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Tim Wilson – modern liberal or con man?

When George Brandis created a very high-paying job as a human rights commissioner to gift to Tim Wilson without any selection process, it raised many eyebrows, not least because Wilson, in his role at the IPA, had been calling for the abolition of the very organisation he was now to join.

But that conundrum pales into insignificance in comparison to freedom boy’s new found embrace of action on climate change – a change of heart that followed the shock loss in the Wentworth byelection.

Tim has now joined the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action group and is hitting the airwaves to tell us all about it.

“Some of us want sensible, sustainable policy that confronts Australia’s emissions challenge, focuses on technology and economic growth and doesn’t leave Australians behind,” he said.

Well, that’s terrific Tim, except, having a memory slightly longer than a goldfish, I recall what you said when you were Director of Climate Change Policy at the IPA.

Here is Tim in 2012 arguing for us to get out of Kyoto.

When covering the Copenhagen climate change talks in 2009, Tim was at his witty worst.

“for the first time in the ten year history of the Awards, the “Ray of the Day” Award was given out to Tuvalu for arguing for a binding, international treaty to cut global carbon dioxide emissions. If the event weren’t such a farce, it’d almost be funny.”

Or this enlightened appraisal…

“…there was a much greater presence of anti-capitalist sentiment amongst protestors today with placards and posters decrying “toxic capitalism” and “change the system, not the climate”.

But opposition to capitalism clearly only went so far with a little coffee stall where you could get a “green bean” coffee.

I presume the protestors turned a blind eye to the fact that beans were imported from the other side of the world by a carbon emitting shipping line and traded on globalised international markets.

But considering how cold it is in Copenhagen I can understand putting ideology to one side especially when the objective is to warm up. Oh, except when it is the climate.”

For Tim, it’s all about the money.

“For developed countries, the negotiations are about how much they have to give to that adaptation financing pool, and how much they’ll have to harm their economies and their competitive advantage against developing countries through emissions reduction as well.”

But if you think our economy is his major concern, you would be wrong. Tim is singularly focused on his own economy and there is not a principle he wouldn’t ditch in order to feather his own nest.

In a revealing interview in the SMH in 2014, Wilson explains his tactics.

He became heavily involved with student politics, eventually becoming president of the Student Union in 2001, thanks in part to his talent for favour-trading – plying opponents with “a whole bunch of delegateships” in return for their support. He also had “this really clever little trick”, using a digital camera, “which very few people had back then”, to take photos of himself at university club functions, several of which he would attend in a single night. He would then send the photos to the club magazines the next morning. “They didn’t have any photos, certainly not that immediately. So they’d run them, and of course, I was in half of them, and it made me look as if I was the centre of everything.”

The only thing that qualifies this dilettante to be a leader in our country is his overweening self-confidence, his shameless self-promotion, and his ability to brazenly claim that there is nothing inconsistent in his weathervane flip-flopping.


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  1. Baby Jewels

    Conman. Just look at his work during the election campaign on the non existent “retiree tax.” Just a conman.

  2. Wobbley

    Wilson is the consummate lie teller, and narcissist and pig ugly liar, and a GRUB!!!!! I don’t give a flying fluck about his sexuality but if he was on fire id give him a can of petrol, anyone remember the franking credits fiasco? how’s the long lost cousin going you hypocrite. Next time stay ion China.

  3. Terence Mills

    Tim Wilson has tried to defend and distinguish between his support for demonstrations in Hong Kong, which are good according to him, and environmental protests in Australia which he is not happy about as they disrupt people and services.

    He wasn’t too clear on how he sees demonstrators tossing petrol bombs at police and destroying public infrastructure including MTR railway stations and trying to close off the HK airport.

    Could it be that the implant that Tim acquired at the IPA grooming clinic has malfunctioned and he is just blowing in the wind ?

  4. Deany

    Conman indeed. I took him to task several times on Facebook. I asked him to cease and desist with this blatant lie. Each time he replied that it was indeed a ‘tax’ and that eventually, I would see the ‘truth’. I suppose he is another faux Christian, as well.

