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This just doesn’t feel right

The way this election is currently being framed, the choice is between an autocratic bully and an unknown who is doing his best to say he is no different.

When asked about the eye-watering sums being spent on defence, Albanese said it’s what the money is spent on that is more important than the amount. Good answer, completely undermined by then adding that he would continue expenditure of over 2% of GDP.

Why commit to a totally meaningless arbitrary figure with no context?

Three years ago, both Morrison and Albanese were speaking warmly of our growing relationship with China. When Marise Payne changed all that with her ham-fisted accusations about China and the pandemic on TV one Sunday morning, things started a downhill slide. China has become increasingly hostile, Morrison increasingly belligerent, with Albanese trying to keep up.

Do they seriously think that preparing ourselves for armed conflict is the best way to handle this?

When asked about offshore processing, Albanese said there would be no need for it if boats are turned back. He could have expanded on that by offering to reinstate the humanitarian intake levels and speed up processing and relocation but he didn’t. When challenged, he immediately scrambled to say offshore processing would remain.

Why commit to continuing an inhumane extraordinarily expensive failed policy, even claiming credit for it being introduced when Albanese was Deputy PM?

Everybody in the country agrees that Jobseeker should be increased except for the two major political parties. And before you say they are the parties who have to deliver a budget, they are the same two parties who both agree the stage 3 tax cuts, which overwhelmingly favour high income individuals, should go ahead.

On climate change and the environment, there are some differences but Labor joins in the chorus that we will continue to use and export coal and gas.

Albanese said he didn’t think a price on carbon was necessary to incentivise industries to reduce emissions yet this is exactly what the Emissions Reduction Fund and carbon credit market are – policies Labor appears to be going to continue though hopefully with some improvements.

Why pretend we aren’t pricing carbon when we are and when all agree it is the most effective way to reduce emissions?

Labor’s announcements on health and aged care are aspirational, lacking detail about how staff shortages will be addressed, how private aged care facilities will pay increased staffing costs, how GP clinics will be chosen or how those that are not will be affected by subsidised competition, how to attract health workers to regional areas.

It might be ok to not have every detail worked out yet but why then assure us that they won’t need foreign workers and 50 GP clinics will be open by mid next year? How can you have decided where the GP clinics will be located when you haven’t even decided on the process. To single out one area’s need invites an avalanche of comparison which should be subject to a rigorous appraisal before any decision is announced.

Piecemeal announcements of funding for local projects are just a focus for accusations of pork-barrelling. They become white noise to most of us. Just another really annoying photo shoot.

It’s great to aim to have a federal ICAC ASAP but you cannot guarantee to have it up and running by the end of the year so why make that promise?

The Republican Movement has been sidelined for Indigenous constitutional recognition. One would have hoped that both would be considered important and achievable. Surely Australians are capable of thinking about, and voting on, two such long standing issues.

On public education…crickets.

Morrison is running a one-man campaign filled with announcements that he doesn’t care if he fulfills or not. He has put all his energy into surrounding himself with compliant and complicit allies and stacking public bodies with his hand-picked choices. His entire focus is on winning an election and retaining the power to bestow largesse on his supporters. He lies with impunity, changing his story with no compunction.

Why play his game?

This shouldn’t be a choice between Morrison and Albanese. It should be a choice between competing visions for the nation.

Morrison thinks good campaigning more important than good governance. Albanese is going to have to improve at the first if we are to have any idea if he is capable of the second because, so far, this just doesn’t feel right.


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  1. RomeoCharlie29

    Spot on Kaye Lee, I asked my Labor Federal reps if Albanese was trying to lose the election in light of the job keeper debacle. Fancy flat out alienating a huge bloc of voters you would normally expect to support you. One of the reasons Shorten lost in 2019 was the blitzkrieg of new policies dropped in the last days, uncosted, untested and each one made for a Morrison scare campaign. It seems to me we are already seeing something similar. Jesus wept.

  2. David Stakes

    LNP have played the ultima LNP have played the ultimate wedge, Labor cannot be different as the media will crucify them. But hoping on winning and changing things is fraught with danger,te wedge, Labor cannot be different as the media will crucify them. But hoping on winning and changing things is fraught with danger,

  3. Baby Jewels

    Albanese lost me when he said he’d never seen any corruption in his years in Parliament. I wish he’d hand over to Jim Chalmers, then we’d stand a chance.

  4. Josephus

    Labor is confused about refugee policy and about emissions policy too, caught as it is between rightwing trade unions and ‘third way’ educated rural and town people who believe in human rights, emissions control and reconciliation with the First Nations. Called lefties by some newspapers, those who repeat this unthinking Schimpfwort do not know for example that ‘greenies’ were prominent among the Nazis, that the industrialised USSR was what? Left? In that case so was Britain. Is Russia fascist now? Floating signifiers. In France a discussion is emerging on the waning usefulness of the terms left and right (born of the Revolution), instead positing a triad of new value clusters that may seem better to analyse current splits and new alliances. Annoying it is too that some cannot distinguish anarchy and anarchism.

