
    The polls now overwhelmingly agree the country has had enough, whatever mandate Abbott dreams he has is no longer even that, there is no mandate only revulsion. A man of honour would voluntarily step down, regretfully the PM is not such a man. He reserves a greedy, possessive sick personal honour unto himself for his own gratification and indulgence. the good and welfare of the nation and its people are of no interest to this narcissist physiological wreck.
    Of course reality tells us the Leader of the Opposition has not shown the necessary grunt and courage to be prepared to move for the good of the country, he lives in a world of everything is cosy, lets continue on our present safe course for another 2 years. he will not make a move I am confident
    Where does that leave us? A revolt? taking to the streets in huge numbers? Marching to Government House, the people demanding the sacking of the Government?
    Are we now the Opposition? of course not we voted for representatives to do that job for us. We must use the resources available to us and use them widely and often, hopefully dragging Labor with us. They are a heavy load and that was shown vividly in the Senate yesterday when our Labor party meekly went along with the Govt on this most important of measures that authorised reductions and freezing of benefits, payments welfare to parents, families, beneficiaries and I am ashamed to say the disabled. (link below pages 5 and 6)
    Alas more proof we are stonkered.;fileType=application%2Fpdf#search=%22legislation/billsdgs/3472025%22

  4. Rob031

    8:59 Nov 18 2014 by Andrew bolt: “The Abbott government must change or die.

    The Abbott Government falls further behind in Newspoll:
    In two-party-preferred terms, based on preference flows from last year’s election, Labor leads by 55 per cent to 45 per cent. The ALP’s third consecutive rise in two-party terms means the opposition has been in front of the ­Coalition on this measure for 14 successive Newspolls. …

    Happy reading folks.

  5. stephentardrew

    You know like wow that Voodoo doll of dear leader with all the pins in it seems to be working.

    Golly I may have to turn back to religion after all.

    Better hide it before there’s a knock on the door.

    See John I’ve been doing my lot.

  6. stephentardrew

    Dear leader had the world stage at his feet and delivered to the local RSL.

  7. Yvonne Cunningham

    Not only did Obama’s face show disbelief but David Cameron was clearly thinking, ‘Thank God we sent this one to the colonies, and we don’t want him back.’

  8. w ch

    For real? And replace him with someone who could win an election? You are joking. He is a loser, leave him there, to lose the next election

  9. JohnB

    I want to sue Rupert Murdoch for damages – for inflicting his incompetent apology for a corporate puppet PM upon the Australian nation.

  10. Lee

    Dolt is admitting that the LNP have broken promises. The sky must be about to cave in.

    For a change, Dolt has finally written something that has captured my interest. He sees the LNP as weak and too nice and Labor as killing them in bare-knuckle politics. Lefties are seeing things very differently. Many of us see Shorten as weak and are wishing he would do something constructive and we see the LNP as the aggressors. If Dolt considers the LNP as lacking in mongrel I shudder to think how bad he wants them to be.

  11. Lee

    I have to agree with w ch. The LNP is destined to lose the next election with Abbott as PM. He needs to stay there.

  12. j gobels

    Stalin and Churchill both had plans to assassinate Hitler…until they figured out his strategic bumbling was doing more harm to the german war effort than good…leave the misguided fool there he will fall on his own sword soon enough

  13. David

    Lee what havoc do you imagine he will wreck on the country in 2 years? he has just started..what you will get in 2016 is Labor returned and having to take most unpopular, substantial repair job that will see an electorate that has proven to be easily led and divided, throw them out again. Meantime the most vulnerable in our society will suffer severely. Is doing nothing worth that?

  14. amca01

    This is a very cogent article and expresses – far better that I ever could – the rage we all feel over the appalling behaviour, continued incompetence, and bovine stupidity, of the PM. I do take exception to one phrase, though: “… while continuing to lead our country,…” Abbott is not, nor has ever been, a leader in any sense except for holding the position of PM. He has never enunciated a vision, provided a sense of future, or even been a good manager. We have had in the past PMs who have been great visionaries but less successful as managers, or the other way round. A truly great leader should be both, but any leader worthy of the name should have at least one. Abbott has neither. He is a humourless prat, and truly “a waste of molecules”. He cannot be removed from his position quickly enough, and while we’re at it, the entire front bench.

