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“One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” Joseph Stalin.

Of course, you shouldn’t listen to me because I’ve started this by quoting a Russian communist and we all know that communism is wrong and that Russia is evil… unless they’re helping out Donald Trump who was sent here by God to fix things and stop the evil deep state who – in some cases – are so deep that there’s no evidence of them.

Yep, the trouble with a lot of conspiracy theories is that they make no sense. The trouble with others is that they have such a wonderful internal logic that it’s impossible for an outsider to penetrate the inherent absurdity because any attempt to do that just shows that you haven’t “done your research” and that you’re a sheeple who just believes what they’re told. The person telling you this will then show you someone who’s told them exactly what’s going on and how you should just ignore the fact-checkers who pointed out that the girl in the photo who allegedly died from the Covid injection is actually the photo of someone else and it’s easily verifiable by actually doing one’s own research.

At this point, doing your own research is no longer something to be encouraged because you’ll find heaps of stuff on the internet that merely backs up what the evil ones who are controlling us want you to believe and it’s only when you find a video from someone who has some unclear qualification that you can see the truth.

Now, I don’t want you all to get the wrong idea. I think it is a good idea to be cynical. I don’t think that we should just accept what the politicians and the media tell us without question. However, there is a difference between questioning a disputable fact and refusing to believe that it’s raining just because Scott Morrison said it… Although, in the latter case, it would be wise to check by looking out the window. I’d suggest that you could also check the Bureau of Meteorology website, but some people believe that they’re in league with the government because Malcolm Roberts said so.

If we look at some of the more well-known conspiracies, one of the troubles with debunking them is that there is so much that can feed into them. For a start, the media ARE constantly framing things to suit vested interests and politicians ARE constantly lying to us. Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein show that there are people who exploit others and who seem to have been protected by powerful friends. But it’s still a fair jump to assert that celebrities are feasting on children or that the world is being run by lizards. It’s even harder to believe that Donald Trump is the leader who’s going to fix things.

To the believer, everything is able to be explained because the evidence is either in plain sight or hidden away. Whichever way one goes, it’s clear that they’re right and you just haven’t done your own research… even if your research involves a Ph.D in the area. Particularly if it’s a Ph.D in the area because then you’re one of the ones spreading the misinformation and part of the plot.

Take Tim Smith, the MP for Kew (or Q). He was challenging the state government and look what happened to him! He drove his car into a fence and hasn’t been heard of since. As if a drunk driver would lose control of their car… I know plenty of drunks and none of them have ever had an accident apart from three or four and even then it wasn’t their fault. No, Tim Smith was working for Kew (Q) and they’ve whisked him away to the secret tunnels where they’re torturing him and re-educating him so that he won’t criticise Chairman Dan when he eventually emerges.

I probably shouldn’t have written that previous bit. Someone’s bound to quote it and use it as evidence, and let’s face it, it’s no more ridiculous than some of the stuff you’ll find if you actually do decide to “do your own research”.

So how do you know who or what to trust?

Well, I could suggest that you can trust me and if you send me a thousand dollars I’ll make sure that it gets to Hillsong where it belongs but I suspect that most of you aren’t likely to fall for that one… unless you ARE a member of the Hillsong church and I was just joking about not falling for it and please make your cheques out to me personally because that’s what Jesus wants.

Speaking of Hillsong, I guess you’re all wondering how “rules are rules” when it comes to a tennis player but Hillsong can sing and dance and escape a fine because it’s not in the public interest. You’re probably wondering how they managed to corner the market on RATs as well, but you need to remember that the Lord moves in mysterious ways and such things are a mystery to the non-believer.