    It seems that as the coalition wastes millions of our money on pork barrelling and nonexistent shell companies, our country is soon to become the dumping ground of USA weapons, which may attract reprisals from eg China . Furthermore, while we in the West glow in the welcome given to Ukrainian refugees, the Poles are also building a new wall to keep brown and black fleeing humans at bay, while the EU as a whole funds atrociously run cruel refugee camps in Libya, and is now planning to dump many more desperate people in Rwanda, a country whose murderous overlords adopted the Third Reich practice of referring to their own purported Untermenschen as vermin or cockroaches.

    Right or Left, the problem surely is also barely controlled human overpopulation, as well as the greed of better off humans retreating behind walls. Yet even the Greens cannot mention overpopulation as an issue any more than do our barely distinguishable major parties, because they too remember that this Malthusian belief was adopted and ruthlessly adopted by the Third Reich. Meanwhile we destroy our flora and fauna: bees, fish, corals, forests, our very air and water. The next Extinction wave. Morrison the caveman probably believes his manmade god will save him.

  5. Kaye Lee

    Albanese needs to stress the talent of his team and stop trying to make this about the leaders. It’s a sucker’s game that he doesn’t play well. He should make clear that he is the front man and hand over to the musicians when technical questions are asked (though one wonders if he has spent too much time working on pithy lines rather than doing his homework).

  6. Andrew J. Smith

    Josephus: ‘Right or Left, the problem surely is also barely controlled human overpopulation….‘ this exemplifies the problem of voters, being informed by neither media nor politicians, and being ‘astroturfed’ by ‘sciencey’ sounding agitprop that leads to e.g. the UK government’s ‘Rwandan solution’ soas not to create an environmental ‘hygiene’ issue.

    The ‘population card’ is a win win for nativist libertarians as it can be played as both a post White Australia anti-immigrant dog whistle to above median age voters and/or stymie environmental regulation on behalf of fossil fuels; based upon old eugenics movement of Galton and Malthus, and liberal economics of Calvin, Smith et al..

    The modern reincarnation was late ’70s ZPG Zero Population Growth supported by Rockefeller Bros. (Standard Oil then Exxon/Chevron), Ford and Carnegie Foundations, with deceased white nationalist John ‘passive eugenics’ Tanton (admirer of White Oz, visited, muse of Steve Bannon/alt right and promoter of ‘the great replacement’), and Paul ‘Population Bomb’ Ehrlich, as reported by the Washington Post.

    Tanton was described by former Ragan advisor Linda Chavez as ‘the most influential unknown man in America’; SPLC has a lengthy overview of Tanton’s activities here

    ‘*Anti-Immigration Campaign Begun (8 May 1977) The Zero Population Growth foundation is launching a nationwide campaign to generate public support for sharp cuts on both legal and illegal immigration to the United States.

    In a fund-raising appeal signed by Paul R. Ehrlich, ZPG describes illegal immigration as a “human tidal wave” that is “depressing our economy and costing American taxpayers an estimated $10 billion to $13 billion a year in lost earnings and taxes, in welfare benefits and public services.*”‘

    Sound familiar?

  7. Josephus

    Insofar as the rhetoric is racist it may or may not be familiar. There is but one human race with its many variants over time. But that racists use and abuse such fears does not mean that overpopulation is not already more than the planet can stand. From memory, in the early 1930s Aldous Huxley in Brave New World Revisited warns that at 3.5 billion the planetary human population is excessive. We are over double that now. Forest and grasslands, icebergs and coasts disappear at increasing rates. The oceans accumulate plastics. None of this has anything to do with racism, nor with gross inequalities that cannot be justified. There does not seem to be a non cruel resolution of this impending catastrophe.

  8. Kaye Lee

    “There does not seem to be a non cruel resolution of this impending catastrophe.”

    At the risk of repeating myself, there are very obvious solutions.

    Make contraception easily available.
    Educate girls, keeping them in school longer and providing skills training.
    Employ and empower women.
    Outlaw child marriages.
    Lift people out of poverty.
    Get religion out of reproduction.
    Give women the opportunity to become financially independent.
    Make men share in child-rearing

    “Australian fertility rate hits record low
    The long-term decline in fertility of younger mums as well as the continued increase in fertility of older mums reflects a shift towards later childbearing. Together, this has resulted in a rise in median age of mothers (31.6 years) and a fall in Australia’s total fertility rate,”

  9. Josephus

    Yes Kaye. How are we going to get rid of patriarchy? And discourage selfish people like the entitled Perrotet with his seven kids.

  10. Kaye Lee

    The global fertility rate was 2.4 children per woman in 2019. This rate is approximately half of what it was in 1950 (4.7), Replacement is considered 2.1

    We are headed in the right direction. Just keep educating our girls and reminding them that they are not just vassals and vessels.