  15. Roswell

    Rob031, couldn’t help but notice that Bolt partly blames the ABC.

  16. Rob031

    I’m taking a brief brief break from the reading the comments to the Bolt article that I put up here before-hand.

    It’s hard work reading the comments there, but it does convey some insight into the minds of many Coalition activists. For them, for example, they see the ABC as the bid bad new media outlet – just as we tend to view the Murdoch press.

    Many, however, see a LNP loss at the next election as inevitable; and some are arguing about leadership and so on. Guess I’ll go back to the Bolt article’s comments for further ‘enlightenment’ for as long as I can bear it 🙂

  17. Lee

    “Lee what havoc do you imagine he will wreck on the country in 2 years?”

    David, do you honestly think the LNP will adopt a more socialist agenda with a new leader? It won’t matter who their leader is, they will still favour big business, ignore climate change and sink their boots into the underprivileged.

  18. Kerri

    Good article John Kelly and yes he has made a fool of our country on the International stage and is being barely tolerated by any leader with half a brain. Angela Merkel must have been quite stunned at his stupidity whereas Obama and Cameron are well acquainted with it. Xi Jinping seems also to have upstaged him but in a very polite Chinese manner.
    But my gut instinct is that Cosgrove will never remove him out of some misguided right wing loyalty. Petitions and protests are achieving nothing. The people are being ignored and roughly ridden over. Whilst I harbour secret hopes that Julian Burnside will find some way to expose Abbott’s lawbreaking and have him ousted I also think that is highly unlikely. Which leaves us with a looooong wait until the next election, in which case we need to keep really quiet and allow him to lead the LNP into certain defeat. The sheeple are so desperate they will take anyone else as leader. Bishop, Turnbull, Robb, Morriscum, Dutton and not much will change. If Abbott remains at the helm there is a good chance he will be voted out by all of the pensioners, unemployed, part time workers, students, armed forces, indigenous Australians, naturalised Australians, intellectuals, morally correct, scientists, disabled, car manufacturing workers and sorry I can’t remember ALL of the groups Abbott and co have seriously p’d off.
    And maybe then the court cases can begin to punish this scumbag for his illegal activities.

  19. David

    Lee…yes they are not all mad, human nature demands self preservation in normal folk. I couldn’t give a damn about Abott he can drop dead for mine. I am concerned for the country as a whole. I try to temper my political wants with a humanitarian angle. May be naive but its my bent.

  20. T. W.

    Personally, I hope the f*wit stays on until the next election. I don’t want these vicious, soulless, fascist f*cks to have the slightest chance of winning in 2016.

  21. Lee

    David, Abbott is not coming up with these policies on his own. The policies will go on with or without him. If the Liberals install a more diplomatic leader with more charisma, a show of empathy for our citizens and who can handle the media well, they will be able to continue with the same lies and fool the bulk of the population once again. People are against Abbott because he looks like a fool, but many of them are believing the stories about the budget crisis, the mess left by the ALP, the fear mongering about Muslims and asylum seekers and the demonisation of welfare recipients.

  22. Kerri

    And add to my prior comments that by the time all this has happened the ineffectual Shorten will have been trumped by the far more effective Plibersek.

  23. Erotic Moustache

    Have to add my voice, such that it is, to Lee’s comments. I think she has it spot on.

  24. Mark

    Can we, the Australian people, approach the Governor General with a mass petition to have the Liberal National Party removed from power and an election held? I am pretty certain that we should be able to because after all, the Governor General is the personal representative of Her Maj… and if he can’t do it, we should be able to appeal directly to her to get things sorted out. This idiot needs to go and he needs be in the company of a whole shitload of his fellow liberal party cohorts… Joe Hockey being the first against the wall when the revolution comes a knocking.

