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There’s a sense of disbelief at Morrison’s ignorance, lying, arrogance and supposed Christianity

Diary No 6, Saturday, January 22 2022

1 When lying comes back to torment you, you cannot just tell another to make the first one go away.

Last week in familiar fashion, our Prime Minister, in answer to a question, said that those held in detention in Australia for eight, maybe 10, years had not been recognised as refugees.

Naturally enough, human rights advocates in this area quickly corrected the prime minister, Scott Morrison, telling him he was wrong.

The Djokovic case exposed our ‘dysfunctional and dangerous‘ Australian visa rules.

As I understand it, there are 25 refugees and seven asylum seekers currently held in the Park Hotel.

Once again, Australia’s draconian border policies have been forced into the spotlight since the detention of tennis star Novak Djokovic at the notorious Park hotel in Melbourne, where dozens of asylum seekers and refugees are detained indefinitely.

The Guardian reports that:

On 2GB radio last Monday, Morrison was asked by Ben Fordham how it was “acceptable” that refugees in the same hotel as Djokovic had been detained for almost nine years with taxpayers spending millions of dollars “to keep them in limbo.”

In response, Morrison suggested the detainees were not refugees:

“Well, the specific cases, Ben, I mean, it’s not clear that to my information that someone in that case is actually a refugee,” he said.

“They may have sought asylum and been found not to be a refugee and have chosen not to return, and … that happens in this country, people aren’t found to be refugees and they won’t return.”

However, the Australian director of Human Rights Watch, Elaine Pearson, said that:

“…most of those held in the Park hotel had been granted refugee status.”

“It’s an outright lie to say that these people are not refugees, when most of them have had their refugee status formally recognised for years,”

“They’ve been through that process, and it is established that they simply can’t return to their country.”

Late on Wednesday, January 19, Morrison refused any apology, saying he had “answered to the best of my knowledge at that time.”

Later he put on his old Minister for Immigration cap using the (words of the period) referring to people who had arrived in Australian waters as illegals – then omitting to say that it was legal to apply for asylum under international rules. Yet another lie of omission.

Nothing matters in life so much as to live it decently. And you don’t need any form of conspiratorial belief to do so. Just be as humane as you can possibly be.

Morrison’s reputation as a profound liar is now so entrenched in our minds that it is legitimate to enquire every time he opens his mouth, is he speaking an absolute truth or just his version of it.

My pages weep in disbelief at his ignorance, lying, arrogance and supposed Christianity.

You have made your point, Prime Minister, that you are inflexible and have been so to the detriment of people for many years. For me, the reality here is when we as Australian citizens will say to our Government that enough is enough. Just how long are these men and boys expected to live as symbols of your toughness. Is ten years enough? Is your intention 15 or beyond 20. At least have the intestinal fortitude to say it. Our Prime Minister didn’t seem to know.

They have been moved from place to place without revealing their supposedly committed crimes. If my Government cannot bring itself to do that, it is obliged to tell its citizens what these men and boys are being held for. When will my Government be honest and show some compassion? Alas, I believe it is beyond them.

As usual, the Prime Minister was conspicuous by his absence when the decision to deport the world’s number one tennis player was made.

He let others make the announcements. No matter whose side you are on in this argument, remember this: “We told the guy that he has got an exemption. We invited him here. We gave him a visa.”

On Wednesday, January 20, at a doorstop speech, come press conference, Scott Morrison denied ever saying what he did. And in the hour-long doorstop, it was the case that everyone else was wrong, and he held a sort of ownership of righteousness. It is appalling the way he won’t take responsibility for anything.

Humility is the basis of all intellectual advancement. However, it is the truth that enables human progress.

2 Is this the beginning of the end?

A survey showing that the Coalition has taken a significant hit in its popularity has slashed its primary vote from 39 to 34, per cent putting Labor in a strong position.

A Resolve Political Monitor survey has found that voters are rapidly losing confidence in the Governments handling of the economy, jobs, health, and the coronavirus response. Or anything for that matter.

I, for one, am not in the least surprised that Labor’s primary vote has gone from 32 to 35 per cent since November. The survey confirms what most people think of this disgusting Government.

Morrison still has the edge over Labor leader Anthony Albanese as preferred prime minister but leads by only 38 to 31 per cent and has lost the big lead he held on this measure just a couple of months ago.

“The contest has been quite close up until now, but Labor now holds a significant two-party preferred vote lead,” said Resolve director Jim Reed.