    Perrotet is a perfect example of why religion should keep out of our bedrooms. The days of building up the tribe are past.

    We must get better at reduce, re-use, recycle and sustainability must be a consideration in every decision and a priority for research. Environmental rehabilitation should be a growing industry.

  11. Michael Taylor

    That’s one of the few things that is going in the right direction, Kaye. Not much else is.

    That’s where your point that the election should be about competing visions is so important. I’m sick of political parties whose only vision is to win the election.

  12. GL

    Scummo is absolutley terrified of this getting out in public, “”When asked about the new allegations, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the process was confidential.
    “My simple point is this, that this process is a confidential process, which has been put in place by the Department of Finance,” Mr Morrison said.””

    He’s up to his eyballs with this because he’s a micro-managing sociopath/pyschopath who treats the gubmint as his and his alone and everbody else is there purely to jump through his hoops and leap to attention at every order-

  13. Ill fares the land

    “We” can’t pretend “we” are the innocent victims of evil Murdoch and a grubby political class. The world is evolving in the direction that “we” have more or less agreed to and I am in no doubt about that – given that mad-right wing, mostly male, power-crazed despots are now the self-appointed or elected leaders in so many countries. The problem is us. “We’ could stop voting for the LNP, we could stop reading the Murdoch press or watching Sky, but “we” are not about to do that. Neoliberalism in its strictest sense is the sort of havoc that Friedman and his “Chicago boys” wrought in places like Chile in the mid-1970’s as servants of Pinochet, but in its modern iteration, now there is not that much left for governments to privatise, is rampant hyper-individualism, massive inequality and greed – a lusting after more and more wealth and “stuff” (if you think I’m wrong or just exaggerating then look on the Shannon’s website at its upcoming auction where a very early Victorian number plate is expected to bring bids in the region of $2.0 million – holy shit Batman!!). “We” are those that argue we can’t trust politicians, but in 2019 “we” re-elected the most corrupt, inept and untrustworthy government in this country’s history, led by, as you describe, an autocratic, controlling and untrustworthy bully who is the worst PM in this country’s history (surely he makes McMahon look like a star). And “we” wonder why trust in institutions and politicians continues to fall. It is how Morrison wants it to play out. He has a mediocre intellect in my estimation, but some things he understands very well. One thing he understands is that a disaffected population (of quiet Australians) that is suspicious of all politicians will, more than likely, vote for more of the same – i.e., him. He is a magnet for the uninformed, those who think they are astute observers of politics – and who can’t name the candidates in their electorate or fail to spot Morrison’s lies, spin and lack of policies. Those same uninformed weren’t really paying attention as Morrison has lied repeatedly, made so many hollow announcements that were never followed through, pork-barrelled, spun and blundered in his inimitable ham-fisted style through 3 and bit years of mind-numbing incompetence, but now lambast Albanese for a small gaffe and Morrison’s defective and monumentally neurotic persona, lack of character and empathy are all consigned to the bin We are, when all is said and done, pretty stupid and so easily led by a confident liar, there is a real risk we will re-elect a government that has systematically hollowed out our democratic institutions (numbers of Liberal hacks and flunkies appointed to the AAT now approach, if not exceed,100 over the last 9 years). I don’t mean you, of course, as you are here reading this, but I’ve got my doubts about the person next to you.

  14. B Sullivan

    Kaye Lee

    Not long ago on Radio National’s Science Show, it was reported that the Earth’s human population has reached 8.3 Billion. That is not the right direction.

    We were warned. But growing the economy by increasing the number of consumers is always given greater priority than concern for the environment on a planet of limited resources.

    Malthus was right. Human population increases geometrically, while food production increases arithmetically. It’s just a statement of mathematical fact.

    The fact is disbelieved because the Green Revolution arithmetically increased food production in all sorts of ingenious ways, but practically always at the cost to the environment, creating ever and ever increasing loss of habitats as more land is cleared for growing food for more and more humans, thus leading to greater and greater loss of species and biodiversity.

    Now the small remnant of habitats left to support animal and plant life are also being destroyed by climate change caused by the overconsumption and waste of billions of humans whose sole purpose in this great scheme of things (call it Dominion) is to grow the economy.

    The Green Revolution didn’t defuse the population bomb. It just reset the timer. You don’t have to listen very hard to hear the ticking.

  15. Terence Mills

    No vision, no policies and no narrative, Labor seem to have accepted that their campaign lacks conviction and their leader isn’t cutting through and whenever a policy is contested they walk away – housing affordability was such a strong suit for Labor but they walked away from having a policy on negative gearing and associated capital gains tax concessions.

    It is fundamental to election campaigns that you must be able to demonstrate that you have a vision and capture the attention and imagination of the electorate. Whoever is advising Albanese seems to be saying, keep your head down, be evasive and keep moving.