  25. Erotic Moustache

    Abbott should also be made to provide evidence that he has renounced his British citizenship. If he hasn’t, then he should be made to repay every cent he has received illegally.

    From a jail cell.

  26. Erotic Moustache

    Can we, the Australian people, approach the Governor General with a mass petition to have the Liberal National Party removed from power and an election held?

    Of course we can do that – and get laughed at in the process. The whole idea is preposterous and frankly anti-democratic. I get the frustration, but seriously …

  27. Olivia Manor

    Abbott is only a puppett on a string, with the IPA and Murdoch manipulating the strings. He was given a list of things to do by the IPA and he is methodically and systematically ticking each demand. The world stage is not on the list, so he has nothing to go by and thus fails miserably. The puppeteer has gone for a leak and the puppett is standing limp. Changing the puppett will make no difference as the others in that branch have all been fashioned from the same piece of wood.

  28. corvus boreus

    Punch Puppet Tony.
    sprouting tangled strings,
    hollow, dark hands play inside.
    Squawk-box malfunctions.

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  30. mars08

    This horrendous plague has to be overcome by the same organism which originally spread the infection… the Australian electorate. Otherwise it will simply mutate and cause more damage.

    Our fellow citizens MUST develop a better immune system…

  31. Bilal

    After reading these comments I must agree with those who argue that the Abbott should be kept in place to ensure they go down next election. My only concern is that he can do even worse damage in the next 2 years and if he was replaced by someone worse, like dead-eyed Morrison, we could be joining the Third World in debt and unemployment levels.

  32. CMMC

    Have you seen ‘The Hudsucker Proxy’ ?

    The Board of Directors at the hugely successful Hudsucker company see an opportunity when the CEO suddenly dies.

    They appoint an inept, naive messenger boy as the new CEO, and their share price tumbles. They buy up all the shares for a pittance and plan to replace the ingenuous git with a competent manager. The company would then return to its former greatness with the Board members enjoying superprofits.

  33. stephentardrew

    The LNP’s list of fools is long and deep.

    Come the election no matter who leads the term liar will stick like super glue to the feted stench of elitist corruption.

    Step lightly into the night dear Brutus: or suminc like that.

    Try to be even handed after all how many knives do you need..

  34. Dillonpete

    I would rather he and the party be deposed by a sacking similar to Whitlam in 75 – and have the corrupt bastards wallow in opposition for a decade. The speaker has made a mockery of the office and treats it with utter contempt, Morrison has done the same with asylum seekers and refugees, Pyne, Dutton, Hockey, Abetz and the rest of the front bench must go if there is to be any salvation. Sacking the government is the only way to make this happen.

  35. mark delmege

    From Pepe Escobar

    What REALLY happened at the G20 in Australia – and what’s on further on down the road. My latest on RT. Starring dealmakers, koalas and a lot of wankers.

    lots of wankers for sure

  36. dennis

    Do you know, out of all this, I have to say Peta Credlin must be an amazing woman, and I have to take my hat off to her, to keep a rat bag like Abbott in power has got to be a feather in her cap, although help from the Australian newspaper has given her a big help.

  37. Matters Not

    Jeanette at 1:24 pm ‘shouted’:

    someone else thinks the GGeneral should sack Tony Abbott, I’ve been screaming it from every forum I can find.

    Stop ‘screaming’ Jeanette and think of more legitimate courses of action because the GG can’t and shouldn’t attempt to do anything at this stage.

    Then we have Mark at 4:11 pm

    <Can we, the Australian people, approach the Governor General with a mass petition to have the Liberal National Party removed from power and an election held? I am pretty certain that we should be able to because after all, the Governor General is the personal representative of Her Maj… and if he can’t do it, we should be able to appeal directly to her to get things sorted out

    The notion that any Governor General should sack a Prime Minister should be rejected out of hand, regardless of the size of the petition. It’s offensive and totally undemocratic in the Australian context.