  5. Kaye Lee

    When asked on Q&A if it would be appropriate for a Chinese politician to come here and join protests about domestic affairs, Tim immediately answered of course – that is their right. What a load of hogwash. There would rightly be outrage. Tim is absolutely incapable of reflection let alone honesty. He is the worst kind of populist posing as a man of conviction who cannot ever admit that he may have made a mistake.

  6. Peeking Warbite

    This scumbag defines the Coalition contempt for the ordinary people of this country. The shot-jawed tosser has no saving graces.

  7. Phil Pryor

    Tim Wilson is a mere excrescence of shit from the IPA anus. Born to lie, a superstitious fool, trained to distort, corrupt, pass on propaganda, Wilson is the heart of conservative conning, a poolished poltical pervert, with horrible narcissistic tendencies. With self deluding liars like this, we are going further down and back. He is a raving slut for pose, money, positions, sinecures, notice.

  8. RomeoCharlie29

    Wilson is just a flip-flop politician, pick a position and hope that no one — thinking you Kaye Lee, and a few others- won’t either remember, or be able to find the logical inconsistency or outright lie.

    He is just another version of our dear leader, a weathervane noting the nearest convenient direction to face.

    Sad that the voters of Goldstein can’t see him for what he is.. cue Phil Pryor, above.

  9. Kaye Lee

    Freedom boy also wrote at length against plain packaging for cigarettes.

    “Although the cost of Rudd’s reckless move is unknown, rough calculations by the Institute of Public Affairs show that taxpayers may be required to fatten the profits of tobacco companies by up to $3 billion a year.

    Under Australia’s Constitution and international trade agreements, the government cannot strip or devalue property without compensation on “just terms”, and that includes intellectual property rights such as trademarks.

    It’s clear that the objective of Rudd and Roxon’s announcement is to distract public attention from the government’s numerous policy backflips during the past week.

    Considering the facts, it’s hardly surprising that many Australians are looking at the government’s plain packaging plan and tobacco tax grab as a distraction that is quickly going up in smoke.”

    The court ruled in favour of our government and that no compensation was payable. Timmy got it wrong again.

  10. Paul Davis

    Wilson is doing what Wilson always does, whiteanting and sabotaging. He is a professional fifth columnist, an IPA trained and LNP paid agent provocateur. Biggest problem for his handlers is that Wilson is a show pony totally enamoured with and captivated by his own reflection. He will prove troublesome as his desire for the centre stage spotlight always manifests largely as it did during his stint as human rights commissar and his grandstanding on gay marriage bill day among other examples. Kaye Lee is absolutely correct to call out this chameleon creature as a narcissistic avaricious treacherous liar whose only moral compass is his overwhelming self interest. A perfect fit for the LNP one might say.

  11. DrakeN

    Peeking Warbite: “This scumbag defines the Coalition contempt for the ordinary people of this country…”

    Well, they did elect him, so what else other than contempt should someone elected on a platform of lies and obfuscation feel?

    Suckers all.

    Mind you, I frequently feel a similar contempt, for similar reasons.

  12. Barry Thompson.

    He is a man of little substance, who on a fairly regular basis comes out with actions or statements that he hopes will keep him in the public eye and ensure his place at the trough .

  13. Judith A Bacon

    Definitely a con man! After, the stunt he pulled with the so called death tax, he cannot be anything other than a con man. After Morrison and Dutton he is the third most despicable politician in the current Parliament, in my opnion.

  14. Judith A Bacon


  15. Terence

    Kaye Lee – I think you have made a mistake in your article. You have one too many words in the Heading

    Tim Wilson – modern liberal con man?

    The use of the word “or” implies that he could be one or the other and somehow a modern liberal may not actually be a con man. Where as in practice the two terms are synonyms and in fact you really only needed to use the first two words to provide the exact same description.

    You’re welcome – How good is it being a Born To Rule Prick??? (Tongue in Cheek intended)

  16. Diane

    Everytime I see him I think of the Harry Enfield character “Tim Nice But Dim” – except this Tim ain’t so nice!