“The Coalition needs to be well in front of Labor on primary vote to win because they get a minority of preferences from minor parties and independents, and they’re just not there at the moment. In fact, this is the first time they have trailed Labor on primary vote in our tracking.”

3 Speaking of Hillsong (from Rossleigh’s article; “Why You Should Definitely Do Your Own Research“):

I guess you’re all wondering how “rules are rules” when it comes to a tennis player, but Hillsong can sing and dance and escape a fine because it’s not in the public interest. You’re probably wondering how they managed to corner the market on RATs as well, but you need to remember that the Lord moves in mysterious ways and such things are a mystery to the non-believer.

4 From the master back-flipper himself on George Christensen’s anti-vax stand:

”I strongly disagree with the message sent out by Mr Christensen regarding children’s vaccinations,” Morrison said in a statement. “It is contrary to the official professional medical advice provided to the government and I urge parents to disregard his dangerous messages in relation to vaccines.”

So strong were the Prime Ministers thoughts on Mr Christensen’s opinions on vaccinating our children that he refused to sack the Member. Now that’s authentic leadership for you. We need that in these times of crisis.

Christensen and a few other thoughtless members of the Coalition have become vocal critics of the Government’s vaccination program – campaigning against mandates. They are all dickheads of the highest order, and I wonder how many more of the ratbags will join the Coalition at the next election.

Previous Diary Entry: No 5Comparative justice: Djokovic Vs Seekers of it.

My thought for the day

When a political party deliberately withholds information that the voter needs to make an informed, balanced and reasoned assessment of how it is being governed. It is lying by omission. It is also tantamount to the manipulation of our democracy.

PS: A comment by Kaye Lee on my last post is well worth repeating:

“It’s not the comments that are the problem Scotty… it’s the lack of foresight of the Government in preparing for what would happen when they got rid of basically all restrictions at once and said to the unvaccinated go forth and party.”


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  1. New England Cocky

    JL, you have documented the continuing evidence that Scummo the Grate has a long history of being unfit to be a corporate executive, unfit to be a politician and many would suggest unfit as a man in modern Australia.

    Yet he remains the darling of the corporate set for precisely those reasons. While ever government is inept, ineffective & inefficient then corporate entities will step in and scoop the pool of resources, both human and Natural, to the detriment of Australian voters.

    So it is tine to remove this hopeless gaggle of micro-minds from the Treasury benches and delete the Liarbal Nazional$ misgovernment to the WPB of Australian political history so that a competent Albo LABOR government can save Australian democracy for our kids.

  2. corvusboreus

    I think historical IESVS the Nazarene would give probably scomo a hell of a shock.

    For a start, the milky-skinned hippy-haired image from renaissance identikits would suddenly be manifested with significantly darker hues of tan through umber, with a lot more curl than wave in the creative brushstrokes.

    Added to this, Jesus Christ the SJW biblical figure, who spoke of camels and needles and had a penchent for flipping tables in temples, would probably not dig too much on the Hill$ong hymn (grabbin me a bigger slice o’ heaven), and their idea that hoarding glitzy gilt not only comes guilt free but illustrates divine favour, because by the words of Christ as witnessed through the apostles, that shit ain’t Christ-ian.

    Uncomfortable mention might also be made on matters of adherence to divine commandments on bearing of false witness, and idolatrously bowing to an eagle-photo-print.

    Infact, methinks scomo would probably be offended enough reject the premise of this unfamiliar IESVS and delegate by dictate that “Mister Ee-ay-zeus Whoeverisdadis” be chucked into some dingy dive with papered-over windows and guards at the door, before either being turfed out of the province, or given to Centurion Dutton as a plaything.

    “Denied, denied, and cocka-bloody-doodle denied [STAMP!]”
    (washes hands)

  3. Garth

    Hi, New England Cocky.

    ” a competent Albo LABOR government can save Australian democracy for our kids.”

    OMG!… that ruined my day; the grist of nightmares.

  4. Jack Cade

    Two words and concepts that are everpresent in political speeches in the US-oriented West are ‘Christian’ and ‘Peace’. The US has never actually known peace and it is, as a concept, not seen to be in Uncle Sam’s interests anyway.
    Christiani is exemplified – for me – by Popes and leaders of other churches ignoring widespread child abuse by members.
    The focus of their supposed worship said ‘suffer little children..,’. They routinely get those words in the wrong order. Devout Christian is not praise in my view.
    I was never subjected to the vile attentions of priests – or nuns for that matter – but as the product of the marriage of a Liverpool-Irish mixed marriage and an observer of what ‘devotion to the cause’ meant to both sides, I’m happy to take my chances on purgatory.