    Generally speaking, here are the relevant (Constitutional) Powers of the Governor General:

    1.The power to appoint a Prime Minister if an election has resulted in a ‘hung parliament’;
    2.The power to dismiss a Prime Minister where he or she has lost the confidence of the Parliament;
    3.The power to dismiss a Prime Minister or Minister when he or she is acting unlawfully; and
    4.The power to refuse to dissolve the House of Representatives despite a request from the Prime Minister

    There is no ‘hung parliament’. Sure there is an uncertain Senate ‘commitment’ but it’s a long way from a ‘hung’ Parliament.

    Further, Tony Abbott hasn’t ‘lost the confidence of the Parliament’. Indeed he’s won every vote that matters.

    In addition, he hasn’t acted ‘unlawfully’, or at least he hasn’t been convicted of same. (Never mind the accusations, some judicial evidence is needed).

    I won’t go on. But it’s laughable that the Governor General would or should move against the Prime Minister.

    Cosgrove can’t (he doesn’t have the ‘Head of Power’ and shouldn’t because to attempt same is an affront to democracy.

    While Abbott has possibly broken every promise he made in the lead up to the election, the real redress in any democratic country resides in the ‘ballot box’.

    So folks, you have to ‘influence’ family, friends and (especially) others to vote otherwise in the next election. Relying on a GG intervention is just a waste of time and energy. And it’s a pining for a foreign power to determine Australia’s political future. (I just shake my head).


  38. Julie

    Oh please just leave him here – he’s just so entertaining but annoyingly so…but every day there’s a new Pythonesque skit unfolding to make him look even more stupid. i just want him to be voted out in a landslide!!!

  39. Kaye Lee

    As I have mentioned before, I have a relative who is a fairly high-placed public servant. He has nothing good to say about Abbott but he firmly believes they will win the next election because he knows the sweeteners are coming.

    ” Angela Merkel must have been quite stunned at his stupidity ”

    She visited NICTA which has a close association with Germany’s Fraunhofer technology research organisation. NICTA is home to Australia’s leading digital technology scientists and entrepreneurs and of course, Abbott has cut funding to it. He didn’t go with her surprise surprise and apparently wasn’t happy about her visit.

  40. Matters Not

    he knows the sweeteners are coming

    Yes! And in spades. But I don’t think that Abbott will win based on ‘incentives’ or ‘bribes’ if you like. Rather I think he will win based on a well orchestrated fear(s) campaign(s). Let’s face it, his ‘credibility’ re ‘promise keeping’ is stuffed, big time, but his ability to provide ‘distractions’ has been enhanced ‘big time’ as well.

    Let’s try ‘reds under the beds’ as an historical example. Absolute bullshit.

    Abbott will rely on ‘fear’. articulated in various forms (scare the \shit out of the ‘punters)’, to win the next election. And as a punter of sorts, I will be having a wager (albeit somewhat small, because my heart isn’t in it) on Abbott being re-elected

  41. Kaye Lee

    Other relatives of mine vote Liberal saying “they are better money managers”. That is why I am furious with Shorten for never refuting the $667 billion debt lie. It is so easy to do but by letting it ride, it has become entrenched in people’s minds. Hockey will say Labor was heading for a debt of $667 billion and our debt is only $400 billion and that’s Labor’s fault anyway. They will also push the stopping boats angle and Labor have no moral credibility to counter that. People without blood on their hands could say “how have you helped refugees?”, instead of which Marles still tries to take credit for our offshore gulags.

  42. Florence nee Fedup

    Thankfully one in a democracy cannot sack a government for being bad. That is the role of the voter. We are nearly half way there.

    I have little concern that they can replace him within the party with someone better. There id no one there. If there is, they are well hidden.

    We seer that Abbott’s bested Japanese mate is in trouble. Yes, economy in recession, calling very early election. Not so long ago, he as is the now Indian PM walked the world stage in glory.