  17. perthjohnny

    Wilson stood up to the pensioners that were going to loose some of they free money with nothing but lies as we all know that pensioners were not be going to be affected with they franking credits. The age pensioners only received $3:60 per week last September!!
    Where’s Wilson now!!??
    Why isn’t Wilson standing up for those that are on the age pension!!??
    Just another LNP government hypocrite!!

  18. Fred Goldfish

    Slippery is our Tim.

  19. Judith A Bacon

    Hey Terence, I’d leave off the question mark, meself.

  20. Terence

    Judith A Bacon – Good point, although I’m giving Kaye Lee the benefit of the doubt in that she was asking a rhetorical question.

  21. Judith A Bacon

    Plus, if he is involved with this cross party support group I would suspect he would be a mole. It would be a huge mistake to trust him. I reckon Tim is miffed that he wasn’t named in the Ministry and is looking for a way to endear himself to ScuMo.

  22. Kaye Lee


    With all the fuss about retirees tax and death tax, no-one seems to care about the retirees who had placed their money in term deposits who now are effectively getting no income and are subject to a deeming rate that no-one can achieve.

    Joe Hockey argued that “the government is working hard to take the pressure off interest rates by keeping inflation low”.

    He suggested that this lack of pressure is “what we’ve been focused on; fixing up the challenges of the budget and reducing the upward pressure on inflation and that’s come to bear with lower interest rates.”

    And wage stagnation and rising unemployment and homelessness and a weakening economy. Well done you Joe.

  23. Terence

    Kaye Lee

    As far as Smokin’ Joe is concerned – How good is double dipping??

  24. Baby Jewels

    This article was posted on Tim Wilson’s page this morning and he responded that it was all lies. I just went back there and the comment with the link has been deleted…

  25. Kaye Lee


    It’s fine and dandy if you are an ex-politician on a government sinecure, but those women who voted for the Coalition in 2013 because of their paid parental leave promise very quickly turned into double-dipping rorters who ended up with less rather than more. They are only girls after all. They can console themselves with some ironing.

    And yet is seems to make no difference – people still vote for them. I think they deliberately made politics so unpalatable that people turned off and don’t know/remember stuff.

    Democracy doesn’t work when it rewards the best liars.

    Baby Jewels,

    Don’t tell me that champion of free speech seeks to censor us? lolol You are sooooo lame Tim. Ever so confident until challenged.

    As for it being all lies….

    Tim ‘Windvane’ Wilson

  26. lawrence winder

    Timmy the Twat, ex freedom-man and hypocritical proselytizer for The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe… Vida Goldstein must be rolling in her grave as this parvenu mouths off about everything, says nothing and means less!

  27. crypt0

    Given all of the above, it seems that Tim has all the attributes to make a fairly average LieNP P.M.

  28. Terence

    Kaye Lee

    Yes I shake my head every time I read the comment section of Ltd News and Faircrap. Those muppets in the comment section seem to miss the point when they blindly support their own team and slag off on the other side, not realising (or more to the point, deliberately ignoring the fact) that their side is just as bad and hence it’s the whole body politic that is corrupt and needs fixing. Until we ban donations/junkets and make politicians tell the truth, we will never fix our democracy. To be honest, I don’t think you ever will as I believe we have crossed the point of no return where people’s apathy for lying is greater than their integrity and morality. There are no repercussions for lying anymore, no consequences so why not? I’m not saying I agree with it, just a statement of fact.

    It’s not just women that get bent over without lube by the LNP – farmers, pensioners, war veterans, mum and dad (quite Australians (trademark)), yet they still roll up each election and think they are aspirational. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

    I think you might be right. I sometimes think of Scott and Albo sitting in a room somewhere like Sir Arnold, having a glass of brandy and having a laugh at the great unwashed and how they have hood winked them into polishing their turds for them.

    Climate Change is not the great moral challenge of our time, it’s the Internet’s Stupidity Multiplier Effect that is going to destroy the planet.