  5. Jack Cade

    One of the UK commentators, in examining the attitude of the Conservative prime minister and his cronies (an apposite word) to
    ‘Privilege’, has identified an attitude prevalent in a large section of British society to the concept of class that is naked in Johnson’s clique. The deputy leader of the Labour Party, Angela Rayner, is from Manchester and has a strong northern accent. People who cannot fault her logic or the content of her rhetoric have started to say she is unfit to criticise the Tories because of the way she speaks…
    One of Britain’s favourite hymns, sung in all schools at least weekly, is All Things Bright and Beautiful. It contains this verse…
    ‘The rich man in his castle,
    The poor man at his gate,
    God made them high and lowly
    And orders their estate.’
    So, class divide is not only okay by God: he, she or it actually intends it to be that way.
    As a matter of fact, The Church of England used to tell the poor slum dwellers that they had much to be thankful for. After all, they were British.

  6. Canguro

    Jack Cade, the awfulness and ignorance to which you refer is beyond parody; whether it’s the perversion of Christian teachings by clerical bigots and insensate nuns or the entrenched sense of class superiority that still bedevils Britain, these behaviours and attitudes are medieval hangovers and way past their use-by-date. To argue we’re enlightened and sensitive to best practice is akin to ostrich-like denial of the inevitability of bad outcomes per the GW crisis.

    Of course, and undeniably, child abuse in whatever form is vile and profoundly tragic in consequence.

    A man I once knew, a work colleague, told me of his upbringing as a child born of a Catholic mother and Protestant father. His parents were in conflict from the outset of their marriage and divorced before he was more than half a dozen years old. He was educated at a Catholic primary school.

    The nuns singled him out for attention, publicly shaming him and calling him ‘the spawn of the devil’. One of these brides of Christ would regularly stand him next to her when she read to the class; as she read she would thump him to demonstrate meter and rhythm, I expect much to the amusement of the rest of the class, and to her satisfaction that she was doing God’s work, but from my perspective of this individual, profoundly damaging and unresolved… evident in his inability to form any degree of decent relationship, his lifelong addiction to various illegal drugs, his abusive behaviour and so on… all a function of those early years of abuse. One tragic example among thousands who were ‘educated’ within a religious framework.

  7. Keitha Granville

    Once again we must ask the question, who are the 38% who think Scummo is good for PM status, and where are the 38% who still support the LNP? Why?????? I would dearly love to meet one from each camp, so that I can fathom which brain cell they have that makes this decision. There must be a treatment for that, some kind of surgery or antibiotic or vaccine to clear the scales from their eyes.
    Maybe it’s just all the Hillsong followers and their families who believe he is the Messiah and as long as he’s there they’ll get preferred treatment in everything.

  8. Harry Lime

    Personally ,I’m tired of putting shit on the pathetic little prick,so I will now delight in his ongoing self immolation.Call the election,you rabid dickhead, and let’s have done with you.

  9. corvusboreus

    I was raised in secular agnostic environs but my da was raised pure Papist (Marist brand).

    He told of repeat blows with rod over knuckles to cure his naturally sinister-handed tendencies, and daily beatings at the hands of the brothers for the sin of being late for class due to obligatory serving of altar at Mass.

    It disturbs me that those who would persistently defend progressively-marginalised ritualistic practices are so over-represented in our systems of governance.

  10. corvusboreus

    The technical term is FFS (Fukwit Fatigue Syndrome).

    It is akin to overfeed of ammunition causing overheat of barrel with possibility of bursting breech.

  11. Jack Cade

    Canguro You said, better than I did, what I meant in my posts. As a child in Liverpool I lived in a slum street which comprised Catholic and Protestant families. More than half a century later if you threw a name at me I could tell you what religion the person was. Liverpool was an Irish city, and although not nearly as bigoted as Belfast, was still subject to religious fervour. And none of the kids in my street – Catholic or Protestant – went to church. Their ‘religious’ affiliation was simply, thoughtlessly, tribal, as passionate and as meaningless as footy support. But sometimes as vicious.
    I once witnessed, from my slum bedroom window, a pitched battle after the pubs closed on Orange Lodge night. My mother urged my father – who had been a light heavyweight boxer in the RN, to intervene because she thought she could see one of my cousins being beaten. He wasn’t, so he didn’t. I saw and heard this, and have never forgotten the occasion or endorsed the fake beliefs. Even then I knew there was no god, and if there was I chose the Groucho Marx attitude: I wanted no part of it.
    My extended Catholic and Protestant families lived in the same overspill community on Liverpool outskirts, within easy walking distance of each other, yet when I visited them it was on separate weekends – Catholic grannie one week, Protestant grannie the next. I never really understood why. They all went to the same Workingmens club, but never mingled. I could go on but I won’t.