    His other best mate, almost brother, Harper has also distance himself from Abbott.

    Wonder how long the gloss will last with his latest bested friend almost brother will last. History not that clean, for one getting so much adoration.

    No, be patient to allow the voter to apply the same humiliation that was dished out to Howard.

    In the mean time Labor has enough on it’s plate working out how they are going to deal with the mess this government is making of all. How does one save anything from Turnbull’s mismanagement of NBNCo for starters. How do we rescue Gonski. What in the hell are we to deal with people stranded on Nauru and Manus. Cannot leave them there to rot, for the rest of their lives.

    I am beginning to believe that Abbott back in the Howard days, was to lazy to do anything about his British citizenship. I suspect he fixed it up while in Britain early this year, when he took off on a world trip with no agenda.

  43. Matters Not

    why I am furious with Shorten for never refuting the $667 billion debt lie

    So am I. But Tanya Plibersek had a reasonable go last night. I am beginning to think she understands what modern politics in Australia is is all about.

    Sad – so sad – no rational discussion. Only slogans.

    BTW, Shorten should have foreseen what the mantra would be and have articulated a defence of same.

  44. Kaye Lee

    A goldfish could see what the mantra will be, though they are falling behind in the “fix the budget” game so they are going to have to continue to blame Labor for their entire term.

    I can already predict the ad campaign from both sides in those final frenetic weeks before the election when the politically disengaged may start listening. How I long for a format where questions can be asked of both sides with a discussion allowed to proceed rather than the Tony Jones or David Speers shows.

    What I want most of all is for truth to be told and that, it appears, is up to us (not just meaning us here, but all of us who prefer truth to spin).

  45. Annie B

    Rob031 …… posted this yesterday at 1.48 am.

    No doubt most of you by now have read it. …… The Bolt – it would appear, has turned.

    First Jones, now Bolt.

    Quite a few excuses scattered here and there, and an expected ‘push’ for the LNP to ” do something ” ( presumably so he can start writing ‘good’ stuff about them again ?? ).

    But I was very very surprised. …..

    I wouldn’t trust Bolt as far as I could boot him, but it’s there in black and white, and he’s rung a bell that simply cannot be unrung.

    He had a few little digs, and at the end bleats some ‘encouragement’ to his beloved Abbott and the LNP. I don’t think his shots at the ABC were meant quite to come across as they did. Many here have shelved the ABC as being very ‘right wing’ in recent times, but the Bolt apparently thinks the opposite, or so it would appear from his writings yesterday.

    What a hoot !! ………. LOL. Never thought I’d see the day.

  46. Möbius Ecko

    Every time you think they can’t get any worse on asylum seekers this government proves they can always lower the bar further.

    Morrison has announced as of June no more UNHCR processed asylum seekers in Indonesia will be accepted to come to Australia.

    So now even if they are a genuine asylum seeker and meet the processes of the UNCHR, which was one of the L-NP in opposition conditions laid on Gillard’s policy, you will not get asylum in Australia.

  47. corvus boreus

    Regarding the idea of a GG dismissal, such an idea would only have weight with verified evidence of wrong-doing.
    Regarding the idea of A Abbott receiving legal sanction with suspension of privileges and financial reparations imposed, the same applies.
    This is why I so vociferously support calls for a federal investigation into corruption in and around federal politics.
    By such means are infamies brought to light and the perpetrators called to account.
    The alternative is brace for two more years of increasingly erratic measures from an increasingly desperate Tones as increasing exposure of his failings in qualities destabilise his leadership(I suspect he would be prodded to react with drastic displays of ‘dynamic decision making’ in public policy), and pray and petition for a Labor epiphany.