  29. Jennifer Demas

    Kaye Lee

    Tim is today what he was yesterday and will be tomorrow, an opportunistic conman skilled to the nth in talent and skill in spotting an opportunistic free ride, Rwandan Proverb, “You can out distant that which is running after you but not what is running inside you”.

  30. johno

    Barry Thompson, for a second there I thought you were talking about Pauline.

  31. Cool Pete

    Well, firstly, Wentworth may be a blue ribbon seat, but just like Ryan after the resignation of John Moore, there is a tendency for a swing away from the party that held the seat if the sitting member has left under a cloud or there is annoyance that a fresh election has to be called. In the event of the death of the sitting member, there tends to be a sympathy vote. Malcolm Turnbull did the right thing resigning, rather than emulating Botty and being a destabilising influence. (Oh, and no, Botty, it was your incompetence and captain’s calls that made the liberal Party boot you out, not Malcolm Turnbull’s overweening ambition).
    Tim Wilson is only modern in that he, an openly gay man, was the first to propose to his partner once Same-Sex Marriage was legalised. Otherwise, Tim Wilson is all style and no substance.

  32. Andy56

    Just another black and white man who believes in his own version of faith, ” the market will fix everything”. The fact that the liberal party spat in his face and he went begging for more tells you where his instincts lay. Non are more dangerous than those who refuse to countenance that they may be wrong. Tim also shows a considerable lack of empathy, a prerequisite of somebody in his position, or so i would have thought. Unless it happens to be a self serving inquiry. The age of entitlement is strong in this one.

  33. Trevor

    The Tim Wilson Treatise on Turd Polishing is not worth the paper it is printed on.

    Wilson disappoints and is marked down for his latest treatise on polishing turds.

    His chapter on choosing turds, followed by polishing techniqes left this viewer non plussed while keeping the bucket close & handy

    It is the considered opinion of this viewer that Wilson is a gravytrain riding blaggard, Oxygen Thief and detestable human.

  34. Judith A Bacon

    Trevor, thankyou for injecting humour into this discussion. Doesn’t matter how many turds he polishes at ScuMo’s behest, he will never get a ministry. Imagine the grief Brian Houston and Lyle Shelton would give ScuMo, if he dared to reward his turd polisher like that!

  35. Zathras

    He’s just another worthless apologist doing the bidding of his IPA paymasters while also keeping his snout deep in the trough filled with taxpayer dollars.
    I can’t think of a single thing he has contributed toward the betterment of society.

  36. Jill

    Thank you for these wonderful comments. I’ve been laughing out loud at the descriptions of this detestable man.
    And thank you Kaye Lee for a fantastic article.

  37. Sam

    My friend went to university with him, he was a Student Politician extraordinaire! Monash Caulfield had an influx of right wing conservative hacks infiltrating the campus. He was a very interesting guy…he has lost a lot of weight and has been groomed by John Roskam and The I.P.A. He really is just a Libertarian lobbyist . Why John Faine gave him so much radio time on the Friday Wrap?? Chris Uhlmann is to blame for that thoughtless decision. The irony is that his mother is married to the Mornington Peninsula politician David Morris here in all runs in the family for Wilson and Co. Fun Fact.

  38. Kaye Lee

    That’s interesting about the connection with David Morris. When I googled it I came up with this headline from the Mornington Peninsula News…

    “Human rights czar puts family first at forum”


    Fess up…did you write that Tim?

    Human rights czar puts family first at forum

  39. Peter Smith

    Furthermore, there’s a new documentary about Roy Cohn who was Donald Trump’s advisor, see link above.

    Is Tim Wilson and some other gay men in Parliament the new breed of ruthless and greedy Libertarians ?

    I only hope he is a selfish Careerist and doesn’t engage in the brutal nastiness of a Roy Cohn.. Sad days indeed.

  40. Sam

    Kaye Lee…

    Yes, Great article about his Step-Dad in the Victorian Parliament, his brother is also an aspiring young seems it runs in the family. Unbelievable isn’t it?

    The real question to be asked is this..why hasn’t the media scrutinised his career thus far?