Of course, it’s great that Djokovic has been deported because, well, the Liberal Party have always been strong on borders and keeping people out if they don’t follow the rules. Novak wasn’t vaccinated so he shouldn’t have been allowed to compete. In fact, he shouldn’t even have been granted a visa but no matter, Scotty is strong on borders and he kept him out. Well, not exactly kept him out but sent him away after a few days here. He and the other tennis players – the ones who weren’t stopped from entering by Border Force – have all been sent packing. That’s what having a strong border means. You realise that you’ve let in people who don’t have their au pair licence and you rectify your non-mistake because, when it comes to borders, the government doesn’t make mistakes. I mean, it’s not as if Morrison didn’t say this just two months ago:

“But now it’s time for governments to step back and for Australians to take their life back and for Australians to be able to move forward with the freedoms that should be this… we aren’t in favour of mandatory vaccines imposed by the government”.

Ok, that’s enough for today because I’m off to do my own research on why we seem to be able to shrug and say, “Another thirty or forty deaths from Covid today, gee, isn’t it great that it’s not serious.” Yeah, it’s interesting that the arrival of Omicron enabled Morrison to suggest that Delta was completely gone and nobody seems to have questioned him on it. Are the deaths from some of the Delta cases still circulating or is Omicron actually mildly killing people?

Yes, we heard about the four killed in the pink batts installations for years and they were all supposed to be Kevin Rudd’s fault, but we can have dozens dying every day and it’s just the price of a healthy economy. Who says this government doesn’t put health first? I guess the pink batts guys didn’t have “underlying health conditions”…

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  1. pierre wilkinson

    Well I have exhaustively researched the federal government but cannot discover what they are doing apart from exercising their understanding of such acronyms as FUBAR and SNAFU, which they have applied themselves to with more alacrity than any other activity other than sharing government funds with the chosen few whom they desire to curry favour with…

  2. New England Cocky

    PSSST!!!! Rossleigh …… Did you know that every copy of the Murdoch media stable has been sprayed with a solution that causes readers to believe that irrational thinking is the norm and science is ”the Devil’s Work”?

    Every bottle of American Cola has been laced with a 5G chip that lodges in the brain of drinkers, controlling the minds to unquestioningly accept that Pastor Scummo is Wisdom Incarnate and never Incorrect in any of his diatribes? Only individuals who can comprehend the speaking of tongues will be saved when the Big Bad Kim sends his intercontinental missiles to light up Sydney Harbour on Australia Day.

    The only known cure for this future is laughter, lots of it, because Scummo is dangerous bull manure looking to form a cow pat.

  3. James Robert LEONARD

    The reference to Hillsong was a bit harsh. Clearly, while the holy men of this organisation are waiting for their licence to offend, discriminate and victimise, we should not also ask them to comp0ly with the laws of the land.

  4. Kerri

    Brilliant article Rossleigh!
    Frydenberg has asserted that Novax’s original visa was issued by an automated system!
    So now we have “robovisa” to add to the list or careless, shirking methods of government?

  5. Kaye Lee

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told to “do my own research and stop just believing what I am told”. It usually comes from people when I am fact-checking what they have been told.

  6. corvusboreus

    A US observers take on basing broad moral prescriptions on ‘facts’ obtained by ‘doing your own research’.
    (Beau of the fifth column, “Let’s talk about Ronald McDonald and doing your own research”, 4:06 mins)

  7. king1394

    I too am wondering how Delta disappeared when Omicron arrived. I am also wondering why people have been encouraged to rush their 2nd vaccinations when it was made clear that a substantial amount of time was necessary between shots for best efficiency. The AZ site was clearly stipulating 3 months between the first and second shots. Now I get the impression the some experts are saying AZ does not work against Omicron. This might be due to it being applied recklessly, against recommendations. It seems to me that government is changing rules and directions at will.
    I am completely losing faith in the jabs, particularly after seeing my grand daughter, a young fit nurse, come down with the dreaded disease after 2 vaccinations and a booster shot. I think I will be listening to the anti vaxxers soon. At least they are consistent

  8. Michael Taylor

    PS: Don’t count on it being our saviour.