  12. corvusboreus

    “On the long summer nights when the Northern lights,
    lit the sky like acetyline,
    the prods & tykes they fought on the dykes,
    that ran round the housing schemes.
    With sticks and stones we broke our bones,
    for the sake of the good old cause,
    that’s kept our country bound with chains,
    and under English laws.”

    Alistair Hulett
    ‘Amongst Proddy Dogs & Papes’

  13. wam

    We have all seen refugees on the news and the horrors from which they flee. Do you, lord, not wonder at the fate of the women and children these asylum seeking men have left behind? Do you remember the times when asylum and refugee status was automatic to those from a communist country? Today it is muslim countries that are toxic and escapers are free from deportation. The ravages of christianity in recent politics is at crescendo in anti-abortion in the US and us soon. Loved your positive attitude to the polls and they make me confident that barring an albo whopper or a bandit bastardy labor will defeat him. Oh how I hope no ^^&%#*& miracle appears??? Surely even their god has had enough?
    Pig iron bob was a WASP and brooked no wascs. ps jack not a word of the bible comes from a woman not a decision from god comes from a woman even he makes up most of she, female and woman. So god cannot be anything but a boy.

  14. James Robert LEONARD

    Jack Cade,
    Hi there.
    Your reference to “suffer the little children” reads in full as:
    “suffer the little children to come unto me” and those exact words were contorted and convoluted by the Church of Rome, centuries ago, Into: “the little children come unto me to suffer”.
    This format has directed the behaviour of the multitude of bishops, cardinals and popes ever since who have smiled benignly and concealed the miscreants – perhaps remembering their behaviour before they became too old to indulge themselves with child rape.
    This abominable interpretation of scripture followed into all the breakaway religions that broke off from Rome, and more recently into strange “prosperity” sects, including the various happy clapper groups.

  15. Jack Cade

    Corvusboreus Thank you for that clip. I’ve never heard of the artist but love his work already. A moment ago I heard, in the radio, a Hindu woman in India shrieking her hatred of Muslims, promising to kill as many of them as she could and vowing to go to prison if need be. Religion is an inescapable curse in whatever form it takes. If there is a god – and I know there isn’t – then he, she, it or they (notwithstanding Wam’s impeccable logic that it is a he) knows everything and conducts everything and is, ipso facto, an evil arsehole.

  16. corvusboreus

    Jack Cade,
    The song immediately sprung into my mind as I read your words.
    Unfortunately Alistair Hulett left us in 2010.
    I recommend ‘he fades away’ as another original piece, and he also did a pretty sweet version of ‘l’internationale’.

  17. New England Cocky

    @ Garth: If you consider that the present fascist Liarbral Nazional$ misgovernment is worthy of anything then you have extremely low expectations and standards. The last Rudd Gillard Rudd LABOR government was debilitated by Sam Dastiyari, the United States of America (United States of Apartheid) Embassy and American interests controlling the majority of Australian hardcopy media.

    Somehow Australia being a third rate exporter of raw materials to foreign countries for processing and manufacture DOES NOT excite my imagination as we can already see those ”benefits” across Africa and the Middle East. And the winners are ….. the unelected political hakcs who control pre-selectio in the Liarbal Nazional$ parties.

  18. Chris Knight

    I wouldn’t put much confidence in the sincerity of sQomo’s Xtianity; nor any of the LNP . It means as little to them as it does to me.

    Although the Pentecostal Pastor is leader of the Party, his whole band of pirates must go ! Each one has purposely voted to support his spiteful scams.
    They are ruthless, reckless, desperate and highly resourced. This coming poll is vital to us all.

    Integrity is anathema to their cause.

  19. corvusboreus

    Chris Knight,
    “integrity is anathema”
    Just so.

    Barnaby Joyce recently scoffed at the idea of establishing an operationally existent investigatory body to help curtail corruption within & around federal politics by declaring that such a regulatory body would put an ‘extra-crimpy franger’ (*’paraphrase’ ) on his “normal way of conducting parliamentary business” (#”nearquote”).