    Now they have allowed Murdoch to snatch the first leaders debate (The Sky News-Courier Mail People’s Forum to be held in Brisbane on Wednesday April 20).

    The debate will see 100 undecided voters have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Prime Minister and Opposition leader. Is it even possible that this will be impartial ? I haven’t seen anything on SKY or in the Courier Mail that is in any sense objective. I see that SKY are broadcasting a special edition of Credlin with Peta Credlin Live from the debate venue in Brisbane – can’t wait for that !
    Apart from the minimal audiences that SKY attracts and the obvious bias, why on earth would Labor not insist on the ABC or even Sixty Minutes handling this on a national basis ?

    I despair !

  16. Kaye Lee

    How dare they put a leaders debate on Murdoch pay tv. It’s outrageous!

    B Sullivan,

    Population is increasing at a decreasing rate ie it is approaching a limit. How quickly we reach that limit is largely dependent on the things I outlined. We can get there very quickly if men will give up their control over women. Who the hell is the pope to dictate to me about my reproductive health.

  17. Jack Cade

    Ill fares the land

    Your post says it all. WE are the problem.

    And Terence Mills
    I also despair.

    George Galloway – reviled by Kaye Lee and other ‘free thinkers’ – has proselytised against many of the people and governments we ourselves claim to abhor and has been proven right consistently. His MOATS, now funded by its viewers because RT (which carried his show but – he claims – has never dictated its content) has been proscribed by the UK and YS governments. As have ALL contrary comments on the US-NATO war with Russia, including former US intelligence officer and UN inspector of WMD’s Scott Ritter; Oliver Stone; Gonzalo Lira etc.
    MOATS – broadcast on Sunday evening UK time, has just alleged that multiple millions are marching, in Pakistan, against the overthrow of PM Imran Khan by a CIA -instigated coup simply because Khan refused to allow the US to install military bases in his country and wanted to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative, created by China to bypass the ocean blockades installed by those lovers of peace and goodwill, the USA.
    The US does not dispense love and peace – it dispenses WITH them..,
    I don’t actually know the truth about anything: all I do us seek it. What I DO know is is that we are being shielded from it.
    I spent my life observing the lunacy of the Catholic/Protestant view of God and decided it was all bullshit. I would like to be allowed to make up my own mind about Ukraine, and not wait 25 years for someone to expose whatever lies we are asked to believe.
    A week or so ago, one of the pillars of AIMN rebuked me for seeking the alternative view by by quoting both a Scottish Conservative MP and an article from the Daily Mail, that rag that makes Murdoch sound like Francis of Assisi, as evidence that little old Ukraine was being persecuted by a bully rather than being funded by one.
    Like my view on religion, I will be forced to make up my own mind; having a jaundiced view of Ukraine – a view which the MSM was pondering in 2014 – does not make me a fan of Putin, but being directed to the rantings of a Scottish Conservative and an English newspaper which is proud of its ultra RW views means my faith in AIMN has been both shaken AND stirred.

  18. Kaye Lee

    ” I don’t know the truth about anything:” but ” I would like to be allowed to make up my own mind about Ukraine” based on a talk show hosted by Russian state media.

    I always check the credibility of sources. Strange that you would consider that a rebuke. I did not suggest that the sources I linked to were evidence – I provided them (unlike you) so people could judge for themselves. The quotes and opinions expressed can be verified from multiple sources, unlike your view on Ukraine which ONLY comes from Russian sources and/or misquoting others then insisting they are lying about what they meant.

    I sincerely hope your “faith in AIMN” is not predicated on blind unquestioning acceptance of what some British guy says on a Russian podcast.

    I think there are more appropriate places for any further discussion on Russia and the Ukraine.

  19. Terence Mills

    Here’s an important issue that Labor could grasp and run with as Julia Gillard did with the NDIS.

    It has been estimated that only thirty percent of aboriginal people in regional and remote areas are on the electoral roll. Oddly, this was illustrated during the recent murder trial in Darwin – Police Officer Zachary Rolfe fatally shot Kumanjayi Walker – where not one member of the jury was aboriginal despite the jury being drawn randomly from the electoral roll.

    A large percentage (sometimes even up to one hundred percent) of aboriginal people in regional areas are perpetual tenants of their own local councils or Land Councils : it is almost impossible for traditional owners to own freehold land or their own houses in their own country… this is bizarre.

    Education funding and teaching standards in regional and remote aboriginal communities has gone backwards in recent years and the emphasis on the three R’s that had been so successful in allowing former generations of traditional people to participate in the broader community has gone by the wayside and now it is common to find the younger generation of indigenous kids unable to read or write competently in English and only able to converse in creole significantly limiting their ability to succeed in our modern life.

    Then we have the voice to parliament that the coalition have shelved and effectively neutered their own minister for aboriginal affairs.