    I see many more ugly skeletons in Tim’s closet………….not only political.

  41. John L

    The man’s a narcissist, if not bordering on a psychopath, like so many flowing through the Liberal party these days. They are voted in, because they are the only choices presented to the tribe at election time. The very worst of humanity, playing the system, clawing their way to the top, not caring who they destroy on the way, or when they get there.
    There must be a better way somewhere, that doesn’t involve ” rule 303″……

  42. Kaye Lee

    “Over the last 30 years politicians’ staff has increased dramatically. At federal level there are now some 17 hundred personal staff to ministers and members. The states probably account for over two thousand more. Add to this the direct political infiltration of federal-state public services and quangos with hundreds more jobs for the boys and girls, there is now a well-established political

    This has provided the political parties with a career path for members. In many cases it often produces skilled, partisan, “whatever it takes” warriors with a richly rewarded life through local state and federal governments to a well-funded retirement. Unfortunately while this career path, as Tony Fitzgerald states, does include principled well-motivated people … it also attracts professional politicians with little or no general life experience and unscrupulous opportunists, unburdened by ethics, who obsessively pursue power, money or both

    Ted Mack 2013

  43. Small L liberal

    More Fun Facts:

    His father in law is the Assistant Commissioner for QFES Rural Fire Service-John Bolger .

    Do people remember reading the article by Tim Elliot below where he proudly boasted he had purchased a life sized portrait of ex American President ,Ronald and Nancy Reagan and placed it in his …ahem….bedroom…? Hmmmm.

    I’ll just leave that here and allow people to make up their own minds…..Speechless.

  44. Queer Sydney Gal

    Yes, this is the man who joked to his friends that he wanted to be a shock-jock on 3AW because there’s more money in it!!!

    I used to live in Melbourne and he was ridiculed by many people in the gay scene as a shameless media whore even at Joy F.M.

    I’m Queer and he just displays the worst traits of the selfish right-wing gay male scene I see here in Sydney….I thought Melbourne people were more classy and smarter to see through his facade….I guess the boomers in Brighton and Sandy are just as easily manipulated.

    So glad he didn’t get a promotion….Even Scott Morrison can see he has no potential…a lightweight.

  45. Kaye Lee


    I went to university with Tony Abbott. We all dismissed him as a lightweight with no potential too. We were, of course, right but that didn’t stop him from becoming PM. Even his own party agreed he was mad but they still used him to unleash the hounds and pave the way for the fascists who now want us to lead the world in being bastards.

    I still can’t get past the idea of “unfunded empathy”. Do they not realise how pathetic that is?

  46. Damian

    Kaye Lee,

    He REALLY wants to be Prime Minister, it’s not a secret as Albanese let us all know!!

    They’re all ambitious and ruthless including Josh Frydenberg

    We live in an era of lipservice and smugness…..Tim is the epitome of all those virtues and more!

    He actually used to have a talent agent and was created to be this celebrity politician…but it became a conflict of interest when a magazine offered him pictures for his gay wedding…as a public servant.

    So SHALLOW..

    Something really isn’t right and he needs to be investigated for all of his shennanigans…the list is endless.

  47. Pete

    Tim Wilson has often attended Liberty Functions with his alumni from The I.P.A and has mixed with Liberal Democrats In his previous incarnation at the I.P.A.

    So what’s his real agenda?

    These networks still continue to lobby him and use him to further their cause.

    I think Tim is in the wrong party and is a square peg in a round hole and uses the platform of The Liberal Party to lobby for these fringe dwellers.

    He should start his own party like Cory Bernardi but he probably wouldn’t get the same media attention or gigs, would he??

    I can’t believe some sectors of the gay lobby think he is the best choice for them as a representative, if that’s the best they’ve got, God Help Them!! ( Bad pun intended .)

    I along with my partner who is a small l liberal lawyer cringe every-time he is on television….and then profusely laugh out loud!!

    He doesn’t make sense and often contradicts himself..he’s a complex guy a little creepy for my liking after reading some of the insightful comments on this thread and the article titled” Freedom Boy” Weird man.

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