  48. townsvilleblog

    John, I’m sure that most people have not appreciated exactly what it is that Abbott wants to do and is doing at a rapid rate, that is to privatize Australia in the same way the USA is privatized. He has another two years in power, and along with his State counterparts, they will sell off any and every government service currently available to the public. In future, post Abbott government there will be no services available to the low income and pensioners because it will be a “user pays” principle that we lowly paid or pensioner families simply will not have the money to purchase.
    Sadly even if Labor is reelected in 2016, there will be nothing left to save, and they will (if they have the political will, which is difficult to see given they are being lead by a right winger) need to start again by rebuilding services.

  49. Helen Noonan

    But who would Abbott be replaced with…Scott Morrison? Doesn’t bear thinking about

  50. abbienoiraude

    “Whatever misgivings people may have had about Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard, surely those misgivings must pale into insignificance when placed alongside the recurring examples of ineptitude displayed by this man.”

    Oh John Kelly thank you for speaking for me!

    You can feel it in the air around the disabled, the aged, the unemployed, the students, the humanitarians, the scientists ( our poor researchers and scientists), around the indigenous, the environmentalists, the women who want to be mum’s and also eventually go back to paid work, for those young couples wanting to buy their first home and more…you can feel it in the air, this tension mounting and the fear of our future if this disconnected, ignorant and foolish man continues in this role he is playing with.

  51. Kerri

    My mind keeps going back to an African trip I did in 2002 where we spent some time in a wonderful place called Elephant Camp with some wonderful Zimbabweans struggling against the corrupt, rotten corpse of the Mugabe Government. We are out in the bush and one of the staff asked me if I could email him any details to help his daughter get a place as an exchange student in Australia? He desperately wanted to save her from the brainwashing that is compulsory Zimbabwean National Service. We were generally discussing what a tool Mugabe is and what Zimbabwe could do to get rid of him when the same staff member says that at that time most Zimbabweans were seriously hoping Mugabe would rob the country blind and run away. So desperate to rid themselves of the selfish buffoon they were happy for their country to go broke just to get rid of him.

  52. John Kelly

    Kerri, were you able to help his daughter?

  53. stephentardrew

    Damn I cannot hold to this negativity just keep fighting and we will see what comes of age. I can’t, in any way, consider losing.
    We must eventually find a way to send these bastards running. My brain will not accept a loss. I just don’t need that level of anxiety.

  54. Annie B

    Agree – stephen …. totally agree.

    There WILL be a way to send the mongrels to hell ( but not back ) … liars and cheats are ultimately found out – one way or another.

    While we may have to put up with more crap from this inept and dangerous government for a while ….. there WILL be an answer.

    Take heart ….. and breathe deeply – to dispel the anxiety.

    ( I DO know what you mean – have had plenty of anxiety myself over this travesty that calls itself ‘ leaders of our nation ‘ ?? )

  55. Annie B

    DanDark –

    …….. ( You have made a terrible mistake !!!! ) …………

    MORRISON .. IS .. NOT …. HUMAN. — Not in any way. ,,,,,, Twisted ? – yes. Sad ? – no. Absolute disgrace ? – absolutely.

    ( I read that link – with horror ).

    To me he is the devil incarnate …. and I honestly and earnestly hope for the day he ends up behind bars – for a very long time – for his heinous and unutterably cruel dealings for and with asylum seekers, and for jerking his thumb up at the UNCHR.

    He may ‘ think ‘ with his dominant swagger and voracious appetite for victimisation, that he is what Australia needs.

    Well he isn’t, never has been. never will be. ……..

    What goes around, comes around …… and I hope it’s a front end loader that ends up ‘coming around’ for this piece of garbage.

  56. mars08


    …Morrison is such a twisted and sad figure….

    And yet…. despite the numerous complaints and insults I hear about Tony Abbott and LNP policies, I very rarely hear anyone express dismay at the cruel treatment of asylum seekers. I suspect that few Australians have reconsidered their opinions since Rudd introduced the Pacific Solution MkII in 2013. The boats have stopped. The MSM has stopped banging on about the “issue” and we no longer have an opposition party which relentlessly feeds the hysteria. All is well, apparently.