    This may be controversial but these are matters that need to be grasped and given maximum political attention by a future government so that we can once and for all start to repair the damage we have done to the original custodians and owners of this land.

    I am not of aboriginal heritage myself but our extended family includes folk of aboriginal descent .

    Any thoughts, Michael, I know this is close to your heart ?

  20. Michael Taylor

    Hi, Terry.

    A couple of things that might help:

    1. Traditional Aboriginal people have a different attitude to land ownership than white Australians. Whereas white Australians believe in owning land, traditional Aboriginal believe that the land owns them. They are simply custodians.

    2. Aboriginal people in remote areas are very untrusting towards the government or any of its agencies. This would explain why they are not enrolled to vote, and indeed, do not bother with the Census. They simply don’t want the government to know who they are or where they are. Some older Aborigines that I know don’t even have a record of birth – if they were born on a station, the pastoralist would simply include their birth with his stock numbers. Born today: two cows and one Aborigine.

  21. GL

    For firetr…nah, not this time…fucks sake!


    After reading your second point I’m not in the least bit surprised they don’t trust the government.

    On a sort of side note: When I was working at Mungindi Hospital as an Enrolled Nurseyears ago (hospital in Qld, town in NSW) I got on better with the Aboriginal people than I did the white population. They were terrific to talk to and hang around with when I wasn’t working.

  22. Keitha Granville

    Whatever he says, or does, during this campaign, we MUST ELECT LABOR.
    We cannot endure another term of the current sociopathic lying scum that call themselves our government.

    Albanese is so busy tripping himself up at the moment trying NOT to say what he truly believes. Bill may have
    lost last time but he didn’t lose his true self. We can only hope that Albo’s actual colours are tacked to the mast when he wins.

    He needs some media behind him, he needs commentators to stop picking up the trips and stumbles and focus instead on the
    lies and corruption of the current mob. Never mind if he forgets a number, what about the millions the LNP want us to forget?


  23. Jack Cade

    Kaye Lee

    I have never quoted ‘Russian Sources’, either with or without approving. What alternative sources have you studied? Seemingly none. If I am wrong, then point me to them and I’ll read or watch them!

    ‘I think there are more appropriate places for any further discussion …
    Are you serious? The two most powerful rogue batons on earth are starting what might be WW3. Where do you suggest it be discussed? Q&A? The Australian? The Daily Mail?

  24. margcal

    When I clicked through to the tweet KL posted at 8.39 am today, below it in my feed was a tweet from Noni Hazlehurst imploring … “Please share this far and wide. Journalists do your job.”
    then linking to Alan Austin’s “Worst debt blow-out in the developed world refutes Coalition claims of economic competence.”

    In other news … all the usual disclaimers about not counting chickens, etc …. but … reason for cautious optimism in Kooyong

  25. Kaye Lee

    Jack Cade,

    As you are aware, there have been many articles published on the AIMN about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. By all means, continue your discussion there.


    I agree we must elect Labor but we must also have expectations of them once elected. Three more years of an emboldened Morrison would be disastrous for this country. Good independents replacing some Liberals or Nationals might provide the courage Labor seem to lack,

  26. Phil Pryor

    Lunchtime Monday, and I’m hearing a raving slab of superstitious shitheaded backstabbng, lazy, totally ignorant anality lying away about his imagined view of what the ALP and its leader know, say, will do. Mc Moron himself does not know how to work, behave, tell the truth or answer questions, so, having never ever actually worked or succeeded in any reasonable task, the shouty slobbering sausageskin of political perversion drives on in wilful stupidity, telling us whatever flows under pressure from the cranial ugly sewer of his (hah) mind. Listening is painfully funny, because out there is swinus australis sucking this rubbish in like the brainless repeats of commercial telly (run by his patrons and donors). To have a P M whose blurts of bovine bumdroppings flow like floods in the Amazon is horrible, embarrassing, shameful, but, there will be wilful stupidos and greedos who will support the neglect, profiteering, betrayal and snotty snobbishness of conservative clods, clowns, cruds, cloacals and crims that make up the brownshirty right wing. With B Joyce (hick) in support, let us all go on, down, under…unless we wipe this stain away.

  27. Michael Taylor

    margcal, sometimes we get these pleasant but unexpected boosts on Twitter.

    A couple of years ago Zali Steggall retweeted an article by Kaye Lee that went nuts. More recently, Phillip Adams retweeted one of Grumpy Geezer’s, and Wayne Swan has also tweeted a couple of AIMN articles.

    Ideally we need Barrack Obama to retweet a few to his 161M followers. On second thoughts, he better not. The site would crash.

  28. Canguro

    Kaye Lee @ April 17, 2022 at 7:56 pm is on the money, re. practical & pragmatic action per planetary overpopulation. The solution lies with women, their empowerment, and the achievability of this via education.