    Sezitawl, reely.

  20. Williambtm

    Of relevance to the many well-considered comments of others in the above, I would like to introduce a topic seldom referred to by Australia’s Lib/Nat party government. At what percentage of our nations annual generated revenues take flight and disappear over our horizon on their journey to the US of A? Defence spending is dictated to Australia being that which has been deemed necessary to purchase… by the USA.
    I am yet to mention the $$ amount of our nation’s revenues not paid by America’s major corporations and mega-[mining companies.

    Another exciting activity pursued by this same political party is the sale of weapons from Australia to Countries in South Africa. There is much interesting information available through the use of the google address bar, which provides all sorts of military-connected investments by Australia’s Futures Fund, as well as those related to a significant Chinese Arms manufacturer. Ain’t it great to read what Peter Costello has engaged in? The Arms and Weapons created by the above Chinese manufacturer of wargoods products had also been sold to the Myanmar military which had engaged in the slaughter of their Rohingya population.
    The ethics of Australia’s Lib/Nat party government are quite invisible when one is enabled to cut through the falsity of the wholesomeness exhibited by Scomo & his discord of ministers with his government’s fondness for Pentecostal religious beliefs. I can only presume this same cult addiction is held by the discord of his party ministers in the joint governance of Australia. Two of Australia’s government minister’s are heavily influenced by all things evil in the USA,
    One happens to be Senator Marise Payne the other is Minister Peter Dutton. A perusal at the listed profiles of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs ministers past and present will provide the reader with plenty of negative material to ponder over.
    Vermin Mr. Fawlty, I say vermin.

  21. Kathryn

    Is anyone surprised that Morrison is a pathological recidivist liar? Lying has been integral to the LNP going back decades and absolutely ingrained since the Mother and Father of ALL Liars, the war criminal, John Howard, crawled out from under his rock! This is a ruthlessly disingenuous government that has normalised lying, is proud of being able to deceive, elevates trickery, doesn’t mind stooping to appalling acts of criminal inhumanity and thoroughly enjoys subterfuge! This is a regime overflowing with smug, bible-thumping hypocrites, Hillsong cultists and appalling skirt-lifting misogynistic predators! There is absolutely NOTHING GOOD anyone with any sense of compassion, morality, credibility or integrity can find to say about the appalling political psychopaths in the LNP! The ONLY possible solution Australians can find to redeem what’s left of our sinking international reputation and save ourselves and our country from sinking into a black hole of deceit and corruption is to VOTE OUT the Lying Nefarious Parasites at the next federal election – they truly ARE the absolute worst, most deceitful, corrupt, self-serving, callously inhumane and depraved regime in living memory!

  22. Henry Rodrigues

    I can never envisage Scummo without the descriptions associated with his mug. A few that come to mind immediately: liar, insincere smug arsehole, creepy self promoter, and last and most personal, a bastard. In every sense of the word and on every occasion.

    To those 38%, the standards you accept, are the standards you will be remembered for.

  23. calculus witherspoon.

    I suspect this piece was not written with a light heart for conversation on a sweet day.

    What it is, is a palliative for those with wounded sensibilities wounded souls and the causes, to do with the Bazza Mackenzie PM, the female of the type, Cash and the rest of the boors who comprise this nasty collection of pathological specimens.

    Let’s not fail to include Perrottet and that Mafia spiv that represent the Opposition in Victoria.

    And let’s not forget the eminence gris behind it all and his legion of barbaric slanderers and liars along with their imitators at other outlets like 9/Fairfax and their ABC.

    I speak of course of an international press/media magnate who we are not allowed to mention the name thereof and his corporate cronies.

    Michelle Grattan the other day that the public is becoming quite angry and I can tell others readers this writer is an example such a public.

  24. Bultaco

    How could the LNP sink so low as to think that Scummo was leadership material? It beggars belief! They need a decade in Opposition to sort themselves out.

  25. Dr Lynette Dorothy Faragher

    My worry is that Labour Governments did not have a decent track record on the issue of refugees and asylum seekers either. Surely the Rule of Law has to be in some part influenced by the UN Declaration of Human Rights to which Our government is a signatory. Doing the wrong thing by international law should be punished. We are chronically short of labour in this country and we choose to incarcerate able-bodied people, men and women, instead of giving them a chance to work and contribute to the economy. It gives me nightmares.

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