  57. Lee

    Morrison *is* human, and like many other Australians he is incredibly selfish and simply does not care what level of suffering he imposes upon his fellow human beings. Extremes of human behaviour have been in existence for the entire time that humans have been in existence. We need to be promoting the message that we all benefit when we help each other.

  58. mars08


    Morrison *is* human, and like many other Australians he is incredibly selfish and simply does not care what level of suffering he imposes upon his fellow human beings…

    That’s the unpleasant truth…

    The “banality of evil”, is a term coined by Hannah Arendt about Adolf Eichmann.

    It applies not to cartoonish, cackling, moustache twirling, bloodthirsty villains… but to uninteresting, ordinary people who have accepted (and promote) the principles of a harmful and inhumane ideology without question… and have convinced themselves that they are the chosen agent of something great and entirely essential.

  59. DanDark

    Mars08 ” All is well, apparently” not from where I sit, Morrison truly believes he is Jesus Christ, let’s just watch him try and walk on water, he will sink and sink fast he just ain’t figured that out yet because he thinks he is above the law, he actually enjoys bullying and persecuting refugees, Abbott put him there for a reason because you ” can’t have a wimp doing the job” the whole lot of them in the Liarbils are sick individuals..

  60. smash the left

    “Ben Eltham at New Matilda pulls no punches.
    One horror year down, two to go”.

    gee apolitical hack are you or what? sleeping in late the retired wack job left wing nutter. Elton is so left wing he’s a f-ing communist who was frothing on the usual non watched left wing looper show Q and A, i thought he would need a MICA unit, BUT enjoys, as the phoney left do, the fine things in life. sorry, 2 years out and yes bad polls but if you think Australia will EVER vote shorten in [oh how i laugh] or forget the 55,000 economic illegal queue jumpers that arrived and lil Billy wants to get rid of Abbott’s border laws, left us with 300 billion plus debt and on i could go…..bald man….you’re livin with your little greenie pixies at the bottom of the garden. “independent media network’. my arse you funny funny man…..and the fellow loopy lefties are on too so you have 8-11 per cent of Australia as support. plant that vegie patch comrade. you’re a funny wack job that is for absolute sure. keep up the fight looper.

  61. DanDark

    Smash the left, shut the door on your way out….thanks 🙂

  62. John Kelly

    SMASH THE LEFT, what a delightful tirade, or was it an endorsement? Thank you. I haven’t had that many compliments paid to me in years. Sleeping late, yes. Retired, yes. Left wing nutter, yes, that too. Will Shorten be the next PM? Who knows. Maybe, Plibersek will, but I’m not a betting man. 55,000 illegal queue jumpers? It’s not an issue even if it were true. $300 billion in debt? Actually it was $284 billion if you want to call it debt, which it isn’t. They only call it debt for mugs like you. They are actually bond issues and as of today they now total $343 billion, So your mob have been “borrowing” at the rate of $1 billion per week since they were elected, but that’s another story. Yes, I’m bald, another compliment thanks. I actually have roses at the bottom of my garden but pixies would be welcome. As for my fellow loopy lefties, well, the last Newspoll suggested there are 55% of us not 8-11%. But that’s okay, I figured you would not be too good at the math. I don’t have a vegie patch but enjoy my greens on a daily basis. Perhaps you could increase your intake and a) learn to write, then b) write something intelligent and c) read it back to see if you understand it.

  63. DanDark

    AMEN John K 🙂 he almost coat hangerrrrrrd himself in haste to hurl abuse, I think it’s scott Morriscum in disguise 🙂 sounds like him on any normal day in la la land 🙂

  64. Kaye Lee

    I rather enjoy it when web wawwiors like smash the left turn up. The contrast works well.

  65. mars08

    John Kelly:

    …As for my fellow loopy lefties, well, the last Newspoll suggested there are 55% of us not 8-11%…

    But that’s one of the things that makes people like Smash Duh so amazing… They seem to think that AN YONE with political values to the left of John Howard is an uncompromising, hard-core leftie!!!