    This essentially do-able approach was well-explored in the 2013 documentary, Girl Rising. Worth watching, imho, as a compact introduction to both the costs of not educating the total planetary mass of girls through to a point where they are emancipated from traditional cultural servitude that only serves to ensure their future as wombs in waiting, and the added benefit derived from having smart & wise women contributing to the challenges faced by us all as we transition into an increasingly difficult future.

    The doco is available, piecemeal, on YouTube, or through the website,, or via the usual backdoor means that present legislation prevents me from naming.

  29. Terence Mills

    For the record on Tuesday, Scott Morrison held an event at Rheem Australia’s Rydalmere facility, where he promised a re-elected Coalition government would create 1.3 million jobs by 2027 — a promise similar to those of previous campaigns.

    But while the Prime Minister was selling job creation, Rheem is planning on cutting jobs in a restructure that will move more of its operations to Vietnam.

    When this was pointed out to Morrison he brushed it off as he was already donning another hiviz jacket and hardhat ready to spruik some more lies.

  30. Michael Taylor

    If saying “Mr Speaker” three times during an interview yesterday wasn’t bad enough, then today’s gaffe that JobSeeker was $46 a week should do it.

    But we know that it won’t. The mainstream media will probably gloss over it.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  31. GL

    Michael, The stuff up was mentioned on spews.crap…I mean Rupert.

    And now The Beetroot is sticking his bright red face in the act with the twit in Warringah.

  32. Michael Taylor

    GL, I see that has also published an article disputing that Albo was jeered in Byron Bay yesterday. Yes, he was jeered, but mostly he was cheered (a point excluded in yesterday’s article).

    It’s the second top story on their page, right below an anti-China piece. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  33. Canguro

    Michael, I followed a bit of Twitter thread on the Albo @Bluesfest jeer/cheer story which added more context; what was interesting was the extent to which commentators said they didn’t trust MSM journalism, that journos were lazy, were simply mindless parrots & dictaphones, that what was fed through mainstream media can’t be trusted or relied on to be accurate & so on, and that they garnered their sense of what was really happening through social media.

    If a majority of the electorate felt the same way, the ALP will romp in.

  34. Kaye Lee

    I just went to a large country funeral and spent a few days. I came home thinking we are doomed. There are a lot of people who will never vote Labor out there.

    Jimmy Barnes son did a thread about the Bluesfest reception.

  35. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, did they indicate why?

  36. Kaye Lee

    Even if you don’t like ScoMo, you can’t vote for the communists.
    I’m not a denier but the climate has always changed.
    Volcanoes do more harm than man.
    Why would the hole in the ozone layer only form over us and where did it go.
    Liberal are better economic managers and will tax less.
    We will always use coal.

    That sort of stuff. It was exhausting trying to ignore it.

  37. Michael Taylor

    Well, well well. Latest Newspoll: 53/47 to Labor.

  38. wam

    great reality piece of writing, Kaye, yes, labor is heading towards another defeat. The papers are talking about a scare campaign by both sides. Scummo spouts it wont be easy with albanese, with no evidence for his scare, whilst labor is on an aware campaign from evidence of the new health minister and scummo’s lies like ICAC.
    It should be embarrassing for men and women, who call themselves journalists, to be SO ignorant of the meaning of bi-partisan. But clearly, it is embarrassing that editors are in the same habit of just mindlessly repeating the LNP political rubbish. Editors should get some honesty into their papers by printing the meaning of bipartisan and demonstrate the fact that the prime minister broke his ICAC promise on his own, and, as usual, is trying to blame someone else. Perhaps editors and their journalists could be non-partisan by pointing out any of the PM’s gaffs, as often as their media does for Albo? Yesterday Samantha Maiden did say, to LNP blue Speersie, that journalists should report scummo’s gaffs not just Albo’s but I guess her tongue poked a hole in her cheek. Sadly only ratings boosting controversy will overcome media bias and there is plenty for albo to tout to the morning shows. Debt and ICAC are two immediate headline attacks. But historically the lying rodent bought septic planes and we have been paying for 20 years:'s%20plan%20was%20to%20buy,fighter%20seemed%20more%20than%20adequate. ps where bipartisanship is not a rubber stamp a la scummo the 2007 carbon bill between the lying rodent and the lemon could explain its meaning and smack the extremists at the same time?) pps Terence do you really think Aboriginal Australians are not worthy of a proper noun??? ppps notice the polls, lord?