  9. andy56

    what i dont understand is why it had to be a binary issue. Kick him out or not. Surely a compromise from both sides
    under negotiation would have seen a far better result. This playing the “rules” line makes me just sick to the bones.
    Totally insulting to us humans. Hiding under rules is no free ticket to brutalising others. Yes Djoko is a silly dick, but why was he let in in the first place. Scotts first reaction says it all, ” its up to victoria”. Another round of toital incompetance. It seems we get one every week, such was Trumps last year in office too.

  10. Terence Mills

    Interesting response from SKY News who had been called on by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to respond to complaints that they had broadcast misleading information on COVID, principally ‘after-dark’ and notably during the now axed Alan Jones show.

    In their response SKY seem to be saying that as they do broadcast ‘factual’ news that this balances misleading, poorly researched material that they also broadcast : it seems to be the facts versus alternative facts argument.

    This is the Guardian article :

    SKY have consistently argued that their after-dark broadcasting is ‘opinion’ based and they seem to be saying that the opinions of people like Jones, Murray or other presenters excuses them from having any editorial responsibility to ensure accuracy, to do any research or rely on scientific fact.

    What do you think of that ?

  11. Rossleigh

    In my research, I discovered that nobody who received the first small pox vaccines in 1798 has survived. It just goes to show that those vaccines are dangerous…
    Next time you’re talking to an anti-vaxxer, instead of using logic and reasoned argument, just use that little bit of information to agree with them and see if they add it to their arsenal of evidence…

  12. Kaye Lee

    Terence, from that article…..

    In July, Sky News removed from its website and corrected a broadcast of Jones’s show in which MP Craig Kelly wrongly claimed people who were vaccinated were more likely to die in the UK’s Delta wave than unvaccinated people.

    So Alan Jones, Sky News and tennis players are held to a higher standard than members of our own government.

    Barnaby Joyce, the supposed leader of the Nayionals and Deputy PM, said “We’ve got anti-vaxxers, certainly, but they’re not from overseas. What can [we] do? As much as [Immigration Minister Alex] Hawke would like, he can’t send any of our politicians to Serbia.”

    Mr Joyce, said he had counselled Mr Christensen about his remarks “knowing full well that he’s entitled to make them”. He also said comments by anti-vaxxer MPs mattered less because “they don’t have the profile of Djokovic. I think he takes it up about 15 storeys”.

    Last year, five government senators — Matt Canavan, Alex Antic, Gerard Rennick, Sam McMahon and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells —crossed the floor to support a bill that was calling for an end to vaccine mandates. Senator Antic also lied to the PM about his vaccination status.

    If you have no control over your own party, how can you possibly lead a country?

  13. GL

    One thing that gets me angry is asking someone to back up a claim made in a comment with evidence and receiving the pissweak, “Look it up on Google.” and “Do your own research.” I find it somewhat difficult to let the matter rest because, apart from being a bit of a bastard, I can’t stand the idea of people making unsubstantiated claims and spouting bullshit that we are supposed to take at face value. Can’t say I’m perfect because I may have done the same thing somewhere along the line but I try to back up what I say.

  14. Al

    andy56, why was Novak let in? I blame what George Orwell called ‘wrong-think’ and the fact that it hasn’t been been fully assimilated into the Immigration process as yet. In other words, Novak is thinking wrong in that he values personal freedom of choice plus the Immigration algorithm needs a rejig.

  15. Michael Taylor

    Rossleigh, that’s because they didn’t get their booster.

  16. Terence Mills

    Since Morrison decided to let COVID – Omicron rip – he calls it pushing through – the death rate seems to have take off around Australia. In the first 18 days of the year, more than 530 people have died – about a fifth of the 2,668 who have died throughout the entire pandemic.

    All I seem to be hearing from the government are that we are near the peak and it’s all going fine !!

  17. Kerri

    I am triple vaxxed and immunocompromised, and suffering Pulmonary Fibrosis.
    Xmas day I sat next to a man confirmed positive on Boxing Day.
    I have consistently tested negative.
    This does not disprove your theories, or those of anti-vaxxers, but? it means your proof is not totally sound.

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