    Clearly Smash Duh and his sort are quite unhinged!

  66. Lee

    I’d like to know why favouring respect for everyone as equals and helping each other so that all of society can benefit is considered loopy. Studies have shown that when the gap between rich and poor is narrowed, all of us are better off. Why is it wrong to want that? People like Smash Duh confirm Paul Keating’s analysis: Conservatives are mean little people.

  67. corvus boreus

    smash the left,
    When you post your abusive diatribes, rather than using CAPS for random words like ‘BUT’ and ‘EVER’, maybe you should consider deploying them for the first letter of each sentence.
    Adherence to basic rules of literacy would mean one less facet of your writing screaming ‘FROTHING WACK JOB’.
    P.s. Am I right in inferring that you have an ideological opposition to people growing their own vegetables?

  68. Kaye Lee


    I so agree. I don’t really care about someone’s political affiliation. I do care about their honesty, their integrity, their humanity, their respect for others, their care for the vulnerable, their tolerance.

    Raising Newstart by $50 a week would lift hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty and give an enormous boost to the economy as every cent would be recycled as they spent it on survival. They would be healthier and better able to find a job or do well at school.

    But no…let’s make them poorer because that will….ummmm…..not sure what outcome we are looking for. Wait, I remember. We need a surplus because an accounting term will make our lives…ummm….sorry, lost my train again.

  69. DanDark

    Well that excludes me out of “team Australia” I have a fully functioning veggie patch, that saves me money and takes away from the profits from the multi corporates, well knock me over with a feather if that’s an extreme loopy lefty thing, it’s being smart and eating healthy no pesticides etc no cold room storage for 12 months
    I could go on about the benefits of a veggie patch, but I won’t 🙂

  70. Pingback: The Gospel According to Bolt | olddogthoughts

  71. dwejevans

    Absolutely incorrect John, it’s actually way past time for the ignorant, arrogant liar to step down!

  72. Dr Dougie

    When this clock hits 0, 0, 0, 0 that is when your voice will be counted. Take time to know how to vote correctly. Do your research and have a clear understanding.
    Do not use your emotions to vote. Be specific, use your time and knowledge to make the system work.

    If that is all too hard for you, then make the party powers that be control your vote and keep complaining till you die.

    Simple really.

  73. Bacchus

    Interesting Dr Dougie. What ever will we do if there’s a double dissolution election before we hit 0,0,0,0, or if there’s a normal election on or after 6th August 2016? 😉

  74. Dr Dougie

    Well Bacchus, when the time does arrive sooner or later, I would hope that most Australians can find a few extra minutes to invest in there future with the right kind of people.
    If you really think about it, nobody would want a bad group of people to be governing there country.
    So the question is how do you tell which group is best suited to do the job they are elected for?

    BTW Bacchus, is your left hand actually your right hand? Are there mirrors involved?
    All the best chief.

  75. Dr Dougie

    Just correcting my typo LOL. I hate leaving typos.
    Well Bacchus, when the time does arrive sooner or later, I would hope that most Australians can find a few extra minutes to invest in there future with the right kind of people.
    If you really think about it, nobody would want a bad group of people to be governing their country.
    So the question is how do you tell which group is best suited to do the job they are elected for?

    BTW Bacchus, is your left hand actually your right hand? Are there mirrors involved?
    All the best chief.

  76. Bacchus

    I hate leaving typos

    Perhaps you should try again then 😀

  77. DanDark

    The Dr is still having problems with his their/there,…….. tooo funny lol
    I wonder if he will come back again to correct his typos, or fix his “mirrors” that are broken 🙂

  78. Dr Dougie

    LOL My bad, the mirror is referring to Bacchus. Are you familiar with that painting?
    As for the typos, happy to provide the amusement for you all. You should see my hand writing!
    Totally illegible.

  79. Karl

    This is Australian History repeating itself at its worst. The old criminal attitude of a convict nation. Stab each other in the back. Just that the convicts are people we vote for today.

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