  39. Bruce White

    There is no value in running down Anthony Albanese and the ALP during the madness of a frenetic election campaign.
    They know what they have to do if they win the federal election. With 4 and a half weeks to go before election day a lot of things can still happen. I believe there is a limit to how much Morrison and the MSM can wedge Albanese. The strategy for the ALP from Thursday (when I think, the nominations for candidates have to be finalised) should be to go on the attack against individual coalition candidates and to show them up for their incompetence and being unfit for office. Last election Morrison kept a lid his candidates being able to comment so as not to put their feet in their mouths. He shouldn’t be allowed this liberty this time. I think the 2 sleeper issues of this campaign will be
    1. the cost of living for a large number of Australians. This will include the neglect and the total market failure in the housing sector.And what this means for buying and renting homes, as well as the increasing homelessness.
    2. insurance. The inability for people to afford insurance premiums. This is another market failure. Everything from house insurance, disaster insurance, employment (loss of income) insurance, health insurance to you name it insurance. The only solution? Government insurance and underwriting. Remember the 60s? SGIO,GIO, etc. They regulated what the private insurance companies could charge and needed to cover. Remember Medibank Private? Until the Liberals privatised it, it kept a lid on what the private health insurance companies could charge and needed to cover.

  40. Kaye Lee

    “It should be embarrassing for men and women, who call themselves journalists, to be SO ignorant of the meaning of bi-partisan.”

    The meaning of bipartisan is not difficult – the two parties agree about what should be done. WHY Labor is agreeing is the question.

    Is it because they actually think new coal mines are a good idea? Do they really think indefinite offshore detention is an ethical way to treat refugees? Do they really believe that people can survive on the lowest unemployment payments in the OECD?

    Why agree with the most incompetent, most corrupt government this country has ever endured?

    Or are we supposed to be more interested in tactics than policy?

  41. Terence Mills

    Oh No !

    They are ramping up border protection again as a fear campaign : the armada is just awaiting the starter’s gun and if Labor gets in they will surge forth across the sea from Indonesia .

    I don’t know how much of this blatant lying I can stand.

  42. Kaye Lee

    Both sides are doing the scare campaigns. It is so disappointing. This is going to be a most unedifying campaign. I wish it was over already.

  43. wam

    Kaye with your understanding of bipartisan, you should be a journalist.
    Scummo’s asserting it is labor by refusing bipartisan support who prevented ICAC not him breaking a promise(go for him albo). Bipartism is two sides working together, compromising to arrive at a policy. Not scummo making a policy and albo agreeing to it before any labor input. Wong and Turnbull bipartisan on climate. Wasn’t boobby miffed and showed it twice by voting it down? Policy, what a crock, 2019 scummo won with no policy and labor watched your preferred glossy policy party gain an extra $50% but lost the loonies any balance. ps Michael’s young lib thought the greens were alright. This is by far the best I have ever heard from a lib. Remember the diludbansimkims era? He has ignored the greens since. Sadly millions of voters associate the glossy meaningless policy pamphlet with labor and the fear of loonie control will make albo’s job harder. But who cares Scummo and the gandit know fear drives the swinging pencil not policy. Without a green miracle Albo still has a chance. We get who we deserve, Albo, look at the polls and forget ‘your lnp colleagues’ and glossy Kaye, please try Bruce’s practical approach?
    are you blinded by the rupert trained ABC producers, kaye?
    It is the media saying it is a bipartisan negative campaign.
    Untrue for labor who are(and should be)presenting an evidence based AWARE campaign versus scummo’s bullshit scares.
    Wait for the bandit’s glossy input about week 3 and a booster on 19th May.

  44. Kaye Lee

    Nobody believes it was Labor’s fault that the Coalition didn’t introduce their integrity bill. It’s a ridiculous proposition.

    For the hopefully LAST time, do not presume to tell me what my preferences are. Why do men insist on doing that?

    I also find it hard to believe that “millions of voters” share your unrelenting obsession with, and fear and hatred of, the Greens.

    Obviously, we all have different ideas about what the focus and approach should be. I could never be a politician. I could never pretend to agree with something just so people would vote for me. If your cause is just, then make a sound case for it.

    The Coalition have no intention of putting pensioners on the cashless debit card and Labor have no intention of introducing death taxes. Both are lies.

  45. Phil Pryor

    What is a wam? Is it here, “what a monster/misfit/miracle/mudskull/master? ” Obsessive behaviour can be treated, though it avoided Morrison.

  46. wam

    Thank you kaye. as a retired teacher I understand your frustration.
    Albo needs to make the electorate AWARE of such lies. Is that the scare campaign you attribute to both sides or are you just repeating the media’s words??? As for your preferences, I am merely repeating your assertion re the greens policy being more important than campaigning politics. You have three triggers from this site: your amazement when you read the ‘vicious’ anti-labor posts on a green site your confession that your husband was deeply suspicious of the greens and ‘maybe it is a man’s thing’ Your reliance on green policy statements which have all the credibility of any ambit claim to garner cash. Personally, the theory that the bandit, given his background and political trolling, has the ambition to be labor’s nationals with cabinet seats etc is a normal political reaction..
    The extent to which the bandit will go to achieve such an ambition, is my worry..
    Not least is the folly of thinking the greens are the loonies of old.
    The fact that nobody here seems aware of how such ambition played out in 2019 is strange.
    Even stranger is an intelligent woman can think that scummo has done anything bipartisan beyond expecting labor to agree with whatever he decides.. Bipartisan is the lying rodent and the lemon charging turnbull and wong respectively to make a policy.
    ps All of them Phil, I am surprised at the restraint of your language. Perhaps your were so kind because I am obsessive about wanting, at any cost, a labor government in 2022.
    I’ll try a crow tactic
    wam out

  47. Phil Pryor

    So do I Wam, and I was just amused to imagine the range of responses you probably get. These are highly restrained times…

  48. GL

    Scroll down to 12.57 pm and read his reply to “Q: Can you rule out adding pensioners to the cashless debit card and will you do a preference deal with Clive Palmer?”

    Then at 1.01 pm: “Q: Anthony Albanese this morning ruled out a deal with the independents. Can you make the same promise?”

    I seem to recall reading either yesterday or over the weekend that he would not rule out doing deals with the independents if it was a hung parliament.

    The non-answers, lies, and diarrhetic elephant replies from Saint Scummo to the above two questions (and others) shows just how desperate and delusional Scummo is becoming.

  49. Kaye Lee

    Of course he would do a deal with the independents if necessary to form government, as would Albanese. Saying otherwise is ridiculous.

    Morrison has categorically ruled out pensioners being forced onto the cashless welfare card. Labor should stop it and demand that Morrison does the same with his equally dishonest claims about taxes.

  50. Ash

    If voting could change anything it would be made illegal!

  51. Harry Lime

    The Opposition telling lies?How very dare they…that’s the exclusive domain of the King of Liars..our very own antipodean Trump. The “debate” tomorrow should be a hoot.Think I’ll go out to the shed and run the belt sander over my face as a distraction when it’s on.
    If Morrison wants to see “disgusting” in all it’s ugliness,he need only look into a mirror.

  52. Terence Mills

    As regards the Cashless Debit Card, the DSS site says this :

    Similar to other Cashless Debit Card locations, eligible income support recipients in the Northern Territory, the Cape York region, including Doomadgee and the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay regions, can now volunteer to join the program. Contact the Cashless Debit Card hotline on 1800 252 604 (free) to find out if you are eligible. Additionally, Age Pension recipients can choose to join the Cashless Debit Card program if they wish to.

    There is no compulsion for age pensioners.

  53. leefe

    “There is no compulsion for age pensioners.”


  54. Terence Mills

    I will watch the “The Sky News-Courier Mail People’s Forum” with Albanese and Morrison answering questions from 100 undecided voters on Wednesday night :

    I hope that the first question to Morrison is : Prime Minister can you tell us what the government’s net debt was when the coalition came to office in 2013 and what it is now

    If it is an impartial audience I expect that this will be asked – what do you think ?

  55. wam

    So will I, waltz, Albo should bring up debt for sure but there are so many others to select that he needs to narrow it down to the sloganesque that can be remembered.
    The work done by the states to rescue scummo’s covid debacle??
    $1 trillion debt the economic success of the hand out spending, by the welfare and the working poor with the economic failure of the company handouts: Maybe slip in quotes from rushton on medicare, etc Enjoy it Albo and the audience and the watchers will be hostile so KISS?

  56. Terence Mills

    Last night (Tuesday) SKY had their first People’s Forum.

    For this they had Bob Katter, Campbell Newman, Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer in the one room.

    One thing that they all agree on is massive expansion of the coal industry, more dams and Katter wants every school boy to have a gun in anticipation of a Ukraine style invasion.

    Whenever I tune into Sky-after-Dark I feel like Alice in Wonderland

    “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

  57. Canguro

    So, on the Alice in Wonderland theme, did Katter wear a hat, Hanson a red coat, Palmer a yellow one, and Newman a lapel badge that said ‘Australia First’?

    Whether they did or not, I’m guessing they all must be mad.

  58. GL


    I’m glad I decided to watch Duck Soup and Idiocracy last night.

  59. Terence Mills


    One thing that was interesting was that they were asked where their preferences would be directed and they were very coy about this but each of them conceded that before they went their separate ways they were members of the Liberal, National or LNP parties.

    They are now :

    Bob Katter : Katters Australian Party – KAP

    Hanson : Pauline Hansons One Nation Party – ONP

    Campbell Newman : Liberal Democratic Party

    Clive Palmer : Palmers United Australia Party

    Labor have an almost impossible task in Queensland !

  60. wam

    Hahaha-hysterical cackling at the people’s forum, waltz.
    It shows the calibre of the people we have with the balance of power.
    It is so sad to see that there are so many Australians who vote for them because “they are honest and say it as it is”.

  61. corvusboreus

    The ALP will lose this coming election.

    They have resorted to spreading baseless rumours about the coalition planning to put seniors on indue cards (based on an anonymous internet post), yet have been unable to create any kind of coherent electoral narrative around the (court-condemned) actual anti-societal enourmities of robodebt.

    If they’d sooner toss farts than fire bullets then the battle is already lost.

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